Me , Mom, Living as Man , Wife Ch. 03

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I come home from my classes, “Hey Mom, I’m home. This is Yin, she’s in some of my classes.”

“Hello dear. I’m glad you came to visit finally. My son talks about you constantly.”

“Nice to meet you too, Mrs. Smith. He talks about you a lot too. Is it true what he says?” She asked smirking. “Depends on what he says. Please sit, I just finished cooking dinner.”

Yin and I sits.

“What is for dinner, mom?” I asked.

“Lasagna, French bread and salad. Maybe some wine after that.”

I look to Yin whom nods, “Sure. I discovered Yin has some very kinky desires. She knows about us mom, and is ok with it”

“Hmm. That’s good dear.” She turns to Yin. “And very understanding of you.”

“Thanks,” Yin said, a little nervous and anxious of what was to come. She knew John’s mother asked him to find a girl to join them, and she was that girl.

John leans in and kisses his mom, “I missed you today in class.”

“I missed you too. Work can be so boring sometimes, but let’s eat up, shall we?”

“Yes mom,” I reply as we all get our dinners and wine. We start eating and drinking

She chitchats with them and asks about their classes.

They explained how boring things are and how they wish some thing weren’t required. They finish the meal within 20 minutes. Then just resumes drinking more wine.

“Let’s go to our room,” she tells them and leads the way. Their room was actually two of the four bedrooms that were interconnected by a sliding door. The other two bedrooms were downstairs.

“My favorite part, desert. And tonight’s menu for me is you 2 ladies,” John mused as they followed his mother.

“Mother and son for me,” Yin giggled.

Smirking, John’s mother lead Yin over to her closet of dress-up and role-playing clothing. His mother pulled on her favorite dominatrix outfit and smirked.

“For me or you?” asked Yin.

“Oh this outfit is for mommy only. You my dear can choose from any of the other ones.” She pointed to the closet where the maid, nurse, and candy stripper outfits hung.

Yin took the Maid, “Madam, and Sir.”

Inara grinned. “Let’s go play with the master,” she chuckled.

Yin giggled, “Lets.” She finished dressing in the get-up and followed Inara.

Inara knocked on the door and entered. “Husband, the maid is here,” Inara said and swatted Yin on the ass as she passed by.

“Yippee,” Yin yelped.

“Come in with her, my lovely wife,” John called out to his mother.

Inara smirked and followed her as she closed the door.

“You picked a great one, honey. Let’s see if she’s up to the tasks we have for her,” John said. , hiding his naked self under a sheet. His cock, rock hard underneath.

“Maid, clean his clock!”

John removed the sheet to expose his cock. Yin eagerly went to work on it.

“Let me taste you while she works,” John said to his mother.

Inara moved and positioned herself above her son’s face. “Suck it good,” she ordered.

“Yes Mistress Mom,” John said as he began eating his mother’s pussy while his girlfriend sucked his cock.

Inara moaned happily as she gripped the head board and moved up in down in time to her son’s thrusts.

John ate wildly at his mother cunt, slipping his tongue inside. Yin went harder on his cock as well.

“Oh yes, suck my cock hard Yin,” John moaned as his lips and tongue fondled his mother’s pussy.

“That’s it baby, eat taksim escort bayan mommy!”

“Oh yes mom, I am. I love my mommy’s pussy!” I moan as I eat my mom out.

Inara moans even louder and grins as her cum flows freely

“Keep sucking Yin,” John moans as he drinks his mother’s juices.

Yin did as her boyfriend ordered and sucked him hard.

As his girlfriend sucked his cock harder, John licked his tongue up inside his mother’s pussy deeper. His lips wrapped around her puffy pussy lips. His tongue sliding on all sides of the inner walls of her pussy.

“Oh yes, baby,” Inara moaned as her son sucked her cum.

Jimmy slid his tongue deeper as he sucked more of her clit and cuntal lips into his mouth. His mother’s pussy juices glistening on his chin as he looked her in the eyes, which from his view point were between her breasts. He dug his tongue inside her as deep as he could. His moans muffled by his mother’s cunt as Yin sucked his cock.

Yin felt him cum in her mouth and she sucked harder.

“Ohhhh god Yin,” John moaned and returned to eating his mother’s pussy. He was glad his mom recommended getting another girl for a threesome. He felt lucky as Yin accepted their way of life any would allow him to fuck his mother whenever he wanted. She would make the perfect wife for him. But lately he came to think of his mother like a wife. That’s why they moved out here because nobody knows them and they can date and kiss in public without anyone knowing they were mother and son.

“I’m cumming, my son!” Inara called as wetness gushed from her.

John drinks his mother’s juices as she came in his mouth. He was still spurting his cum in Yin’s mouth. He looked up at his mother, “God I love you Mom, and you taste soooo good!”

“I’m glad you love me, my son. Glad you like my taste.”

John grinned wickedly, “Time to switch.” He turned around to start licking Yin’s pussy.

Yin let out a gasp of surprise and then wiggled even as Inara started sucking John’s cock.

John licked his girlfriend’s clit and sucked it into his mouth so his lips could manipulate and play with it. He moaned into Yin’s cunt as his mother began sucking his cock, which a moment ago was in Yin’s mouth.

“That’s right, John, make me scream,” Yin ordered as she moved her hips.

John bit her pussy lips and dragged it back with his teeth as he moved his head back.

Yin yelped but then moaned. “Yes, baby, yes!”

John continues biting her pussy lips, mixing the hard and soft bites to keep her surprised and on her toes. His teeth chewing on her pussy flesh like gum or a tough steak.

Inara was sucking her son’s dick like it was the last lollipop on the planet and she had to make it last.

John petted his mother’s head as she started deep-throating his cock slowly. He in turn kept teasing Yin’s pussy with his biting and licks.

Yin was moaning even as she writhed above him.

John slid his tongue in and out of Yin’s pussy like a little dick. Tasting her inner pussy.

Yin was moaning even louder and cry out his name.

John grabbed Yin in the small of his back in his free hand, pulling her into him. Pushing his mom down on his cock.

Inara sped up her pace and Yin clamped her legs around his face so she could ride him.

John put his hands on Yin’s ass and rolled on his back. Yin sitting ümraniye escort bayan on his face as he eats her out, moaning on her pussy. His mother worked faster on his long hard cock, jerking him off as deep throated him deeper.

Inara was moaning happily and enjoying the sensation of her son’s cock sliding deep in her very open and waiting throat.

John started fucking his mother’s throat as his mouth worked on Yin’s pussy. He was in his mom’s mouth so deep his balls lay on his mom’s tongue and inner bottom lip.

Yin was freely wetting John’s tongue and mouth with her cum as she came close to an orgasm.

John drink her juices. His tongue wiggling this way and that inside her seeking a spill of more of her cum as he fucked his mother’s throat.

Yin stiffened then screamed his name, “JOHNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!” as she orgasmed and flood of her juices came forth.

John drink her juices like it was his favorite beverage. Which it very well maybe.

“Cum for me,” Inara purred as she replaced her mouth with her hands and stroked him hard and fast.

“Ooooohhhhhh god mom, I’m cumming,” John moaned as the pressure in his balls were about to explode out of his cock.

She opened her mouth and waited for him to shoot it in her face.

John spurted jet after jet of his cum in his mother’s face and mouth.

She lapped at it eagerly.

John watched as Yin joined his mother in licking his cock clean of his cum. He moaned loudly.

“Was it good honey?” Inara cooed.

“MMMMMM, the best. My girl and my mother sucking me off together, doesn’t get much better does it?” John replied.

“No, it had better not,” Yin said giving his cock a final kiss as she sat up.

“Well, maybe a little, who wants to ride my cock first?” asked John.

“I would baby, but I have to get home. We have strict rules at the house where I live.”

“Don’t have time for a quick ride first?” John asked

“Not if you want me to go out on our date tomorrow.”

“Hmmm, I guess. I love you. I’ll give it to mom extra hard and dedicate it to you, ok?” John said.

Yin grinned. “Sounds good.” She leaned over and kissed Inara. “See you later, Mom.”

“Bye, daughter,” Inara purred as she slid on to her son’s now hard dick.

John watched Yin get dressed as his mother slid on his cock, he grabbed his mom’s ass pulling her into him hard. His cock sinking in her deep.

She grinned as she rode him up and down.

“God you feel so good Mom,” Jim said as he pulled Yin in for a last kiss before she took off.

Yin savored the kiss and then reluctantly left them to go back to Jim and Lisa’s place.

John fucked upward at his mother to meet her thrusts. After Yin left he started kissing his mother, probing his tongue in her mouth.

She kissed him back roughly, digging her nails into his shoulders to urge him to go faster.

John fucked back as hard and deep as he could. But knowing she’d have to do the work as being on top.

Inara didn’t mind, she loved it because she controlled the pace.

John squeezed his mother’s ass cheeks urging her on. Loving the feeling of her bouncing up and down on his cock.

“Mmmm, God this is good, Mom,” John moaned in between kisses.

She squeezed her vaginal muscles, milking him and his cock, pushing her son to the breaking point.

John üsküdar escort bayan pumped into his mom harder and deeper with every stroke.

“That’s right son, fuck your mommy.”

“Mmmm Mommy, I love hearing you tell me that,” John thrusted as hard and deep as he could to meet her motions. Pounding into her hips.

John jammed his cock in deep as he shot a load of his cum deep inside her womb, “I’m CUMMMMMMMMING MOMMMMMY!!!!!”

“YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!” She cried as her muscles squeezed him so hard he was going to bruise later.

He hugged his mother tight to his body as they came together, “Oh mommy, I love you mommy!!!”

“I love you too, my son.”

“Mmmmmm Mommy, I want to fuck you forever!,” John moans as he pumps their mixed cum in her womb deeper.

He began to nibble on her nipple.

Inara laughed and arched her back so that her breast filled his mouth.

He sucked on her tit like he had all those many years ago as a baby.

“Mmmmm, nobody makes me cum like my mommy does,” Jim said kissing her nipple the resuming his sucking.

“Yes and a greedy son I have but that’s fine. I enjoy it.”

“Making up for lost time, all those years ago I could have fucked mommy as a horny teenager,” John replied as he pumped harder and deeper.

Inara moaned in between responses. “Yes, but you finally got the balls to do it and that is all that matters.”

John rolled them so he was on top, fucking his mother harder and harder, faster and faster. Deeper into her womb with every thrust.

“Yes, oh, yes, that’s right, fuck your mommy.”

John fucked his mommy harder, deeper and faster with every pump of his hips. His cock spewing cum in the same pussy his father had to create him. He wanted to be the dad now, but he would stay with mommy forever. He thought it would be so hot to knock-up his own mother.

“That’s right, I want to have your baby,” she moaned and wrapped her legs around his waist.

“There’s no one else I’d want as mother of my children then my mommy. You did a great job with me mom,” John moaned as he fucked his cum in her even deeper.

“Yin can have your baby too but for now, I will be the first,” Inara stated firmly and rocked hard against him.

“I hope you stopped taking whatever birth control you may have been on, because I want to fuck over and over until we know you’re pregnant. But then I’d still want to fuck you as much as possible mom,” John vowed.

“Good boy, I’ve not been on birth control in a while so we shall see very soon.”

“Good mom. After this should we get an at home pregnancy test to see? I’ve fucked you pretty good lately,” John asked, pounding his cum inside his mother.

“Yes, son, let’s do that.”

John pumped until his cock went flaccid. He pulled out and offered his cock for his mother to clean off.

Inara cleaned him and smirked. “Tasty as always.”

“Let’s throw something on and run to the store,” John said.

Inara smiled at his enthusiasm and slid out of the bed and got dressed.

John got dressed as well and grabbed the keys.

They got in the car and headed to the nearest drug store. Where they grabbed a pregnancy test. The lady at the register wished them luck on becoming parents. John took his mother home and she hurried to get herself tested in the bathroom.

Inara squatted over the toilet and peed on the strip and then gave a shout of triumphant when it turned pink.

John ran in to check the results, “What is it?”

She held it up. “Looks like we’re going to be parents.”

“Mmmm Mom, you made your little boy a daddy,” John kissed her deeply with passion. Their longest most passionate kiss he could remember.

“Let’s go celebrate,” she whispered and led him back to the bedroom.

The End, or is it?

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