Mom’s Legacy

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This story has a large focus on lesbian sex so this might not be the story for you if that’s not your thing.


“Are you excited?” Amanda asks her daughter as they drive to college.

Liz sighs, “I think so. I like my roommate and the school.”

Amanda looks over at her daughter, “Then why do you think you will like it, not know you will?” Looking her daughter up and down, Amanda takes in all the details. At 18, Liz has become a sexy young woman. She has long, straight brown hair, long, toned legs, roughly C cup breasts, a shapely rear and a very pretty face. Liz looks very similar to Amanda, only with darker hair.

Liz is silent for several seconds, before answering, “I just don’t know how I will make new friends. That’s the thing I’m nervous about.”

Amanda smiles, “I remember when I went to college, what feels like centuries ago… Anyway, I decided to join a sorority called Kappa Kappa. It helped me meet all kinds of wonderful people, including your father.”

“My father who was too busy with work to be bothered dropping me off at college.” Liz mumbles to herself. She sighs at her mother, “So why are you telling me this? You think joining a sorority is the best way for me to meet people?”

Amanda nods, “I do, but I think you would have the easiest time joining Kappa Kappa. I could write you a letter of recommendation which would help you get in.”

Liz smiles, “I guess it couldn’t hurt to try…”

Amanda laughs, “Don’t worry Liz, I’m sure they’ll take you.”

Later that afternoon, Liz and Amanda have unpacked and are in the dorm room, before Amanda leaves and makes the hour car ride back home. Amanda stands, “Alright Liz, I’m going to leave. I’ll make sure to get that letter of recommendation to you as soon as possible.”

“Alright. Thanks Mom.” Amanda and Liz part. Amanda smiles at Liz for a second before walking away and closing the door.

Liz sighs as her roommate, Jess walks over. Jess is a petite blonde girl, with long, curly hair, large breasts and a large, toned ass and a fit body. “What is she going to write you a letter of recommendation for?”

Liz answers, “To join a sorority, Kappa Kappa.”

Jess smiles, “That’s a hard one to get into. Are you a legacy?”

Liz nods, “Yeah, she was in Kappa Kappa. Are you going to try to get in?”

Jess shrugs, “Haven’t given it much thought. Who knows, maybe I will.”

After a couple of days, Liz settles into a routine of class, work and socialization, even managing to find time to talk to her parents. She meets many people in her classes, the dining hall and the dorms. Liz and Jess quickly become fast friends, spending a lot of time together. Several days later, a letter comes in the mail addressed to Liz from her mom. She opens it and reads the letter.


The other envelope in here is for the head of the sorority. Please attach it to your application when you send that in. Do not open the letter. Love, Mom

Liz takes out a smaller, sealed envelope and puts it inside her dresser. “I need to save that for later.” She says to herself. The next day, the fraternities and sororities start to advertise around campus. They all get a booth around campus and encourage passing students to come and sign up. Liz walks around, finding Kappa Kappa’s stand. She approaches it, finding a pretty looking Latina girl sitting behind the table. She appears to be about two years older than Liz, with an elvish face and slim figure. Liz smiles at her, “Hi, my name’s Liz and I am interested in joining Kappa Kappa.”

The girl nods, “A lot of people are. You have family previously or currently in the sorority?”

Liz nods, “My mom was a member.”

“Then your off to a better start than most of the people who apply. Here is an application. Make sure you get a letter of recommendation from that family member before dropping this off at the sorority house. We will send you an email if you get accepted. And good luck!” The girl says, handing Liz a paper application from a folder. Liz thanks the girl and heads back to her dorm. She quickly fills out the application, making sure to include her mother’s letter of recommendation.

After submitting her application, Liz feels nervous. Will mom be disappointed if I don’t get accepted? She asks herself. After another week Liz finally gets an email from Kappa Kappa. She looks at her screen for several seconds, wondering if clicking on it will make her happy or sad. After internally debating what to do for several minutes, Liz finally clicks on the email. She sighs with relief when she sees the word “accepted”. Reading over the rest of the email, it states that there will be an in person interview as well as initiation process. I don’t like the sound of initiation process… Liz thinks, scrolling through her contacts to tell her mother the good news.

“Hey Liz, what’s up?” Amanda answers after the second ring.

“Guess what mom, I ataköy türbanlı escort got accepted to Kappa Kappa!” Liz says, excitedly.

Even without having Amanda in the room, Liz can see the smile on her face, “Good! That should open a ton of doors for you, professionally as well as socially.”

“They mention that there’s an initiation. You know anything about that?” Liz asks.

“I had to go through something similar. It’s just a bit of harmless hazing. Really dumb stuff and nothing too serious. Just relax and you’ll probably enjoy it.” Amanda answers. The two talk for a few more minutes, before hanging up.

Jess walks in just as Liz hangs up the phone, “What was that all about? Normal family stuff?”

Liz shakes her head, “I got accepted to Kappa Kappa!”

Jess smile and embraces her roommate, “Congratulations! I’m so happy for you. I guess that means I might have gotten my response from them.”

Liz smiles, “Well go check! Don’t keep me in suspense.” Jess walks over to her desk, opens her laptop and quickly brings up her email. She has one unread from Kappa Kappa. Without waiting, Jess clicks on it. “I guess it’s my turn to congratulate you!” Liz says, smiling at her roommate.

Jess smiles back, “Thanks! I’m so relieved to have finally gotten an answer.”

“Celebratory wine?” Liz asks, going into their refrigerator.

“You know it!” Jess answers.

That Saturday, it is time for Liz’s interview at the sorority house. She nervously walks up to the door and sees the same Hispanic girl from the table where she got her application. Liz walks up to her and says, “Hi, I’m… ummmm… here for an interview about joining. My name’s Liz.”

The girl looks down at her phone for a second. “Yep, here you are. Let’s go.” She opens the door and leads Liz inside. The two of them go upstairs into an empty bedroom. There is a folding table set up in the middle, with chairs on either side. The girl takes a seat and motions for Liz to do the same. “Let’s start. My name is Veronica and I’m in charge around here. We read your application and saw that you are a legacy. Did your mom tell you anything about the sorority?”

Liz shakes her head, “No, she didn’t mention she was in it until we were almost here.”

Veronica nods, “Good. Tell me why you want to be a member of Kappa Kappa?”

Liz is silent for a few seconds, thinking. Finally, she says, “I want to join because I think it will be a fun way to meet a lot of new people.”

Veronica just asks her next question, “Are you on some form of birth control?” Seeing the confused expression on Liz’s face, Veronica adds, “It would make us look bad if a member got pregnant.”

Liz nods, “I’m on the pill.”

Veronica once again nods, “Good. Last question here and we’ll be done. Are you willing to do almost anything to join the sorority?”

Liz nods, “Almost anything, yeah.”

Veronica stands and smiles, “Great! You’ll get an email telling you where and when to come back here. Initiation starts then. See you soon pledge.” Veronica leads Liz back out of the house where Liz starts walking back to her room. I don’t like the way she said see you soon. Liz thinks.

A couple days later, Liz receives another email from Kappa Kappa, explaining that she needs to show up to the sorority house at 8 pm on Friday night. She needs to wear street clothes, as well as sign an agreement that says she understands that failure to follow the instructions of the current members is grounds for being denied a place in the sorority. Liz skims over the document before printing and signing it. When Jess comes back to the room, Liz asks, “Do you need to go to the Kappa Kappa house Friday night?”

Jess nods, “Yeah, at 8 as part of the initiation. It’s probably just some dumb hazing thing.”

“So I guess we’ll go together.” Liz says, happy that she will know someone else there.

The rest of the week seems to drag on as Liz waits for Friday with a mixture of nervous excitement and dread. Stop being so nervous! It’s not like they can make you do anything really bad. Liz tells herself over and over again, trying to calm her nerves.

Finally, Friday night arrives, and Liz and Jess head to the Kappa Kappa house. When they get there, they are led inside, joining several other girls in what appears to be a living room. They mill around and make small talk with the other applicants, before all conversations stops when Veronica walks into the room.

She looks around, a smile on her face, “Hello ladies, Congratulations on getting this far! But now, you have the second stage of your initiation. For this, you will be partnered up. In every pair, one member is a legacy and the other is not. We randomized the pairs, so you might know your partner, but might not. You all ready to get started?”

A collective yes goes through the group of about 20 girls and Veronica smiles. “Great! Let me start…” Veronica starts ataköy ucuz escort reading the list, making sure each pair is led off to another room upstairs. After 5 or so pairs, she calls, “Jessica and Elizabeth!”

A girl motions for them to follow her upstairs into an empty bedroom. “So what do you think we’ll have to do?” Liz asks.

Jess shrugs, “Who knows? My older sister joined a sorority and had to fuck a couple of dildos in front of the other pledges.”

Liz nods, but feels uncomfortable. Not that she is a prude or anything, but she would rather not do something like that. The two girls wait impatiently for something to happen. Finally, the door swings open and Veronica stands in the door way, looking back and forth between the two girls. “Once again, congratulations on making it this far. For the second stage of initiation, you have to complete a checklist by three weeks from tonight. Upon completion of that, you will be given a second and final check list to be completed by the end of winter break After that, you two will be in. Ready to get started?”

Liz and Jess nod. Veronica smiles, “Okay, here is your list with my phone number at the top. Send me a picture as proof that something was completed and I’ll mark it off on my list. Either one of you can do any number of the items. Any questions?”

Liz nods, “Yeah, when you say proof for some of this stuff… we have to be naked to do it. You want a picture of us naked?”

Veronica nods, “I do. Don’t worry, they won’t be shared or anything, it’ll just be the proof that you actually did the stuff. Anything Else?” She asks the last part looking between Jess and Liz. Taking their silence for an answer, Veronica says, “Alright, you two will get the first part of the list tomorrow. Look forward to seeing the results!” With that, Veronica leads Liz and Jess out of the room and tells them to leave.

The pair is silent until they get back to their dorm room. When they get inside, Liz breaks the silence, “So, how do you feel about this initiation crap?”

Jess sighs, “I’m not sure. It’ll probably just be dumb stuff like do this during class.” The two girls spend the rest of the night relaxing and talking about what the checklist might hold.

The next day, around noon, Liz and Jess receive a text from Veronica. The two girls stare at their phones, reading the list off to one another. Liz reads, “These items can be done in any order, but must have picture evidence with one or both of your faces in the picture. This list is to be completed by the start of Thanksgiving break. Failure to do so will result in denied entry to the sorority.” Liz and Jess share a look before turning back down to the list. There are about 20 items on the list, ranging from small stuff “like take your tits out in a public bathroom” to much more hardcore stuff, like “finger your partner to orgasm.”

“She can’t be serious about all this stuff, some of it is just too far out there. Fist your partner.” Jess reads, looking up at Liz.

Liz is silent, reading the list over and over again. Finally, she speaks, “Well do you want to get in?”

Jess sighs, “Yes.”

Liz nods, “Then we have to do this because it is the only way to get in. Besides, we are both pretty, so who cares if we have to do some of this stuff together!”

Jess huffs, “Have you done stuff like this before. Been with a girl I mean?”

Liz shakes her head, “No… but how different can it really be than just playing with yourself?” She asks, sounding like she is trying to convince herself as well as Jess.

Jess sighs, “So I guess we have to get started on these things. We only have about a month to get them all done.”

Liz nods, “Sounds like a plan. Which do you think we should do first?” They both look down at their phones, reading through the list. “Here’s one we can do right now. All we have to do is kiss each other on the lips.”

Jess raises an eyebrow, “That’s what you want to start with?”

“Do you have any better ideas?” Liz asks.

Jess is silent for a minute before she answers, “No… alright, let’s get this over with.” Liz crosses the room from her bed to Jess’s bed and lays next to each other.

“Ready for this?” Liz asks. Jess hesitates for a second before giving a quick nod. Liz pulls out her phone, opens the front facing camera and positions her thumb to take a picture. The two girls close their eyes and lean in for a gentle kiss on the lips. Hmmm not too bad. Liz thinks as they part. She opens her photos app and swears.

“What’s wrong?” Jess asks.

“We have to do it again. I must have moved my arm and our faces aren’t in the picture!” Liz answers.

Jess sighs, “Alright, take two.” The girls repeat the kiss, only this time, it comes out much better than before. “So are you going to send that off right now?” Jess asks. Liz looks up from her phone.

“Already did.” She answers. A few minutes later, Liz’s phone ataköy üniversiteli escort buzzes. She reads, “Good start, keep ’em coming!” She looks up at Jess, “One down, not too bad of a start.”

Jess nods, a small smile appearing on her lips, “Not too bad of a start.” The two girls get to work on the other items on the list. That night, Jess takes a picture of Liz flashing her bra next to the statue of the school’s founder. The girls go into the library bathroom and take a mirror selfie with their breasts out. Liz’s breasts are smaller than Jess’s, with her nipples being slightly smaller too. Jess’s body is slightly tanner, from living in the south.

Both Jess and Liz giggle as they slide their clothes back on just as someone walks into the bathroom. “That was a close one.” Jess comments as she sends their most recent picture to Veronica.

Liz nods, “So that leaves us with how many more of these sexual ones left to go?”

Jess scrolls down the list, counting, “Not too many more. But the big two are fingering the other girl to orgasm and one of us has to fist the other.”

Liz is silent for a minute, “Whichever one of us makes the other cum should also fist the other girl.”

Jess nods, “Fair enough. Now we just need to decide who is doing the fisting and who is getting fisted.”

Liz is silent for a moment thinking. “Okay, whoever has smaller hands will make it easier for whoever between us is on the receiving end of… that.” Liz and Jess compare hands. Liz stares at the result for a second, before swallowing nervously. “It looks like I’m on the receiving end of this.”

Jess looks grateful that she isn’t. “So when do you want to do this?”

Liz sighs with a huff, “Now I guess.” She says, opening the door to their dorm room. She leads the way inside before laying down on her bed. Jess follows and closes the door behind her.

“You going to take off your clothes or do I need to do that?” Jess asks.

Liz closes her eyes and sighs, “I can do it, just give me a second.” After mentally preparing herself, Liz stands, grabs a towel, spreads it out on her bed and pulls off her shirt and leggings, revealing her bra and panties. Jess motions for Liz to continue. Liz sighs unhappily and reaches behind her back and unclasps her bra, tossing it off to the side. Her pale, medium sized breasts are exposed to the cool air in the room. Almost immediately, her nipples begin to harden. Liz then tugs down her panties, exposing her pussy. Liz has puffy outer lips that mostly hide her labia folds.

Jess whistles, “You look sexy! How have you not brought more guys back here this semester?”

Liz rolls her eyes, “Not everything is about how many guys you hook up with.”

Jess grins, “Alright, lay back, I have a bit of work to do.” Liz winces at the word work, but nods and lays back on the bed. Jess has stripped off her shirt, not wanting to get it dirty from what she is about to do. Liz gasps in surprise as Jess takes one of her nipples into her mouth. Jess snaps a picture.

“I forgot about that one.” Liz sighs.

“So one of the three things I need to do to you is done.” Jess says with a grin. She turns her attention to Liz’s cunt. She runs her hand over Liz’s entrance, causing the young woman below her to shudder. Jess licks two of her fingers, making sure they are nice and wet with her spit before she slips her index and middle fingers into Liz.

“Oh fuck…” Liz sighs with pleasure. Jess slowly slides her fingers in and out of Jess, using her thumb to rub Liz’s clit as well. Liz quickly begins to grow wet from the stimulation. Soon, she is wet enough for Jess to slip in a third finger.

“Fuck! Oh god…” Liz groans, used to only using two of her fingers to masturbate. Jess continues to work Liz’s cunt, alternating between slowly fingering her and pounding her fingers in and out of the other young woman. Liz begins to tremble as Jess works her to orgasm. Her thighs begin to quiver just as Jess starts filming.

“Oh fuck…” Liz gasps, her breathing becoming heavy.

“Pick your head up Liz, it has to be in the shot.” Jess says, continuing to finger her friend.

Liz does so, propping herself up on her elbows. “Fuck Jess… I’m getting close…” Liz moans, looking at her friend and roommate. Jess picks up her pace slightly, fingering Liz as fast as she can. Finally, Liz cries out, “Yes, yes, yes!” as she cums.

Her cunt spasms around Jess’s fingers, coating them with her hot cum. Jess just keeps her fingers inside Liz, letting them get covered. Liz presses her head back into the mattress as she rides out her orgasm. Satisfied with the video footage, Jess slips her fingers out of Liz and lets the girl enjoy the rest of her orgasm. As Liz shudders on the bed, Jess uses her clean hand to send the video to Veronica. Once the message is sent, Jess walks over to her dresser and digs through it for a few seconds before finding what she is looking for.

Jess walks back over to the bed and looks at Liz, who is sitting up on the bed, looking flushed. “How was that?” Jess asks.

“Have you ever done that to another girl?” She asks.

Jess shakes her head, “No, I just got really good at it masturbating. Now, you ready for the next thing?”

Liz hesitates before answering. “Yes. Let’s get it over with.”

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