Mom Had To Be Right

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Ethel sat across from her son, Jeff, in a small restaurant that shared a parking lot with the motel they had rented a room. She studied her son as he scanned each woman in the restaurant, either sitting or walking by, coming or going. It was not the first time she had noticed his seemingly involuntary attention to whatever woman was within his line of sight.

Though she would not admit it, she was sexually frustrated that she did not have a man in her life, except for the occasional boyfriend who never lasted longer than a few months. Her son marrying a bitch she considered “trailer trash” three years earlier did not sit well with her either. Betty was two years older than her son’s 23 years.

Having given birth to him so late in life she attributed to her frigid attitude towards sex. It cost her a marriage of 15 years. She was 56 and closing on retirement. She would need her son in her old age and his wife was continuously trying to get him to move.

She waited to the side as her son paid the bill with money she had given him to take care of their expenses. They were 400 miles away from home in South Carolina so she could visit a medical specialist. There were plenty of specialist closer to home but she had read he was the best in female anatomy. The visit came to nothing and they were leaving tomorrow morning for home.

“Why do you look at every woman you see?” She asked, as they walked across the large parking lot towards their room.

“I’ve noticed that ever since you came to live with me. Do you do that when you’re with Betty? I know you have made more than one girlfriend mad at you because of your wandering eye.”

“I like women!” Her son, Jeff, replied. “Tall, short, big or small. They all have their special attributes. Hair color, eye color, big boobs, little boobs, and I like to imagine whether they shave their snatch, or not. I especially like redheads if they are natural.”

“Well that explains Betty!” She said sourly. “I am a natural red head too. Maybe that’s why you’re drawn to them?”

“Could be.” Jeff answered. “And I’m aware of you being a natural redhead.”

She eyed him scornfully and regretted her liberal attitude regarding her manner of dress, or undress, around him. “But, back to the subject, you should stop looking at every woman that gets near you.” Ethel rebuked. “You should be a little bit better than every other damn man on the street.

“There’s nothing wrong with looking, mom.” He protested. “Besides, even if you had a gun to my head, cocked and ready, I would still look.”

“Then you should be try to be better than most man! But no! If anyone of them women in that place offered to drop their panties for you, you would screw them in a heartbeat.”

“You’re talking crazy!” Jeff protested. “I’m a one-woman man no matter how much I look!”

“You’re lying through your eye teeth! 400 miles away from home! You will never get me to believe that one.”

Ethel allowed her son to shower first. Her mind could not rest due to the short discussion crossing the parking lot and her hard-headedness to prove a point and be right.

He was finished in 15 minutes.

As she entered the bathroom , Jeff sat on the foot of his bed in his boxer shorts and T-shirt watching the weather. She began to fill the bathtub with steaming water, stepped into the tub and gently lowered herself into the hot water. She popped her head on the back of the tub and watched the water rise until it covered her nipples. She leaned forward, cut off the water, then, leaned back again, closing her eyes. She tried desperately to relax.

Jeff heard the slapping of the water, knew of his mother’s fondness for a long hot bath and knew she would be there for a while. He fumbled with the opening of his boxer shorts and freed the beginning of an erection. He had the card with the TV channels next to him on the bed. He saw there was an X-rated movie channel, punched it in, and sat watching the brief and rewinding “come on” commercial. Smiling at the pretty blonde getting doggy fucked, he stroked his cock slowly but firmly. At a point he retrieved a few tissues from the bed side table, finding he may have enough time to ejaculate. Almost!


“Yeah, mom!”

“Come in here for a moment, please!” Ethel shouted.

Much perturbed, Jeff left the TV on the channel and moved to the bathroom door, opening it a crack. “What do you need, mom?” Irritation in his tone.

“I can’t get this damn drain to work! See what you can do with it.”

He continued into the bathroom paying no attention to the nakednesss of his mother, who had placed a washcloth to cover her abundantly furred mound and a larger hand towel to cover her breasts. But as was his nature, when he bend down he could illegal bahis not help but take a quick glance between his mother’s legs, hoping to see up under the washcloth. Seeing his mother naked did not happen often but it was not unheard of, thus, his knowledge of her being a natural redhead.

“Put your eyes back in your head!” She chastised, noting the bulge in his shorts. “Your mother’s snatch is off-limits to you.”

“You’re the one putting it out there for me to see!” He chastised right back. “All you had to do was push the plunger down and it would have popped up. If you think I’m like every other DAMN man, and being 400 miles from home and my main squeeze, and, since you think i’d jump any woman I met, you’d think you would want to be a little bit more careful about letting me see you half naked. But, on a different note, seeing you covered like that you should buy yourself a bikini.”

Leaving the bathroom, Jeff switched the channel to one of the broadcast channels. He reclined on his bed. His mother came out of the bathroom in less than a minute. She wore only her panties and a bra, it being unusual and surprising him.

“You think you’re so cute! I didn’t call you a rapist, but you know damn well if a woman, any woman, was laying on this bed ready to give it up you’d be on it before she could blink. Didn’t you think I heard that trash on the TV, that woman moaning. No doubt you out here playing with it!”

“What in the hell has gotten into you, woman!” Jeff exclaimed, rolling up to sit on the edge of his bed which was approximately 5 feet from the other bed.

“You won’t be honest! You won’t admit that you would screw any woman that would take her panties off for you.” She challenged.

“What do you think the chances of that is! You are never going to prove that I would. You’re talking crazy! Go look in the mirror over there and talk to yourself!”

Ethel was sizzling hot. She didn’t know why she was in such an aggravated state. But she had to be right No matter what it took, she had to be right.

She literally stomped to the middle of her bed, faced her son and pushed her panties down, kicking them loose. She dropped herself onto the bed, scooted back a bit, lifting her feet to the edge of the bed, and spread her thighs wide.

“What the hell are you doing, mom?” Jeff exclaimed, trying hard not to, but unable to, not look at his mother’s red forested pussy.

“I’m offering it to you!” She retorted. “Look at it. All you have to do is turn the lights off and come to bed. Just forget me being your mother. I’m just a woman offering you a piece of ass. Turn it down, damn you! Show me you can do it!”

“You have gone bat-crap crazy.” Jeff replied, shaking his head, keeping his eyes glued to the pussy in front of him.

He stood reaching for the TV remote, clicking it off. He moved to the bathroom and switched the light off there too. That left the bare, glaring overhead hundred watt light bulb. He walked to the switch on the wall, his fingers touched the switch but he could not bring himself to turn the light off.

“I’ll show you!” He told her with assurance. “I’ll show you that your theory about men, about me, is crap!”

Jeff moved back to the bed to stand between his mother’s spread thighs. “How long do I have to stand here?”

“Just stand there and look at it for a few minutes.” Ethel replied, putting her hands behind her head. “Pull your dick out.”


“If you are not at all interested in sticking your dick in me, it shouldn’t be hard.” She answered, and then added lamely. “I’m showing you mine. You show me yours.”

“What the hell.” Jeff said, bringing his cock forth. It irked him it was rock-hard, curving upward.

“See! Look how hard it is!”

“The TV caused this.”

Ethel lay staring up at her son’s face as he stood there with his hands by his side. Peripherally, she could see his firm erection. She was perturbed that she found it quite appealing, deeming it the longest and thickness she had ever seen. She felt confident he would fold after a minute or two because he could not take his eyes off her pussy. All she needed was the domed head of his cock to enter her, then, she would instantly stop this craziness, proving her point.

“I have to admit, mom, you have a very lovely snatch. That red hair is thick as all get out and spraying all over the place.”

“Let me show you something.” She offered, removing her hands from behind her head and reaching down to dig through the forest to spread her labia, pulling her hole open.

“Damn woman, have you no shame?” Jeff exclaimed. “You’re making this very hard.”

“Your dick is twitching.” She challenged. “It’s right here. It’s ready! I know you want to stick your dick in illegal bahis siteleri it.”

“Damn you woman! Close your legs or so help me I’m going to do it.”

“So are you ready to admit that you would screw any woman who would take her panties off?”

“Take your hands away and let that fuck hole of yours close, or so help me!” Jeff demanded.

“Then say it! Say I’m right!” Ethel taunted. “You like that hole don’t you. Take the head of your dick and touch it.”

Jeff could not take his eyes off of his mother’s pussy, concentrating on the angry red colored, tight looking hole. He edged closer, took his cock in hand and put the tip of his cock to her entrance. It was everything he could do not to shove it home. Instead, he moved it up the crack and pushed it against her clit.

Ethel’s ass jumped. The pleasurable touch to her clit sent an electric shock through her body. She was prepared to take a slight poke of his dick to prove a point, but she was not expecting to experience any pleasure from her actions. She was not looking for any pleasurable intercourse. Her plan was to disengage as the first inch entered her. She was shocked again.

“Stop that!” She exclaimed. “You going to get me aroused! Stop it, damn you!”

“How long has it been, mom. I’m not going to stick my cock in you, but maybe if I give you a good orgasm it might calm your ass down and you’d stop this nonsense.”

“So you’re a male chauvinist pig too! Thinking all a woman needs is a good orgasm.” She accused, but her hands remained pulling her pussy wide, giving the head of his cock clear access to her clit.

“I’m going to turn it back on you, mom! If you don’t want any orgasm, all you have to do is close your legs.”

Ethel lost all will to argue or desire to stop the pleasurable feeling engulfing her. She was sure her son would push into her at some point. Men enjoyed stabbing into a woman immediately after or during an orgasm.

Jeff rubbed, flicked and pushed his mother’s clit with the tip of his cock, switching it back and forth at the base. He stared at the pussy before him, fighting the urge push into it.

Ethel continued to hold her labia wide.

Long, long minutes passed.

“Oh God! Oh Gooo! Oh Goooo!” Ethel moaned as her body trembled and her breath huffed and puffed. “I don’t want to argue anymore! When I come, push your dick me me! I need it in me! OH FUCK! FUCKKkkkkkkkk!”

Ethel had pleaded for his cock but the thrust of his shaft never came.

Jeff continued his attention to her clit until her body still. He straightened up and backed away from her.

“We need to get some sleep.” He told her. “But that was fun, mom, and we should do it again sometimes.” He chuckled.

“I can’t believe I actually wanted you to screw me!” Ethel said with defeat in her tone, her hands covering her eyes. “Me being your mother is the only reason why you didn’t do it.”

“Go to sleep, mom!” Jeff said, as he switched off the overhead light.

Jeff found it very difficult to sleep. He was sexually frustrated and his mother was snoring, her stress gone. He tossed and turned, checking the clock whenever he turned over, watching the hours pass slowly. He soon saw it was 6 o’clock and the room was becoming illuminated by the morning light filtering around the curtains, but mostly through the bare, elongated windows placed high near the ceiling over the bed. The clock was set for seven, but he had pee.

As he rolled from the bed, he noticed his mother laying naked on her belly, having threw the covers off.

Standing at the toilet, he considered going ahead and taking a shower. The vision of his mother lying on her belly, her mature, attractive ass still fresh in his mind, caused him to return to the bedroom. He stood at the foot of her bed staring at her ass and stroking his cock. He shook his head as he fought to extinguish his desires. He pondered – should I – should I not – repeatedly. Last night, for a few moments anyway, she wanted me to fuck her.

While he was standing there, she turned over. Her left leg remained straight, but her right leg bent at the knee, the foot touching the left leg. His attention alternated between her breast and her now totally exposed pussy.

Jeff ceased his pondering and threw discretion to the wind. Pushing his boxer shorts down and kicking them loose, he kneed himself onto the bed. Disregarding any fear of waking his mother, he pulled her right leg straight and lifted both legs up, his hands behind her knees. Her feet now flat on the bed, he moved his hands near her buttocks and lowered his head between her legs. He began to probe her pussy with his tongue. He was soon aware of her soft moans as she stirred from sleep.

Ethel’s rise from canlı bahis siteleri slumber to awareness of her surroundings came slowly. Involuntary moans escaped her. Then came the realization that her son’s head was between her legs pleasing her pussy. She lifted her feet, placing them on his shoulders, quiet content to let him continue. She felt certain her son was going to screw her, pondering if she cared why it was going to happen – making her right. She only cared that it happen.

Jeff, aware of his mother’s legs lifting on their own, slipped his hands under her buttocks, supporting them, lifting them, putting his tongue to her hole and pushing it into her. He alternately tongue fucked her, returning to her clit.

Jeff’s only intent was to get his mother thoroughly aroused. Her moaning soon sounded right. It was time!

His cock was rockhard and he quickly moved up to mount her. He poked at her pussy until he found her hole and pushed determinedly into her well lubed pussy.

Ethel felt his hardness enter her. She could have stopped their coupling, but did not. Urges surged – to voice her indignation – to voice her right-ness – to struggle to stop the intercourse – to let the intercourse continue – and to join in – be proactive.

The last won out.

Mother and son fucked lustfully and passionately. Certainly, incestuous thoughts played a major part in their frenzied fuck.

Jeff shoved his cock deep into his mother’s pussy. Ethel found the slight pain of taking his cock so deep quite pleasurable and moaned her desire to have more. He gave her more, relentlessly.

Jeff pulled out of her and maneuvered her to her knees. Ethel moved proactively. Though not new to being doggy-fucked, she was not prepared for her son’s length or thickness.

Ethel was soon trying to maneuver forward to ease the assault to her pussy. Her head was soon pressed up against the headboard. She could do nothing but bury her face in the pillows and bellow her pain and pleasure.

With some difficulty, Ethel eventually managed to extricate herself, rolling to her back and disengaging herself from the assault to her backside. Don’t imagine for a second she had in mind to quit – far from it. Spreading her legs wide, she beckoned her son back to her, evening guided his cock back into her.

Jeff stiff armed himself over his mother, his legs extended, and continued to fuck his mother with a determined thrust, as she held her legs high and wind.

His strength was beginning to wane and he soon maneuvered to cradle her, she wrapping her legs around his waist.

He tried numerous thrust until his mother produced the moan he was seeking. He continued to replicate it as her moans became continuous, her breathing labored.

Long minutes passed as Ethel climbed the ladder. She, trying desperately to match her son’s rhythm, slipped off a rung, only to slow her ass until she regained the rung and the slow climb towards the top. She soon had one hand on the top rung, then both hands. She hung on for dear life, lifting a foot to the next rung, bringing the other up slowly. Two rungs to go!

She soon balanced at the top, trying hard to drop forward. The orgasm eluded her and a foot slipped. She began to whine.

“Right there! Right there! Yes! Don’t move! Please don’t move! I’m so close! I’m close! AAAHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Ethel’s body stilled for a moment. The orgasm engulfed her totally and completely. Her ass when into a frantic humping action that brought Jeff to the point of ejaculation.

Jeff’s cock jerked strongly. He emptied his load to the last drop as he pushed deep into his mother’s belly and held it there, his cock still jerking, still erupting.

Ethel’s body soon relaxed. Jeff’s body collapsed and he rolled to her right to keep his weight off of her.

Mother and son lay exhausted staring at the ceiling.

“Well, mom, I suppose you are right! You’ve won’t” Jeff said in a defeated tone.

“I feel like I blindsided you last night, but what the hell caused you to screw me this morning?” She queried.

“You kindda admitted you wanted to fuck last night.” He explained. “This morning, after not sleeping all night, seeing you lying naked this morning and just needing some pussy real bad, I figured, what the hell. I still don’t feel like you’re totally right about me fucking any woman who would drop her panties for me! You had an agenda and baring all like you did, verbally tempting me, is not how the real world works.”

“All legitimate points. But, all I want to be right about right this second is that you want to screw some more right now and in the future?” Ethel queried seductively, reaching to grip her son’s cock, beginning to stroke it slowly.

“In the future, are you going to occasionally drop your panties for me?” Jeff quizzed, as he maneuvered between his mother’s legs.

“You can count on it!” Ethel answered, placing her son’s cock to her.

Mother and son began a slow and pleasurable fuck.

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