Mom Gives the Best Pleasure

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Ever since my sister had gotten married and moved in with her husband, my mom had been feeling very lonely. She was always alone at home. I lived at home and commuted to the university. And dad was always at work. I think my mom missed my sister so much she used to cry at times. I had often seen her swollen eyes when I got back from school.

When I got back home, mom always got energized. She brought me food and used to tell me all the things that happened during the day, who called, and who she talked to on phone and things like that. I had never looked at my mom sexually. She was 40 years old, but she was skinny and had a shapely body. She didn’t have the biggest tits but they were proportionate to her height and body weight. Even though we are Indian and pretty conservative, mom had always been a rebel of sorts. She never did anything crazy but she didn’t mind letting us watch American movies and we never had to change channels when a French kiss or sex scene came around. Heck, when I was little, mom even used to dress in front of me. She used to ask me to hook her bra from the back, hand her the panties from the closet and things like that. But this was way back. She had stopped doing this ever since she noticed little streaks of pubic hair growing around my cock while bathing me. And then once I even got an erection while she was helping be take a bath. This was the last straw for her I guess and she never dressed in front of me after that. She also stopped bathing me since then and even I didn’t think about it too much. I was 18 now, and had girlfriends here and there. So I wasn’t overly horny as I was getting satisfied enough. She still asked me to help her hook her bra from the back sometimes. Now that I think of it, it might have been as far as her horniness took her. I don’t know, I might be speculating.

I think she had sex with my father really rarely since my dad was pretty old. She was sill attractive and could look like a fox when she had her days. She usually asked me to hook her bra from the back after she took a shower. I guess she had difficulty moving her arms behind her back sometimes, and since I was always home, and had been used to this since I was little, she just asked my help. She used to step out of the shower with only her shalwar (lose Indian pajamas) on and then got her bra from the closet. Then she used to call me in for help. By the time I got to her room she usually had the bra on her boobs and just asked me to hook it for her from the back. She was usually a free spirit and didn’t mind walking around the house with just her bra and shalwar or panties on when no one was home. I knew this since I had usually seen her walking to her room with her bra on as I got home from school. I guess she preferred to relax and only put her clothes on when I got home.


I was 20 when my sis got married and moved out. This episode happened one day after I got back home from school. As I have said above, my mom was usually a free flowing person. Although I had no intention of walking in on her, it happened and it happened so fast, both of us didn’t know what to think.

I had keys to the house and I used to just barge in. I guess mom had just taken a shower and left the bathroom as usual with only her bottoms on and no bra. And then I guess she must have heard the phone ring as she was near the phone in the living room when I walked in. I unlocked the door, threw my bag to the side, made the right turn toward the living room and saw the most shocking thing in my life.

My mom was there, with no top on, and her hand was scratching her ass as she was putting down the phone, with her back towards me. As soon as she heard me, she turned around to see who it was and was shell-shocked.

I had a complete and direct view of her B-cup tits, floating in the air. Her large brown nipples were erect because of the cold, and were staring at me straight in the eye. As she was scratching her behind, her shalwar (loose Indian pajama bottoms) had come lose and were now half hanging from her side, with the tying cord out in the open. I could see her big fat belly button. Her eyes were wide open and for about a tenth of a second, we both just stood still. There was complete silence. This period of time felt like an eternity as I had seen and surveyed every millimeter of her curvy body, the top half of it totally naked. She gasped and could only utter:

“Oh Ao”, (Come in)

Saying this, she reached for the tying cord of her shalwar and tied it around her waist, all the while, her eyes fixated on mine. She did not even turn around. This was an overly sexy moment. Her beautiful mammary glands, her treasured assets just hanging freely and her son looking at them, salivating over every millimeter of them.

I couldn’t utter a word. Although I had turned sides, pretending to be sitting down untying my shoes, I was still looking at her from the corner of my eyes.

When bahis firmaları she finished tying her shalwar around her waist, she turned around away from me, and said:

“Let me just get dressed, phir tum khana kha lo”. (Let me get dressed, I will bring the food out in a minute).

Saying this and leaving me as stunned as a stone, she went inside her room.

I had almost frozen to death. The feeling of horniness was unbearable, and she was about to seriously test my patience now…

“Beta, zara andar ao”, she called me inside her room.

“Ok Ma”, I said and walked in.

She had her back towards me, like she usually did whenever she needed help with her bra.

“Zara yeh hook laga do beta.” (please hook my bra for me son).

“Acha Ma” (OK Ma), I said and walked closer.

By now I had a raging hard on. My dick was about to explode from my pants, ready to spray cum all over the place. My heart was beating fast and I was short of breath. I came up behind her and gasped. She had the sexiest little bra on. I had never tied this bra for her. Heck, I hadn’t even seen this before. It was a cute little lacy bra, a little too small for her firm B tits I thought.

Anyway, I held the hooks in my hands as she adjusted the straps near her shoulder. My throbbing cock was about 2 inches away from her love hole, I thought to myself. But then I came to senses as I realized who I was thinking about. It was my mom after all.

”Wake up you idiot! Snap out of this shit! This is your mother.” I thought to myself.

She was waiting with the unfastened bra, waiting for me to move.

“Lagao”, she said. (Fasten it already)

So I held the bra back and tried to bring the two ends closer to fasten it. I can swear right now I did everything normally, didn’t try to brush my cock against her on purpose, didn’t pull the bra too hard, if anything: I was extra careful. I tried to be at my best behavior. I even pulled my hips back to withdraw my cock, lest it hit her ass and she discovered her son had a raging hard on.

I was being very careful, pretending that seeing her topless had no effect on me, but I guess fate had something else written for me.

As soon as I brought the bra snaps together, as I always did, she yelled as the bra cups tightened around her boobs:

“Ouuuiii. aray!!! ” and then she giggled.

“Araam se,” she laughed. (Slowly!)

“Kiya hua Ma?” I asked, puzzled.

“Dard hota hai agar tight ho to” (It hurts if the bra is too tight)…

“Acha Ma mein aram se lagata huun.” (OK Ma I will try to bring the hooks together slowly), I said politely.

I softly held the bra straps again and brought them close.

As soon as I tried to hook them, the bra pressed into her boobs again, she yelled again:


And with this yell, she thrust her hips back and her ass crack hit the tip of my cock. I guess since the bra felt too tight, her ass jerked back as a reflex action.

My cock hit the spot where the crack began and it sank in a little. True that she had a shalwar on, but it was made of really thin material, and the hard on I was sporting was so pricky and huge, that she gasped again, as soon as she realized what she had buried her ass into.

“Oh Sorry,” I muttered and moved my cock back out immediately.

“nahi beta, I am sorry, shayed blouse chota ho gaya hai.” (No son, I am sorry, I guess the bra has grown smaller.)

“haan lekkin aik dafa koshish karney do..” (OK Ma, let me try again), I said nicely.

She didn’t say anything, but from the side of her face, I saw her eyes widen and noticed her breathing increase. She was looking at me out of the corner of her eye. Every moment right now felt like a thousand years. My heart was beating so fast, I could hear it from my own ears and I am sure she could hear it too. I put the bra strap into place as it firmly fitted her boobs in finally.

This had to be a day for many firsts. As soon as the bra was fastened, she immediately moved her hands to her tits like most women do to adjust their bras, but this time she turned around to face me and adjusted the bra to fit her boobs, moving her hands all over her tits and adjusting them right in front of me.

I gasped for breath again. She had she slyest smile in her eyes, but her lips were tight shut. She knew I was staring at her chest intently. Then she broke my trance:

“Thank you beta, mein abhi khana deiti huun” (Thanks son, I will bring the food out in a minute).

That’s it. Fun was over, I thought, and walked out.

Oh how I was lusting for her delicious looking boobs. And oh how my cock remembered the feeling when her soft ass cheeks buried into it, albeit for a nanosecond. I wanted my mom’s body. What the hell was wrong with me?

Lunch was very normal. She brought the food out and we ate regularly. She told me about her day at home and I told her how my classes went. Both of us pretended as if nothing had happened.


I could easily regard the day’s events kaçak iddaa as coincidence. Yes we had awkward moments and yes I saw her tits but so what? She was my mom and she had nothing to hide from her son.

The next day I came home without thinking much about the previous day’s events. I had gone out the previous night, got drunk and made out with my girlfriend in a park. Life was good and every thing looked normal. Or so I thought. I came home and saw the living room was empty. I went towards my mom’s room and I heard the shower running. I changed, and relaxed.

Soon she got out of the shower and as usual, called me in for help. She wanted me to hook her bra for her I guess. I got up casually and walked to her room. But this would be no ordinary bra fastening help session.

She was sitting on her bed. With just her panties on! No shalwar! She thought she had herself covered since she was at the far edge of the bed. I could see her silky legs from the side.

She said:

“Beta bed ke upper aa key eh hook laga do please”. (Son please climb over the bed and hook my bra for me).

“Acha Ma.” (OK), I sa.d

What she was indirectly telling me to do was not to come in front since she did not have her shalwar on. And I guess she didn’t want me to see her ass with only her panties on. I could see her naked legs from the side of the bed and could see that her lace black panties only covered a portion of her ass. Yes her ass crack was hidden but they did little more. It was a mind boggling sight! What’s a guy to do? A woman in just panties is just that! A woman in panties! All my mind could think about was her boobs and what was inside her boobs and panties.

So thinking all that, I climbed the bed like a kid and as the mattress dipped, I could see more of her panty-covered ass. She actually had the shalwar at her feet and she just hadn’t pulled it up. She was applying lotion to her legs.

Hey this could have been just a harmless help call. I wasn’t about to put my hopes up and do something stupid. I didn’t want to risk the relationship I had with mom. And after all, we were from a conservative Indian family.

But my cock was not listening. It was hard as a rock and I had no control over this. How can a guy prevent a hard on when an attractive women is sitting a couple of feet away from him, smelling sweet and with just her panties on? My dick was sticking out of my pants.

Now I was on the bed, and I saw that she did not have the bra on her back. I said:

“Ma blouse nahi pehna, kahan hai? kiya lagaoon?” (Mom you don’t have the bra on, what would I fasten?)

She was kind of embarassed and said plainly:

“Beta closet se koi blouse nikal lo”, she instructed. (Son take out any bra from the closet)

While saying this, she was bent over, applying lotion to her legs. I walked to the closet and from the corner of my eyes, caught a glimpse of her naked nipples.

They were rock hard and looked like little pieces of hard chocolate. Her boobs were very shapely, although a little saggy. Her nipples are the type that twist up when they are hard. That is a very sexy sight. It looks very inviting. But then again, this is my mom I am talking about! What the fuck was I thinking? I tried to focus on the job I had to do.

I opened the closet door and looked for her bras in the drawer. Without thinking, I picked out a random white one and turned around to walk towards her.

She looked up and smiled.

“Nahi beta, yeh nahi, koi kala le ao” (no son not this, get some black one).

I was looking at her boobs head on now.

“Acha”, I said OK and turned around, with the sight of her boobs firmly planted in my imagination.

I searched her bra drawer and found a black bra. It was even smaller than the one she had on yesterday and looked a little different. The cups were smaller and lacier and it had no hook in the back. I didn’t pay much mind to that and walked towards her. She saw it was black and turned around on the bed. I climbed the bed and gave her the bra.

“Yeh lein,” ( Here), I said.

She took it in her hands and put the bra straps on.

“Aray beta yeh to front-fasten hai” (Oh son this is a front-fastening bra).

“Oh Ma mujhe mila nahi aur koi. Aap khud dekh lo na,” I said, getting a little antsy. I was nervous. (Mom I couldn’t find another one, why don’t you look for one yourself?)

She let out a deep sigh and got up. In her panties! With no bra! With me looking! Then she bent over, and pulled her shalwar (Indian pajamas) up on her ass and walked to the closet.

Her ass was round as an apple. Big as a full moon and light colored like ice cream. I just wanted to touch it. Once. It was the kind of ass, which if you touch with your cock, your cock might skid and slide and get buried inside her pussy within seconds.

She was bent over in the closet and found another black bra I guess.

“Dekho mil gaya, ab jaldi karo, Ma nangi hai,” she said with a semi-laughter. (See, I found one, now hurry up, kaçak bahis mom is naked can’t you see).

“Haan do jaldi see”, I said ok as she sat on the bed once again and put the bra on. I climbed the bed and took the straps. I had to pull the bra straps as it was very tight and she cringed a little.

As her elbow moved back, it hit the tip of my cock head sticking out of my pants like a tent. I saw her swallow hard as her cheeks went red.

“array kholo zara”, she said loudly. (Unhook the bra!), “It is too tight.”

“Oh sorry,” I said and unhooked the bra. It was now hanging from her tits.

This situation was turning overtly sexual. She was now caressing her tits, since the bra had squeezed them so tightly.

“Beta tum itni zor se lagatay ho, ke durd hota hai,” (son it hurts if you wear the bra too tight).

“Sorry Maa, yeh buhat chota hai shayed, kiyunkay mein pehle bhi scond mein lagata tha”. (Sorry Ma but I think this one is too small, I always used to hook in the second loop). I explained.

“Haan bss ab pehley mein lagao.” (Yea but put it in the first one now.) She instructed, in a comforting tone.

I obliged, and tried to hook the bra in the first loop. It was still tight.

She gasped as her tits were squeezed and as she was about to say something, her elbow hit my hard on again.

“Ouuie.. aray…” she stopped mid-sentence when she realized I was continually hard.

“Yeh kiya hai?” (What is this?) she giggled as she turned around and pointed to the tent in my pants.

“Woh.. woh Ma…kuch nahi” (Ma.. No…Nothing at all…) I stuttered.

“Kuch Nahi? Phir yeh itna bara kiya danda hai?” (Oh yeah? It’s nothing? Then what’s this sticking out of your pants?)

She burst out laughing and grabbed a hold of my hard-on.

“Aiiiiii!”, I screamed as I pulled back, but she didn’t let go of my tip.

“Yeh kiya hua beta?”(What happened son?) she continued to laugh as she held on to my cock’s tip.

“Ma woo…um…” I was swallowing hard, breathing fast and was unable to talk.

“Dikhao zara…” (Show it to me)

“Lekin Ma..” (But Ma…)

“Koi maa waa nahi, bss dikhao” (No no! No excuses, just show what’s in here), she said firmly.

She was now standing up, topless. The bra which was hanging from her tits had now fallen on the bed. Her black lace panties were visible through the thin material of her shalwar. Her beautiful and succulent boobs were staring at my eyes, calling my name. She was still holding my hard-on with one hand and her other hand was near my zipper.

“Lao mujhe kholney do.” She said eagerly. (Let me open the pants).

“Ma nahi nahi…” (Ma, no please), I screamed.

“Aray sharam kiss baat ki? Tu yahan se hi nikla hai, aur sab dekha hai mein ne”. (Son why be shy? You came out of here, and I have seen everything). She had pointed to her pussy while saying the last sentence.

Saying this, she unbuttoned me and let my pants fall down. My rock hard cock peeked through my boxers.

“Hai kitna lamba hai.” She laughed. (Wow this is so nice and big).

I was speechless, and was just staring at her boobs.

She pulled down my boxers and gazed at the uncut dick. The tip was peeking out through the foreskin which was glistening with pre-cum almost dripping out.

“Aray itna sukht hai aur khara hua hai to araam kiyun nahi detay ho iss bechary ko? Haan?” she criticized in a loving way. (See if it is so hard and thirsty, why don’t you satisfy it? Haan?”

“Maan, kaise araam duun?” (How can I satisfy it?) I asked plainly.

“Lao mein dikhati huun.”(Let me show you), she said and grabbed the head. She was just SO eager!

I let out a huge sigh and shook hard. She laughed slyly. Her hands were now moving up and down the shaft of my cock as she was talking to me.

“Dekho jab khara hua karey na, tu aise agay peechay hila liya karo”. (When your dick stands up like this, you should move it back and forth.”

“Yes Ma!” I gasped.

“Acha laga na?” (Feels good, right?) She continued to smile.

“Haan!” (Yes) I yelled. “Aahhhhh…”

She now had both hands on my cock.

“Lait jao beta”. (lie down on the bed son).

She took her hands off my throb as I moved back and without saying a word, just fell on the bed. My pants were near my ankles, so were my boxers and my pole was facing northward, wet with droves and droves of pre-cum. My mom’s loving hands were now back on the shaft, moving the foreskin up and down, making my tip play peek-a-boo.

“Ahhhh.” I continued to sigh and let out moans of pleasure.

Her soft and long fingers were moving up and down my cock, slipping on the pre-cum. She was breathing heavily now, as her both hands were busy working my cock.

“Kitney din se piyasa hai yeh?” (How many days have you kept your cock thirsty for?) she asked lustily.

“See how hard and long it has become, oh how it lusts for something sweet and smooth”.

Saying this, she bent over and planted her lips on my cock, licking it up and down. Slurp away she did, blowing every inch of it. I couldn’t resist now. This was a full sexual adventure!

I gathered some courage and grabbed one of my blowing mom’s tits. And then pulled away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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