Mom’s Folly

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This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


One Saturday afternoon mom was doing something in the kitchen and I went in and sat. I needed to talk. On Saturdays and Sundays I usually went over and climbed in bed between mom and dad. Mom’s habit is to go and take a shower and make coffee and other stuff and not come back.

I’m older and was getting worried that I should go and do stuff instead of staying with dad for a while. I thought mom might not like me being there with him. It didn’t worry me and dad seemed ok. I liked it. But I wasn’t sure about mom.

“Mom,” I said, “Would you rather I went back to my room when you take your shower? I don’t know what you think about me being with dad when you’re not there.”

“Casey, I do that so you and dad can have some private time,” she said. “It’s fine. Enjoy your time with him.”

I sat there thinking about it. Mom kept doing what she was doing. I said, “What do you mean about ‘private time’ mom.”

“Nothing really,” she said. “I think he likes to run his fingers down your back and sometimes in the back of your hair. You seem to like it. Sometimes he gets a little low on your back. That’s a little sexual and you smile. I thought you might like that too. It’s kind of what we do. You know, teasing each other. It’s nice, and fun too.”

“I guess we do that,” I said. “I was worried it might be awkward.”

“Oh no,” she said. “It’s not awkward at all. It’s teasing. Anytime you’re in bed with not much on its fun. Should be a little sexual. Whatever you two do when you have some private time is ok with me. Sometimes I enjoy thinking about what you two might be doing.”

I sat there thinking about it. Mom probably knew I was. She kept puttering. Mom didn’t seem to mind at all, maybe encouraged it. I did like him running down my spine with his fingers and touching my buns. I was between them and facing mom and had my knees up so my back end was out and he could run his fingers down my back to the top of my buns without mom seeing but she knew anyway and didn’t mind at all.

Even with the three of us there was a lot of room in that bed. I’m 5ft6 and 19 and mom is 5ft7 and 38 and dad is 5ft8 and 40 so we’re about the same height and we’re all three slim. I may have five or six pounds extra to play with. We all three like to play softball so we’re pretty loose. Slithering around with my knees up is comfortable. The sheet is on so he can’t see my pants. But he feels them with his fingers.

“Casey,” mom said, “If you want to have a little more fun than you are I might be able to help some. Would you like me to see if I can?”

Total stone wall. All of a sudden my mind went blank. I had no idea exactly what she meant. I would never to the life of me understand why but I looked at mom and shook my head ‘yes’. I didn’t know what she was going to do or when she was going to do it but the next day was Sunday and I usually went over like normal.


They had a big king size bed. I went over a little after 7:00 and climbed up between mom and dad. I lay down on my left side, dad behind me and mom was facing me, smiling. Almost always. I brought my knees up which caused my backside to go backwards towards dad. My normal position. Mom and I were talking about a new movie and I felt dad’s fingers on my back, lightly.

It seemed more of a distraction this time than it had been. I seemed to pay more attention to his movements. I could always feel his whole body near me or near my bottom actually but never touching. I can remember that always exciting me a little but I let it pass. It was normal bed closeness.

He played with my back for the longest time and teased near the top of my butt crack a few times. Not probing. About that time I felt mom’s fingers on the bottom of my thighs, up under my legs. That was a first. She started caressing me way up near my pants and back to about the middle of my thigh. Her fingers were up in the space between both thighs. It made me breathe a little more. My mom was turning me on.

We were still talking about movies and I felt her fingers on my pants, right in the center, about at my vagina, running up and down slowly. I was turned on and she could see. She smiled more and winked at me. I didn’t know why she was doing that but both of us were having fun.

Dad was playing with my hair again, lightly. It had been about fifteen or twenty minutes I guess. Mom very slowly slid a hand under my hip on the bed and the other on the outside of my upper hip. She winked again and slowly slid my pants down and under my buns and ever so slowly took them off. I don’t know what she did with them.

Then her fingers were back on the bottom of my thighs in the space between again, and moving. I took a breath and wet my lips. Dad probably didn’t know what was happening. A finger or two got on my outer lips and started to penetrate down in. She ataköy escort was soon running her fingers up and down on the inside, wetting everything. I couldn’t help moving on her fingers ever so slightly and squeezing myself.

Of course she knew absolutely the effect she was having and did what she was doing expertly. I felt her hand turn over and a single finger start to push into my vagina. She slid it in very slowly and back out the same.

She leaned over a little closer and said, “Enjoying yourself?”

I nodded ‘yes’ and actually got out a smile and she kept going. She pushed my knees with her other hand and I moved my bottom back and felt dad. He wound up spooning me and mom was still going in and out of my vagina with her finger.

Another five minutes, which seemed like a couple of hours, mom said, “You two have fun. I’ll be in the kitchen after my shower. Bye.” She gave me a peck and slipped her finger out of my vagina and picked up my pants off the floor and left. Dad had to be catching my scent. Had to. Now what.

He was still running his fingers around my back and hair. My top wasn’t a regular top, it was half of a teddy set and the top pretty much stopped well above my butt crack. My pants weren’t pants but the bottom part of the set. The pants that mom had. I straightened up some so I wasn’t fully bent over with my butt in his crotch. That was really nice. His knees were bent a little around me.

Dad hadn’t said a word. I knew he was trying to give me a good time, whatever I could let him do. I loved him for it. I thought I would let him get to the bottom of my top and on down like normal until he found out I didn’t have any pants on. It wasn’t long and he got there. I don’t know why he didn’t notice when mom was doing what she was doing.

He didn’t pause much, his fingers played with my buns and butt crack, on the outside mostly. I was still breathing a little hard. This was fantastic. I could hardly keep my legs closed. I wanted him down under doing what mom was doing.

Dad said, “You have very nice cheeks. Do you mind if I see what I can do with them. Would you like me to be more erotic? If not, that’s ok.”

“It’s already very erotic for me,” I said. I know he’s been having full sex for twenty or twenty five years. Erotic for him was a higher threshold. “Please,” I said. “I wouldn’t mind at all being turned on more. Thank you.”

He got both his hands down on my buns and spread them wide and ran his fingers down through. I almost blurted out with pleasure. He did some massaging I wouldn’t have imagined possible for about five minutes then he took off his bottoms and I felt his dick right in my butt crack, right against my butt button. Hot.

He started pushing his head against my butt button, not going in. He was spreading the entrance just that little bit that got the nerve endings going and we couldn’t stop. He still wasn’t trying to go in after the longest time. My legs were bent a little but I had him trapped between my buns. It had to be as fantastic for him as it was for me.

He had a hand over on my stomach. He hadn’t gone after my clit or vagina yet. I had seen his dick before, without him noticing. It wasn’t fat, maybe one and three-quarters, but it was long. You could probably go fishing with it if it had a reel. I thought it was perfect for a man. Certainly perfect for me.

He put a hand on my breast and I lifted a leg back over his hip and tilted my butt back and up just a little more. We continued that way for the longest time. He said, “If I keep going like this I’m going to have an orgasm.”

I said, “Don’t stop. Me too. Don’t stop.”

He was stretching my butt button but he still wasn’t really trying to go in. His pre-cum had it lubed heavily. I think the pressure on the head of his dick was the key for him and spreading my nerve endings in and out was the key for me. We both orgasmed about the same time. I could feel his sperm running and him jerking and pulsing and he reached a hand down and cupped me between my thighs just as I was letting go.

He kept going as much as he could through mine. It was one of the best I’ve ever had. I felt him wiping with tissues behind me and then we were quiet. In the back of my mind I couldn’t figure out how what mom did brought us to this but I was an amateur at sex.

We got up together and I finally saw his dick for real. It wasn’t completely soft and it was still magnificent. The pleasure he’s wielded with it for himself and mom and now a little for me was great to think about. I took a shower, he took a shower and the day went as normal. Nobody mentioned anything.

On Wednesday I was home before dad and mom gave me some ice tea as usual. She sat down and said, “Did I help any? You seem like you had a good time.”

I was embarrassed and didn’t quite know how to respond. “Mom,” I said. “It was wonderful. He was wonderful. You were too. You surprised me.”

I know,” she said. “You weren’t expecting ataköy eve gelen escort that. It got you in the mood to do a little of what you and your dad wanted to do.”

“Oh yes,” I said. “He knew exactly what to do. He had a really passionate orgasm and I did too and we didn’t really do much. It was an anal thing but he didn’t penetrate.”

“I figured it would go that way,” she said. “He did that to me. Lots of times. Until we decided the heck with it and had lots of sex. If my mom and dad ever knew they never said. Besides, I saw the stains on the sheets. I said to myself ‘YES’.”

“Mom,” I said. “What do I do with him now?”

“Whatever you and your dad want to I guess,” she said. “I don’t know if he will have, you know, actual intercourse with you. He can tease you so much it’ll feel like it. You’ll find a guy and go nutty like I did soon enough. There’s lots of things your dad can teach you. Some of them are very erotic when you’re in the middle of doing them. If you need any more help let me know.” Mom was a peach.

A year ago I bought one of those sex toys that was as long as dad, about the same size around as dad and looked like dad. I held it between my legs for almost an hour once, rubbing my clit and stuff. I put it between my thighs and looked at it sticking straight up. Loved it that way. I put it down my butt crack and lay on it. Very nice feeling.

It didn’t vibrate but that was ok. I put it against my clit and right at my vagina but didn’t push it in. I even practiced oral on it. For almost a month, and did the whole ‘he’s having an orgasm right now’ thing.

Mom,” I said, “what if I wanted to do oral on dad? Can you teach me that?”

“Not necessary at all,” she said. “It comes naturally. You’ll know exactly what to do. The important thing is for you to be highly turned on at the same time. Threesomes are good for that. You’re having sex with one guy while you’re doing oral on the other. Everything happens naturally when you’re that turned on. You even stay with it when he orgasms. Never fails.”

Threesomes. Mom. I said, “Have you had threesomes?”

“Nope. Not me,” she said. “I would love to but I don’t think I’ll ever get the chance. I’ve always wanted to have a threesome with your dad but with another girl. I think he would get a kick out of that.”

“Well,” I said, “if you could what would you want to see me and dad do? I mean watch us. Be there with us.”

She sat looking at me, mouth open a little. Then she took a sip of tea. She said, “Casey, I’m trying not to influence you, just help when you want me to. When you two get to the point where I would like to be there I’ll let you both know.”

I said, “Mom, I would like to have sex with dad. Can you help with that?”

“Sure,” she said. “Would Saturday be ok?”

“Yes, thanks,” I said.


I was awake at 6 in the morning on a Saturday. I was nervous. I went and washed twice. Down there. Back there. I tried not to touch myself. Maybe just a little would be ok so I did. Just my clit. Passes the time away at least. Finally it was about 7 so I went over.

Everything looked normal so I climbed up between and faced mom and got my knees up like normal. She smiled and we talked. I was trying to listen. Something about a lady down the street. All this time I knew dad was just behind me with his big dick. Nothing happened and I slowly filtered into what mom was saying and we chatted.

Right in the middle of a sentence I felt her fingers on the bottom of my thighs again, up in between. Rubbing. Then her finger was on my ridges like before. I needed that, it felt so good. I couldn’t figure out how this was going to get dad and me together. A few wonderful minutes and mom slipped her hands on my hips and pulled my pants down and off.

Fingers back on my thighs underneath and soon she was running up and down getting everything wet like before. She pulled her hand out and was soon back at the same place, pulling me open and a finger went down and rubbed around. Then she did it again. My mom was lubing me. For sex with dad.

She pulled her hand out. The sheet was up about at our waist. Usually was. I could feel her and dad rub feet, toes and ankles. They always did that. With my knees up towards mom it was clear below me. She pushed my knees back and I pushed my rump back. With my knees up I had my rump back and up.

She put a hand on my knee under the sheet and reached over. I could see her arm under the sheet on dad. She was pulling him down and under me. She fiddled around with him some and brought her hand up out of the sheet just a little and showed me dad’s shorts and winked at me.

I was starting to breathe heavier and I was squeezing a little. This was a first for me and it wasn’t all that easy. Mom reached over towards dad again and I could just see the sheet over him moving near her elbow. I think she had her hand under his balls. I felt his dick touch my buns ataköy grup yapan escort in a couple of places with mom’s hand wrapped around the top.

Dad moved down a little more. I think mom pulled him more in position. There was a little more movement and I felt his dick touching my folds right at my vagina and then mom’s fingers opening me up. Dad’s dick pushed right in against my vagina entrance. Mom whispered, “You ok so far? Are you ready?”

I nodded ‘yes’ and she actually reached over his bun and pushed him into my vagina. No doubt he helped. I closed my eyes and expelled all the air in my lungs and got some more, a lot. Dad wiggled and mom must have pushed again. It was better than I could have possibly imagined. I was squeezing and moving my vagina around and feeling him all over. It felt big. It filled me up.

I waited for more, every time he moved back. Dad slipped an arm over my hip about at my tuff and held on as he pushed in and out. I could feel one of his fingers at the top of my hood. Every time he pushed he pulled with that hand. I could see the sheet collapse between his hips and mom when he went in.

About that time mom said, “You should try the missionary position. I’ll be somewhere if you need me. Have a good time.” She got up and left.

Dad kept going about the same way and same speed. He was getting further in. It was very smooth. I think he could have just went on in but I guess he was being careful. I didn’t care, I loved every little second and a second lasted forever. There was a dick in my vagina, a good one and I may get some semen.

Dad hadn’t said a word. I guess he was reconciling fucking his daughter. Mom always said, ‘Sex is for fun so have some fun.’.

Then he said, “Are you ok? Would you like me to slow down?”

“Yes I am, no I don’t,” I said. “It feels better than I can even describe. I can’t wait until you’re all the way in. Mom said to try the missionary position. Up to you, anytime. Turn yourself loose. I’ll be fine.”

I felt a little extra push and a little more force. He was having a very good time with me. I tried thrusting but it didn’t get right so I let him do all the work. I’m fairly sure he got all the way in for several strokes then he pulled out and moved over towards the middle of the bed. He lightly got me in position and lifted over between with his wet dick down my middle.

I felt sticky on my belly and thigh and crotch, probably the lube. He moved down and his dick slipped right up in me again. Not the whole way, he three thrusted back in. Then he paused and got settled down and more in position. He took off his top and mine. I got my legs over his a little. I’ve always wanted to do that and loved seeing pictures like that.

He got under my shoulders and bore in slowly and got his lips on mine and just as his tongue got to mine I felt his dick thrust again, all the way and all the way back out. He stayed about the same speed for maybe sixty or a hundred while he tried to distract me with my nipples. At one point I absently starting counting his strokes to see how long it took to orgasm but quickly forgot about that.

I was so floating around myself I wound up thinking about strange things. I loved his crotch banging into mine and the slap of his balls. I got my knees way up high and gave him as wide open a vagina as I could manage. While doing that I noticed mom watching from the door. Smiling as always. We were nude, the sheets were off and the light was on and we were fucking.

It seemed like a long time and I said, “I’m going to have an orgasm. I can feel it. Don’t you stop. I want some semen. I want some semen.”

He nodded ‘yes’ and kept going. I didn’t notice it right away but he was going in further. He seemed to be hitting my crotch a little higher up. His dick was going in at a slightly different angle. My orgasm got very good very fast. I tried to hide it but couldn’t. All of a sudden dad went so fast it was scary but didn’t hurt or anything. My orgasm exploded right out of my body.

I got a little wild, couldn’t help it. I think I screamed but don’t remember. I couldn’t control anything. It wasn’t like my own orgasms, this one was very different. I used to squeeze my stomach and pull my knees up and close my thighs and hold myself, hard, until it passed. I couldn’t do that with a man between my legs with his dick way up in me and going like that.

It also lasted a hell of a lot longer too but I finally got back to fucking and trying to give dad a good time. He went on for almost ten minutes and I found out what a man in heat acts like. When he let go I grabbed on up and down and held on to everything except his hips. I got my feet down and thrust up and matched his hips coming down.

I think it took him longer than me to get into the exhausted stage but when there, that was it. Deed done. We did a lot of hugging and kissing and playing around with his dick still up inside somewhere. Not as noticeable maybe. It was wonderful untangling ourselves. There’s probably a social procedure for that but I don’t know if there is.

I played with his dick and he played with my nipples and butt. He likes butts. We were almost at the ‘I’ll call you’ stage and he said, “You know, mom’s going to have us doing this a lot. It’s ok with me, however much you want to.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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