Marrying Brother Ch. 02

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I woke up in the evening, only to find the mangalsutra still tied around my hips. I giggled to myself thinking of how kinky the idea had been. I put up no effort to remove it from my thighs. Arvind, was sleeping beside me perhaps in his own content world. His hands were over my breasts hugging them with his fingers. I was dead tired. And more that that, very hungry.

We had slept all through the day, even skipping breakfast and lunch. I couldn’t even move my legs or my whole body for that matter. But the hunger made me get up and prepare to move to kitchen to cook something for both of us to eat. I had felt this feeling a number of times before, with my hubby. So, it was not new for me to feel this much tired after a nice fuck. But when I though of my brother, for whom it had been his first time, I’m sure he’ll starve to death, if didn’t get something for him to eat.

I just grabbed a casual shirt from my hubby’s closet and buttoned it up on my naked body. ‘This would do for now, cover me up…’ I thought. I didn’t have the strength to dress all over again, wearing all my bra, blouse, petticoat and saree; neither had I had the mood to roam around in a nightie covering my body fully. I moved to the kitchen, wearing just that checked shirt of my hubby’s, which was not even covering my ass cheeks fully. The shirt every time as it moved up and down to get anything off the shelves grazed over the mangalsutra around my hip, creating tingles over and over.

I just enjoyed that. In half an hour, I was about to finish cooking his favourite bread toast with stuffed omelette, I was surprised and almost yelled, when I felt a hand grab my breasts from my back. Only then, I realised, it was none other than Arvind.

“Hi Arvind, had a nice sleep?” I asked him not looking back.

“Oh, very tired Akka…” he was saying and then kissed me along my neck.

“Here eat this… and get ready for a refreshing night…” saying so, I took a loaf of toast and turned around to put it into his mouth.

‘Oh my God!!!’ He was standing buck naked before me and his long penis had grown so hard and poking over my navel creating trails of pre-cum along the stomach area of the shirt. Even before I could utter a word, he hugged me tightly, rubbing my nude cunt, hiking up the shirt I was wearing. He lifted me on his hips, with both my legs on either side of his body, and his penis caught between our stomachs. The clinking of my bangles and my anklets aroused me fully. I was still having that bread toast in my hand unable to help him eat it, as I was relishing the warmth between us. Then he moved everything on the kitchen slab that was made of Cuddapah stone and placed me over it. The moment my bare flesh of my ass cheeks touched on the cool slab, I felt my body shiver, yet overwhelmed by the warmness of our hug and the kitchen environment.

He was still half-hugging me as he held me with one hand behind my back, and the other reaching towards my soft supple breasts in the front. He slowly twisted and kneaded my right nipple with his left hand, leaving me to moan like a dog in heat. How could a girl feel the chillness and moistness and hotness at the same time? I just felt all of them together at that moment. The ass cheeks felt the chillness of the kitchen slab, and my breasts and nipples felt the warmth growing, while at the same time, his penis that was slowly and softly rubbing the outer lips of my cunt, made me feel the moistness as well. He was twisting my nipples still with my shirt covered on it. I was not fully nude, but the shirt was still covering my upper body.

“hmmmmmmm…oooooohaaaaah…. hmmmmmm ammmmaaaaa….” I was moaning along his ears. I think that would have triggered all his passion. He grabbed me by my ass fully again with his hands lifted me up and now, we positioned ourselves that his penis was just right at the opening of my cunt. I clamped myself to his stomach, and slowly as he lowered me, I could feel his thick hard penis, slipping slowing into my cunt upwards. Just like a hot knife slipped into a block of butter.

‘wow… ‘ I shouldn’t have made him that toast. Now I was comparing our romantic fuck with that of bread and butter and jam. Coming to that, i was still holding that toast that had the butter and jam smeared along with omelette stuffed between. I was having no idea, whether şirinevler escort we would eat it or not. My right palm had become buttery just by holding it for the past 10 mins and squeezing it between my fingers.

Both my hands were tightly behind his neck and my legs clung tightly behind his back. I felt the moistness and heat increasing along the walls of my vulva inside my cunt. I was moaning, letting out gasps and pants. He was calling me akka, akka and akka, all along moaning along with me. Inch by inch I felt the heat moving up inside my cunt, as he pulled and pushed his penis inside my cunt. His hot breath created twirls along my face, as he slowly gave me alight kiss along the lips outside. It was not a deep kiss, it was not a tongue-to-tongue kiss, it was just a lip kiss and even that was firing up all our senses.

One moment my mind was feeling the sensations and in the other, it was empty, just equalling the rhythm of his fuck. He was now carrying the whole weight of my body on his front. The gold mangalsutra that was just below my navel, tied tautly around my stomach, pricked both our stomach as we hugged tightly and fucked each other in that position. It had not been minutes since we had started and now, I was having the first orgasm of the session ripping through me.

I have never felt like this before. It is because I have never done like this before, hugging and fucking sort of thing with my hubby. I had tried the doggy style at the maximum with my hubby. But getting fucked half-naked in kitchen, by my own brother, that too in this style, had never been in my wildest dreams. And I was thoroughly enjoying it, that my first orgasm tripped inside me in a lightning speed.

“Oh my god,’ was all I could tell, as I reached the heights of my orgasm. But my brother was not yet cumming. With my hubby, usually it was him who cums first, and I’d follow a few seconds or may be at some times minutes later. Here, my brother was pushing me to the orgasmic level first, yet staying behind, waiting for just another round.

‘How am I going to manage the stallion?’ I was wondering as I was relaxing. I thought he’d move fast and fuck me hard to finish over his orgasm, but he stopped fucking me and then laid me on the kitchen slab.

Know what? That piece was toast was still in my hand. “Didn’t you get hungry?” I asked him. “Yes, akka… somewhat…” he was saying.

Damn! My stomach was burning. He took the piece of toast from my hands and got a new one and started eating. Just as I was thinking that he was going to eat that thing, holding them in his hands, he spread my thighs wide and gave me a nice bit of kinky surprise, by stuffing that crumpled toast into my watery cunt.

Oh my god, I couldn’t bear that sensation. I never thought he’d do that. Halfway through my toast, I was mesmerised by his act that made my cunt twitch.

“What are you doing?” I asked him awe-struck.

“Hmmm… I’m going to eat my toast…” he said with a shittish grin and then grabbing the butter from the plate, smeared it all along my juicy cunt lips.

Already my cunt was wet with both our juices and he was oiling up with the butter. Yes, the butter was belting on my cunt! Just then, he moved his face over my cunt and started licking my cunt. ‘Wow…’ the happiness, the weirdness and everything that accompanied just brought me to tears on my eyes, as I enjoyed every bit of that action. The slurping sound that his tongue made with my cunt lips added to the sloshing feeling as his tongue touched my cunt.

In a minute, he had eaten his toast and dried my oiled up cunt with his tongue, leaving me breathless… if he just goes on like that… I couldn’t think of myself as a battered girl, so vulnerable, feeling and experiencing the orgasms one by one again and again and again.

He did the same thing with his second toast and the third one too… by that time, my body was rumbling at the edge of my orgasm. I was panting and squealing and moaning continuously, taking long breaths in between. I could see my breasts heaving up and down as I inhaled and exhaled fully. There is 100% truth in doctors saying, sex will relieve us of every disease. It was much better that what yoga can do to our body!

I was on the edge of the orgasm, but my brother, didn’t allow şişli escort me to reach it, stopping and slowing his act. It was a strange feeling, yet so nice, to reach the edge and come back and go again with full force.

I didn’t have the second orgasm, but felt as if I had it! It was totally different, made me feel full in sex. I was relaxing lying on the kitchen slab, grabbing and massaging his hard penis that was by my right side, slowly with my oily palm. I was so excited, that I got up and made me sit on the slab with his legs down, gearing up to give a nice blowjob, as a reciprocation of the love he had showered on me till that moment.

“Akka… unbutton your shirt before you do that…” he was saying.

And I started undoing them one by one.

“But done, remove the shirt, just let the button alone be open…I want to see your breasts dancing as you do this to me…” he said.

‘Sooo kinky…’ I thought in my mind. So I undid the buttons and let my shirt open, revealing my breasts and nipples, and my navel and my stomach, and of course the mangalsutra on my hips.

I slowly, grabbed his penis in my palms and oiled it up. Then I pushed the foreskin back and gave a kiss on his pee-hole with my lips. I started licking his penis along the sides, like I would lick an ice cream, except that his penis was steaming hot and throbbing hard. If he ever fucks me in the mouth it’ll just tear my throat at the back. It was so hard.

It was a warm hard piece of flesh and devoured to the fullest. With one hand I was grabbing and guiding his penis into my mouth and with my other hand, I was finger-fucking myself into my cunt. I changed the rhythm now and then, doing it slowly first, and then faster and then again slower. I was not the queen of blowjobs, yet I had learnt something about that; enough to make my hubby cum on my mouth. I’ve always wanted him to pour all his hot cum on my face and my breasts, but he never obliged.

Now, it was going to happen, courtesy my brother.

“Arvind… grab my breasts and massage them hard with your hands…” I was asking him. With my hubby, I was never so frank, asking him to do what I wanted. But with my brother, it was as if I was in command, spelling out every thing that I couldn’t do with my hubby.

Minutes went one, and he panted and groaned as he was beginning to cum. “Akka… faster… Do it faster… please…” he was pleading I responded by doing it fast as he wanted me to.

The next second he let out a groan, with a shrill sound and there, his cum flowed all along into my mouth, filling it up and overflowing along my cheeks, down my chin. It was so white, so slushy and gum-like sticking on to my teeth and my tongue, not going inside my throat easily just like every time it did with my hubby. It was a real tangy taste, and I loved it. I hate the taste and smell first, but once it reaches my inner it taste so good.

As he pulled his penis out of my mouth, he sprayed him cum over my neck and on both my breasts. I pulled bath a little to show him my stomach. Even a drop fell on the mangalsutra too. I felt so sexy, that as I squeezed his penis till the end with one hand, I started smearing his cum-trail all over my face and my breasts and stomach with my right hand.

“Here.. let me clean you up akka…” he said and then easily lifted me into he bathroom.

I was smelling fully off his cum and I wanted to stay that way the whole day, but he pored water over my and made me clean up. He mad me sit and just as he would do to his darling wife, he soaped me sincerely and bathed me.

Half way along the bath, I was so sexed up that I pleaded him to fuck the hell out of me like a slut.

“Please Arvind… have sex with me… fuck me like your wife… fuck me like a slut… Rape me… tear my cunt apart… bite my breasts…” I was pleading to him.

“Are you a slut? Will you be my slut? Will you be my slave from now onwards? Will you do anything I ask you to do, akka?” my brother was now acting like a commanding master. And I like it and wanted him to fuck me badly.

“Yes, I’m your slutty sister. I’ll do whatever you say… I’ll be your slave… please Arvind fuck me now…” I was almost crying now.

“You have to keep your promise…” saying so, he lifted my soapy body and carried me to the balcony. suadiye escort The sun had set by now and it was dark. Cool breeze flowing along, made my body shiver and the lather on my body were drying up by the wind. He made me kneel naked on my knees on the floor of the balcony and then himself kneeling beside me.

“Now, spread your legs somewhat… akka…” he said to me and I did so.

This was so new to me. I never had sex with my hubby even with the windows open. But now, my brother was going to fuck his naked on the balcony with every one of the neighbours to see me if they want, in that night.

He placed a pillow before my face and made me lean on that.

“Grab your ass cheeks and open your cunt for me akka…” he said.

Just like an obedient sister, I grabbed my ass with my hands and spread them open for him. He spat his saliva over my asshole. One moment I thought he was going to giving me the fuck of my life by fucking me in my ass… but that was not going to happen now. It’ll be later. He just inserted his finger into my ass hole, even as his penis probed my cuntal lips for an opening.

I was trembling by now, due to his act of finger-fucking my ass. A number of thoughts surrounded my mind. I was just thinking of me, what a woman I was, kneeling naked on the balcony of my house, with none other than my own brother naked beside me and going to fuck my cunt from behind. And showing off this act to the whole world to see! I was trembling.

A sharp hotness pierced through my cunt and I came out of my mind as my brother insert his hot rod and banged straightaway to the very end of my cunt. I was about to let out a loud squeal, but the thought that I was naked in the balcony, hit hard on me and I forced my face on the pillow, and my sounds got muffled into the pillow, with every hit I had I he rammed his penis into his sister’s pussy.

It was so new, so absurd, nothing anyone would think off, in this Indian society, I fully grown woman, getting fucked badly by her own blood brother. What would the world think of me, this nasty girl, doing this nasty thing?

And again I was pierced by the shrill sharpness of the fuck as my brother pushed his rod once again hitting the walls of my vagina, filling up my vulva, just like we had done in the morning.

The next moment, I was cursing the world, for giving the nice person as my brother and not my hubby!

“Oh my god,” I gasped as he grabbed both my soapy breasts and squeezed them hard.i felt my world crumbling below me as I did that. Now I have made up mind… no matter what happens, he has to father at least one child in me. I want to bear his child, I want to get pregnant by him. And I want to get fucked every day of my pregnancy with him till I deliver our child in my native place.

“Arvind…” I called him.

“What akka…?” he asked between his large muffed breaths.

“Will you make me pregnant? Will you give me your child? I want to get pregnant by you… please make me pregnant with your cum da, Arvind.” I spurted out everything from my mind. There was no response from my back. May be he was dumbfounded by my plea.

“What do you say Arvind? You have married me… I’m your wife now… will you make me pregnant? Please…” I asked him again.

“Yes… Yes akka.. I’ll make you pregnant. I’ll make you, my wife pregnant” he said and with a revitalised force bumped his penis hard into my sloppy cunt.

Damn! This is going to be the fuck of my life… or is this just the first one in a series of record breaking fucks I’m going have from my brother? I don’t know. But I was enjoying every moment of that fuck, wanting to get pregnant by him… it took up almost half an hour to cum, and all along, every minute, every second, it had been a different experience.

As we finished he carried his naked sister to the sofa in the hall and we both relaxed watching TV and enjoying the night being naked.

(Hello everyone… We always want the best things in our life to come again and again in our life and continue forever. Even as I started getting nice comments from youall, I started to write a sequel to the first part, but stuck up half-way, now I had finished it and posted it. I’m ending the plot here. Want me to continue writing this? Please give different ideas as to which way I can proceed with the next part. One of the emails wanted me to continue fucking with both the husbands, now that there are two husbands… but even before that there are two more days to for the two of them to enjoy together isn’t it? Let’s be more kinky and wild… just write your ideas ok?)

Bye till then, from Saranya.

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