Meeting Our Daughter at a Sex Party

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Tom Gates and his beautiful wife Tori held hands tightly as the crowd around them grew. They were stood in the main hall of a beautiful manor that had been hired out to host the first sex party they had ever attended. They had almost pulled out last minute given the size of the event, it seemed like too much for their first try but a last minute shot of bravery thrust them into their car and towards the venue.

They were happy, as in love today as they had been 25 years ago. The sex was still great, just as it had been 25 years ago. This wasn’t a final attempt to save their marriage as much as it felt like their final chance to just do something crazy. They had some incredible sexual experiences before their kids had been born, but those days were 20 years gone. They had settled into a happy routine and loved almost every moment of it. They didn’t need anything more, yet as they approached 45 years of age they felt that they had one last burst of youth left in them.

That brought them here surrounded by young and old, but all of them grinning from ear to ear as the host made his entrance. They turned to smile at each other. The plan was simple. They would only fuck each other tonight for their first appearance, but if all went well then next time they could stretch their limits. They wanted to be watched and they wanted to watch and they wanted to feel young again. More than anything they knew they would have fun and fall in love just a little bit more.

The host welcomed everyone. He was apparently a 30 year veteran of his craft, but this was his biggest event yet. “You all know the rules, and you all know who to tell if someone isn’t following them. Take care, have fun. Thanks everyone!” He was barely halfway off the stage when the booing started. A wry smile filled his lean face, and he turned back sharply. “Okay, okay… you animals.”

The crowd roared. “We have two special guests tonight. Plenty of you have already met them and I’m pretty sure the rest of you are here to meet them for the first time. They are two of our most talented and loved performers ever, so much so that we had to start booking events just so people could fuck them.” The crowd was still hot, pent up with lust that would soon be released.

“First up, for the ladies…” A tall and dark skinned man made his way out from behind the curtain, and high pitched squeals echoed into the ceiling. “Jason is here! This guy is the best fuck you will ever have. He is better than the guy to your left, and the guy to your right. He is better than your best ever and I hate to say it, but he’s better than I ever was.”

Tori squeezed her husband’s hand a little tighter. “I might need to try him out.” she mumbled into his ear, sending a light shiver down his neck.

“I think you might.” Tom replied, eager to fight off any suggestion of jealousy his mind felt.

“And of course!” the host yelped. “Guys, put your tongues back inside your mouths.” Tom and Tori were almost certain they could see some of the men surrounding them already drooling. “The greatest sucker of cock the world has ever known, the girl you wish was yours… Rebecca is here!”

As temperatures rose and heart rates spiked, Tom and Tori felt theirs sink. Their beautiful daughter walked out on stage to whistles and screams that pierced their ears. The beautiful dress she left the house in a couple hours before them was long gone, and now all that covered her innocence was the most beautiful set of black lingerie. She waved at the crowd as her parents eyes found each other, and they subconsciously agreed to exit the group setting and find a place to chat in private.

They fumbled their way into a hidden crevice to the side of the main hall before simultaneously reeling in their new found information for a moment. Despite being out of the eye line of their daughter they were still within earshot and could hear all sorts of hollering as the host revealed some more details about her sexual brilliance. “Remember, in a few hours time Rebecca will be hosting her usual blowjob class, so find a partner and come along. I guarantee you’ll learn something.”

“My baby girl.” Tori whispered as she peeked out to view the stage once more.

“Christ.” Tom replied. “We’re going home right?”

Tori was still watching the show as her daughter flexed her figure for the ravenous crowd. “She is so beautiful. How long has she been secretly taking part in this?”

“How would I know?” Tom answered. He had no interest in peeking himself, and left that to his wife. “Do you want to talk to her about this?”

“She’s an adult.” Tori said. “She can do what she wants. She looks happy and if we feel safe here then she must do as well. She’s the star of the show, Tom!”

“Tell me about it.” Her husband’s voice was soft, his hand running through his hair in exasperation at the brief sight he had of his daughter’s body. “We can’t share maltepe escort an event with her. We have to go.”

“Oh, baby.” Tori reached for her husband’s face. “If we go home now we will never come back. We need to commit to this, it’s now or never. That’s what we said.” She could see her partners scowl forming, but Tori had no intention of losing this argument. She made a beeline for a nearby table that was covered in masks, available for anyone who wanted to protect their identity.

“A mask isn’t going to stop us seeing her.” Tom was sure of that, and he didn’t see any way in which his wife could deny it. “I do not want to see any more of her than I already saw on that stage.”

“So we’ll avoid her. Let her enjoy her night and we can enjoy ours but we’ll do it completely separately. If she comes into a room we’re in, we leave.” Tori was smirking now, almost as if she was excited by the cat and mouse game they would have with their daughter, despite her being none the wiser. “It will be exciting.”

“So we stick around knowing that one room over she’s got a cock in her mouth, and at any point she could walk into a room while my cock is in your mouth and we just pretend that’s okay?”

Tori laughed. “Yeah, exactly that!” She had already chosen her mask and was quickly strapping it into place. “Look baby, I’m a sexy lion. Which one do you want?”

Tom shouldn’t have been surprised at Tori’s eagerness to take a huge risk, though he was still haunted by the idea of his daughter walking by him with her tits out. “Oh, fucking hell. I’ll take any. If I see any part of Becky that I don’t want to see then you owe me like… twenty blowjobs.”

“Make it 25.” Tori giggled, before putting a tiger mask over his face and kissing him through the holes left uncovered around their mouths. “You’re the best.”

He reached around to caress her lower back, and then squeezed her ass. “No, you are.”

Rebecca truly did haunt her parents that night. They couldn’t seem to find a minutes peace from her. If they closed their eyes to kiss for a second, she found her way into the room they were sharing with a few other couples. When Tom reached his hand into Tori’s skirt to massage his fingers between her legs he was met by his little princess’ eyes ever so briefly that it shot an arrow through his heart and he spent the next twenty minutes unable to summon half an erection, never mind the full thing. The mask was the only thing that saved him from a complete public breakdown, that and the sound of his wife’s laughter whenever he started to freak out.

His inability to perform didn’t cause too much of a spat with Tori, who happily joined him at the bar for a few drinks to get away from the constant reminder of their daughters presence. It was constant too, no room safe from a gruff voice exclaiming her to be the best is the business. One couple did in fact find themselves arguing about Rebecca. The husband wanted his wife to attend the blowjob lessons later in the evening, informing her she could use all the help she could get. It was at that point she chose to leave.

Tori sunk the last of her wine glass before scratching her finger nails along the top of Tom’s thigh. “I would like to think she got her skills from me.”

“So we’re talking about it?”

“Yeah we are.” Tori guffawed, and it only made him smile.

“Maybe she got it from me. Just because I have never sucked a cock it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have been incredible at it if I tried.” Tom was proud of himself for that one, and he jovially licked up the neck of his beer bottle, mimicking his favourite move of Tori’s.

“We can test that out at our next party.” Tori joked back. “Hopefully little madam isn’t here next time so you can actually fuck me.”

“If she’s here next time then she’s getting herself grounded.” Tom was almost cut short by the entrance of someone who was playing somewhat of a stewarding role among the guests.

“Hey folks! If anyone wants to take part in the blowjob party being held in the main hall with the lovely Rebecca, now’s the time. Please make your way over as soon as possible!” With that declaration they were gone, and a few other people around the bar quickly followed.

“Shall we go?” Tom joked, but this time his wife didn’t laugh.

“I mean, fuck, obviously not… but we have time to ourselves now.” Tori was growing in excitement. “She is busy for a little while, so let’s find some privacy and have a little bit of fun before we leave.”

Tom hungrily smiled, before downing the last of his drink. The two of them had little time to waste, and a whole lot of nervous energy to release. The first empty room they found was theirs, wet kisses smacking in the air as they made their way towards a couch in the far corner. Hands explored gleefully and before too long Tori’s knickers were on the floor and she mecidiyeköy escort was straddling her husband and sliding his cock inside her.

They held each other tightly, gazing lovingly into the others eyes as a night of frustration was forgotten and her slender frame rocked back and forth in his lap. The few drinks they had downed at the bar had them a little clumsier than they may have expected, but they were having fun and letting loose, just as they wanted before the night began.

Tori rode her husband into near premature ejaculation before he fought her off, bent her over and pummeled her into the soft fabric of the couch. They fucked around for barely twenty minutes before they found themselves stood in the middle of the room. They kissed some more as Tori played with her husband’s cock, teasing him about the impending cumshot. “You want to cover my face, baby?” she whimpered, forcing him into a desperate growl.

Tori was a moment or two from dropping to her knees when the door opened. She turned to watch Rebecca make her way in, keeping her body between their daughter’s eyes and her own father’s dick.

“Hey, you two.” she said as she closed the door behind her. It seemed that the jig was up and they had been found out but before either could start the apology or the questions, Rebecca continued. “It’s your first time right? How have you found it?”

A panicked pause was followed by Tori’s attempt at another accent. She settled on Irish, and committed hard. “It’s amazing, so much fun. We’ve been a bit shy, but we’ve had a ball.” She elbowed Tom in the stomach, begging for him to dive into character just as she had. “Right, honey?”

Tom wasn’t convinced about his Irish accent, so he attempted Scottish instead. “It’s so much fun. I can’t believe we went for it, but I’m glad we did.”

“I didn’t interrupt you, did I?” Rebecca asked, and the hard cock pressed into Tori’s back tried in vain to answer the question. “I just finished my show so I was looking for somewhere to wind down and relax. Anyway, I will leave you to it.”

Her daughter was so polite and sweet that Tori couldn’t just let her leave. Tom had kept his eyes closed rather than looking at his little girl’s body, but as he expected her to move on his wife stepped in to keep her around. Tom pinched Tori’s back in frustration. “How was the show?” Tori had asked. Thought the subject was unusual, she still wanted to ensure her daughter was happy and safe and had the best time she possibly could.

Becky turned back with a warm smile. “It was good!” she said, closing the gap between herself and her parents. “I love doing it so much. It can seem so egotistical in concept but it’s not exactly my idea, but if it’s going to happen then I’m going to take advantage of it. How come you didn’t come along?”

The pinching of Tori’s back continued as the conversation dragged on. “We’ve been a bit nervous, sweetie. It’s our first time so we took advantage of your show to come here and let loose in a quieter setting.”

“I can’t blame you for that!” Becky replied, beaming. “I was so scared my first time but I’ve been doing this a couple years now and I couldn’t imagine life without it.”

“Well you look amazing and you seem to be a star so I’m very happy for you.” Tori’s Irish accent slipped in and out a couple times as she conversed with her daughter, who she had now become aware had a cum-covered bra.

“You look amazing too!” Rebecca didn’t have a shy bone in her body, and she had just a little energy left before her night was complete. “Can I offer the two of you a private show?”

Tom had held his breath for a while, but now fell into what doubled as a laugh and a coughing fit. “You’ve done plenty of that for tonight I am sure, so we’ll be fine thank you very much.” His cock would have softened earlier if his wife hadn’t snuck her hands behind her back to hold it in her tight grasp for the last 30 seconds.

“Well you two have to finish. I don’t want to blue ball you!” Rebecca told her father, who had opened his eyes but was doing his best work not to look her way. “Would you be okay if I just watched?”

“You don’t have to do that, we were just leaving. We can finish at home.” Tom’s fake Scottish accent never budged, he was a little more serious than Tori in keeping up this façade.

“I would love to watch.” Rebecca seemed insistent, and she had started to change the angle of their conversation, almost to the point of seeing her dad’s dick in her mum’s hands.

Tori was next to talk, and the words stunned her husband. “You can watch. That will be something new for us and maybe we’ll be a bit more confident next time.” She turned and stepped back a pace or two, freeing Tom’s dick from her hands and letting it fall back into place. With his daughter looking at his dick, Tom had to double check his wife was still pendik escort sane.

“Are you sure?” he asked, to which she nodded. He couldn’t see her face beyond her mask, but he could just make out the devilish smile on her lips. “Are you SURE?” he bellowed again, and Tori fell to her knees.

“I want to do this.” She said, looking up to him as her right hand regained control over his cock, gently massaging the shaft as she turned to her daughter for… feedback, or something she couldn’t quite compute yet.

Tom let his head fall back. He had lost this battle and for the first time in his life he couldn’t quite understand what was going on in Tori’s head, but as she leaned in to kiss the head of a cock that had needed to cum for hours, he found himself unable to even try and stop her.

Rebecca had found herself a seat nearby, and watched on as Tori kissed Tom’s cock a few times, consistently looking her way for approval. “You look amazing.” Becky soothed any doubts, leaning in to focus every fiber of her attention on her mother’s blowjob technique. Tori finally engulfed her husband’s cock, sinking the first few inches of his length inside her mouth.

Tom moaned softly as he felt those familiar flicks of the tongue his wife had bestowed upon him for so long. The added pressure of who was watching them had no impact on her performance, and he felt himself shiver as Tori expertly worked her lips along his shaft, tightening over his head and never giving him a minute to forget she was there. He looked down into Tori’s eyes for the first time and they told him she was having just as much of a weird time as him, but she loved it. In his periphery he could just about make out Becky’s legs and he hoped it would stay that PG.

Tori pushed herself down Tom’s dick, filling her mouth and as much of her throat as she could before sloppily releasing the whole thing from her mouth. Her spit ran down his dick and onto the floor as she started to jerk him off and regain her breath.

“Can you go all the way?” Becky asked her.

“Sometimes.” Tori giggled back.

“It’s a really nice size.”

“He knows how to use it.” Tom was perplexed at the way in which Tori was able to playfully banter with her daughter about his dick, but what more could he do at this stage? He simply stepped a little closer, trying to gain her attention again so she would finish him off and they could get themselves out of this mess. As her lips wrapped around his cockhead once more though she was joined on her knees by Becky, who had jumped off her chair and placed herself next to her mother with glee.

Tom looked down at her, then to Tori. The both of them were taken aback for a second, but Tori never let his dick fall loose. “Don’t worry, just getting myself a close up. I’ll leave you to it, cutie.” Becky told her mum, who turned back to Tom and started sinking his cock into her mouth again. She watched her daughter in the corner of her eye.

“Are you ready to cum?” Becky asked, looking up at her dad. His eyes went to her and he stuttered his words out. “A-almost.” He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His beautiful daughter was on her knees, and he could easily sink his cock inside her mouth right now and she would go for it without any knowledge of who she was sucking. She was clad in lingerie, her incredible figure there for his eyes to feast on. Her long brown hair was a bit more of a mess than it had been at the start, and he was well aware that was because she had spent hours with countless dicks filling her mouth. He was seeing her differently now and he had spent the last 30 seconds of a blowjob from his wife staring at her as he raced towards a well needed orgasm.

“Fuck.” he said once, and then his eyes met the big beautiful and brown puppy dog eyes of Becky as he reached his climax. Tori was bouncing along his dick hungrily, lathering him in spit as she moaned into his length. “I’m going to cum.”

Tori fell back on her knees, her bum resting against her heels as Tom took his cock from her and began to jerk himself furiously towards his breaking point. Tori’s mouth fell open and as he began to cum he tightened his forefinger and thumb around the head of his dick to sharpen his aim, and bury a shot of his cum into his wife’s mouth.

What he couldn’t have prepared for was his daughter taking some initiative and opening her own mouth, pushing her cheek against her mum and silently begging for some cum for herself. He stared into her eyes as another shot of his load found her mother’s mouth but as his willpower waned he found himself turning his body ever so slightly and aiming for his daughters mouth, providing her with the last of his load. Tori and Rebecca swallowed his cum in unison.

“Fuck me.” Tom said

“I can’t believe you did that.” Tori said, her eyes stuck on her husband. She was on her way back to her feet, and once there she leaned in to kiss him once more. “You’re so bad.”

Rebecca was already standing with a big grin on her face. “You two are cute.” She muttered, before lifting the strap of her bra which had fallen down at some point during his cumshot. “Okay, great. I’ll see you both at home.”

She turned and left, leaving Tom and Tori speechless.

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