Master PC Reboot Ch. 02

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To all those reading, please enjoy! If it’s not your thing, that’s ok! But if you’re interested in the Master PC universe, check out JR Praz’s page on asstr. It’s where all the Master PC stories eventually find their home. Sorry this took so long. Capturing and enslaving those editors took more time than anticipated.

And now back to the action.

Edit. Thanks for catching those changes. I have made an example out of one my editors, so that there are no further slips ups.

Jack awoke to the smell of bacon. The greatest smell to wake up to. It meant that his mother Kelly was cooking breakfast today.

Kelly was the second of Jack’s moms, and the best cook. She owned a restaurant inspired by her own cooking that she constantly was updating. In the past, Jess had tried to mimic her style, but once she got into high school the girl phased out of it.

Jack rose out of bed and put his sweats on. His memory of the day before was hazy. He thought remembered something, but as he tried to figure out what it was, the memory became less and less clear. Jack shook his head and decided it wasn’t anything to worry about. There was bacon downstairs. Jack threw on a shirt which strangely felt tight around his chest. And the jeans he slipped on were almost too small for him. “Must have shrunk in the wash,’ he muttered to himself. Why was he doing this when there was bacon?

He rushed down the stairs and headed straight into the kitchen. To his surprise, it wasn’t Kelly that was cooking, but Jess!

“Hey Bro, what’s up?” she almost sang to him as she saw him enter. Jack was taken aback, she looked different. Her hair was tied up in a more provocative fashion, her breasts seemed larger and firmer, and her whole faced was beaming with pure joy. Her smile set jack off guard.

Then it came flooding back to Jack. He had fucked his sister yesterday. How did he forget that? It had been amazing, and she clearly loved it too. Jack realized that she was naked under that apron.

“Hey, what made you decide to cook?” Jack asked, slowly taking a seat at the breakfast table.

“Well, I had multiple…revelations last night,” she said as she cocked an eyebrow at her brother. “And don’t worry about the rest of the fam. Mom and Kelly are at the restaurant and Steph is at the mall with her friends.” She added that last part when she saw Jack looking around the house, “So since we’re all alone, I decided to make you breakfast.”

She looked downwards at the bacon she was cooking, “After all, I’m all yours sir. I live for your happiness.”

Jack’s eyes narrowed as he looked at her. “I thought that was just some roleplaying last night or something. You’re not my, like, servant or anything.”

Jess’s eyes widened at the remark, “Oh no. I am serious in the fact that I am your slave. Totally. When you came inside me last night, it was like you were putting a claim on my soul. I’ve never been happier. Serving you is what I want to do with my life. Everything before seems so pointless.”

She scooped up the bacon and placed it next to some hash browns and eggs, and brought the plate over to her brother. As she handed him a fork to eat, she sank to her knees. “Is that ok bro? Will you please be my master?”

Jack knew a part of him should be screaming that this was a prank or a trap. Or at the very least highly immoral. But Jack ignored it. He saw how his sister was on her knees so submissively in front of him. It was very, very pleasurable. His eyes traced her flawless skin and her raven black hair, and he took special notice how her amazing breasts filled out that apron. It was like the fabric was about to tear from the sheer perkiness of her large, beautiful tits. Her lips were quivering and Jack saw his sister’s eyes stare at his cock.

“Ok, but no telling anyone. If our moms and Steph found out I was banging you let alone that you were my sex slave, then I think they’d kill me.” Jack said, taking his cock out of his pants.

“What’s that for sir?” Jess asked moving her head closer to Jack’s member. Jack could feel the warmth from her body spread around his own.

“I’m going to eat this delicious breakfast that you’ve cooked for me. But I want that beautiful mouth of yours to suck my cock in the meantime. Is that ok?” Jack asked.

Instead of answering, his sister licked the tip of his hardening cock and then immediately went to work on his shaft. “Anything for my master. I live for your pleasure.” She said between licks.

Jack bit a piece of bacon. “Blowjobs and bacon. Nothing seems better.” He watched as his sister bobbed her head up and down on his cock, swirling her tongue on his shaft. Her delicate hands found his balls and massaged them, then gently stroked the parts of his huge cock her mouth couldn’t reach. Jack took his hand and ran it through her silk black hair, and forced her head down further.

She moaned and vibrations of her pleasure passed through her brother’s cock. Jack could smell the arousal she was putting in the air, and it was making him feel harder.

He scarfed down the remainder kartal escort of his breakfast, then pushed his plate to the side. Jack stared down at Jess as she doubled her pace on his cock. She looked up at him with her big enchanting eyes. Her hands traveled from Jack’s cock to his thigh, then to the small of his back where she began to massage him. Jack was in pure bliss.

Jess popped her mouth off his cock and began taking long, wet licks across his shaft, making sure to kiss the tip every time she ran her tongue along it.

“Master,” She said, “Would you please cum in my mouth?” her eyes locked with his as she began to beg him. “You’re such a stud and I need your taste in my mouth.” She moved her hands again, one gripping his shaft as she licked, the other reaching her pussy, where she started masturbating furiously. “You make me so horny by just being here. I had so many dreams last night about how I could serve my master, my stud king, my brother.” She cocked and eyebrow, “And you’ll never guess, but I made myself cum this morning so many times just thinking about sucking and fucking you.” She took one long lick of his cock. “I thought about making a list of my fuckable friends. I want you to have them sir. I know they turn you on.” She started to moaning as she fucked herself, “God, I want to watch as one gets a mouthful of your cum.” She looked down at his cock, “Don’t worry Master, I can share.”

All this talk was driving Jack crazy. He couldn’t believe his bookworm sister was so hot, and so good at sucking his cock. And she was driving him mad by making him think of all her hot friends that he’d wanted to fuck for years. The image of Jess encouraging him to cum inside her friends as she played with herself was pushing him over the edge. Jack was loving his slave sister. All the faces of people she wanted her to seduce for him flashed in his mind.

However, he got stuck when the image of his other sister, Stephanie flashed in his head. Her beautiful light brown hair and her perky body bouncing up and down on his cock as Jess cheered them on. Begging him to knock both his sisters up.

“Oh god yes!” Jack shouted as he shot a stream of cum right into his sister’s mouth. She closed her mouth over his cock and sucked him dry. Jess met her brothers gaze as she swallowed it all down.

“Damn Jess.” Jack said as his sister started to get to her feet. “That was amazing.” His sister winked at him as she grabbed his dirt dishes. She made sure the angle she used to reach for the dish showed off her magnificent breasts under her apron. She especially made sure to rub her hot body on her brother to clear his whole dish.

Jack just smiled. The warmth of his sister’s busty body pressed up against him was divine. He started to feel unsated from her blowjob. He watched her ass as she sashayed to the sink to do the dishes. The view of her beautiful body behind the apron was causing Jack to have a throbbing erection. He needed her. He needed her now. He stripped all his clothes and walked towards her.

All Jess felt was the warmth of her brother’s hands grab hold of her waist and then a throbbing erection pressed up against her thigh.

“Hmmm. Round two brother?” She jested. She thrust back her ass and said, “Or should I be calling you big brother now?” She grabbed her brother’s cock and guided it in front of her wet, burning pussy. “Take what’s yours master. My pussy is all yours to use.”

With that Jack thrust his cock inside Jess with a powerful, quick pulse. In the same instant, his hands went from her waist up her body to where her breasts were hiding under her apron.

Jack slammed into her. And it felt amazing. Giving that blowjob earlier had turned her on so badly. As his cock hit the entrance of her womb, Jess let out a loud, primal moan. She rocked her hips back against his and made sure to maximize the pleasure for him.

“OH GOD! Jack, baby,” She cried between thrusts, “OH GOD OH! You know just what I need bro.”

He gripped her hips and began to fuck her harder with leverage.

“SHIT JACK RIGHT THERE!” Jess screamed. “Damn your cock is so big its stretching me. It feels amazing! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she started panting in time with his thrusts, her mouth openly grinning wide. “Give your sister that cock. Take what you deserve. Show your slave her place!” Jack smirked seeing how enthusiastically his sister was taking her new role as his sex slave. Jess, his busty bookworms sister his eager fuckbunny. He liked this new world.

He increased his pace and noticed that his sister’s pussy was gripping his cock tighter and tighter. Her moans were getting louder and louder. Jack was going to make his sister cum.

“You want to cum sis?” He moved one hand on her nipple and started to pinch it. “You wanna cum on your brother’s cock?”


Jack put his lips on her neck and kissed upward towards her ear, “Cum hard for me slave. I want kurtköy escort you to cum as hard as you can.”

“YESYESYES OHGGODOHGOD!” Jess screamed. She began to thrust her hips frantically back against her brother’s cock. Her face was turning bright read as the pleasure rocked through her body.

Jack withdrew his cock from her pussy and immediately Jess let out a moan of displeasure. “But master, you didn’t get to cum.”

“Oh I will,” Jack said as he turned her body around. Jack tore off Jess’s apron and spread her legs wide. As he caught the eye of his sister, he thrust his cock inside her dripping pussy and began to slam into her.

“FUCK! Bro, if only I had known how good this cock would have felt we would have been doing this ages ago.” Jess said as she rocked her hips back and forth.

Jack kissed her neck as he slammed into his sister. He was getting lost in the bliss of her warm cunt and he could feel another big load approaching.

“Yes bro, yes. I can feel you getting harder and harder. Cum in me. Mark me.” Jess whispered into his ear. “I’m yours bro. I’ll do anything you want. I’ll seduce anyone you want so they can be your slave like me. My friends, neighbors, your name it Jack and they’re yours.” She moaned loudly, “Or if you want I could seduce Steph. Would you like both your slutty sisters taking your cum wherever you want master?”

After that last comment Jack’s heart started pounding blood, echoing all over his body. His slave knew the exact buttons to push.

“Argh!” He cried out as he came. To Jess, it seemed like the roar of a male lion taking his privilege as king of the pride. Jack’s pride. Jess came as she felt the sensation of her brother’s cum flooding her insides.

“Damn sis.” Jack said, catching his breath, “I can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow morning. “


It wasn’t until that afternoon that the two siblings stopped fucking each other. They fucked in the shower, then on the couches, then in the shower again after getting messy from their fucking on the couches. But they stopped because Steph was due home after a morning long shopping spree. Jess was told to act normal, they didn’t want to ruin the fabulous sex that they had going on.

“Because if she suspects something is up, she’ll be her annoying self and look into it.” Jack told Jess. “And we’ve kinda been leaving evidence all over the house.”

“I know, I know, “Jess replied. “The last thing we need is Steph fucking up our new family bonding.” She sat down next to her brother on a freshly cleaned couch. She tucked her head under his arm and sighed. “Do you really want her as a slave too?”

“No. I don’t want to take her by force if that’s what you mean.” Jack said, “If she’s interested, I want her to come to me. Like the way that you did. That made the whole thing that much better.” He drew his hand to his chin. “And I believe that there is something inherently wrong with forcibly making her obey me.”

Jess snorted. “Look at that, a sex slaver with a moral compass.”

Jack laughed at her comment just as Steph came walking through their front door.

“See ya later gals!” she called out to her friends dropping her off. “Buncha skanks.” She added under her breath as she closed the door. Steph walked in and saw her brother and sister hanging out on the couch together. She took a seat in an armchair directly across from them.

“How was the mall?” Jack asked after moment.

“It sucked.” Steph said, putting her hand over her eyes. “Carrie and Beth kept hanging around Sara the whole time we were there. I didn’t get to the shops I wanted to! They just wanted to fawn all over Miss Perfect to get in her good graces.” She glanced at her brother, “She wasn’t very nice to you by the way. She said some bad things.”

“Well, yeah” Jack replied, “That can’t be helped. I’m sorry if that made things worse for you.” He turned to Jess, “Hey can you get everyone some cokes or something while we hang?”

Jess smiled and nodded, but her sister snorted. “Ha! Fat chance! Get them yourself!” But she was shocked when Jess stood up and headed to the kitchen.

“Okay, that was odd.” Steph said. But she changed the subject, “What’s Sarah’s problem with you anyway? Like you’re a million miles away from her socially.”

Jack thought about it for a moment, “Because she knows that her time in only finite. When we get to the real world, of college and jobs, you’re gonna need brains like mine. She knows I’ll do better than her, so that’s why she tries and shoots me down.”

“That’s dark.” Steph remarked, “She was telling us about how she rigged the science fair. The judges were all paid off by her dad.”

Jack growled. He wasn’t surprised, but it still pissed him off like no other. Just as he was about to explode, jess came back with the sodas. She tossed Steph her own can and then handed Jack his.

“You two are awfully buddy-buddy today.” Steph commented.

“We had a bonding moment this morning making breakfast,” Jess said. “I’m sure that it’s wearing off.” Jack pendik escort smiled at his sister.

“Whatever,” Steph said, popping open her can of cola. As she sipped, Jack took a good long look at her features. Her breasts were large, but firm. The top that she wore to the mall had a reveling neckline that was inspiring Jack’s imagination. But that wasn’t all, Steph was wearing her shortest jean shorts, that showed off her toned cheerleading legs. They we’re alluring to what was between them. Jack could picture running his hands along their smooth skin as he held his sister in his arms, ready to bang the shit out of her. Her hair was a light brown, almost blonde, but too tan. It came down in semi-curly locks all the way to her waist. He imagined taking it as a reign as she fucked him from behind.

But then Steph caught her brother staring. “What are you do- “She stopped talking because she realized she was enjoying being leered at by her brother. That was weird. “What are you doing for the rest of the day?” She tried to make her comment seem normal, because she wanted her brother to keep looking at her with those…hungry eyes. She looked him over again, and caught a small glimpse of what may have been an erection in his pants. The thought sent a shiver down her pussy. Steph noticed how good the air around him smelled. Maybe he changed soaps or something?

“Nothing much. Maybe watching some movies. How does ‘Blazing Saddles’ sound to you Jess?” Jack asked his sister.

Jess shrugged. “I’ll watch whatever you want to I guess.” She tried to look non-chelate as she said it, but Steph picked up on how odd her statement was. Jess always fought with Jack to watch a romantic comedy over something like Mel Brooks.

Steph’s eyes narrowed. Were her siblings up to something? She caught Jack’s stare again, and shifted in her seat so that he would accidentally get a glimpse of her cleavage.

“Do you mind if I join?” Steph asked. “I’ve been meaning to rewatch all of Gene Wilder.” She got up out of her seat, making sure to show off her legs to Jack as she did. “I’ll get the popcorn.”

Jack nodded. And as Steph left the room, he looked at Jess and whispered, “Cum.”

Just as Steph was putting the bag of popcorn in the microwave, she heard Jess cry out loud. That was strange, it almost sounded like an…

“Orgasm?” Jess whispered to herself. But that didn’t make sense. Jess was super secretive about her dating life, and in the living room? With her brother? It had to have been something else.

“But why am I getting so riled up thinking about them banging?” Steph said aloud.

“Hey Steph need any help?” Jack said right from behind her.

Step yelped and spun around, “What the hell Jack? When did you get behind me?”

“Sorry sis. Jess was getting the Netflix going and I wanted to see if I could help in here.” Jack walked closer to her so that they were barely a foot apart. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

Steph’s mind felt foggy. When did her brother get so…built? She stared at his shoulders. They were broader, stronger. She imagined his arms wrapping around her as he rose on top of her and-

“Steph?” Jack waved his hand in front of her face. Steph went white. How long was she daydreaming about her brother’s stud bod? She felt a sick feeling in her mind about referring to her brother as a ‘stud’. But she would be stupid not to feel what was going in the air between them.

“Hey bro,” Steph said, “Have you kissed a girl yet?” The question was out of her mouth before she could think about what she was asking. Her body started to feel hot, and her mind was melting from it. Something in the air smelled damn good and it had to be her bother.

“Yeah, a couple of times. Why?” Jack asked, playing up the innocent brother act.

Steph looked down. Why had she said that? “No reason. Just wanted to make sure you’re doing well in the girlfriend department.” As she spoke, her eyes locked with what looked like a monster of an erection.

Better not mention the python in the room, Steph thought. “I mean if you ever needed help, with anything girl related, you come to me ok?” Steph’s thoughts were going crazy fantasizing her brother’s monster cock splitting her in two. “I’d be happy to help with anything.” She looked him in the eyes. She could feel the lust that had been building in her spill out through her gaze.

Jack took two steps forward so that her lips were an inch apart from his neck. She could feel his body pressed up against her. She could feel the raging erection he had, and the solid muscles that were everywhere on his body. Steph knew he could feel how hot she was and feel her hardening nipples rake across his body.

“Jack, I” Steph tried to say.

“You’re letting the popcorn burn,” Jack said as he took the bag out of the microwave. “Let’s go watch the movie.” He said.

As Jack stepped into the room, he let out a breath. That was weird. Now Steph was thinking about him? He was getting turned on by her outfit, but he thought he hid it well. Not to mention how she was about to burn the popcorn. If they did wind up having sex, or something the burnt popcorn smell would kill the mood. And then there wouldn’t be popcorn. He sat down next to Jess, who had the movie queened up. And a very noticeable red blush across her face. She was panting somewhat.

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