Milking Grandma’s Preemie Ch. 03

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A continuing story, this part of consensual sex between two hot older women.


It had certainly been an interesting few weeks.

For starters, I made my grandson Bradley cum in his pants.

Then I seduced him, having sex with him, raw, romantic wonderful sex.

And we continued to. Often. And with ever-increasing passion.

Weeks later, I confessed to my best friend, Tobey. Which caused us to admit our sexual attraction for one another.

Whereupon Tobey and I devised a plan for her to seduce him by my pool. Which I watched, secretly, and later blew him and swallowed his load in the kitchen. And after that, she fingered his tight little asshole to make him cum again, with me in the adjacent room.

An interesting few weeks may be putting it mildly.

My name is Lannie Markum. I am 64, a sexy 64 I must say, silver haired, well kept and with a voracious sexual appetite which recently has taken those interesting turns.

Bradley, my handsome, strapping 19-year-old grandson, had come to help me one day putting away things in my attic, and later changing light bulbs in my kitchen.

I’d been on a ladder, the young man’s hands cupping my thighs in my sinfully short shorts, and I couldn’t help but notice his growing sexual attraction, evidenced by his moans and groans as he held my muscular old legs and, I presumed, looking up under my shorts to my ass as he did.

I’d stumbled backwards, onto his shoulders and straddling them with my thighs, which led me to shifting around to accidentally push my pussy into his face.

I say accidentally, but at my sexual core I knew it was something I wanted to happen.

And it did, as we stumbled about awkwardly, my crotch at his shocked face, my thighs locked tight and keeping him in place, and we fell to the floor, with Bradley’s sexual urgency increasing to the point the poor boy ejaculated in his pants.

Which should have been where I left it, where propriety should have precluded more, something I should have resisted the urge to continue. But I didn’t. I couldn’t. After the initial shock and embarrassment of us both, I then seduced my grandson.

And it was glorious, forbidden and perverse and the best sex I’d ever had.

We couldn’t stop, and continued to have sex whenever possible, keeping it between us, telling no one. Who would believe us, who could believe such a thing would happen? Who wanted to be judged for it? What could be more perverse than a grandmother having sex with her grandson?

But it gnawed at me, more and more until that afternoon when one of my best friends stopped by, Tobey Wolfsen, a 61-year-old free spirit in whom I’d often confided my deepest, darkest secrets.

I don’t know what possessed me to tell her, perhaps it was the wine we were drinking, perhaps it was the urge to tell someone, particularly Tobey, whom I knew to be liberal and non-judgmental. As I told her, I was comforted to see her be far from shocked.

In fact, she embraced and encouraged it and at the same time, confessed her own sexual attraction to me.

Which made me admit mine of hers.

And then we concocted a plan of her own seduction of the dear boy. She would borrow a bathing suit from me, and in which she looked stunning, and have her way with Bradley after I left the house for awhile under the pretense of doing business.

The plan, of course, included me sneaking back to watch from my pantry where my delicious friend seduced my grandson, sucking his cock and sharing his cum with him, and then fucking him as she hung from the diving board.

Then, feigning my return from “work,” I took my grandson inside where, as he watched Tobey lounging by the pool through the slider, I knelt in my kitchen and sucked him off.

Moments after that, as I sat in the other room watching in a mirror as I pretended to work on my laptop, Tobey finger fucked Bradley’s asshole to worm another load from the dear boy, his fourth in very little time.

An extraordinary afternoon to say the least. It didn’t seem possible it could escalate into the even more sexually surreal. But it did and rather quickly.

Bradley left for home to get ready for a date that night, a date for which I and Tobey had milked him, to take the edge off his premature ejaculation problem.

And now we sat at my kitchen counter, facing each other, she still in my two-piece yellow bathing suit and smelling of sweat and sun tan oil and Bradley’s cum, me in my sensible business skirt and top.

“Well now,” Tobey hissed, licking her palm into which Bradley had oozed his last load moments earlier under her anal manipulation and now bringing it to my lips for a swipe of my tongue as she kissed me. “Where were we…”

“I think…we’re about to start something very…special…” I said breathlessly, accepting her long tongue into my mouth.

“I have always, ALWAYS wanted to do this, baby!” she hissed, biting my tongue as she sucked it into her own mouth. “ALWAYS!”

She at first izmir escort bayan sucked on it, treating my tongue like a small, wet cock, slurping it in and out of my mouth before locking her lips to mine to kiss me with intense passion, both of us making out like long-lost lovers finding themselves again.

My arms slipped around her waist, hers around my shoulders, our chests mashed to one another’s, my larger breasts hot against her tiny ones, mouths locked, tongues wetly wrestling. We kissed like horny teens, my pussy flooding as we stood, holding each other tight.

She broke the kiss, smiling at me with mischief in her beautiful eyes, and backed me toward the living room to playfully push me to my back on the couch. She flung herself atop me with her deliciously athletic body, grinning down at me and holding my arms above my head in a wrestling pin.

“You always were the take-charge type, weren’t you?” I giggled, as she lay flat on me, kissing my cheeks, lapping down to my neck to make me gasp as she licked my wattle, which I’d always hated but which she now feasted on, sucking the meaty fleshiness of it, spreading my legs to push her crotch into mine. “GOD, Tobey, you are so sexy!”

“Honey, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet,” she snarled, nipping at my neck.

I heard my own animal moans escape my lips as she continued to work my throat, letting go of my hands to tear my blouse open, buttons clattering on the floor, and pull my bra down to suck the wrinkled cleavage and lap at the salty gap between my boobs.

I was overcome by her dominant nature, relishing in the sexual attack mode she was in as she ran her hands up and down my arms as they lay stretched out above my head, massaging and caressing them. Her crotch pumped into mine as my short skirt rode up to my hips, my thighs wide to accept her thrusting hips.

“Oh my God, Tobey…my God my God my God…” I groaned as she gobbled the thick meaty flesh of my tits, now fisting them in her strong hands, my own hands running through her silky blonde hair.

“God ain’t gonna help you now, bitch,” she snarled. “You are all MINE!”


She cupped the fleshy boobs hard in her fingers, lapping around the nipple and flicking her long tongue over the engorged flesh, then suckling on each one like a baby at its mother’s teat.

I arched my back as she did, thrusting my pussy against hers, locking my long legs around her slender waist and squeezing as she nursed at my boobs.

“Love your legs, baby, love ’em locked around me,” she hissed, biting my nipples and making me yelp in sweet pain. “Squeeze me, baby, keep me tight against your hot pussy!”

She suckled on my tits for a long minute, pumping her crotch to mine, and then pushed my legs apart to kneel up between my thighs and peel off her bikini top as she smiled at me, her tiny little titties bouncing into view. I groaned at the sight of them and slithered out of my skirt and panties, exposing my dripping bush to her.

She looked at it, licking her lips and peeled out of her bottom, showing me the soaking wet crotch panel.

“Wow, I did that to you?” I laughed.

“Oh yeah,” she hissed, shocking me by holding it to my nose. “Smell it…lick it…”

I did, relishing her funky cunt smell, musky and ripe. She laughed and pulled it to her face to do the same. Tossing it aside, she drew me up to my knees.

“God, Tobey, I can’t believe this…I can’t believe this is happening!” I cried out as we now knelt up on the couch, face to face, kissing and holding one another, naked bodies sweaty and warm and pressed tightly together, our flesh slick and slippery.

“Oh, it’s happening, girlfriend, it is SO happening!” she growled, kissing me and pumping her pussy against mine. “God, Lannie, you are so fucking sexy!”

She forced me to my back again, slowly straddling my hips, her legs over them, mashing her own hairy pussy to mine, clit to clit and starting a pounding rhythm, her hands on my tits tweaking the nipples as she sat up grinding me.

“OH FUCK OH FUCK!” I screamed as her slender ass bounced up and down, slamming her pussy into mine, her fingers working my titties.

“Feels good, doesn’t it baby!” Tobey growled, eyes wide and watching me writhe beneath her. “It’s calling tribbing, sweetheart, when I fuck your pussy with MY pussy! Do ya like it, baby, huh, do ya!”


I put my hands on her thrusting thighs, relishing the tight feel of the twitching sinew and muscle under her luscious, soft skin, and then ran them back to cup her madly flexing ass.

I grabbed the quivering meatiness of her superb butt flesh, squeezing and massaging her gorgeous cheeks as she continued to pound her leaking, wet pussy into mine, drenching my pubic hair.

She looked down at me, grinning madly, and then bent over as she tribbed me.

“Suck ’em, baby, suck my little titties!” she howled, squeezing her impossibly tiny but undeniably sexy boobs together.

I escort izmir yelped with pleasure as she continued to ride my cunt and I hungrily lapped at her amazingly tiny tits, mauling them in my trembling hands and leaning up to suckled on her unbelievably long, hard nipples.

They were gorgeous and tasty, long and thick, like meaty little cocks and I sucked on each one, biting until she barked in sweet pain and then lapped my way to the other to chew on that one.

All the while, Tobey relentlessly pounded away at my cunt with hers, our bodies now slick with sweat.

“CUMMING!!” I screamed into her gorgeously small tits as she ground herself against me.

It was like an out of body experience, an orgasm unlike any other I’d experienced with a man or woman. Tobey’s pussy was merciless and precise, her clit grinding against mine and triggering an explosion from deep within as she smothered my face in her slick chest.

I came for an insanely long time, feeling my pussy juices gush into her cunt, and as it finally abated, slowed her circular hip thrusts. She stopped, pulling back, popping my moaning mouth off her delicious tits.

“Mmmm, that was fun,” she growled, sucking on my lips, probing my mouth with her tongue. “Now…MY turn!”

“Oh GOD yes, please, please let me eat your cunt!” I cried out, watching her slide that tight little body up my torso, a devilish grin on her expectant face.

“Such a filthy mouth, you little whore!” she laughed darkly, brushing her dripping, bushy cunt over my tits and straddling my face, her delicious wetness at my straining lips. “Lemme put that potty mouth to better use, bitch!”

I hadn’t eaten a pussy in too many years, but it all came back to me as I lay under her writhing crotch, lapping madly up and down her lips and sucking on her unexpectedly large clit, an oily nub that dripped with her juices, tasting like nectar in my mouth.

She was cumming, continuously, endlessly, her pussy leaking fluid that dripped onto my chin and down my neck. I was a woman possessed as I eagerly ate my beautiful friend’s cunt, lashing the length of it and then attaching my mouth to that delicious nubbin.

“FUCK YES EAT IT BABY EAT MY CUNT!!” Tobey screamed, holding still as my tongue lanced the furry slit. “SUCK IT SUCK THAT FUCKING CLIT!”

I obeyed, like I needed to be told, and wrapped my lips around the juicy nub of meat, bobbing my head back and forth, blowing her female organ, her cunt gushing wet, my face soaked with her delicious fluids as she pumped right back.

“AY! AY! AY!” she squealed in high-pitched yelping voice, snapping her hips back and forth, her delicious little ass flexing in muscular waves under my hands as I massaged her tight little buns.

She came hard and with brutal intensity, pounding her pussy to my sucking mouth, her butt jiggling, her thighs now coming together to frame my face, squeezing me to her liquid cunt. She cupped my head in her hands as she forcefully sat on my face, pulling up and burying my mouth into her cumming pussy, crushing my face in her gripping thighs and grinding herself to orgasm on my sucking lips.

The pain-pleasure line was a blur now, my lungs aching for air, my jawbones feeling like they’d crack in the inward crush of her powerful thighs, my hands pawing at them, trying to pull them apart to breathe, loving the steely feel of her sinewy muscular legs in my hands.

I lapped furiously, hungrily, devotedly, feeling her oozing juices coat my face into a slimy moaning mask.

“FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK!!” she screamed as she came, smothering me in her beautifully hairy pussy, cutting off my air, my brain numb from lack of oxygen, her thighs crushing against the side of my slavishly sucking face. “OHGODOHGODOHGOD!!”

It hurt in that good way sexual hurt does, the outside world melting away, the only thing in mine at the moment the sweet agony of being smothered in my lover’s pussy, her powerful thighs squeezing my head, her cunt oozing thick orgasmic fluid that slithered down my throat, nearly choking me.

Tobey finally stopped, releasing her hands from my head and spreading her legs, putting one knee up on the arm of the couch. She looked down between her legs, grinning madly as her breathing slowed to normal, her face dripping sweat.

I grinned up at her through the goo coating my lips, gasping for air, my chest heaving.

“God…Tobey…couldn’t breathe…” I panted, smacking my lips and running my tongue over them to scoop her cream inside. “It was…so fucking…good…”

“Holy shit girl, you always been that good at eating pussy?” she laughed, reaching down to tweak my nose and wipe some of her cum into my mouth, my tongue eagerly licking her fingers clean.

“Yeah, back in the day,” I hissed. “But back in the day…I never did this…”

With that, I lapped down her cunt and twisted my head to the side to run my tongue over her tasty twat and into the delicious rosebud of her tight little asshole.

“Oh FUCK, Lannie, izmir escort YES!” she screamed, gripping the couch with her hands so tightly her knuckles went white. “OH FUCKING EAT IT EAT MY ASSHOLE!!”

I spread her tiny cheeks, spearing her tight anal pucker with my tongue, thrusting it in and out, and clamping my thighs together around my cunt, grinding myself to another, sneaky little orgasm as I devoured my friend’s delicious asshole, the forbidden nature of it overpowering and raw.

“Damn, girlfriend, you just LOVE my asshole!” she laughed, spreading her cheeks now with her own hands to allow me deeper access. “Get in there, baby, get WAY up my ass!”

I couldn’t talk, couldn’t think, couldn’t do anything but continue to lick her asshole inside and out, running my tongue into it deeply and then pulling out to lap the tasty little wrinkles and up and around her muscular little cheeks.

All the while, I realized, I was thrusting my own hips into the air, my pussy hungry for more. But I couldn’t stop devouring Tobey’s cheeks and rectal ring, burying my face inside, trying to smother myself in her crushing ass flesh.

“GOD, Tobey…why haven’t I done this…why haven’t WE done this…damn, I love your sexy little butt, girl…” I snarled, taking a breath and thrusting my mouth back to her asshole, lancing my tongue inside.

“Well, you’re damn good at it for an ass-licking novice,” she laughed, now twisting around to sit squarely on my face, those muscular little cheeks holding it in place as she faced my fee. “Here, eat it good, baby, while I do YOU!”

I screamed with pleasure as suddenly she leaned forward to drill my pussy with her right hand, four fingers slipping easily inside my gushing cunt, fucking me with rapid, powerful strokes. My screams were lost in her tight little ass as she worked me, my thighs spread and quivering as she finger fucked me harder and faster, now using the fingers of her other hand to diddle my clit.

“OH FUCK TOBEY OH FUCK!!” I bellowed into the meaty depths of her smooth ass.

She sat up and back, completely burying my face into her tight cheeks, my tongue flying in and out of her hole as she kept working my cunt with both hands, thrusting the fingers of one inside me, the others dancing in a fluid dance over my clit, triggering a mind-blowing orgasm that had me writhing uncontrollably beneath her.

Her fingers slammed into me, the squishing sounds echoing throughout my living room, the sofa cushions splattered with my juices as Tobey’s hand cruised in and out of me faster and harder.

“Yeah, baby, yeah,” she grunted, working her magic fingers with sinful precision, hitting all my triggers. “Cum for me, baby, cum for me!”

I did, exploding around her hands, drenching her fingers. My body convulsed, snapping madly from right to left as I came, my face still imprisoned in her clutching ass, sweat running down her back in the stifling summer heat, dripping into her ass cleavage and into my mouth for me to savor and gobble down.

My twitching stopped slowly as I kept my mouth sealed around her tasty asshole, flicking my tongue in and out of it. Tobey finally pulled her dripping fingers out of my cunt, twisting her body around and ramming them into my mouth. I tasted my own cum, sucking the fingers, lapping the cream from them and thrusting my hips up into her other hand which she continued to work at my tender clit.

“Oh, FUCK, Tobey, fuck, fuck, fuck,” I hissed, holding her forearm like a cock and stroking her fingers into my mouth, anxious for the taste of my own cum.

“You’re such a little slut!” she laughed, fingering my mouth and licking my lips.

“Mmmm, YOUR little slut, baby,” I cooed.

We kissed for a moment, face to face atop each other, before Tobey quickly flipped me to my belly beneath her. My ass was upturned and she growled at the sight of the meaty white orbs, playfully slapping them. I squealed in mock pain, welcoming it, feeling the sting of her hands as one by one they paddled my butt flesh.

“God, that’s hot, baby, so hot,” I groaned, squirming beneath her. “Harder! Spank me harder!”

“Freaky cunt, I’m learning SO much about you!” Tobey laughed. “OK, you asked for it…”

She pushed me off the couch, sat down and pulled me back over her lap, my ass awaiting her. She raised her hand and slammed it down, the open palm ringing off my left cheek, and again and again, cheek to cheek, the pain delicious, sharp and intense. I howled in sweet agony, begging for more breathlessly.

“PLEASE!” I gasped in a voice thick and raspy with lust. “PLEASE MORE MORE!!”

“Sure thing, sugar bottom, gonna spank your nasty lezzie ass raw!” she hollered.

I never felt anything like it as Tobey continued to spank me with her flailing hand, then both hands, slamming them into each cheek. The pain was surreal and powerful, each slap sending sexual shocks, electric and powerful, coursing through my ass, directly into my pussy.

I ground into those luscious, creamy, hard thighs I lay across, screaming in sweet pain as she continued to pummel my bum.

“You are twisted, baby, I love it,” Tobey snarled, wetting a finger and sliding it into my asshole, fucking me hard with it. “Here, try this!”

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