Memories Pt. 03

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Britney Amber

Chapter 1

As the week passed David found himself caught in a whirlwind of passionate love and sexual pleasure, as all three of them explored their needs, desires and fantasies together. They seemed to spend days wandering naked around the house and garden, making love whenever and wherever the need or desire took them.

Finally as Friday arrived they awoke early, snuggled together in Sarah’s bed, David sandwiched between the two most important women in his life.

“Come on lazy bones, time to get up,” said Sarah as she pushed back the bedclothes.

David opened his eyes, gazing at his mom’s naked body,

“Morning mom,” he said as he reached for her, pulling her back onto the bed and pressing his erection against her body.

“David, we haven’t got time for that, I told your dad we’d be there by lunchtime and as it’s a three hour drive we need to get ready.”

Cathy opened her eyes, looking from her naked mom to her brother’s erection, a smile flitting across her face.


“Morning honey, now go shower Davy.”

Smiling at his mom and sister David climbed from the bed and headed into the bathroom. Standing under the hot spray of water he found himself thinking about the way his life had changed since coming home. The thoughts of the past week did little to reduce his aroused state and he had to fight the urge to masturbate.

“Come on hurry up in there.”

“All right I’m getting out,” said David with a sigh.

Stepping from the shower he quickly dried himself before heading to his bedroom to dress.

An hour later as they headed out to the family car David looked at his sister, feeling his cock respond to what he saw, she was dressed in her school uniform, a short pleated tartan skirt and white blouse, her hair fastened in a ponytail. Stepping up behind her he slipped his arms around her body, pulling her backwards so that his cock nestled against her arse. Reaching down he slipped a hand beneath her skirt, he smiled as he felt her smooth naked pussy.

“Freshly shaved,” said Cathy with a smile.

David had to stifle a moan of desire as Cathy climbed into the back of the car, flashing her pussy and arse at him as she did. He turned at the sound of his mom coming from the house; Sarah was wearing a similar outfit to her daughter, a short black skirt and blouse. David moved over to her and hugged her against him, kissing her neck and reaching down to stroke her naked pussy. It felt smooth and free of hair, the lips felt moist and he wondered if she and Cathy had pleasured each other after the shaving.

“Davy behave the neighbours might see.”

“Fuck the neighbours.”


“Or rather I want to fuck you and Cathy, feel me; I’m hard for you both.”

Taking his mom’s hand he pressed it against his trapped erection. Sarah had to stifle a moan as she felt his throbbing cock press against her hand. She fought the urge to drag him back into the house, pushing him away she climbed behind the wheel of the car.

David slipped into the back seat beside his sister as Sarah started the car, as they pulled out of the driveway he unfastened Cathy’s seatbelt, pulling her round he lifted her legs onto his shoulders and lifting her skirt lowered his mouth to her pussy.

“O fuck that feels nice Davy, hold on a second though.”

David sat up and watched as Cathy quickly slipped her skirt and shoes off, he couldn’t believe how wanton and sexy she looked, sitting on the back seat wearing just a blouse. The sight turned him on and he felt his cock throb in his pants, the thought that anyone looking in would be able to see his sister sitting there naked from the waist down increased his arousal and lust. Lowering his mouth he slowly licked the length of Cathy’s pussy slit, flicking his tongue across her clitoris and teasing it from its fleshy home. Reaching up he opened her pussy with his fingers before thrusting his tongue deep into her vagina, lapping at the pussy juice. He felt Cathy’s hands on his head as she lifted her hips to push her cunt against his exploring mouth.

Sarah found it hard to concentrate on her driving as the car filled with the aroma of aroused pussy and Cathy’s moans of pleasure as David sucked at her cunt. Stopping at some traffic lights she tried to ignore the people who looked into the car, seeing David feasting on Cathy’s pussy. As she waited for the lights to change she couldn’t resist lifting her own skirt up to her waist and slipping a hand between her thighs to rub and press against her own pussy that was wet with arousal. As the lights changed and she pulled away she heard Cathy’s cries of pleasure as she orgasmed. For the next half hour she tried to ignore Cathy’s moans and cries of pleasure as David continued to make oral love to her pussy. Her body burned with need and desire as she drove along the road, the sound of Cathy’s orgasms filling her ears and driving her wild with need and lust. Finally it became too much for her and she pulled into a lay-by, stopping the car.

“OK Cathy I think you can drive kozyatağı escort now,” said Sarah as she turned to look at her son and daughter.

Cathy was laying back her blouse open as she rested against the seat, cradling David’s head as he kissed and sucked at her swollen nipples while his fingers explored her dripping cunt. She gently pushed David away as she opened the car door and climbed out, her blouse hanging open, offering a view of her firm body to the passing cars.

Sarah climbed from the driver’s seat, ignoring the passing traffic she kicked off her shoes throwing them onto the passenger seat, before slipping her skirt off and dropping it on top of them. As Cathy slipped into the driver’s seat, still only dressed in her open blouse, Sarah climbed into the back of the car with her son, unfastening her blouse as she did. Closing the door she thumbed the lock down before turning to David, as they car pulled back onto the road they kissed deeply, Sarah tasting her daughter on David’s mouth. Breaking the kiss she helped David remove his clothes until he was sitting naked beside her and then, thinking how lucky they were that they’d bought a large spacious car, she climbed onto his lap and lowered herself onto his throbbing erection.

David moaned in pleasure as his cock plunged slowly into the hot, tight embrace of his mom’s pussy, feeling it sink deep into her womb. They remained still for a moment, both lost in the pleasure of their union, savouring the feel of their joined bodies. David slid his hands over Sarah’s body pushing her blouse off her shoulders until it fell to the floor. He kissed her face and neck, stroking her back and buttocks with his hands as they started to move together, driving his hard cock in and out of his mom’s dripping cunt. He new he wouldn’t be able to last long, his need and lust had been building in him since he’d climbed into the car. He was soon pounding his cock into his mom’s pussy, plunging it deep into her womb, until he felt the head brush against her cervix.

Sarah matched her son’s movements, her own need burning like a furnace in her as she plunged up and down on his deep reaming cock, moaning in pleasure as she felt it brush against the deepest reaches of her womb. She groaned in pleasure as David’s cock seemed to grow even harder in her pussy, before his cum flooded deep into her womb.

“Yes David fuck yes, cum in me, fill mommy’s cunt with your cum, O yes yes Yeeessssssssss.”

Sarah cried in pleasure as David’s jerking cock pushed her over into her own orgasm, her mouth locking onto his and they kissed deep and passionately as their pleasure racked bodies shook.

Cathy was having a hard time concentrating on her driving as she watched her mom and brother’s lovemaking on the back seat. She was glad they had chosen a quiet route to where their dad was working; it meant her rather erratic driving caused no problems for other road users.

In the back seat David and his mom twisted around, until Sarah finally managed to lay back on the seat, her legs bent and David locked between her parted thighs, cock still hard and deeply buried in her womb. They once more started making love, the pace this time more leisurely, the first need and lust now eased by their orgasms. David couldn’t help smiling as he thought of the view anyone looking into the back of the car would get, his naked arse rising and falling, trapped between a pair of firm, tanned legs.

Cathy couldn’t take it any more, seeing a sign for a forest parking area she turned into it, the car park was deserted as she drove to a shaded area, hidden from the entrance by trees. Stopping the car she switched the engine off and climbed out, throwing her blouse onto the seat she walked round and opened the back door. She stood and watched her mom and brother fucking, slipping a hand between her thighs and masturbating as she watched.

Lying beneath her son, feeling his cock reaming deep into her cum filled pussy, Sarah could feel her orgasm quickly approaching, she lifted her hips, driving David’s deep plunging cock into her womb.

“Harder Davy, fuck me harder, o yes son that’s it mom’s cumming honey mom’s cumming yes o yes Davy harder fuck me fuck me FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.”

She cried in pleasure as she orgasmed once more on her son’s deep ploughing cock as he fucked deep into her body. As her orgasm passed and she lay beneath her wildly fucking son Sarah saw her daughter standing behind them, her body flushed with need and arousal as she masturbated.

“I think your sister could use some help,” said Sarah as she lightly kissed David.

Looking round David saw Cathy standing beside the car; slowly he pulled his cock from his mom’s dripping vagina and turned to regard Cathy. Stepping up to her they kissed passionately, David pressing his cum coated cock against Cathy’s stomach. Pulling apart Cathy moved to the car, standing beside the back door she lowered her chest and arms to the seat as David stepped up behind her and slowly pushed his cock into küçükyalı escort her dripping snatch. As she felt David enter her, she pulled at her mom’s legs until she could lower her mouth to her mom’s spunk filled cunt. With every forward thrust of David’s cock, her mouth pushed against her mom’s cunt, her nose pressing against her engorged clitoris.

David grasped Cathy’s hips as he fucked his cock deep into her pussy, enjoying the tight, hot feel of her willing and wanton body. He could hear the slurp of Cathy’s mouth as she ate their mom’s pussy and Sarah’s moans of pleasure and words of encouragement as she relaxed in the pleasure of her daughter’s probing tongue. As he ploughed his cock deep and hard into Cathy’s writhing body he lent forward to kiss and gently nibble her neck and shoulders and slipping his hands round her body he gently rubbed and pinched her clitoris. Cathy’s response was instantaneous, thrusting her hips back against his cock and attacking their mom’s cunt with wild abandonment. Faster and harder he thrust, burying himself deep in her pussy as he felt his orgasm quickly building.

Cathy shook in pleasure to the feel of David’s cock and fingers as they quickly pushed her towards orgasmic release. Her mouth was suddenly flooded with girl cum as Sarah orgasmed and seconds she felt her own orgasmic release crash upon her like a wave battering the shore.

Cathy’s pussy seemed to milk David’s cock as he felt her body quake to her orgasmic release, her body seeming to draw the cum from his balls as he thrust balls deep into her body, his cock head pushing through her cervix to flood her inner reaches with his boiling jism.

As they relaxed from their passionate lovemaking David sat on the grass beside his sister, while Sarah slowly sat up in the car. Their bodies glistened with sweat and cum as they looked contentedly at each other.

“I think we should get cleaned up,” said Sarah as she climbed out of the back seat.

Looking around she surveyed the trees and car park,

“If I’m right there’s a small lake about ten minutes walk in that direction.”

“I bet it’s cold,” said David with a smile,

“I’m sure you will be brave,” said Sarah laughing.

Opening the back of the car Sarah grabbed a blanket form the boot.

“We’ll have to use this to dry ourselves on.”

Dropping the blanket she grabbed her trainers from the front seat and pulled them on, before passing Cathy and David theirs. She pulled out their clothes and grabbing the keys she locked the car.

Collecting their things the three of them headed along the bath, dressed in only their shoes and carrying their clothes and the blanket. The air was cool on their bodies as they carefully followed the path, avoiding the nettles and brambles as they went. After walking for about ten minutes Sarah saw the glint of sunlight on water and moments later they stepped through some bushes onto the shore of the lake. Dropping their things and kicking off their shoes, they waded into the cold water, David was surprised at how deep it was and tried to ignore the cold water as it rose over his genitals, causing him to suck his breath in.

“Come on slow coach,” said Cathy as she dove into the water splashing David.

“God that’s freezing,” she said as her head broke water.

For the next ten minutes they played in the cold water, splashing and ducking each other, they all felt the building sexual tension as they played together. Slipping from the water they towelled each other dry with the blanket before flopping down upon it.

“I could stay here for ever,” said Cathy as she played with her brother’s once more erect cock and her mom’s pussy.

“Mmm, so could I, but you’d better stop that, we are going to be late getting to the hotel as it is. Your dad will be wondering what’s happened to us. Come on you two let’s get dressed.”

Reluctantly Cathy released her brother’s cock and standing up quickly slipped her skirt and blouse on.

David lay watching his mom and sister as they pulled their clothes on, finally standing up he slipped into his jeans and shirt and gathering up the wet blanket they headed hand in hand back to the car.

Chapter 2

It was mid afternoon when they arrived at the hotel, entering the hotel, David and Cathy stood to one side while Sarah approached the desk.

“Good afternoon, may I help you?”

“Yes, my husband’s staying here, Mr Paul Stewart.”

“Mr Stewart yes, he’s in suite 204, he mentioned you would be arriving, unfortunately he isn’t here at the moment.”

“Would it be possible to have the key?”

“I’m afraid I’ll need to see some form of ID, hotel policy I’m afraid.”

“That’s OK,” said Sarah as she produced her driving licence.

“That’s fine. Here you are.”

After checking her ID the clerk handed Sarah a swipe card. Taking the card Sarah walked over to her children and together they head to the lifts.

“Your dads not back yet, but I don’t think he’ll be too long.”

Unlocking anadolu yakası escort the door the suite 204 they all three stepped in and stopped in surprise, they found themselves in a rather plush living area, deep piled carpet and leather furniture spread before large picture windows that offered a view of the river and parkland. Dropping their bags they wondered around, opening doors on one side of the living area they found a medium sized room dominated by a double bed with a small ensuite bathroom. On the opposite side of the living area was a second door that opened onto a much larger bedroom with a king-size bed. This room had a bigger bathroom attached with a large sunken bath and a separate shower that looked as though it could easily accommodate two people.

“Talk about luxury,” said David as they explored the rooms “I hope dad isn’t paying for this, it must be costing a packet.”

“I think the company will be paying,” said Sarah as she opened a cupboard to find a large screen TV.

“Hello anyone there?”

They turned at the sound of Paul’s voice and headed into the living area to greet him.

“Hi honey,” said Sarah as she stepped into his open arms, sharing a deep lover’s kiss with him.

“Hi dad,” said David giving a wave of welcome.

“Hello daddy.”

As Sarah stepped back Paul looked at his daughter, taking in her uniform and hair tied in a ponytail. As she stepped towards him he opened his arms enclosing her in them savouring the feel of her young body and her taste as she kissed him in a very undaughterly way.

As Cathy stepped backwards Sarah slipped a hand around her waist and slowly raised her skirt showing Paul their daughter’s shaved pussy,

“What do you think honey?”

Paul groaned in lust at the sight of his daughter’s shaven mons, he watched as Sarah lifted her own skirt. Turning to each other mother and daughter kissed deeply, their skirts trapped around their waists, hands roaming over each other’s naked buttocks.

As Paul watched his wife and daughter kiss he felt his cock twitch and harden slightly in his pants.

“Now,” said Sarah as she stepped back from her daughter “That bath looks big enough for four, why don’t we go and give it a try.”

Paul looked from his wife and daughter to his son, he saw his own lust and desire mirrored in David’s eyes.

“Why not.”

With a wave of his hands Paul directed everyone into the master bedroom.

As the bath filled the family quickly shed their clothes dropping them onto the floor. Paul looked from his own semi hard cock to David’s throbbing erection, walking over to the bedside cabinet he opened the draw and removed a bottle of pills.

“What are those,” asked Sarah with a raised eyebrow.

“Viagra,” answered Paul with a smile “It’ll take a while to start working and while it does and the bath fills I’d like to watch Davy fuck you.”

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely and maybe you could eat Cathy’s pussy at the same time.”

David and Cathy led their mom to the bed, as Cathy lay back with her legs parted Sarah knelt between them with David behind her. As she lent forward to slowly lick the length of her daughter’s moist pussy she felt David’s fingers and then his tongue tease her labia. She was already wet, the days previous lovemaking had only wetted her appetite and so lifting her mouth from Cathy’s pussy she looked at her son.

“Just fuck me Davy fuck me now.”

Climbing behind his mom David lowered his cock to the dripping opening of her pussy, his slid his purple cockhead over his mom’s slit coating it in pussy cream. Slowly he pressed his cockhead into the opening of his mom’s love tunnel, as it was wrapped in the hot tight embrace, his mom pushed back towards him, quickly engulfing his entire length in her steaming cunt.

“O god baby that feels so good, fuck mommy, fuck me hard.”

As David withdrew his cock, he felt his dad’s fingers brush over his cock as he explored their joined bodies. Sarah pushed back towards her son as she felt Paul’s fingers explore her stretched labia before seeking out her swollen clitoris.

“Eat Cathy’s pussy baby, suck her juices and make her cum.”

Sarah lowered her mouth to her daughter’s waiting pussy, lapping at the swollen labia before pressing her tongue into Cathy’s vagina and sucking at the girl juices that were flowing freely.

David found it rather strange having his dad watching as he fucked his mom and feeling his fingers brush his plunging cock. He jumped in surprise as his dad’s hand closed over his balls, gently squeezing and rubbing them.

Paul knelt beside his fucking family, with his hands he explored Sarah’s sweating body, feeling his son’s cock as it reamed into Sarah’s pussy. Lying sideways on the bed he moved his head under his wife’s kneeling body, he lay still watching Davy’s cock stretching his wife’s cuntal opening, the flesh clinging to the cock as it withdrew. Lifting his head he lapped at his wife’s clitoris, before moving his tongue down to allow his son’s cock to run over it, tasting his wife’s pussy juices on the hard flesh. He stifled a cry of joy as he felt his cock jerk and quickly swell with blood until it was standing erect. He didn’t know if it was the Viagra or the erotic sights and smells of his horney family that had produced this effect and found he didn’t care.

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