Mary’s Virginity Ch. 01

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Author note: This is a revision because I wrote two more parts and had to edit this one for consistency. Hopefully it’s an improvement. I think it is.


Eighteen year old Mary poked her head into her Daddy’s study, where he was checking the mail; she was wearing a pair of his old sweat pants and an over-sized tee for pajamas. “Good night, Daddy.”

He didn’t hear her, absorbed as he was in the letter he was reading. When she saw she wasn’t going to get an answer, she slipped in and padded silently to his desk before touching his shoulder. He looked up absently, a frown on his brow. “Yes, dear?”

“I’m going to bed Daddy, good night.” She leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“Good night, sweetheart.” Dax opened the next envelope as she slipped from the room. He read the notice inside and frowned. Slowly, he got up from his chair and opened the safe hidden behind a painting. Inside were several toys left over from his days as a Dominant. He’d given up the lifestyle when one of his girls had gotten pregnant. The girl had freaked and tried to abort. He’d convinced her to leave the baby with him, though it wasn’t his, and go her own way. Mary had never known a mother and he’d given up the lifestyle to raise her. He’d never thought he’d need the toys again, but the letter from Mary’s school was incriminating, and not the first one he’d received. Dax pulled out a leather paddle, a wooden one and, after some thought, a set of vibrating anal beads and a pocket rocket.

Dax’s hand trembled as he set the last two items in his pocket. The girl’s mother had been a pain slut and it was too much to hope it’d be genetic but his daughter showed some signs of enjoying pain already. He shook his head and almost put the toys back. His thoughts were evil. He’d raised her from birth and she was just eighteen. He’d been watching her for two years now, fighting these feelings. On her eighteenth birthday he’d given up, but couldn’t find a way around their current relationship. Now he had an opening. He remembered to slip some lube into his pocket at the last second. The walk to her room was slow and measured.

Dax knocked on her door, listening. When he heard a mumbled, “Yeah Daddy?” he pushed the door open and slipped inside.

Mary sat up and pushed her hair from her eyes. The sweatpants lay in a tidy head on the floor beside the bed.

“I have learned some disturbing things, Mary. I think we need to talk about them.”

“Now Daddy?”

“Now, baby.”

“Okay.” She smiled at him as she sat up and pushed out from under the covers. She swung long legs around and sat on the edge of the bed. “What’s wrong Daddy?”

Dax sat down and set the paddles between them. He watched as she looked curiously at them.

“What are those, Daddy?”

“These things I heard mean I have to punish you, Mary. The paddles will help me. Now, drop your panties and lay across Daddy’s lap.”

Mary gaped at him for a full minute, even as something deep inside her thrilled to the command. “Y-yes Daddy.” She couldn’t bear to look at him so she turned her back and lifted the long tee enough to grab the waist of her panties.

Dax’s cock jumped at the sight of that young firm ass encased in navy blue boy shorts. He sternly willed it down. Soon she turned back to him, hands tugging the hem of her shirt down nervously.

“Daddy, I really don’t think that…” She squeaked as he grabbed her shirt and pulled her down so that she fell across his lap.

Dax fell into old habits and caressed her ass before he brought a sharp slap down on first one cheek and then the other. “I don’t think you’ve been thinking very much at all lately Mary. It is time to tell me the things you’ve done wrong.”

Mary yelped at the first slaps, then again when he started rhythmically smacking her ass as he waited for her to talk. “What do you want to know Daddy?” She whimpered the question, her face pressed into the bed.

“I want to know everything you’ve been doing wrong.” Smack!

“Yes Daddy.” Her voice got lower. “I skipped class.”

Dax picked up the wooden paddle with his right hand while his left caressed her already heated flesh. “How many?”

“Six, Daddy.” She writhed as six blows landed on her. She fought to keep her hands under her face. She didn’t understand the growing heat in her belly.

Dax laid the paddle down and ran a hand over the hot, pink skin. “What else have you done wrong?”

“I haven’t been doing my homework Daddy.”

Dax picked up the leather paddle and extended his range from her ass to down her thighs. Mary whimpered and moaned, writhing on his lap.

“Oh Mary,” Dax whispered as his cock rose against her belly, “I wish you hadn’t liked this.”

“Why Daddy?”

“Because I didn’t want to have to do this…” His hand slid up her thigh and pushed between them to her pussy. He stroked the soft inner lips, finding arousal and joy in the dampness there. Dax shifted a wee bit and brought out the anal beads and vibrator. He went back to stroking her pussy and she wriggled pendik escort with a soft moan. He continued a moment longer, marveling at her responsiveness, then picked up the leather paddle and started letting it fall on her back, no power behind the strokes, just letting gravity pull it down. “What else have you done wrong baby?”

Mary cast desperately around for something, she usually was a good girl, and hit upon the one really bad thing. She whispered, “I let a boy put his penis in my mouth.”

Dax froze as wild jealousy stormed through him. He pushed it down and asked, in a strangled voice, “You put a boy’s penis in your mouth?”

Mary’s voice was muffled against the bed spread. “Yes Daddy.”

Dax dropped the paddle and landed a flurry of blows on Mary’s ass until she was nearly wriggling to get away. He changed tactics again and caressed her instead. He pushed her shirt up to stroke her back, brushed her hair from her face and traced patterns on the growing welts on her ass with his fingertips. “What did you think of it, baby?”

“It was okay, Daddy. He kept making funny noises. And he tasted weird.”

“Are you ever going to do it again?”

“I don’t know. He kept trying to shove it down my throat.”

Dax kept his next question in the same conversational tone of voice, “Have you ever thought about doing that with Daddy?”

Mary blushed and squirmed. She pressed her face into the bed, muffling her voice. “Yes Daddy.”

“What,” Dax paused and cleared his throat. “What have you thought about?”

“I wondered what your penis looks like, Daddy.”

Dax felt blood rushing south and hoped she didn’t noticed the new bulge straining against her belly. He continued stroking her ass, thighs and back, slapping her every now and then. Her soft, white flesh was turning a deep pink under the loving abuse. “Is that all you’ve thought about, sweetheart?” “No, Daddy.” Mary moaned as his fingers found her wet pussy then stroked the moisture across her tight ass. She lifted her hips into his fingertips as he pressed against the opening.

Dax sucked in a breath at her responsiveness and reached for the lube. “What else have you thought about Daddy?”

Mary gasped as the cold gel touched her ass. She squirmed when he breached her with the tip of a finger. “I want to know what you taste like Daddy.”

Dax nearly choked. “I’m sure I can help you with that, baby. For now, let’s try something else. Do you know what anal beads are, pumpkin?”

Mary wriggled as he pressed the first tiny bead against her ass. “No, Daddy.”

“Anal beads go inside your pretty little bottom. We’re going to push them inside very slowly.” He suited action to word and pressed the next one in. He bit his lip at the thought that just occurred to him. “Is there anything else you’ve been thinking about Mary?”

“The teacher, Daddy.”

“What teacher?” He pushed the next bead into her ass then smacked each cheek a few more times.

“The teacher who watched that boy put his penis in my mouth.”

“A teacher watched? Where was this?”

“In the teachers lounge at school.”

“What was teacher doing?”

“She was touching herself Daddy. She made funny noises too, just like the boy.”

Dax chose that moment to push another bead in and slide his finger a little ways inside her pussy. Mary moaned and whimpered. “Noises like the ones you’re making, baby?”

“Yes Daddy!”

“What else did she do?”

“After the boy’s penis squirted the sticky stuff down my throat…are you okay Daddy?” Mary tried to turn to look at him, wriggling against the hard lump pressing on her tummy.

Dax had made a strangled noise. He cleared his throat again. “Yes Mary, I’m fine. The boy…ah… squirted sticky stuff in your mouth? What did you do with it?”

“I swallowed, Daddy, was that bad?”

It took him a few tries to be able to answer. “No, honey, that was good. What did the teacher do after that?”

“She made the boy stick his penis in her…her…um…privates.”

“Did you watch that?”

“Yes Daddy. It made me wonder…”

“What did it make you wonder, sweetheart?”

Mary blushed brighter. “It made me wonder what it would feel like if you did that to me.”

Dax took a very deep breath and let it out slowly, thought about baseball for a minute. Then he pushed the last two beads into her ass and turned the vibrator feature on. Mary gasped and squirmed. “Oh Daddy!”

“Yes baby?”

“That makes me feel funny.”

Dax grinned. “Funny how?”

“It makes me all hot and tingly and…Oh Daddy! I need something. More. Please Daddy!”

Dax tried to regain control as she squirmed and panted and moaned on his lap. “More, baby? How about this then…” He picked up the other vibrator, turned it on and touched it to her clit.

Mary screamed as hot pleasure coursed through her for the first time. Dax put a hand on the back of her head, getting a grip on her hair, to hold her down. “Come for Daddy, baby, that’s üsküdar escort it.”

Mary screamed and fought to get free as the strange sensations wound their way through her belly, out the top of her head and through her fingers and toes. It built and built until she was screaming non-stop. “Yes,” Dax whispered, “Let it go Mary, come for Daddy!”

The sensations all exploded in Mary’s belly and behind her eyes. She bucked and he had to switch his grip on her, wrapping one arm around her waist to keep her from falling off. Finally, he pulled the vibe away from her clit, leaving the one in her ass on. Mary collapsed, panting.

“Now, baby, do you still want to know what Daddy’s penis tastes like?”

“Oh yes please Daddy!”

“Get on your knees then. Leave the beads in your ass.” He helped her slide off his lap onto her knees then stood up and removed his slacks. His already hard cock sprung out. Dax was not overly impressive in length but he was rather thick.

Mary stared in awe. “Your penis is bigger than Peter’s Daddy.”

Dax chuckled even as he filed the name away for later use. “It’s not that big, sweetheart but it serves its purpose.” He sat back down and slowly stroked his cock. “Come closer baby.”

Mary shuffled closer, her eyes locked on the glistening head. Precum was seeping from the tip and she unconsciously licked her lips. Dax wrapped his hand around the back of her neck once she was close enough and guided her down. “Open your mouth baby.” A moment later, “Ahh yes, that’s right.”

Mary wrapped her lips around the head of her Daddy’s cock and tentatively licked. The salty, sweet taste fascinated her and she lapped at it like an ice cream. Dax tutored her way through this first blow job, teaching her how to suck and lick at the same time, how to breathe when he shoved her head as far down on him as she could go.

The blow job lasted several minutes, until Dax felt his balls tighten in anticipation of an orgasm. This was not the way he wanted to cum so he pulled her off. She looked at him anxiously, “What’s wrong Daddy? Didn’t I do a good job?”

“Yes, you did a very good job but there must be other things you must be curious about, baby.”

Mary blushed. “Well, there is something Daddy.” She squirmed and pushed her bum on her heels, driving the beads back in with a small moan.

“What is it?”

“I want to know what your penis feels like inside my vagina, Daddy.” The words were whispered and Dax almost didn’t hear them.

He swallowed convulsively. “Is that all?”

Mary thought about what the teacher had made the boy do. “Daddy, the teacher made that boy kiss her vagina.” She looked down at her fingers and twisted them together.

Dax picked up the remote for the beads and cranked the vibrating all the way up.

“Oh! Daddy!” Mary squirmed and looked up at him.

“Yes baby?”

“That feels so weird and so good!”

Dax smiled. “What did you want to know about kissing vaginas?”

“Could you…could you show me why she liked it so much?”

Blood surged into Dax’s cock and he nearly moaned at the request. He patted the bed beside him. “Sure, little girl, climb up here beside Daddy and lay on your back.”

Mary scrambled up onto the bed and laid where he showed her, her thighs pressed tightly together, her ass tingling and so hot it was nearly burning. She squirmed a bit as the unfamiliar heat started to build in her belly again. Dax stretched out beside her and stroked her face.

“You’re Daddy’s special girl, aren’t you?”

She stared up at him, eyes dark with arousal, face rubbing against his hand as she nodded.

“You want Daddy to touch you, don’t you?”

Again she nodded. She squirmed at the thought, embarrassment mixing with arousal. She nearly purred when his hand moved from her face to stroke her throat and then over her collar bone. He stroked the length of sensitive flesh with one finger before moving lower, his eyes on her breasts. Mary watched his eyes and her nipples hardened under his gaze as she instinctively understood the depth of need and arousal.

Dax cupped her breast and teased the nipple between thumb and forefinger. Mary gasped, her back arching, thrusting her breast into his palm. He pinched and rolled the nipple, Mary’s mouth opened in a wide O of surprise as the almost electric shock of pleasure shot from nipple to pussy. Dax leaned forward and sucked her nipple into his mouth. He nibbled lightly and flicked his tongue across it. He delighted in her reaction.

Mary’s hands flew to his head, fingers driving into his hair as she tried to decide whether to press him closer or push him away. His hand moved to her other nipple and teased it. Mary was suddenly dealing with twin sensations she’d never had before. She gasped and moaned. “Oh, Daddy!”

He bit on her harder and her hips jerked off the bed. He soothed with his tongue and she writhed. He moved his mouth to her other nipple and gave it the same treatment. Fireworks threatened to anadolu yakası escort explode in her head.

“Daddy!” Mary nearly screamed the word. “Please Daddy!”

He stopped long enough to look up at her. “Please what?”

“Please let me cum again Daddy!”

“Of course baby.” Dax lowered his mouth to her nipple and bit it again before sucking it into his mouth and worrying on it with teeth and tongue as he sucked.

Mary thrashed as the heat built and built again. Once more the lights exploded behind her eyes and she screamed as it all released, washing through her from her pussy outwards. Dax slowed up and released her nipple, letting her come down again, though he didn’t want her down too far. He wanted to know if his little virgin could squirt for him.

Mary writhed and moaned as he kissed and licked his way over her belly, pausing to swirl his tongue in her belly button. He teased her thighs apart with kisses and nibbles. When she spread them a bit he pushed them open wide and knelt on the floor, hauling her forward so her ass was on the edge of the bed. He shoved the beads in deep and sucked an outer lip into his mouth. He was pleased that his daughter shaved her pussy. He liked the bare, pale flesh.

When her Daddy teased her sensitive flesh with his tongue, Mary moaned and thrashed her head. Her fingers curled into the blankets when he slide his tongue between those lips and slowly licked up her slit. When he brushed against her clit, she twitched and moaned. Dax chuckled softly, spread her pussy open with his fingers and swirled his tongue around her clit without touching it. He sucked the delicate inner lips into his mouth and flicked his tongue back and forth over them. Then he moved back to her clit.

As soon as he wrapped his lips and teeth around it, as soon as the tip of his tongue slid over it, Mary jack knifed forward with the intensity of the spike in arousal. “Oh Goddess Daddy!”

Dax hummed softly against her clit and her body jerked backwards, bouncing a little as her legs clamped around him and her brain tried to process the unfamiliar sensations. Another orgasm started to build, reaching its peak almost instantly. “Daddy! I’m going to come again!”

He slid a finger into her tight, hot hole and felt her spasm around him. Fluids gushed forth and coated his hand. It wasn’t enough. He started fucking her with his finger, opening her, loosening her until he could put a second finger inside. “Tighten your muscles around my fingers, baby.”

Mary whimpered, “I don’t know how Daddy!”

“Like you are trying to stop peeing. Do it for Daddy.” Seconds later, his fingers were nearly crushed by those muscles. “Now, come for me!”

Dax immediately latched back on to her clit, finding the perfect pressure and combination of teeth and tongue. Mary writhed and thrashed, moaning then growling deep in her chest, as the orgasm built and built. Every stroke of his fingers, every lash of his tongue built it higher. Finally, it broke. Mary sucked in a deep breath then held it as her body tensed, back arched. She suddenly went limp and screamed her release. Dax’s face and hands were covered in cum as she squirted all over him. He pulled his face back and fucked her harder with his fingers, guiding one of her hands to her clit.

“Do what feels good Mary, come for Daddy again, squirt all over Daddy, be my little slut.” His free hand went to his cock, stroking it, firming it up again.

Mary worked her clit over with her fingers, desperate for more of this orgasm. She came again and again and again while Dax kept egging her on, fucking her hard and fast with his hand, until her fingers fell limply to one side and her voice was raspy.

Dax stood and covered her body with his, kissing her face gently as she came back down. He whispered in her ear, “Your Daddy is going to fuck you now Mary.”

“Please Daddy,” the request was a whimper, the merest breath of sound.

Dax straightened back up and positioned a pillow under her hips. He put her ankles on his shoulders and looked down. Mary was still writhing as her pussy twitched. He put one hand on her belly to hold her down. She opened her eyes and looked at him. Her eyes were nearly black with arousal and need. She bucked her hips at him as he grabbed his cock and held it to her very tight, very slick entrance. He pushed forward an inch and groaned.

“You’re so tight, my slut.”

Mary smiled at that. “Daddy’s slut,” she whispered. She lifted her hips, driving him in a little further.

Dax groaned. “Don’t do that Mary, I want to do this slow, you’re still a virgin.”

Her next words shocked and thrilled him. ‘I am your slut already Daddy, just fuck me!”

The words triggered the animal in Dax and he forgot all about being careful. He surged forward with a growl and ripped through her hymen. Mary screamed at the flash of pain that flashed into her pleasure like lightning tearing open the night sky. Dax stopped and held still, stroking her breasts, teasing her nipples. He leaned forward and kissed her, driving a little deeper. Mary kissed him back eagerly, her hands roaming all over him. She moved her hips as the pain morphed into hot pleasure, pleased when he moaned.

“Daddy, Daddy, fuck me! Fuck my cunt then my ass! Now Daddy!” She thrust her hips against him impatiently.

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