Military Mom’s Morning Ritual Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

Story contains consensual sex between mother and son, and scenes of dominance including creampie eating and enforced oral sex.


Cassie Eastman wasn’t one to dwell on decisions made.

Once made, she lived with the consequences and moved on. It was all part of who she was, a sexy 52-year-old single mom and retired Army sergeant living with her son. Her military ways suited her dominant nature.

Which included in her career, lording over men. And now in her retirement, since this morning anyway, lording over her son, 19-year-old Adam.

Cassie, quite by accident and owing to her son’s sluggish alarm clock, walked in on her boy sitting on the bed sucking his own cock. It had been a shock to both, to say the least. But given her military training and penchant for facing problems head on in a no-nonsense way, she came up with an immediate solution.

She helped Adam suck himself off.

And that was that, that’s what happened, and it was time to adjust to the consequences. She didn’t feel badly about what happened – nor did Adam, who after the initial shock, thoroughly enjoyed his mother’s mouth and hands on his cock and balls, helping him fill his cheeks with his own sperm and then sharing it.

Adam was a good kid, thoughtful and loving. He’d left for college after their interlude, but at first expressing concern that his mother hadn’t been taken care of.

And now later in the day as Cassie made dinner for them, she concocted a way to do just that.

Adam was a needy boy, he needed her love and care. And one way she had dealt with men like him was to be domineering and controlling. That’s what her son needed, she realized. And she’d be more than happy to provide it, as she knew Adam would likely be that she did.

It consumed his thoughts throughout the day at school, distracting him, thinking of what his mother had done that morning, what they had shared. And how that wall of separation of mother and son had been shattered, or at the very least created a more flexible one, the second she’d walked in and saw what he was doing.

He couldn’t wait to get home. He pulled into the driveway about 5 p.m. True to her military ways, his sexy MILF mom would have dinner ready precisely at 6, the way she did every day.

He smelled the savory chicken she was making as he opened the door and walked in. There at the sink stood his beautiful mom, with her short-cropped blonde hair, humming away as she cooked.

He loved what she was wearing: A pair of very tight fitting Army camo short-shorts, her usual around-the-house attire, tucked into boots, and above a very snug Army drab t-shirt that hugged her muscular torso and revealed her powerful arms.

She knew he was there, and waited as he plunked his bag down and raced up behind her, hugging her, pressing his aching, huge cock into that tight little ass and kissing her neck. He’d always wanted to do that, but never could, not until now, until after this morning had happened and changed both their lives forever.

He fully expected her compliance, her laughter, her turning to kiss him and make love to him.

He wasn’t expecting pain. It came as she expertly shot her foot back and up between his legs, crashing into his balls. He staggered back against the granite countertop, screaming in pain.

“MOM!” he cried out. “Christ, what the hell?”

She turned, unsmiling, the plan unfolding she’d been thinking of all day.

“Young man, I am making a point,” she said calmly, leaning on the sink, muscular arms folded under her small, well-formed and braless tits as he rubbed his crotch, looking at her in amazement. “The point is, you need discipline and will get it.”

“But…but this morning…I thought…”

“Yes, this morning, this morning was lovely, it really was, and I was happy to lend a…,” she said, smiling wryly, “hand, and whatever else needed for the job. And I will be again. Sucking your own cock was perfectly acceptable and normal, masturbation is, after all. But if left to your own devices, you would have been late for school. And that is not acceptable.”

She was toying with him, completely capturing his attention. She felt alive in doing so in a way she hadn’t for some time. And she was loving every second of the control, control is what fueled her fire and hers was slowly building into an inferno. She advanced slowly toward him and he stood, wary as she neared.

“So there will be discipline from now on,” she cooed, holding his shoulders, then wrapping her arms around him and kissing his lips gently, lovingly, scraping his mouth with her darting tongue, pressing her crotch into his. “On my terms. Understood, soldier?”

She smiled broadly. Adam instantly understood her game plan. And embraced it completely.

“Yes, Sgt. Mom,” he giggled, kissing her fully, accepting the tongue she slithered into his mouth.

Sgt. Mom. She liked that. It made her feel in control, in charge, as usual. And just the sound of it made her wet.

They kissed wantonly for a long, wet minute, moaning and groaning, flesh izmir escort bayan pressing into flesh, pans bubbling on the stove behind them. Cassie finally broke the kiss, holding him at arms’ length.

“The schedule will be: At 7 a.m. every day of the week, when you have classes, I will wake you up and we will suck your cock, relax you for the day ahead, and I’ll do anything else I deem appropriate and as time allows,” she said simply with a slight smile. “You will go to school. You will come home before dinner, which will be served at 1800 hours on the dot, and you will service me. There will be variations on this schedule on weekends and when either of us have activities that preclude such precise planning, but this is the schedule for the most part. Understood, soldier?”

He was completely caught up in her dominance, as playful as it may have seemed. The boot to his balls had signified how fully in control she was, and had to be. He smiled, stepped back and saluted sharply.

“Yes, Sgt. Mom!” he announced briskly.

“NCOs are not saluted, soldier,” she said with a dark smile. “We work for a living!”

They both laughed at the joke and now Cassie leaned back on the counter, slowly, playfully peeling off her t-shirt, her tiny tits flopping into view, making her son groan at the site.

“We have about 50 minutes until dinner,” she said, staring into his eyes and tweaking her thick brown nipples. “Plenty of time to service your sergeant mom…”

He needed no more instruction. He walked to her, moaning, cupping her fantastic little titties in his trembling hands, squeezing the firm flesh, attaching his mouth to one nipple, lapping wetly. She tilted her head back, running her hands through his blonde hair and groaning.

“That’s it, boy, that’s it, suckle Sgt. Mom’s titties, that’s it…mmmmm,” she moaning, feeling her pussy moisten.

He groaned, sucking them harder, fisting the meat of her tits in his hands, forcing as much as he could into his mouth. She rubbed his head, laughing, and pulled his adoring mouth of her boobs, leading him by the hand to the living room. Sitting on the couch, she drew him to his knees, the young man’s eyes staring at his mother’s beautiful, muscular legs that now spread before him.

“Massage my legs, I’ve had a long day,” she sighed, sitting back, hands cupped behind her head.

“Yes, Sgt. Mom,” he moaned, anxious to caress that part of her luscious body that appealed to him the most.

He put his hands around her right calf, squeezing the hard flesh, kneading and relaxing it as she watched with approving eyes. He worked that calf, then the other, slowly working his way up to her meaty but solid thighs, groaning as he watched them yield to his touch, his fingers digging into every sexy muscle. Her shorts rode up as he worked under them, his fingers dancing close to her pussy, and then slipping under her wet thong, tickling her juicy slit.

“I did NOT say massage my pussy, soldier!” she growled, suddenly snapping her legs up and around his face, locking it between her thighs that flexed into ropy strands of steely muscle as she squeezed.

“Yes…Sgt… Mom…” he groaned, hands cupping the legs crushing his skull, amazed at the thickness of firmness, his neck compressed by the interior muscles, slowing the blood to his brain and bringing him to the edge of unconsciousness.


“What, let you go?” she laughed, pulsating her incredible thighs into his neck, addling him further, his mind foggy. “No one escapes my scissor holds, soldier, you know how many times I’ve knocked other men out in my legs? Now, massage them, as instructed…”

He did, barely, hardly able to stay awake. His toes and fingers tingled as he dug his hands into the steely flesh of her crushing thighs, rubbing as best he could. She finally let him go and he slumped to his haunches, shaking the blood back into his head.

“Take off my shorts,” she barked.

He obeyed, eagerly, unsnapping her belt and slipping her shorts over her legs and boots. He looked at her tiny thong, soaking wet over her neatly trimmed bush.

“This, too, Sgt. Mom?” he asked, licking his lips.

“Of course, silly boy,” she hissed.

He did, pulling the panty away and staring at what it revealed. She peeled off her top and now sat completely naked, save for her low rolled socks over her military boot tops, spreading her thighs.

“Lick my legs,” she said, pointing to her calves. “Start there.”

She was toying with him, making him wait to eat her pussy, which was the only thing on his mind at the moment. But he obeyed her as she lifted her right calf and plunked it on his left shoulder, his head snapping to it, attaching his mouth to the bulging muscle and lapping like a dog on a bone. She smiled as he licked, suckling the flesh, tonguing every muscular separation, working his way up the silky crook of her knee.

He lifted the leg up, the hamstrings tight and well defined, running his tongue into the sexy striations it found there, then lapping, moaning as he worked.

She escort izmir dropped that leg and offered the other and he repeated the process, reveling in the touch of his tongue to that hard flesh, the taste, salty and warm, running over the calf to the thigh. She dropped it to the floor and he followed, licking her rippling quad muscles as she held the leg out straight, flexing, popping the muscles out.

“I do have great legs for an old woman, don’t I?” she giggled, watching her slave son worship her gorgeous gams.

“Oh, GOD yes, Sgt. Mom!” he gushed, mouthing her luscious thighs, hands cupping her calves.

“You’ve earned this,” she snarled, putting her hands over his head and pulling it to her dripping chasm. “Lick me!”

He hadn’t eaten many pussies in his young life, and it showed. His attempts were clumsy and uncoordinated as he rammed his tongue into his mother’s silky cunt, groaning and feeling like he’d cum in his pants just from the initial contact with her musky pussy, and the delicious saline tang to it. She slammed her thighs around his head in a warning scissors, squeezing him and tilting his head up to face her.

“I said LICK me, not ATTACK me!” she roared, loosening her leggy grip. “Try again…”

Chastened, he looked at her pussy, and then slowly stuck out his tongue, unsure of where to put it.

“Long strokes at first, soldier boy,” she said calmly. “I will give you instructions, so pay attention. Put your tongue at my hole and then very slowly lick up…and down…and up…and down…gooooood, that’s it…”

He was working it skillfully, with his mother’s guidance, his tongue melting into her juicy lips, running up the meaty folds and down again. His eyes were wide open, staring, seeing the thick clit poking free of its hood, shiny, wet and waiting.

“This is how you warm up a woman, slowly…every woman is different, with different needs and wants, but this is a good place to start,” Cassie cooed, watching her son intently lap her pussy. “That’s right, now speed it up, a little faster…and now, the clit, run that tongue over it, around it…oooooo, yeah, that’s it…”

He was proud of himself, making his mother moan, writhe on the couch, her slender hips wiggling side to side, thighs spreading wider. His tongue made little circles over the nubbin, and felt her moistness spreading on his chin and lips.

“A little trick,” she laughed. “Spell out the alphabet on my clitty…with your tongue…write the letter A…then B…and I assume you know the rest…”

He’d heard of this trick before, but hadn’t done it, and now he was, on his mother’s juicy clit. One letter at a time, slowly, deliberately, he traced the letters out, noting with great pleasure her pleasure, her moans growing louder and more frequent, her hips moving faster. She groaned, holding his ears in her hands, as she started to cum, drawing those dangerous thighs closer to his head.

“Oh fuck…yeah, that’s put your lips ON your mother’s clit and suck and lick it, boy, do it!” she screamed.

Her thighs locked up again, her cunt gushing against his trapped face, the boy swallowing and sucking and lapping at his mother’s clit, her juices filling his mouth. He groaned at the insistent crush of her thighs, and behind him he heard the sexy creaking of her leather boots locked together. She came long and hard, completely coating his face, his hands embracing her thighs that quivered to his touch as she squeezed her way to a throbbing orgasm.

She finally let go, peeling the flesh of her gripping thighs from his face, laughing as she wiped it clean with her finger and popped it into his mouth to be sucked clean. She leaned forward, pulling his face to hers, licking her fluid from his lips and chin, kissing him and thrusting her tongue into his moaning mouth.

“Very good, soldier, you’re learning,” she growled, biting his lip and then pulling him up to kneel between her spread thighs.

She wrapped her legs around him, arms around his shoulders, pulling his crotch to hers, moaning at the feel of his long, hard cock pressing against her through his pants. She dry fucked him now, kissing him, pushing back against his dick, squeezing him to her. Reaching between them, she quickly unsnapped his pants, tugging out his wet dick and fisting it toward her cunt.

“Oh my GOD!” he bellowed into her smiling mouth as her hungry pussy ingested the first few inches of cock, the velvety grip nearly putting him over the orgasmic edge.


The oven timer rang. Nonchalantly, she pushed him back to the floor, his unsatisfied cock bobbing wetly in the air, an astonished look on his face.

“Mom! Don’t…what…please!” he begged.

She smiled, stood up and pulled her camo shorts back on, walking away, his eyes drawn to her flexing legs.

“Dinner’s ready,” she said. “We have a schedule to keep.”

He groaned in disappointment, standing and stuffing his stiff dick back into his pants. He walked into the kitchen where his mom was doling out food onto plates.

“Relax soldier,” izmir escort she laughed, slapping her own meaty ass. “There’s more coming…”

They ate, engaging in easy conversation about their day, what she did, his studies, every ordinary topic on the table except the one most on their minds. But that’s the way Cassie preferred it, wanting to keep her young soldier slave on edge, in her control. After dinner, they cleared the table and Cassie loaded up the dishwasher, turning it on and returning to the sink to clean the pots and pans.

“Now,” she growled seductively over her shoulder as she slowly shucked her camo shorts, standing on slightly spread legs, her succulent white ass cheeks spreading. “An after-dinner snack…”

He blinked. Was his mother suggesting…telling him to eat her asshole?

“What are you waiting for, soldier?” she asked, pointing to her butt. “My ass isn’t gonna eat itself!”

“Holy shit,” he moaned, hitting his knees, attaching his trembling hands to that fantastic ass, spreading the cheeks, her rosebud anus winking at him.

He dove in, forgetting all about the previous instruction about eating her pussy, burying his face deep into her spread ass flesh, driving his tongue into the wrinkled pucker. She growled with delight, wiggling her fanny back, spreading her feet apart to give his face deeper access.

“That’s my boy,” she sighed. “This is one time where an all-out attack…a rear assault, if you prefer, is the best battle tactic!”

He was going to town on his mother’s asshole, lancing the spear of his tongue as deeply into it as he could, his mouth open wide and around it, plunging, probing. She groaned with pleasure as he feasted on her asshole, moving them both over slightly and now pressing her cunt into the corner of the dishwasher, taking advantage of its pleasurable vibrations.

“Yeah…that’s it…fuck yes…deeper…faster…dig in, boy, dig into your Sgt. Mom’s ass!” she screamed.

She came, thrusting her cunt against the dishwasher, her ass flexing and folding around her son’s face, drawing it inside and completely smothering him in her butt cheek’s crushing embrace. He couldn’t breathe, nor did he care to, he was thoroughly buried inside his mother’s commanding asshole and at the moment, there was no place on Earth he’d rather be, even as he fought to breath in the sweaty confines of her gripping butt flesh.

She finally stopped cumming, relinquishing her grip on his face, her fluttering ass opening and relaxing, popping his head out. He sat back gasping for air, and she turned to look down at his smiling face.

“Mission accomplished,” she growled, pulling him up off the floor and shucking his pants down to his feet, his cock springing up.

She sat back on the counter, legs open, pulling him toward her. With her sultry eyes locked on his, she grabbed his dick, sheathing the first few inches into her soaking-wet pussy, locking her legs slowly around him until he was fully inside her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him.

“Fuck me,” she snarled, squeezing her thighs hard on his slender middle, making him moan. “Fuck your sergeant mother…”

He didn’t have to be told twice, thrusting into her, deep and hard, pumping his young cock into the cunt of his birth, ramming it in and out, her legs loosening just enough to allow him space to pound away at her. She came as he fucked her, from the friction of cock in pussy but more from the forbidden nature of their tryst. She was fucking her son. Her son was fucking her.

“Oh…oh shit…oh GOD, Mom…SGT. MOM! I’m gonna…” he grunted, licking his mother’s neck as his face nestled into it.

“Do NOT cum, soldier, not without permission!” she growled, squeezing his ribs until they ached, bending in her grip.

“But…Oh fuck…Sgt. Mom..may I cum?” he shrieked.

She made him wait, drawing out a very long minute of pushing into him, onto him, her velvety heat encompassing his young dick, slapping into his balls.

“You…may…cum,” she growled. “And then have some creampie for dessert!”

His mind was a complete fuck fog now, blurry, out of control as he drove into her, balls aching then releasing the long pent-up load. Thick jets of spunk blasted into his mother’s hot cunt, filling her womb, over and over, relentless and copious, the hardest orgasm of his life. Or at least since this morning when they both sucked him dry.

“FUCK!!” he screamed, nutting into his mom, holding her tight, her arms and legs and pussy feeling every tremble of his body as he did.

He slowed, stopped, held inside her. They both felt the trickle of cum escape her. She smiled, pushing him out, the cool air rushing over and into her heated cunt. He looked down into the well of her open pussy, a thick plug of white forming there, a little rivulet running into her asshole below.

“Eat up,” she growled, pointing.

He sighed, hitting his knees and those thighs closed around him again, pulling him to her drippy, sloppy hole. He put his mouth to it and ate, deep and long, slurping his cum from his mother’s pussy, drilling his tongue inside to scoop out every drop. He gulped, swallowed, went back for more, enduring his mother’s crushing scissor lock around his head as she ground out another orgasm into his adoring face.

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