Meeting Daddy in the Past Pt. 04

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Daddy made me pregnant. What am I going to do? I’m still in college! I can’t have a baby! Much less one from my dad.

But thinking of that makes me warm. I wrap my arms around my flat tummy. Daddy put a seed in me.

I glance at my clock and frown. My dad will already have left for work. I wonder if I should tell him about the baby. Should I tell him that our son from the future showed up at our door last night?

I sit up, suddenly. My son said he’d return today. I look down at my flimsy nightgown. I can’t see him like this!

I quickly get in the shower. I think of my son. He was so cute! A lot like my dad. I swallow. Our dad. I rest my head against the cold shower tiles. So, we’re half-siblings? That is so twisted.

“Mom?” I hear a deep voice call from outside my bathroom.

Holy shit! He’s here already? “Um, just a second!”

I hurry up and get out of the shower. I reach for a towel, but there aren’t any clean ones. Oh great.

Swallowing, I pull the bathroom door open a crack, so I can peek out. I see dark, curly hair and then, one dark brown eye peers back at me. He smiles. “Hey mom.”

“Listen, umm…”

“Seth,” he says.

Oh, I’ve always loved that name! “Seth, can you do me a favor?”

“Sure. What’s up?” He’s so comfortable and I’m completely nervous.

“Get me a towel out of my dad’s bathroom?”

His eyes narrow and drop to the middle of the door, then back. “Sure.”

He turns. Suddenly, I remember my dress and panties that are probably still strewn across my dad’s floor from yesterday. “Wait!” I cry.

He looks back.

“You’ll actually have to get one from the laundry room, I think.”

He watches me curiously for a second. “Okay.”

I wait anxiously for his return. This is not turning out very well. How did he get in the house?

A few minutes later, he returns with a fluffy white towel. I quickly pull it through the crack in the door. “Okay, now can you wait outside my room?”

He hesitates. “Sure, mom.”

Jeeze. Shouldn’t he know not to come inside a girl’s room without asking? But then, I guess he’d be comfortable enough, as I’m his mother and all.

So weird.

I dress quickly in a black tee shirt and grey shorts and pull open the door. Seth is waiting in the hallway. His cheeks are kind of red.

Why the hell is he blushing? A suspicious thought crosses my mind and I look back at my door’s keyhole. He wouldn’t. Would he? When I look, Seth is staring back at me, smiling pleasantly.

No. That was crazy. Of course he wouldn’t spy on his own mother through a keyhole.

He chuckles. “Hi mom.”

I shake my head in wonder. “Hi, um, son.”

He laughs. “You’re so different here.”

“What do you mean? How?”

“Well, for one thing, in the future, you’re not nervous around me.”

He noticed. “Sorry! I’m just a little stunned, you know?”

“Sure. I get it.”

“Look, I’m starving. Have you eaten?” I head for the stairs and he follows.

“Of course. You made me breakfast.”

“I did? That was nice of me. What are you still doing living at home? You said you were twenty-one?”

“Ouch, mom. I’m a law student. I’m home for the summer.” Law. Just like his daddy.

“Really? I’m a student, too.”

“Right. Physics.”

Of course. He knows all about me. It makes me feel warm inside. It’s nice to know that I’ll be loved by my son in the future.

We go to the kitchen and I get a bowl of cereal. “So what do I end up doing after college?” I ask him.

He frowns, thoughtfully. It’s cute. “I don’t think I should tell you about your future.”

I scoff. “You already did! Just by telling me who you are!”

He grins sheepishly. “Oh.”

I nod, happy to have made a point. But I don’t press him further.

He watches me eat and I try not to notice. Finally, I can’t stand it. “Why are you staring at me?” I ask, glaring at him.

Surprise enters his eyes followed by a flash of something dark. “You’re just different. I mean, I’ve always thought you were beautiful, mom, but right now you’re just… really cute.” His eyes go wide and he buries his face in his hands. “I can’t believe I just said that.”

I can’t either. But it was nice. I know he’s my future son, but I don’t know him. It just feels like a compliment from a stranger. A handsome, slightly older man. “It’s okay.”

“Really?” he asks hopefully. “You don’t think I’m disgusting?”

“No way. I think you’re cute, too.” I tell him honestly. And how can I judge him, considering my feelings for daddy?

His eyes darken again and his jaw muscles flex.

I finish my breakfast and clean up. Seth trails me around the kitchen. I feel like grinning. He must be a mama’s boy.

Suddenly, he forces me against the counter and crushes his mouth onto mine.

My eyes fly open and I struggle to push him away. His mouth is new, but also oddly familiar.

His hands gripping my sides feel a lot like my kozyatağı escort daddy’s hands. His eyes are dark like daddy’s but unsure, somehow innocent.

I push against him, more gently now, and he releases me.

“What the hell?” I ask mildly.

His head drops to rest on my shoulder. Shame comes off of him in waves. “Oh God mom, I’m so sorry.”

He’s older than me, so why’s he acting like a kid? “I’m not mad,” I tell him gently.

He lifts his head so he can look down at me, his eyes a little crazed, a lot hopeful. “Mom.”

I swallow. Damn it. He wants me. “What’s going on with you?”

He bends a bit, resting his forehead against the top of my head. He seems so comfortable, I have to assume he does this all the time in the future. “Oh, God mom,” he says gruffly. “I love you so much.”

That is so strange. But really nice and fuzzy, too. “Okay…” I can’t really tell him I love him in return, though, can I? I don’t know him.

“I’ve wanted you for so long.”

I swallow, hard. A confession from my son. “Do I know this? In the future?”

He turns his head from me and I gaze up at his red cheeks. “I tried to tell you, but you didn’t want to hear it.”

Something tender breaks in my heart. I know how he feels. Daddy didn’t consider me until I went back in time and let him fuck my brains out. Three times.

And here is the exact situation in reverse. I can pay it forward, in a way. I could take this man into my bed and force my future self to see him sexually. I could send a few naughty visions directly to my forty-one-year-old self. Surely the old girl needs some excitement.

I shake my head harshly. What the hell am I thinking? I have daddy!

Yet, I feel Seth’s pain. “Are you a virgin?” I ask. The question is ridiculous. He’s a tall, muscular, handsome, twenty-one-year-old in college. Of course he’s gotten laid a hundred times.

“Mom!” he protests, full of embarrassment. “God.”

“Answer me,” I demand. He’s my son, so he has to do what I say, right? Even if he is older than me.

His eyes snap to mine. “Yes! Okay? I’m a virgin!” He turns from me and leans against the counter. “Damn it. I wanted you to think I was cool.”

Really. SO cute! It kinda makes me feel good that he hasn’t been with a girl yet. I guess I raise a good boy. “Why haven’t you fucked anyone?”

He’s startled by my cursing. “You always told me only to be with the one I love. I mean, you don’t have many rules, but that’s one of them.” Something I passed along, huh?

“So? Haven’t you loved anyone?”

He takes a deep breath and swipes his curly hair from his eyes, so he can peer down into mine. “Only you, mommy.”

I gulp. My nipples harden against my will.

Seth’s eyes are drawn to them, protruding noticeably under my black t-shirt. I cross my arms. We have to get out of this suddenly dangerous territory.

“Do you like video games?” I ask.

He grins. “Sure. But you don’t.”

“What? Yes I do.”

“Well, you never play them with me in the future.”

I wonder why. “Well, I like them now. So, let’s play some.”

For a moment he inspects my face. I really don’t know what he’s looking for. “Okay.”

I lead him into the den and we play a few rounds of a fighting game where he beats me horribly.

He laughs and teases, “You suck at this.”

I frown at him. “No wonder I don’t play with you in the future.”

He grins.

I hear a thump from the front of the house.

“Danielle?” my dad calls.

“Holy fucking shit,” I whisper with my heart in my throat. “Seth, you have to hide!”

“What? No, I want to see grandpa when he’s younger.”

“Absolutely not,” I gasp. “Hide!”

With a frown, he climbs into the den’s closet. He closes the slotted, sliding door. I place my finger to my mouth, eyes wide, silently begging him to be quiet.


I quickly reset the game. “In here, dad!”

He pokes his head into the den doorway, smiling. He’s in his black suit and red tie, looking devilish. His black hair smoothed back neatly. My daddy is a fox. “I’ve got an hour for lunch. Thought you might like a sandwich from the deli.”

I smile back. “Thanks dad, but I just ate breakfast.”

“Lazy bones,” he teases. “I’m not really hungry either. I’ll just stick these in the fridge.”

“Okay, daddy.” I wait for him to walk away and I approach the slots in the closet door. “Seth,” I whisper.

“Yeah?” he whispers back.

I swallow. “I’ve never been allowed to have boys over. If he sees you, he’ll think the worst.”

“The worst?” he repeats. I hear him inhale. “Oh.”

“Where’d you park the time machine?”

“Backyard. Wanted to get the key from the koi pond and surprise you.”

I wave frantically at the door as I hear my dad returning. I spin around to face him.

Daddy smiles at me, that new, lopsided smile that appeared after we had sex last night. It thrills küçükçekmece escort me. “I’ve been thinking,” he says, approaching me. His eyes are narrowing, dropping to my chest. “I should have asked you to sleep in my bed, last night.”

Flames cover my cheeks. “Oh.”

He tilts his head toward the couch and sits down. “Want to sit on daddy’s lap for a while?”

I moisten my lips. Hell yes I want to sit on his lap. “Don’t you need to take off your pants first?” I ask, blushing at my naughtiness.

I hear a soft gasp behind me. Oh my God! How could I have forgotten about Seth almost immediately? Daddy’s words made me.

But my dad’s already ridding himself of his pants, so he doesn’t hear the gasp or see my fire-red face. “Um, dad? Don’t you want to go to your room, or—”

“Don’t make me wait, princess.” His cock stands, fat and tall from his lap. He looks so rude, no pants, suit and tie up top.

“Oh,” I moan. I move toward daddy, toward him and his thick cock.

He grabs my shorts and rips the button open, then yanks them down along with my damp panties. I step out of them.

He has me straddle his lap, facing him and I wonder how much Seth can see through his little slit in the closet door. “Just a little, daddy,” I whisper.

He nods, pretending to be serious. “Just a little, baby.”

I lower myself and we both gasp as my wet pussy touches his cockhead. Maybe we all three gasp. I can’t be sure and I can hardly care. It feels good. “Oh, daddy,” I murmur lovingly. “You’re about to get in me.”

“Oh, yes, baby,” he moans. “Sit on it, Danielle. Fuck me.”

“But you’re bare, daddy,” I tease. He can’t get me pregnant twice at the same time. “Shouldn’t you be wearing a condom?”

Recklessly, he pulls down on my hips and I slide lower. We moan together. His forehead rests against mine. “So good, baby.”

“Good, daddy, yes,” I murmur shakily. I let myself down as low as I can, my knees dig into the back of the sofa.

Daddy grunts and forces me down lower. All the way in me. Just like I like. My pussy starts to throb.

He tears my shirt over my head and quickly opens my bra. I let it drop to the floor.

Daddy reaches up and grabs handfuls of my tits. “Now, Danielle. Fuck me now,” he growls.

I whimper.

My legs feel weak, but I rise slowly, reaching back to feel where he’s sliding out of me.

“Oh God,” he moans, resting his head on my breasts, kissing and clawing at them. “I can’t last much longer, baby.”

I so love making him crazy like this. “Are you going to cum inside your daughter, daddy?”

He looks up into my eyes; his are slitted and black. “God, yes.” He reaches up for my shoulders and yanks me down causing us both to moan and writhe. “I’m going to cum in this tight pussy,” he mutters.

“Yes, daddy!”

“Mmm. Touch yourself, baby.”

My jaw drops. He pushes and pulls on my hips, making me twist on his dick.

“Do it, Danielle,” he orders.

My hand slithers down between us and I rub my clit. “Ohhh. Daddy I can’t do this for long!”

“Yess,” he hisses. “Cum on my cock. Let me see that pretty face you make when you cum.” He jerks, forcing my ass up and down. His eyes are on my face, his mouth open. “I wanna see the moment when you CUM—” he slams my ass down, making it slap against his thighs.

I cry out wildly. “Oh, God, daddeee!”

“You just can’t stop making me fuck you,” he scolds harshly. I know he’s close. He always talks dirty when he is. “You seduced me with these fat titties, Danielle,” he growls. “And this plump ass.” He pulls me down firmly against him, his cock fully in me. “And this goddamn tight little pussy.” His fingers knock mine out of the way and he pinches my clit.

The pain can’t dwarf the pleasure and I burst open. I clutch his tie. “Ah, ah, ah!” I cry.

He knows that sound. He stares at my face, grinding my ass down. My pussy clenches crazily.

“Yess,” he hisses. His head falls back, watching me as his dick explodes in me. “Uh,” he utters. “Oh my fucking God, baby.” His dick twitches in me and I feel it.

I hum with satisfaction and lean against him. He hugs me tightly, thrusting a little.

“Did I hurt you, princess?”

“No, daddy,” I promise lovingly, experiencing another deep throb. “It felt really, really good.”

“Mmm.” He lounges under me, fully relaxed. “Sleep in my bed, tonight.”

“Yes, daddy,” I murmur contentedly. I pull off of him and clumsily get to my feet. “Don’t you need to shower before you go back to the office?” I ask, pulling my clothes back on.

He grins at me. “I think I’ll keep your smell on me, baby. And by the time I get home, I’ll be ready to fill you up again.” He stands and pulls up his pants.

I sigh happily. “Yes.”

“Danielle,” he says, suddenly serious, straightening his tie. “Do you regret this? Wouldn’t you rather be with a guy your own age?”

“No way! If I did, I would kurtköy escort have stayed with you in the past, dad.”

His eyes darken. He’s thought of something filthy. “I wouldn’t mind, you know.”


“If you went back again. If you gave me another dirty memory.”

I swallow. “That’s… I’ll think about it.” Dangerous. Going back again could erase me.

He bares his teeth in a grin. “See you soon.”

When he leaves, I flop down on the couch. He actually wants me to go back? What a perverted dad I have. I wonder if he’ll get angry again like last night. The thought thrills me.

The closet door creaks open and Seth steps out.

Oh my God! I forgot about him again! What the hell is wrong with me?

I sit up quickly, searching frantically for an explanation to give him, but there isn’t one. He saw me fuck my dad. He heard me say filthy things to him.

Seth walks toward me, a crazed look in his eyes. “You goddamn slut, mom,” he accuses, and I hear pain there. “You let your own father put his old dick in you.”

“Hey!” I scold, hopping to my feet. “You tried to make out with me in the kitchen, so you have no place to talk! Don’t tell me that if you had the chance, you wouldn’t take it.”

“So, you love him? You love your dad, like I love you?”

“Probably more.”

Seth steps forward, towering over me. “There’s no way, mom. I’ve always protected you. Wanted you. Thought of you. Fantasized about you.”

I step away from the couch so I can retreat from my muscular son. He seems a bit reckless.

Sure enough, when I try to bolt, he grasps my arm, pulling me close to him.

“I don’t know you!” I cry frantically.

His teeth grind. “But I know you.” His fingers run through my hair, tugging slightly. His mouth lowers to my ear. “And now I’ve even seen how you look when you cum.”

“No,” I moan. His words are bad. I have to get away from him.

“He remarries, you know?” Seth murmurs to me. “A few years from now.”

Pain lances my heart. I glare up at him. “You’re lying.”

“No, mom. Your precious dad brings another woman into this house. And I know he fucks her because I’ve heard them. He must not care as much about you—”

My hand lashes out and slaps him across the face. “Shut the hell up!”

He blinks down at me. His eyes clear a little, then shame fills them. “But it’s the truth, mom. And I care about you. I would never hurt you.” His hands kneed my arms.

My fists slam against his chest. “You’re hurting me now, damn you!” I sob.

How could daddy marry someone else? He said he loves me! Am I just an easy fuck for him?

“I’ll take his place,” Seth murmurs, pulling my tightly, lovingly to his chest. “I can make you feel just as good, I know I can.”

There must be a way to make sure my dad never marries someone else. I’m not going to let him put his dick anywhere but in me.

“Can you do something for me, Seth?”

He sighs, blissfully. “Anything mommy.”

I gulp. That is so wrong. “Tell me who he marries. I want to… meet her.” Kill her. I want to fucking kill the bitch.

“But you already know her, mom.”


“And so does grandpa.”

My hands clutch Seth’s shirt. “Who?” I growl.

“Dr. Samuels. How do you think I got the time machine? She’s made a lot of improvements over the years. You can control it from inside and take it with you when you time jump. It can even turn invisible.”

That greedy scientist bitch!

Seth pulls back to look at me. He’s frowning. “Grandpa’s totally messed you up.”

I swallow. “No. It was my own fault. I went back in time and met him when he was my age.”

Seth’s eyes narrow at me. “When did you go back?”

“A few days ago.”

He nods. He hugs me tight and then releases me. “I’ve gotta go.”

“You do?” I don’t want him to leave now! I don’t want to be alone.

He nods again. “I’m going to find a way to make you forget him, mom.”

That’s sweet and all, but just not going to happen.

I follow Seth to the back door and watch him climb into the time machine.

He grins at me through the window, looking devious.

The time machine flashes and vanishes.

I wander up to my room and flop on my bed. I’m feeling depressed. Dad’s not going to be with me for long.

Suddenly, a memory pops into my head:

It’s from a frat party I went to last month. I had a few drinks and was laughing with my girlfriends.

Jane nudges me. “Who’s that guy?”

I look up. I still. There’s a guy over there that reminds me a lot of my dad. I lick my lip and bite it. He’s got the same, dark eyes as daddy. The same colored hair, only this guy’s hair is curly.

“I think I want to go talk to him,” I tell Jane and Callie.

“Really?” Callie asks. “You never talk to guys.”

“Yeah, but this one’s really cute.”

“Go for it, girl,” Jane encourages, pushing me forward.

I swallow and approach him. His dark brown eyes meet mine and I shiver. He really does look like daddy. “Hi,” I say.

His eyes smile at me. “Hey.”

“I’m Danielle!” I yell over the music.

He grins. He’s really, really cute. “I’m Seth.”

I sit up in bed, shaking the memory away. My heart thuds crazily.

Seth is in the past.

He’s trying to change the past!

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