Michelle Lesson 04

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Author’s Note – Please read the earlier chapters. Each story is built on the previous ones, but you can enjoy them individually. All characters are 18 years of age or older. This is a work of fiction.

All of my incest stories are fantasy and do not reflect any real events or persons.


We slept late the morning after Valerie and I had taken our 18 year old daughter’s virginity. I was the first to rise and start working on chores for the day. I had to get the boat ready to go back in the water and then set up for Michelle’s graduation party. I was out on the boat taking down the old sails when Michelle stuck her head out the door and hollered something about breakfast.

“There’s a coffee cake on the counter. Just warm it up in the microwave.” I replied. I wasn’t really paying attention to her. I was trying to not get smothered by 75 pounds of nylon sail.

“I said, why didn’t you cook breakfast?” This time her voice was right beside the boat. I’m a chef and restaurant owner and she always busts my chops when I don’t cook from scratch.

I looked down at her. She was wearing a thin teal colored t-shirt and her reddish brown hair was back in a pony tail. I could tell by the way her 36C boobs swayed and her hard little nipples poked through the material that she wasn’t wearing a bra. The shirt was long enough that I didn’t know if she had anything else on. She was eating a piece of the coffee cake.

“I took the easy way out this morning. We’ve got a lot to do.”

“Need help with the boat?”

“Sure thing, Gilligan. You can get the cabin squared away. Then we can clean and wax the hull. Have you seen your mother?”

“Still sleeping on the bed. Is that dried cum on her ass?”

“Yea, I had to finish some business after you went to bed. I guess I left a bit of a mess.”

“Did you fuck her butt?”

“No, I did not. I just jerked off and came all over it.”

She had climbed into the boat by now and kissed me, grabbing my crotch at the same time. “You’re so bad.” She giggled and went down in the cabin.

I watch my daughter descend the steps into the cabin. I could see then that she had her orange bikini bottom on. This was the first year she had worn a bikini and I couldn’t remember ever seeing the top. I got the mainsail removed and went to the bow to remove the jib. When I had it down I opened the front hatch and asked Michelle how she was doing. She was working hard in the cabin and her shirt was nowhere to be seen.

“Just fine Daddy, almost done. You wanna check on Mom??”

“I better see if she’s alive. We need to get this done before it gets too hot. Just put on a shirt before you come topside. We don’t need to give the neighbors a free show.” I climbed down the stern ladder and went to check on Val, I needed to fold the sails and get the new ones anyway. I found my wife in the kitchen and she was a mess. Her shoulder length blonde hair was tangled and going everywhere. She had on an old college t-shirt and cut-off shorts. I kissed her and grabbed her ass. “Nice Butt!” I said.

She elbowed me in the ribs. “Ha ha, Dork. What did you do last night?”

“We made love to Michelle.” I said.

“No, not that. To me. I remember you turning me over and starting to fuck me. Then I woke up six hours later with dried cum on my ass.”

“I guess you were so turned on that when you came the third time, you passed out. Then I just finished by myself.”

“Wow, that’s never happened before.”

“No, no it hasn’t. Grab some coffeecake. We got to get the boat done and get ready for Michelle’s party.”

“K. Be out in a minute.”

I want back outside and tossed the new sails onto the deck. Michelle was already getting the buffers out to start on the hull. Her shirt was back on but wet, her young nipples were clearly visible and hard. My guess was she had sprayed herself with the hose to cool off. She essentially grew up with this boat and knew how to take care of it without instruction. She started to clean the hull with the scrubber. Val came outside after 20 minutes and picked up the waxing buffer. She had taken a few moments to brush her hair and tie it back. “Where you at ‘Chelle?”

“Got this side done from the stern. Just work your way behind me.”

“I’ll work behind you.” I said with a bit of attitude.

“I bet you would. Just like you do behind Mom. Now behave, Daaad.” Michelle said, putting extra emphasis on “Dad,” almost scolding me.

By the time I had the sails on, Michelle was done cleaning the hull and starting to polish the chrome. Val wasn’t far behind her with the wax. “Can you ladies finish up here while I run to the shop and pick up the food for tonight?”

“Sure, Babe. ” Val said. “Leave us with all the work.” You could hear the sarcasm in her voice. There wasn’t much chrome and Michelle could polish it faster than anyone I knew. She loved this boat like I did and getting her to work on it was never a problem.

I grabbed a quick shower and headed for my restaurant. I usually cook at home for parties pendik escort but I decided to have my staff cook this time so I could socialize. The ladies were already done with the boat and picking up tools and rags when I headed out. I kissed Val on the forehead as we passed. “See you in a bit.”

“Bye, Babe.”

It was only a 15 minute drive to pick up the meat for pulled pork sandwiches and the other food, but before I got there I got a text from Val saying she and Michelle were going to run and get a few things. With that in mind I took a little time to check over the books from the last couple of days and sort out a few minor problems. Before I knew it, I had been at work for two hours and needed to get going. On the way home, I realized that during the time I was gone, Val had not texted me about where I was. Maybe they were still shopping and I would get a pass on spending too much time at work.

I got home and saw both vehicles so I knew they were home. I put the food in the fridge and started down the hall. Just as I got to the bedroom door I heard Val’s voice. “Oh yes… Yes… Right there baby girl… Just like that…Oh God!”

The door was pushed shut but not latched. I opened it just enough to see what was happening. Val was on her back, naked and pinching her nipples. Michelle was also naked and between Val’s legs, sucking on her clit and working a vibrator into her pussy. I was immediately hard looking at this show. I stripped off my clothes and stroked my cock. I didn’t go in the room. I wanted to let them have their time together but I was still going to enjoy it.

Michelle plunged and twisted the toy into her mom. She was focused on what she was doing but Val opened her eyes enough to see me. She wiggled a finger at me telling me to come on in. I walked into the room beside the bed and leaned over my wife, taking a nipple into my mouth and sucking hard.

Michelle looked up from her mom’s pussy when she noticed someone else in the room. “Daddy! Mom and I went shopping!”

“You call this shopping?” I asked.

“No silly. Mom took me to the toy store. She got me a vibrator. See?” She pulled the toy from my wife’s pussy and held it up. It was about 8 inches long and curved at the end to reach the G-spot. “Mom says it will help me squirt.”

“Put that back in and make me cum.” Val sternly said.

Michelle went back to work on her mom. She pushed the vibe back into her and moved up to suck a tit. I latched onto Val’s other tit and reached behind Michelle to finger her pussy. She shook her ass at the intrusion and said, “Not now. I’ve cum twice. I’m sore.”

I stopped sucking Val’s nipple. “What have you two been doing?”

“Stop talking and get me off!” Val screamed and pulled both our heads to her tits.

I realized that we had better listen, so I sucked hard on Val’s right tit and fingered her clit while Michelle sucked on the left tit and worked the vibe in her snatch. Val held both of our heads tight to her 38DD breasts. Michelle and I pleasured her and the only goal was to make her cum.

“Oh God. YESSSSS…FUCK ME…YES…YES…OH GOD I”M CUMMING!” she screamed and let loose with a flood of cream like I had never seen. Her hips lifted into the air and she fought Michelle to get the vibrator out of her. With the obstruction clear I saw six streams of cum shoot from her pussy. There may have been more. The bed was soaked. The wet spot was wider than her hips. There was pussy juice all the way to the end of the bed and even some on the floor. Michelle’s hand was covered. I reached down and flicked Val’s clit one more time. She quickly shoved my hand away from her sensitive button but not until I felt another jet of cum leave her body.

I wanted to kiss my wife but my daughter was already there. Michelle was soothing Val, stroking her hair and face. She was kissing her lightly, just like Val had done to her last night. Val was deep red from her face to her nipples. Between kisses Michelle was whispering. “Was that good Mommy?… Did Mommy cum hard?… Can we do this again?.” My two ladies were becoming cum sluts. Well, Val already was. I knew that. But Michelle couldn’t get enough. I rolled a rubber onto my still hard cock and eased up behind my little girl, rubbing it against her snatch.

“Fuck me.” she whispered, still giving attention to her mother.

I adjusted my position slightly and entered Michelle. She was warm, wet and tight, just light last night. This time I did not need lube. Her pussy was providing enough. I held her hips and slowly pulled her to me. I pumped my cock into her with increasing speed but still let her kiss and love her mom.

As my orgasm neared, I reached around and grabbed both of her teenage tits. Her breasts were hanging low despite their youthful firmness. Her nipples were hard nubs. I pinched them as I trust into her one last time and emptied my load. I just held her there, enjoying the feel of the fresh young pussy that only I had ever entered. My cock softened and slipped tuzla escort out of her. Only then did I release her breasts and climb onto the bed. Val had regained most of her composure at this point and Michelle snuggled between us. I caressed her back enjoying my post orgasmic bliss.

“What time is it?” Val asked.

I rolled over and looked at the clock. “SHIT! It’s 5:30. People will be here in half an hour.” I jumped out of bed and headed for the shower. “I’ll start setting up when I get out. You two get cleaned up and help as soon as you can.”

“Got it Dad.” Michelle said, climbing off the bed and heading for her bathroom. Val joined me in the shower as I was rinsing off. Nothing had to be said. After 25 years together we had a coordinated routine. I would be shaved and clear of the bathroom by the time she was out of the shower. She could then do her hair and make up without me in the way.

I quickly shaved, threw on my clothes and headed for the kitchen. I got the meat in a crock-pot to warm and started laying out all side dishes. As soon as Michelle joined me, I started giving instructions like I was at work. We had most of it done when the first guests arrived, Val’s younger sister Margie and her scumbag boyfriend, Tony. He headed straight for the garage refrigerator and helped himself to a beer.

“A little light on booze aren’t you?” he said when he returned. I just wanted to kick him in the teeth.

“There’s plenty outside on the patio in the cooler.” I said. Tony scurried outside to get drunk.

I gave Margie a hug and kiss on the cheek. “I see you brought the pet monkey.” I said playfully.

“I need to get rid of him. If he could only find a job we…”

I cut her off. “He’ll never get better, but that’s not for tonight. Val has told me everything and we can talk later. She’s still getting ready if you want to talk to her.”

“Sounds good. Sure you don’t need any help.”

“I got it. Go.” She scurried off to find her sister.

Michelle came in from the patio in a huff. “God, I hate that guy!”

“What happened now?”

“Tony came outside, chugged his beer, belched, grabbed another, and smacked my ass. Said I grew up real good.”

“I’ll deal with him later. Just stay away if you can.”

“He makes my skin…”

She stopped when the front door opened and a female voice said, “Knock. Knock.”

“Jae!” Michelle squealed and ran to her cousin. The two young ladies hugged and I pretended not to notice the lingering kiss.

Jae’s father was my wife’s older brother. He had tried to force himself on Val before we met and she didn’t speak to him. He was also strung out on meth and booze and that was the real reason they didn’t talk. We needed to keep that influence away from our daughter. Jae’s mother raised her until she was 16 then took off. Jae lived with Margie until she could make it on her own. It was during this time that the girls became close.

Jae was one more member of the family I wouldn’t mind sinking my cock into. She was stunning, 24 years old, 5 feet 4 inches, shoulder length brown hair, always in a pony tail, a little thick around the middle but not that you would notice. She kept herself in shape and had a nice toned ass and a gorgeous set of knockers, I was guessing 38D based on comparison to my ladies. There was not a set of small tits in this family except on Val’s mom. The ladies must have gotten their boobs from their Dad’s side of the family. Jae had worked as an exotic dancer for awhile and was now a bartender. I had seen her perform once at the club but managed to slide out without getting noticed.

“Come on, help me get some decorations up. We’re running a little behind.” Michelle said.

“Cool. Let’s go.” and they were out the door. Whenever these two got together you would swear the were both little kids by the way they acted.

I was just getting the last of the condiments out when Val and Margie emerged from the bedroom. “Hi, Beautiful.” I said to my lovely wife. “I’ve pretty well got it. Get some drinks and head outside. Jae is out there with Michelle.”

“Want some of our famous sangria?” she asked her sister.

“Works for me.”

“Hey, Margie. Keep Tony away from the girls.”

“What happened?” Val said with a combination of concern and annoyance,

“Nothing major. I’ll tell you later. Just enjoy the party.”

“OK, I guess.” Val was a little annoyed. Her patience with Tony was less than mine. They took their drinks and headed outside.

I hung a sign on the front door inviting people to come on in and decided tequila was in order. I made a good stiff drink and went to join the party.

Michelle and Jae were already in the pool. Finally I got to see the top of Michelle’s bikini. It was bright yellow with splashes of orange and it didn’t hide much. Jae was also in her bikini, a black thong number that was even smaller than my daughter’s. Val and her sister were chatting at the table and Tony was on beer number four. A couple more maltepe escort and the girls would have no trouble avoiding him.

“Hey Daddy.” Michelle yelled from the edge of the pool. “are we taking the boat out tomorrow?”

“Yes, Why?”

“Can Jae come with us?”

“Of course.”

The girls shrieked and hugged. It was like they were looking at the tree on Christmas morning.

Over the next few hours friends and relatives drifted in and out and Michelle’s pile of gifts and cards grew. Margie had to leave after about an hour to pour Tony’s drunk ass into bed. I lost count of how much he had to drink after six beers. Jae was the last to leave. She helped us clean up to the point of being able to call it a night. Michelle hugged and kissed her at the door and I thought I saw a little tongue action. Again, I just let it go.

“We’re leaving at six, right?” Michelle asked as she closed the door.

“That sounds about right.”

Michelle’s thumbs started hammering at her phone.

“Why? What’s up”

“I told Jae I would text the details. Hopi Lake. Right?”

“Yes, Hopi Lake. That’s where the slip has been for ten years.”

“Just wanted to make sure. I’ll have her meet us here. With the boat out of the water I thought we might be going to Porcupine Flats. We haven’t been there in ages.”

“I know but the cliffs block the wind. It’s hard to sail there.”

“Oh, that’s right. Good night.” Michelle came over and kissed me. I couldn’t resist pulling her swim suit top aside and thumbing a nipple. She moaned into my mouth. “Enough Daddy. We need sleep. I’ve got a surprise for you tomorrow.” She stood up and walked to her room. The little minx had her top off before she got out of the living room and lost her bottoms in the hallway. She stopped at her door, covered her breasts with one hand and blew me a kiss with the other. Then she disappeared into her room.

I turned to Val. “Have you been teaching her to be a tease?”

“I’ll never tell.” She laughed as she got up from the couch and dropped her shorts. “I’ve got a surprise for you too.” She bent over showing me the plug in her ass.

“How long has that been there?” I reached out and rubbed her firm globes, letting my thumbs push on the red plastic.

“All night. Margie put it in.”

“So, how is your sister’s pussy?” I asked before tonguing her butt just below the plug.

“Sweet as always. She misses your cock.”

“Um hmm.” I mumbled still licking her taint.

She stepped away from me and pulled me from the couch. “Come on big boy. Do my bottom.”

She led me by the hand into the bedroom. She bent over the bed with her feet still on the floor and wiggled her sexy butt. I slipped out of my clothes and slid my cock into Val’s dripping snatch. I didn’t move my dick much, but I grabbed her plug and pulled back on it, feeling it’s motion with my cock. Just before it popped free, I pushed it back in. Val let out a low moan. I continued to fuck her puckered hole with the plug while I held my position in her pussy. I reached under her with my other hand and fingered her clit. I kept up the assault on her ass by pulling the plug nearly out, stretching her hole wide before letting the plug slide back in. Even with the plug in her ass all night and the attention I was giving her clit, it took nearly five minutes for her to cum.

“God yes. Fuck my hole…God that’s good… Fuck me… Fuck me…FUCK MEEEEE!” Val was screaming loudly when she came. Her juices covered my cock and her ass tried to force out the plug. When I felt her pussy loosen it’s grip on me, I slowly pulled the plug from her ass, stretching her out on the widest part of the toy before letting her butt slowly close around it as it left her body. Her sphincter was spasming, grasping for the intrusion that was no longer there.

“That really does go in your ass! Holy shit!” I heard Michelle’s reaction. It startled me because I had no idea she was even in the room. Valerie had collapsed forward on the bed and had slid off my cock.

“When did you get in here?” I asked Michelle.

“Just before Mom came. She wasn’t exactly quiet.”

“Can you hand me the lube? Watch what happens next.” I said

“Sure Daddy.” Michelle said as she reached for the bottle on the dresser. There was no need to keep it in the drawer anymore.

Michele settled on the bed with her head at Val’s hip while I lubed my dick. “Are you going to come on Mom’s ass again?”

“Not exactly.” I said as I positioned myself at Val’s still slightly open rear. She wiggled her butt at the feeling of my cock against her.

“Your not going to put it in there?” Michelle asked as I slowly pushed into Val’s ass.

“Holy Fuck! You are!” Michelle exclaimed, watching me sink completely into my wife. Michelle’s love of swearing had developed quickly, right alongside her new love of fucking.

“Oh… fuck me, you dirty old man.” Val screamed when I was fully buried in her. She grabbed at the pillows as I started to give her a serious reaming. She caught Michelle’s knee and pulled it to her with the pillow.

Michelle lay there wide eyed as I roughly abused her mother’s rear entrance. I had hold of Val’s hips and was pounding hard into her, pulling back and ramming home fast as I could. I could feel the sweat building on my face as I hammered her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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