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This is the story of how I became sexually involved with my two older brothers, Jerry and Gary. My name is Melinda, naturally everyone calls me Mel.

My brothers are identical twins, eleven months older than I am. The big joke in the family is that for three weeks every year we are all the same age. Naturally, growing up so close in age to them, I was quite the tomboy. Always ready to play ball or whatever else my brothers wanted to do. Whatever my brothers did, I tried to top it. If they climbed a tree, I climbed higher; if they jumped a ditch on their bicycle, I jumped further. Mom used to complain that she didn’t have a daughter, she had three boys and the youngest one was the wildest of the lot.

We did all the things kids usually do, including playing doctor – you know the “you show me yours, and I’ll show you mine” routine. When we got in our early teens we were still very close but began to go somewhat separate ways; however, their influence was still there. Since they were active in sports, I was active in sports all through high school – golf, basketball and track, but I injured my knee in a bad fall during practice at the beginning of my senior year. The injury ended my basketball and track career and left me with golf as my only sport. It also ended my hopes of getting a college scholarship. My brothers had graduated last year and were attending City College, but were still living at home. With three of us going to be in college at the same time and considering the expense involved, the plan was that each of us would attend the less expensive City College for two years before transferring to the State University.

It was the night of my senior prom that I started thinking of my brothers in a different manner, in a sexual context. I had gone to the restroom and had just sat down on the toilet when I heard two girls come in. I recognized one of the voices, it was Julie, my brother’s date. Jerry was dating a girl in my class so he was at the prom with her and Gary was at home. I knew he was here with Julie, but I hadn’t seen him. Without even thinking about it, I lifted my feet and braced them against the stall door so it would look like the stall was unoccupied if anyone checked it. I was going to eavesdrop on them if I could. Julie was talking as they came in the restroom.

“Didn’t you and Gary do it? You two were a pretty hot number for awhile.”

“Is there anyone else in here?” I didn’t recognize this voice. There was a brief silence and I heard someone walk into the room and then return to the small foyer where the makeup counter was. “No, we’re alone.”

“Well didn’t you?” Julie asked.

“Sure, you know I did, but that’s not why I’m warning you about those two.”

“Well, if you screwed Gary, you might as well say you screwed Jerry. Hell, I can’t tell them apart.”

“I think I did – screw Jerry I mean,” said the other girl sarcastically. “I think they switched on me one night. I couldn’t be sure, but there was something different. Gary swore I was just imagining things.”

“You really think they did that and you couldn’t tell?”

“Not by looking at them, but the way we fucked that night just felt different – it was the little things he did.” The girl paused and then continued. “Gary said he was just trying to please me, to make it more exciting.”

“If it was Jerry, you have to admit he’s pretty good. He’s the only one I’ve been with that gave me an orgasm.” Julie laughed, “Ralph would just poke it in and cum. It was over with before I even felt anything.”

The other girl laughed, “Julie, I suspect they’re both good. I know Gary was.” She laughed a little louder. “Maybe they learned how screwing that sister of theirs. Maybe that’s why she’s such an ice queen, she’s getting all the fucking she can handle at home. They’ve probably been sticking it to her ever since they figured out what her cunt was for.”

“Yeah, the female jock.” Julie laughed. Maybe she isn’t the dyke we think she….”

The sound of someone coming into the restroom interrupted the conversation and I heard them leave. I lowered my feet to the floor as someone went into one of the stalls. I just sat there for a few minutes, angry and a little hurt at what I had overheard. I knew that a lot of the girls didn’t like me, thought I was too standoffish and too aggressive, more interested in sports than in boys. “To Hell with them,” I muttered to myself as I stood up and straighten my clothes.

As I left the restroom I saw Julie and Betty Cranston over by the refreshment stand. The other girl I had overheard was Betty. Gary had dated her for awhile last year. I looked around for Jerry since I hadn’t seen him all night. When I glanced back over at Julie I saw Jerry walking up to her. I almost laughed out loud – it wasn’t Jerry, it was Gary. They had done the very thing that Betty was warning Julie about, they had switched places for tonight. Julie and Betty were standing there drinking punch and talking to him, totally unaware of şirinevler escort the switch.

I walked up behind him and said, “Hi Jerry, having a big night?”

“Oh….Oh Mel, you….you surprised me,” he stammered.

I covered my mouth with my hand and choked off my laugh at the look of apprehension on his face. He knew I wasn’t fooled. For some reason, I have always been able to tell which one is which. Even my parents get confused sometimes, but I never have. I don’t how I can tell, I just know. My mother says that when I was four or five, she would ask me how I knew who was who, and with the simple logic of a small child, I would just say “because Jerry is Jerry, and Gary is Gary.”

We stood there and chatted for a few minutes. I could actually see his body relax when he realized that I was going to go along with the pretence. Finally, I said, “You guys have fun. I need to go find my date before he thinks I walked out on him.”

“Who are you with?” Julie asked.

“Jimmy Thompson.” I noticed the smug look on Julie’s face. Jimmy is a nice guy, but not one of the in-crowd.

“I didn’t know you were still going with him. I thought maybe you had come with Gary,” she replied in a snide manner.

I restrained the urge to throw a shoulder into her and knock her on her ass the way I would someone blocking the lane on a basketball court. “No,” I looked directly at my brother, “Gary has something pretty hot going down tonight. Besides, Jimmy had already asked me.”

As I was leaving, I pulled my brother to one side and whispered in his ear, “I hope you fuck her brains out tonight….if she has any.” I walked away before my startled brother could reply.

Jimmy had me home by midnight. Since tomorrow was Saturday, he had to be at work at 7:30. I expect I had not been very attentive to him, since I couldn’t get my mind off Gary and what he planned or was already doing with Julie. I realized I was a little jealous, even envious of my brothers. I was still a virgin. There had been the usual groping and petting on dates but I had never really wanted to go all the way – the double standard still lived. It was okay for boys to have sex but not girls, not unless they wanted to get a reputation. I realized that another reason I had never wanted to go all the way was that none of the boys I had dated measured up to my brothers.

I grabbed a soda from the kitchen and went up to my room. Everyone was already in bed. My parents’ bedroom was downstairs at the opposite end of the house and the three of us were upstairs. As I went by the open door to Jerry’s room, I had to smile. They were carrying the charade all the way – Jerry was sleeping in Gary’s room.

After I had undressed, I stood in front of the mirror looking at myself in my panties and bra and thinking about what Julie and Betty had said about me. “Well you won’t win the Miss America Pageant, but you look pretty damn good,” I muttered to myself. I turned sideways and looked at my profile. All the curves were in the right places on my five foot-eight frame, and with my blond hair and blue eyes, I knew I could turn a few heads. Since I was no longer training for the track team, I had added a few pounds and looked better than ever, even my breasts seemed to be a little larger. I thought about what the girls had said about Jerry and Gary fucking me and wondered if my brothers had ever thought about having sex with me.

To my surprise, thinking about it, thinking about them making love to me, was actually turning me on. I could feel a warmth and moistness in my cunt as I thought about what Gary was probably doing with Julie at this moment. I laughed softly. “Probably fucking her brains out,” I whispered to my reflection. When I wondered what it was like to feel a guy’s prick thrusting into your pussy driving you to an orgasm, I felt a sudden rush of heat and moisture in my cunt.

I slipped my hand into my panties and down over my mons, cupping my pussy in my hand, letting my fingers gently stroke the moist lips of my pussy while I watched myself in the mirror. Just as I was slipping a finger between the lips of my pussy there were a couple of soft knocks on my door. Startled, I jerked my hand out of my panties and said rather loudly, “What….Who is it?”

The door opened and Jerry came in. “Not so loud. You want to wake the whole house,” said Jerry, speaking in a low voice. “I wanted to talk to you.” He sat down on the edge of the bed.

“You startled me. I thought everyone was asleep.” I smiled at him, I thought I knew what he wanted to talk about. “I was just getting ready to go to bed,” I said as I turned my back to him and removed my bra. I slipped the large T-shirt, one of theirs that I slept in, over my head and turned back to face him. “Gary called you, didn’t he?”

“Yeah. He said that you had seen him and knew what we were doing. He was worried you might say something to Mom or Dad.”

While he was talking, şerifali escort I turned off the light leaving the room in semi-darkness with just the nightlight on in the adjoining bath. It gave us enough light. I chuckled and sat down beside him. Jerry was in his jockey briefs, but we were used to see each other in our undies or half-dressed around the house.

“I won’t say anything.” I laughed, “As far as I’m concerned, Julie deserves a good screwing.”

Jerry chuckled, hesitated, and then asked, “Did you really tell Gary that you hoped he’d fuck her brains out?”

“Yeah, but I’m afraid he’ll have a hard time finding any.” I told him what Julie had said, that she thought Gary might have been my date for the prom. We talked for a few more minutes and then Jerry got up.

“I guess I’d better get back to bed.”

I grabbed his hand. “Jerry, don’t go….not yet. Stay and talk to me for a little while.” I wasn’t sure if I knew what I wanted to happen, but I knew I didn’t want him to leave. I wanted him to stay with me. “I’m not sleepy. I just need someone to talk to.”

“Sure….okay, Mel,” he said as he sat back down. “This was your big night, the Senior Prom, I didn’t expect you in this early.”

“Jimmy has to be at work by 7:30, so we couldn’t stay out too late.” Even though the room was comfortable, I knew it had to be a little cool for Jerry in just his briefs. I stood up and pulled back the sheet and slipped under it. “Here let’s get under this. We can lie in bed and talk the way we used to when we were little kids.”

Jerry slid into the bed on my right side. I moved closer until our shoulders were touching and whispered, “We haven’t done this in years. Remember how we used to sneak into each other’s room and talk until three or four in the morning?” I loved both my brothers, but Jerry and I had always had a special connection, a special rapport.

Jerry chuckled softly, “Yeah, I remember. I also remember Mom fussing because we’d sleep so late the next morning.”

Jerry slipped his arm under my head and I snuggled up closer to him and put my head on his upper arm and shoulder. I couldn’t get what Julie and Betty had said out of my mind, and lying there next to Jerry, feeling the warmth of his body against mine, was making it even worse. My cunt felt like it was melting, aching to be touched. I had never felt this aroused before, except when Jimmy and I parked by the river and engaged in some pretty heavy petting. I wanted to take Jerry’s hand and place it on me, to feel him stroke me, to hold him even closer, but I was afraid, afraid he’d reject me. I hesitated and then told him about what I had overheard in the restroom – Betty and Julie speculating that he and Gary were screwing me.

“Those bitches,” he muttered. “Don’t let it bother you, Mel. No one pays any attention to those two.”

I propped myself up on my right elbow so I could see his face more clearly. “I’m not bothered by it, but it did make me wonder.” I placed my left hand on his chest, toying with his chest hair. “Have you….Well, you know, have you ever thought about me like that? About having sex with me?”

“Geezzus, Mel. You’re my sister.”

“I know that silly.” I chuckled softly, “But you just saw me in my panties and bra, and just a couple of months ago, you were naked and walked in on me when I was getting out of the shower. I just wondered if you ever thought about me like that – if I ever turned you on.”

“Mel…….well, yeah, sometimes,” he fidgeted some and then continued, “a guy really can’t help it. If I see a pretty girl, and you’re certainly pretty, it just happens.”

“Did seeing me in the shower like that give you a hard-on? You got out of there so fast I didn’t get a chance see. I just wondered if you liked what you saw.” I moved my hand up from his chest to his neck and chuckled. His neck was hot; he was blushing.

In a shocked voice, Jerry said, “Mel…”

“Oh, don’t act so shocked,” I said interrupting him. “I know what a erection is and what one looks like.”

“You and Jimmy have had sex?”

“No, we’ve just fooled around some – I’m still a virgin. That’s more than you and Gary can say.” Laughing softly I poked him in his ribs. “You still haven’t answered my questions. Did you like what you saw…..did it give you hard-on?”

“Yeah, I did like you,” he said with short embarrassed laugh. “Your tits were a lot prettier and bigger than I realized.”

When he paused, I pressed my body against him. I could feel my right breast against the side of his chest, its nipple, hard and erect, pressing into him. “Hmmm, that’s good….but you still haven’t answered the other question.”

“Yeah…..yeah, I got an erection.”

While we were talking and I was teasing Jerry, I had made up my mind. I wanted Jerry to make love to me now….tonight. I was apprehensive and a little afraid – not of having sex with him, but that he might say no, that he might şişli escort reject me. I glanced down his body. The sheet had slipped down, and in the faint light from the bathroom, I could see a pronounced bulge in the front of his briefs.

“Like this one here,” I whispered as I slid my hand down his body into the top of his briefs and wrapped my fingers around his rigid prick.

Jerry’s body jerked as though I had used a cattle prod on him. “Geezus Mel….What are you doing?”

“Sssh….not so loud. You want Mom to come up and find us like this.” He had grabbed my wrist but had made no effort to pull my hand away from his prick. When I began to fondle his prick with my fingers, stroking it, feeling the veins standing out on its shaft, he loosened his grip on my wrist. I moved my hand lower, to the base of his prick and then lower still, cupping his balls in my hand and gently massaging them. As I brought my hand back up underneath his rigid prick, pulling it up against his body and out the top of his briefs, I heard Jerry take a deep breath.

“My God Mel, we shouldn’t be doing this…..really we shouldn’t.”

“Jerry, I want to. I’ve been thinking about it all night.” I looked at him, leaned closer, and lowered my lips to his until they were barely touching his lips. “I want you to kiss me, Jerry. A real kiss not a peck on the lips,” I whispered softly, feeling my lips brush his, my breast pressing against his side. He had been acting like he didn’t know what to do with his hands so I told him, “Put your arms around me. Put them around me and kiss me.”

As I pressed my lips to his, he released my wrist and put his arms around me, pulling me even closer. I opened my lips and teased his lips with the tip of my tongue. When Jerry responded, opening his mouth and thrusting his tongue into my mouth, it felt like that cattle prod had been used on my pussy. When Jerry thrust his tongue into my mouth, I felt a muscle spasm deep in my gut and a sensation of heat and moistness in my cunt – I wanted to feel him against my pussy, feel him touching me there. I moved more on top of him and straddled his left leg, pressing my pussy against the top of his thigh, rubbing my mons against his leg trying to relieve the desire I was feeling. I had never felt a desire this intense, and so damn compelling.

Dry humping his leg must have been an instinctive reaction to relieve the intense desire I was feeling because I had never done anything like that before. I remember thinking, “My God, I’m seducing him, my own brother.” Just the thought of what I was doing aroused me even more. If Jerry had tried to stop, I think I would have been tempted to see if it was physically possible for a girl to actually rape a guy – that’s how much I wanted him.

Jerry slid his hands up under my shirt and down my back. He pushed my panties down and gripped my naked buttocks in his hands, massaging them and pulling me even harder against his leg. The feel of my mons, my pussy hair, and my pussy lips rubbing against the bare skin of his leg was fantastic. Jerry moved his hands around to the front of my body and up to my breasts. He cupped my breasts in his hands, gently squeezing them and playing with my taut nipples. I moaned softly into his mouth and kissed him even harder, grinding myself against his leg. I remember thinking, “Oh my God, I’m going to cum…..damn, I’m going to cum and he hasn’t even touched me, hasn’t even touched my pussy.”

Still holding the kiss, his tongue exploring my mouth, Jerry rolled me off his leg onto my side and slid his hand down to my pussy. He stroked and fondled my soaked pussy lips, and when his finger entered my pussy, I clutched him even tighter, feeling a wave of sensation engulf my body as I climaxed. I buried my face against his neck and shoulder to muffle my moans as my orgasm peaked. I felt it throughout my entire body, a spreading sense of warmth, tantalizing me with its sensations. I thrust my hips toward Jerry wanting his finger even deeper into my pussy, and as my body shuddered, I pressed my mouth to Jerry’s neck moaning softly.

Jerry started to withdraw his hand and I immediately put mine atop his, holding his against my throbbing pussy. “No….no. Leave it there,” I whispered weakly. “I like it. I like to feel you holding me there.” I kissed his neck and with my hand pressed his hand harder against my pussy. I felt him slip another finger between my pussy lips and into my pussy hole. God, it felt good.

“Mel, I ought to go now…..really. I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

I just held Jerry tighter, pressing his hand to my pussy. Jerry’s voice was soft but choked with emotion. “Hmmm, I don’t want you to go,” I murmured softly. “Oh Jerry, I still want you….and you want me. I can feel your prick pressing against me.” I released his hand but he didn’t remove his from my cunt. “My God Jerry, you’re as hard as a rock and it’s so warm.”

The urgency of my desire had lessen, my orgasm taking the edge off it, but I wasn’t satisfied – I still wanted him, wanted him to make love to me, wanted to feel his prick in my pussy. I took his prick in my hand, fondling it, letting my fingers glide over the large head. I felt the slick moisture of his pre-cum oozing from the slit in the head of his prick and I spread it over the smooth, silken head.

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