Matt , Lisa at School Ch. 02

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(If you haven’t already, please read Matt and Lisa at School – Part 1. This will make much more sense if you do. There is more background also in A Family New Year’s Eve.)


Lisa and her brother didn’t spend all their time talking to each other on the rest of the ride back. Matt had to call some of his friends and Lisa wanted to talk to Margie again before they got back to the apartment.

Matt’s cock twitched in his pants when he heard his older sister’s pouty, young girl voice. “So what are you gonna tell your friends, Matty?” This was after he’d had her repeat the ‘anyone…anything…anywhere’ mantra earlier during the ride to remind her of her slut status and the promises she’d made him.

He answered her, knowing it wasn’t what she wanted to hear. “I have to tell them about the dorm stuff and where I’m moving to.”

She was sounding almost pre-teen and Matt realized that that particular tone seemed to have a direct route from his ear-piece to his cock. “Not that, Matty…you know what I mean.”

Matt sounded a little smug, trying to get his control back. “I ain’t telling them nothin’, Lis’. For sure, not over the phone.” He heard her whimper. “You’re not touching your little pussy, are you?” He had forbidden her this release before the last leg of their drive.

“No, Master,” she whispered, “but I sure do want to.”

Matt took full control now. “Don’t worry, babygirl…before we’re through, you’ll have more cock than you’ll know what to do with. So, what are you gonna tell Margie?”

And once again, that little pixy voice made his cock lurch. “You know when you call me babygirl, it really makes me miss Daddy, Matt. Who’s gonna suck my pussy after you fuck me, baby?” Matt was really multi-tasking…driving, re-arranging his dick, listening to his sister, re-arranging his dick again, etc. “I don’t know…what do you want me to tell her?”

Matt was thinking about the best way for Margie to ‘discover’ brother and sister together. The shower, it seemed, was the most natural place for them to begin. “Tell her…” he started to plot his strategy, “that after we heard about the dorm stuff, and I was gonna move in with you…uhmm…yeah…tell her that you spent the rest of the weekend flashing me…teasing me…coming into my room wearing just a bra and panties…telling me I better get used to it…Lis’, tell her that you barged in to our bathroom when you heard me getting out of the shower…you saw my dick half-hard…you told me we were probably gonna be sharing a bathroom with two doors and I better get used to no privacy in there, too.”

Lisa was moaning as she listened to her younger brother plot out the seduction of their hot, Asian roommate. “I got it, Matty. I think, after we unpack and stuff, I’m gonna say I want to take a shower. If you say something like ‘let me go first…you take too long’ then I’ll say okay. It will give me a minute with Margie before I surprise you in the shower. If I know my little China doll, she’ll be in there within five minutes.”

“That sounds perfect, babygirl…I’ll talk to you later.” Matt hung up on his sister and started to make his calls to his friends.

Lisa creamed in her panties as Matt’s babygirl reverberated through her head. She wanted so desperately to squeeze her firm, tanned thighs together, agitating her swollen nether lips until she came. But she also knew that if she waited for her brother to take care of her, it would be so much better! Still riding the edge, she punched the speed dial on her cell for the apartment.

Margie picked up after just one ring. “I’ve been waiting for you to call me, Lisa…what’s going on? Where are you? When will you be here? What really happened over the weekend?”

Lisa had to laugh as her very hot roomie bombarded her with questions. “Wait a minute, girl…give me a second…let me answer.” Lisa kept laughing until Margie finally stopped to take a breath. “I’m in my car, baby…this is the first time Matt hasn’t been around and I could call. We’re about an hour away. Are you all moved upstairs already?”

Margie said she’d finished a few minutes before Lisa called. “So, Lisa…were you a dirty little slut this weekend? Did you do your baby brother? C’mon, slut…tell me everything.”

Margie’s voice was affecting Lisa almost as much as her brother’s had earlier. Next to Laurie (Lisa’s mother), Margie had the best tasting pussy she had ever eaten. And she gave just as good as she got!

“No, not really, Margie…but after we all decided Matt would be moving in with us…I guess I kind of teased him and stuff for the rest of the weekend.” Lisa heard her roommate’s sharp intake as she said she’d teased her brother.

Margie’s voice was very low and quivery as she started to grill Lisa. “What exactly do you mean by teased him, baby? What happened?”

Lisa had to suppress a little giggle – she couldn’t believe Margie’s reaction so far. “Well, the first thing was…after the Admin lady gave him permission beşiktaş escort to live with me off campus, we all hugged and kissed and stuff. When I kissed Matt, I kinda pushed my tits into him and slid him just the tiniest little bit of tongue.”

“Oh, Lisa…in front of your parents? God, what got into you, kid?” Margie’s voice was cracking as she spoke.

This time Lisa did let herself laugh. “Sweetie, my whole family is very affectionate…if you only knew, she thought…only Matt knew something was up. The next thing was pretty hot, though.”

“Tell me you little bitch!” Lisa thought Margie was getting off on her end of the conversation…Lisa started creaming again as she continued.

“Last night our folks were out. Matt and I were finishing laundry and packing and stuff for today. About eleven o’clock, I was in my room, finishing up. I changed into a my little power blue lace panties and matching bra…you know the ones, baby.”

“Fuck, you look so hot in that outfit, Lisa.” Margie was moaning now. “It’s like totally see-through…I love you in that, baby.”

“Mar, you’re making me cream, baby. I can’t wait to wear them for you again, lover. Anyway, I turned the lights down a little and then called Matt up to my room.”

“No you didn’t!”

Lisa’s chuckle was now definitely the dirty kind. “Yes I did! I was standing so that my lamp would make my undies look totally transparent…Margie, I was creaming so hard that the panties were probably soaked through anyway. When I heard him start up the stairs, I pinched my nips so they would stand out hard.”

“You are such a dirty girl, Lisa.” Margie was breathing hard and fast. “What happened then?”

“Matt came up the stairs and…well…’cause of the way the door is, you have to really come into the room, you can’t…you know…like peak around the corner or anything.”

Margie hissed at her. “You’re stalling, you tease…what happened?”

“Oh God, Mar…he walked in to my room…he started to say something. Then he just stopped talking; he was staring at my tits and I could feel my nipples getting harder and harder. I said, ‘God, Matt…take a picture’ and he just moved his big eyes down to my creaming pussy. Finally looked at my face. He asked what was going on.”

Margie interrupted again. “Did he get hard for you, baby? Did he touch you?” Lisa knew her roommate was on the edge of a major explosion.

“No, lover…he didn’t touch me. And yes,” Lisa was purring into the phone, “my little brother got very big, Mar. Very big!” They both caught their breath before Lisa continued her tale. “I told him I wanted to show him which bags to take in his car. ‘But why…’ he really couldn’t get the words out, it was so cute, Mar. I just told him that living with two female roommates was not a peep-show, but he better get used to seeing someone in their underwear without freaking out.” Both girls laughed together.

“Is that all, you little tease?”

“Be nice, roomie, and I’ll tell you the rest.” Margie said she would but if the story wasn’t any good, she would deal with Lisa later that night. “Baby, you can deal with me anytime you want,” Lisa replied in a soft, sexy whisper, “Margie…I really miss the way you treat your…dirty little slut. What you do to me makes me so hot, lover…I can’t stand it.”

Margie hissed back, her voice low. “Tonight, my little cunt…I’ll do you tonight. Now, what else happened?”

“This morning, we had to get everything ready. Mom was at church and Dad was golfing. I was wearing just a T-shirt and panties. I walked into Matt’s room to wake him up. Fuck, Margie, he was sleeping naked on top of his bed and he had the biggest hard-on ever!” Lisa paused as her playmate groaned into her phone. “I shook his arm and told him it was time to get up and shower. It was so weird…it like took him a minute to realize he was all exposed. He got so embarrassed, Mar…I just said that he should expect no more privacy from now on and he better just deal with it. He stared at me and then asked if I was going to leave so he could get ready. I told him no…he’d already wasted too much time and I was going to shower first.

“So while he laid there, with his big hard dick sticking up, I got off the bed and turned away from him. I pulled off my t-shirt and then bent over and… God, my heart is still beating so fast when I think about it, Mar…I pulled my panties off. I bent all the way over and slid them down my legs as slowly as I could. I know he could see my pussy, Margie. I was so fucking wet!”

“No you didn’t!!!” The hot little Asian coed screamed into the phone as her silken hair-covered cunt started contracting all on its own. “You showed your brother your little pussy? God, you are such a slut!” Again, Lisa thought, “If you only knew, girl.” Margie seemed to be struggling with each word as her orgasm washed through her 5’2″ perfectly formed body. “Was…there…anything…else…you…cunt?”

“The beylikdüzü escort bayan shower downstairs is right next to Matt’s room. It’s just a stall with a clear glass door.” Lisa was thoroughly enjoying the situation she’d put Margie into; it was getting harder and harder not to laugh as she kept fucking with her roommate’s mind. “When I was all soaped up, I yelled for Matt to come…I said I needed his help. When he came in to the bathroom, he kind of froze. I was facing the back wall, but my legs were spread. This cute little ass you like so much, baby, was just two feet away from him behind the glass door. I turned sideways…I wanted him to see my tits – my nips were standing up so big…I told him I forgot my razor and asked him to get it for me.

“He just mumbled and shook his head – trying to look at me while looking for the razor. When he had it, he stepped in front of the shower. I stood there facing him…I almost couldn’t breathe, Mar…I don’t know where I found the strength to speak…” Lisa was laughing hysterically in her head as she verbally penetrated her friend over and over. “I opened the door and took the razor and shaving cream out of his hand. He couldn’t speak at all. I kinda smiled at him and said ‘thank you’ and that kind of snapped him out of it. But before he could say anything, I moved my hand down to my box and his eyes just seemed to follow, getting bigger and bigger by the second.

“Oh, Margie…I wish you could have been there…his monster was standing straight up. Fuck, Mar, he looked even bigger than before. His cockhead was as big a plum – I wanted to suck him so bad, baby.”

“You did, didn’t you? I knew you were just an incestuous little whore, Lisa!” Margie was screaming again through the phone.

“No, baby, no…I told you already…nothing happened like that.” Lisa waited until her lover’s breathing started to calm down. “I just said I was thinking about shaving my little landing strip. I asked him if he thought a completely bald pussy was hotter than one with a little hair. Oh, Jesus, Mar…I thought he was gonna stroke out on me! His eyes just popped out. ‘Shave it’ he mumbled and I said thanks and shut the door and turned away again as I heard him stumble out of the room.”

This time, Lisa had to wait for more than a minute before Margie’s climax slowed down enough for them to connect again. “Margie…” Lisa was using her sexiest, whispery, most submissive voice, “…do you want me to do that? Baby…do you want me to do my baby brother for you?” Lisa knew she had her by the way Margie was moaning into the phone. “Do you want to watch me do it, lover?”

“Unnnggghhh….FUCK ME!!!….Yes, you little whore!!! I want to see it!!!…Oh shit!!! FUCKING FUCK ME!!!”

“Margie, we’ll be home in a little while…see you then, baby.” Lisa ended the call without waiting for a reply. The next thing she did was punch in Matt’s speed-dial number. He answered on the first ring.

“What did you tell her?” His commanding tone had Lisa calm and in control of herself immediately.

“Just like you said, Matty. I told her first you came to my room and I was wearing the light blue lingerie you like. I said you were shocked.” Lisa had to giggle as she spoke – it was all too much! “Then I told her I woke you up this morning…I went to your room and you were asleep – naked – on top of the bed. I said you had a giant hard-on, baby.”

“What did your China Doll say to that, Lis’?”

“I think she was a bad girl. The whole time we were on the phone, I could hear her fingers in her pussy, little brother.”

“I hope you remembered your instructions, Lisa.”

Lisa’s voice dropped to a whisper. “I would never disobey you, Master.” Her breath caught in her throat. “I love you too much to that, Matty.”

“Good – just making sure, Lis’. Then what happened?”

“I told her I teased you some more – I stripped in your room and then took a shower. From the shower, I told her I called you in to give me a razor…then I said I asked you if you like bald pussies or a little hair.” Lisa heard Matt chuckling as she spoke. “I told her you went a little nuts…told me to shave and walked out.” She was laughing along with her brother. “Oh, Matty…she was so hot! I asked her if she wanted to watch me do you. Fuck, Matty, I could hear her cumming as I said that.”

Matt had to unbuckle his belt and unsnap his jeans to give his steel-hard ten inch pole some relief. “Good work, baby…sounds like you have her primed and ready to go. How long ’til we get there?”

“About twenty minutes now, baby…I can’t wait. Matt, why don’t we get unpacked first and then do the shower before dinner, okay?”

Matt chuckled at his sister’s obvious need. “My, you are a horny little slut, aren’t you, Lisa? That’s fine with me…I need to bury this bone somewhere soon!” He flipped his phone closed and re-adjusted his massive bostancı escort bayan cock for maximum comfort for the rest of the ride.

Margie was shaking her head in disbelief after Lisa hung up. ‘That was way too hot…too much to be true,’ she thought. ‘If only…well, we’ll see soon, won’t we.’ She headed into her en suite bathroom for a quick shower. Five minutes later, she was in her room, toweling off her damp, honey-colored skin and dragging a comb through her long, silky black hair. Margie looked at herself closely in her large mirror. Twisting and turning, displaying herself from every angle, she was quite pleased with what she saw. At 5’2″, she had kept her weight at a steady 105lbs. Her legs were trim and athletically shaped; her flared hips narrowed to a trim, tight waist. Her 34B tits stood high and proud on her chest. The nut-brown nipples were swollen with lust as she rubbed the towel softly across them, recalling the wonderful contrast when they were pressed against Lisa’s pink nubs.

Over the course of the last two months, Margie had started developing some real feelings for her sexy roommate. Not that she was totally gay or anything, but she was really enjoying her relationship with Lisa. Something about her seemed to bring out the sexually dominant streak that Margie had seen first in her own mother, many years before. But it was a source of continuous puzzlement to the beautiful young girl. She loved dominating Lisa… she knew the little slut got off on it even more than she did. But sometimes, she wished that someone was dominating her…controlling her…using her any way they wanted.

Margie finished toweling off and decided to find something appropriate to wear when her lover and new roommate arrived. She found a loose cotton top, just shear enough to let her nipples be seen, and a too-short, blue-jean miniskirt that ended just below the firm round cheeks of her cheerleader ass. Finally, she pulled on a tiny, transparent white g-string that just barely covered her pussy, highlighting the silky black hair that barely covered her plump mound. She added a little make-up and was good to go.

When she heard the front door open, the long-haired little vixen made her way downstairs. Matt was struggling with one of Lisa’s suitcases when she first saw him. ‘God, he’s even cuter than I remember…fuck, this could be great!’ she thought to herself. “Hi, Matt…remember me?” She gave him one of her sexy smiles.

Matt turned around to greet his new roomie. ‘Oh my,’ he thought, ‘Lisa really got her all primed up. She’s so fuckin’ hot!’ “How could I forget someone as beautiful as you, Margie?” Matt put Lisa’s stuff down and moved to the stairs where his soon-to-be newest conquest was standing on the lowest step. Stopping just inches away, he took both of her hands in his as he looked deeply into her chocolate brown eyes. “I just want to say ‘Thanks’ for letting me stay here. I hope I won’t be any trouble, Margie.” Matt purposely kept his voice neutral, not wanting to spook her before he’d established more control.

Margie’s hot little box was convulsing beneath her short skirt as Matt looked her over, his ice-blue eyes scanning every inch of her body. When he called her ‘beautiful’ her nipples immediately started pushing out against the front of her thin shirt, begging for attention. Her voice cracked, every so slightly as she replied. “I’m sure you won’t be a problem, Matt. I’m glad you’re here…really.”

She was stunned, standing there on the stairs. She had used her sexiest voice, her please fuck me expression, and he was still standing there, holding her moistening hands – just looking at her! No one had ever been able to resist that erotic invitation to kiss her before. Certainly not a freshman! Who was this guy?

Matt could see the lust lurking behind those gorgeous eyes. He knew she was waiting for him to kiss her – it was so hard to resist. But he knew it was necessary to keep her at a fever pitch until later. He just stood still, holding her hands and smiling at her. After the longest few seconds, Margie couldn’t stop herself. She pulled Matt close enough for her nipples to graze against his chest. It was like an electric pulse raced from her breasts to her cunt, causing continuous spasms. “Welcome home, Matt.” She brought her lips to his and kissed him softly, her pussy flooding as their tongues touched for the briefest moment.

Lisa had seen Margie’s attempted seduction from the doorway. ‘Jesus Christ, I don’t know how he can resist that!’ she thought. ‘I don’t think I could!’ She waited for them to end their little kiss before she greeted her roomie. “Hey, Mar, how was your holiday?” Lisa put down the bundle in her arms and walked over to join the two of them at the stairs. The two coeds hugged and then kissed. Margie gasped as she felt Lisa’s fingertip rub over her swollen nipple. “Ummm…happy to see me, baby?” Lisa giggled and then moved back a step. “C’mon, bro…let’s get this stuff unloaded and put away. I don’t want to be unpacking all night.” She dragged her brother away from the nymph on the stairs and got him back to the task at hand. The first thing Matt unpacked was a rolled up baggie. He extracted several joints and lit one. After taking a long drag, he handed it to Lisa. She in turn, took a long hit and passed it to Margie. The straight-haired beauty took her turn as well.

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