Mom on Top Ch. 02

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I went back upstairs and got into Mother’s bed, pressing up behind her, my once-again very hard cock between her asscheeks. She moaned softly and pushed back against me.

“Mmmmm… izzatchoo, baby?”


“Chris still here?”


“Mmmmm… whatchoo want, baby?”

“You,” I whispered in her ear, rolling her onto her back and opening her legs, sliding into her still-slippery cunt; she wrapped her soft thighs around me.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh… hello, baby,” she whispered. “I love it when a cock sneaks in for a midnight fuck…” Her tongue opened my mouth and snaked around as her arms reached up behind me; I held her perfect ass in both hands and pulled her cunt tight against me, flexing my cock in her as she squeezed it. We stayed like that, hardly moving anything but our tongues and inner muscles for awhile.

Neither one of us came, but after a little while she had to take a leak. When she got back, she lit a candle on the nightstand and got a joint out of the drawer, sitting cross-legged on the bed.

“Sit up,” she said. “You’ve gotten high before, haven’t you?” I nodded. “Did you like it?”

“I only did it once; I don’t know how to describe it. I got kinda confused, and had trouble finding our house.”

She chuckled. “Why don’t you try it again now with your mother? I won’t let you get lost.”


She lit the joint, took a deep hit, and handed it to me; I did the same. Then we each took a couple more before she set the joint down in the ashtray on the nightstand.

“That’s all you’ll need for now, baby… Now just lie down on your stomach and let Mother give you a massage…”

I lay with my head turned to one side on the sheets, like the many times she’d given me massages in the past (both of us had been fully dressed, then, of course). With her knees on either side of me, she started with my shoulders, gently working the muscles beneath the skin, slowly moving down my spine.

Her fingers seemed like they had a much lighter touch than what I remembered, more of a caress than a massage. When she got to my ass, she kneaded the globes for a long time, then slid down the bed and began to kiss them, finally pushing her face between them as her tongue licked and prodded my hole. It felt amazing, and I moaned in pleasure.

“Raise your ass and relax it, baby,” she said.

I got up on my knees, and she pushed her hands through my legs, raising me even more and pressing her face between my cheeks as her tongue drove into my anus again and again. I moaned in surprise, making high-pitched sounds like a girl…

“Ohh… ohh… ohh… ohhhhh…”

She kept on licking me back there, sliding her face up and down between my cheeks, nipping at them with her teeth, sliding her tongue over them.

“Ohhhhhhh… You are so hot! And you taste so goood… Now get on your back, baby…”

As soon as I’d turned over, she got between my knees and started licking my cock. She moved incredibly slowly this time, and it seemed like I could feel every tiny movement of her lips and tongue. When her lips finally closed around the head, I stiffened, reached out and put my hands in her hair, trying to make her mouth go down on the shaft. She released me immediately, pulling back to look up at me, eyes narrowed.

“No hands, Emil,” she said, her tone commanding. “Lie still.”

When I let her go, she put her mouth back where it had been, sucking on the head and then slowly… excruciatingly slowly… sliding her lips down the shaft, using her teeth only for a little friction now and then. Her fingers caressed my stomach, then my chest, moving lightly across the skin until she found my nipples and started gently pinching and releasing them; sensations near to pain became warm pleasure as she worked, finally releasing them as she let my cock go, too; it was so hard it ached…

“Now it’s your turn,” she said, lying next to me on her front. I got up and knelt over her, my now pulsating cock between her delicious asscheeks.

“No fucking, Emil,” she said. “Just use your mouth and your hands.”

I started with a gentle shoulder massage, repeating everything she’d done to me, until I put my face between those white globes. That’s where I lost it- licking, tonguing and kneading, nothing else existing but those sweet spheres of flesh. She eventually pushed my head gently away and rolled over on her back, legs open.

“Mama wants you to eat her cunt, baby,” she crooned. “Have you ever had your face in a cunt before, Emil?”

I shook my head.

“That’s something you really need to learn about, baby… Now, just push your face into it and gently lick and suck on everything… Ohhhhhhhhhhh… that’s perfect, sweetie… ohhhhhhhhhhhh… yeah, just like that…”

Her cunt was the most deliciously exciting thing I’d ever tasted, illegal bahis driving me wild with lust that I struggled to control, trying to be gentle as I licked and sucked, my arms around her luscious thighs, holding them against my head. My cock, however, had become a serious problem: It was so hard it was throbbing, having reached the point where further denial was not an option. ‘Fuck this’, I thought. ‘I don’t care what she says- third base is not home…’

I raised my head, slid up between her thighs, and sunk my cock all the way into her slippery cunt in one move.

“Ohhhhunghhhh… Hey, Emil! Damn it! I said no fuhh… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh…”

I thrust into her several times before stopping, my cock buried in her as she twisted on it, moaning. When I looked into her eyes, there was no longer any challenge there, only longing and submission.

“Ohhhhhhhhh… fuck me, baby… fuck your mother… you know what she needs…”

“On your knees, whore,” I said, pulling out and rolling her over; she stuck her ass in the air immediately, and I sunk my rock-hard cock back into her squirming cunt. Hands around her narrow waist, I slammed against her gorgeous ass again and again as her moans escalated.

“Ohhhhhhhh… fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeee… ohhh… ohhhhhh… ohhhhhhhh… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyeahhhhhhaaaaaaaaaeeeeee!” She screamed, bucking and squirming as I drove deep into her spasming cunt, shooting another load into her at the same time.

When our orgasms had faded and her gasping had slowed to almost regular breathing, I pulled out of her.

She immediately turned to face me. “Just what the hell did you think you were doing?” she said, her voice loud, rough and intense. “Didn’t I tell you,’No fucking’? Now, you come with me, young man!”

‘The old Mother is back’ I thought, as she took me by the wrist, jerked me to my feet and pulled me into the bathroom. I was also thinking, ‘this is getting really weird…’

“Mother’s going to have to teach you a lesson, Emil… Now, you sit on the toilet and get rid of everything in your ass… Go ahead, now- do it! And no fooling around!”

It wasn’t hard at all to obey her- she’d already scared it most of the way out by then, anyway. In the meantime, she ran water in the sink and filled the enema bag.

“All right, Emil. Get over here- on your knees in the bathtub… Okay, now stick this in your ass… take it slow and easy… be careful… a little further… Good, now relax inside while you clench on the nozzle, okay? Here it comes…”

She’d given me enemas as a little kid when I’d gotten constipated; I wondered what she was up to now. I felt the water flowing into my insides, filling me up slowly. After maybe half a minute, she removed the nozzle, telling me to get out of the tub and lie on my back on the rug and roll my hips around. The amount of water inside made me get up pretty soon, though, and release everything into the toilet. Then she had me repeat the process; the next time, only water came out.

“That’s enough,” she said. “Now, let’s get the outside.”

She started the shower, pushed me in and followed, washing my ass and cock, then changing places and washing her own ‘naughty bits’, too, before we got out. She dried us both, giving my cock a quick kiss as she knelt to dry it.

“Back on the bed,” she commanded, pushing me out the door with a pat on my ass. When we were both sitting, she lit the same joint we’d smoked before and handed it to me, making sure I had three good hits this time.

“All right, Emil. It’s time you learned why Chris and I like to get our asses fucked so much. Ready?” I nodded enthusiastically. “Okay… Roll over on your side and cock your right leg up- yeah, just like that. Now, relax everything back there… Think about staying relaxed…”

Relaxing was pretty easy- the effects of the weed were expanding through me, into my head and through my body, opening all my senses. I watched as she got a long plastic syringe out of the drawer (there was no needle, just a hole in the end) and sucked some stuff into it from the lube bottle; I guessed what was next, and my pulse increased in anticipation.

The tube was only about a half-inch in diameter, and she covered it with lube; the shaft slid slowly and easily all the way (maybe six inches) into my ass before she pushed the plunger… I could feel cool liquid coming out. Then I watched her get the double-headed dong and smear lube on it- it was pretty big around and about a foot long. She put the lubed end against my asshole and put my hand on the other. My heart started pounding. Was this big thing really going inside me? I hoped it would…

She seemed to read my mind. “Now you work it in, Emil. It’s no bigger around than what’s come out of you in the past, so you know it’s gonna fit. Just relax and keep pushing… illegal bahis siteleri and don’t hurry. It’ll take about a minute, maybe less, for your muscle back there to relax. It’ll sting a little when it first goes in, but that doesn’t last long…”

I started to push the head against my resisting hole, breathing faster, excitement filling my mind. Everything was starting to feel better… I wasn’t tense at all- I could feel the head pushing at the entrance between my cheeks, and I wanted it… wanted it… The next second, it popped inside, and it stung enough to make me gasp and bring tears to my eyes. Mother was watching closely.

“If you jiggle it a little it’ll quit,” she said, giggling at her own stolen joke. She was right, though… the pain faded and then stopped in a few seconds as I jiggled the dong, my hole relaxing and stretching to allow its entry. I pushed the shaft forward again, feeling it slide deeper with every thrust. ‘Ohhh… so this is what it’s all about’, I thought. ‘This feels amazing…’ Part way in, though, it got hard to push and began to feel a little uncomfortable; when I looked up at Mother, she smiled knowingly…

“Roll over onto your back, baby, then lift your hips up and roll ’em around,” she said. I obeyed, and the head of the cock slid easily past whatever had held it back, suddenly creating intense, rushing sensations deep inside… sensations that soon surpassed any orgasm I’d ever had… They made me catch my breath, and I started swiveling my hips around in small circles, driving the dong deeper and deeper until there was barely enough left outside for me to hold onto. I’d never felt anything so wonderful in my life, and I moaned and squirmed on the rubber shaft, moving it back and forth in tiny, exquisite increments.

“So, Emil likes a long cock in his little ass, huh? Well, you just let go now… and let Mama fuck her baby… mmm-hmmm… Mama’s gonna fuck her baby really well… Now, take your hand away… You’re never gonna forget this, sweetheart.”

She replaced my hand with hers, and suddenly the intensity of feeling inside made a quantum leap… She became the one making the long dong slowly twist, then slide back and forth, and I gasped, moaned and squirmed, lost in ever-increasing, ever-changing rushes of sensation.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh… fuck meee… fuck meee… Fuck me, Mother… fuck my ass, Mother… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh… fuck me, Mother… ohhhhhhhhhhhhh… fuck meeeee!” I didn’t care who heard, I didn’t care who knew- this was what I’d been missing all my life, and I needed it… needed it baaaad…

“Hmm… I think I’ve got a little ass-squirming cock-slut on my hands, don’t I? You’re my little whore, now, huh? Beg for it some more, baby- beg your mother to fuck your ass…”

She pulled the shaft about half way out and kept it there, moving it only slightly, every now and then faking an inward thrust, but always stopping short of real depth.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh… please… please put it back in… please fuck me, Mother… I need it so bad… pleeeeeease…”

“Is baby sorry that he disobeyed his mother and fucked her? Tell me how sorry you are, you little boy-cunt…”

“Ohhhhhh… I’m verrry sorry… I’m so sorry… please fuck me, Mother, please fuck me… I’ll do whatever you say… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhunghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… ohhhhhhhhhh, thank you, Mother, thank you… ohhhhhhhhhhhunghhhhhhhhh… ohhhhh, fuck meeeeee…”

A low groan came out of me as she suddenly drove the shaft in as far as she could, awakening untouched nerves that had been dormant my whole life until that moment.

“Oh my Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhd!! More! Deeper! Fuck me deeper… more… ohhhhhhhhhhhunghhhhhhhhh… fuck meeee… fuck meeeee… ohhhhhhhhhhh…”

“Baby wants more in his cock-hungry little ass? Well, Mother’s got more for him… Here, hold this for a sec…”

She put my hand back on the head of the dong, then she reached over and took another, longer one out of the drawer. She quickly lubed it; I pulled the first one out and she took it from me as I grabbed the longer one and slid it in. It slipped easily past the point where the first one had ended, and I gasped, surprised as a powerfully delicious and truly nasty ecstatic rush shot out from these new depths. I realized I needed to be ass-fucked, that I’d always needed it, needed to feel it ‘way far up inside me with a craving so deep and primal it was scary…

I was still on my back with my hips raised; she stuffed a couple of pillows under my tailbone and pressed her soft body against my side as she removed my hand and slowly, gently slid the shaft in and out with her own. My eyes closed as the continuing rushes inside seemed rose in intensity with every thrust.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh… fuck me, Mother… Fuck me ‘way deep in my ass… I’ll be your cock-slave, Mother… I’m your ass-fucking canlı bahis siteleri whore… fuck my boy-cunt, Mother, fuck it deeeep… fuck me, fuck me, fuck me… never stop fuckin’ meeee… ohhhhhh… I need it, I need it, I need it… ohhhhhhhhhunghhhhhhhhh…”

“Does my baby like the way his mother’s fuckin’ him? Is her nice long cock far enough inside his squirmin’ little ass? Does everything… feel… absolutely… amazing?”

Her last sentence echoed around in my head… how did she know? Everything was absolutely amazing… Then she kissed me, her tongue sliding into my throat, in synch with the sliding shaft in my ass, and I surrendered to the deepest, most complete fucking I’d have for a while- her mouth, her tongue, her soft body pressed against me, and that long, long cock moving so far up, ‘way up deep inside.

Was it satisfying? Definitely not- every thrust caused explosive sensations that cried out for more just like them as soon as they began to fade- and even when they didn’t… I returned her kiss, holding her close against me with one arm, my hips rolling with the rhythm of her tongue in my mouth and that long, magical cock plunging and retreating, plunging and retreating…

It’s impossible to say how long she kept me flying like that, but it wasn’t long enough- it could never have been long enough. At one point, though, it seemed like staying at the same level of mental and emotional ecstasy was no longer easy; I was beginning to have to work to keep it happening…

As if she knew, she pulled the dong out, re-lubed it and used the lube launcher in me, handing me a joint to toke on while she did it. As her mouth closed over mine and her body pressed against me again and the now-extra-slippery dong slid back inside and reached its prior depth, it seemed like liquid-cooled afterburners kicked in with even more impossible, beyond-orgasmic rushes. I melted into her embrace, her kisses and her thrusts once again, wanting them to go on forever.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… don’t ever, ever stop… never stop fuckin’ me, Mother- I need it, I need it, I need it, I need it… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… kiss me and fuck me, kiss me and fuck me… ohhhhhhhhh… fuck meeee…” I moaned and mumbled when she broke the kiss, looking into the deep pools of her eyes as she smiled down at me.

“You know I really wasn’t angry at you for fucking me, don’t you?” she said softly. “How could I be mad at you for that? It was one of the biggest orgasms of my life, baby! It was just a set-up so I could play the dom and take your sweet little ass-cherry, you beautiful boy… And, in case you don’t know it by now, you can fuck me in any hole, any time of the day or night, baby… Now, here- hold onto the dong for a minute…”

She took the shorter one into the bathroom, coming back quickly and lying down beside me, but with her hips by my head this time.

“Watch me work it in,” she said, lifting one knee towards her chest as the dong slowly disappeared between her cheeks. I stared at the shortening shaft as her white cheeks squirmed on it until it had all but disappeared… Her cunt was wet, and I put my free hand on it, the fingers slipping in easily.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh… that’s nice, baby… Ohhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm… that’s so very niiiiice… but why don’t you use your mouth instead? …and put that hand back here on the dong where mine is… Ohhhhhhhhhhyeahhhhhhhhhh…”

I rolled off the pillows onto my side, pushing my face into her delicious cunt and reaching around to grasp the shaft in her ass. As our bodies pressed together, she sucked my cock into her hot mouth and then put her hand back on the dong that was so incredibly deep inside me.

Almost immediately we found the rhythm, slowly sliding the rubber cocks back and forth in each other as our lips and tongues danced and slid around on the succulent flesh before them. Our bodies writhed slowly, one arm holding tight… and feeling, kneading, stroking and caressing… the other driving a long rubber cock in and out through our lover’s insatiable, sucking anal hole… that forbidden reservoir of deep, primal and exquisitely nasty thrills…

We both came at some point, but the rubber cocks kept moving afterwards; the resulting ecstasies they were causing completely overwhelmed the rise and fall of all other sensations- even orgasms.

Later on, as dawn was just starting to creep into the sky, we gave up simply from exhaustion, taking the dongs into the bathroom and showering with them. The feel of the rubber shaft in my soapy hands was exciting, but even more the feel of Mother’s tits, ass, and cunt as I washed them, too. We fell asleep in each others’ arms, almost as soon as we lay down on the bed again.


I didn’t wake until late in the morning, with the sun streaming onto the bed. Mother lay there, half on her back, uncovered and still naked; as I watched her sleep, I thought I’d never seen anything more beautiful or sexier in my life. When I started moving my hand over her skin, she stirred, opening her eyes and pulling me against her. My cock was rock-hard.

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