Mom’s Time To Enjoy: The Next Day

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As I woke from my night of love with my son, I had the feeling that my love life was anew. I had the most enjoyable evening and I had to have more…but how to make it still feel new?

I got up from my bed still nude, and went to the shower. Its a large shower, one of those walk-in type. The hot water felt so good on my large breasts. As I was drying off, I smelt bacon…

I got dressed, my some what usual work wear, dress and heels and went to the kitchen. My son had made breakfast, that was new!

“Good morning mom” he greeted

“mmm smells good, eggs , bacon, and toast” I replied

“well it’s the least I could do after last night mom.”

“yeah…we need to talk about that…last night.”

My son had a very puzzled almost disturbed looked on his face. I was sure what I was going to say yet. My head was still thinking about him ramming me deep and hard.

“I really don’t think we should do that again.” I said to him

“But why not? Didn’t you enjoy avcılar üniversiteli escort it?” he questioned

“Oh.. I did indeed. You pleased me like a man has never before.” I had him hooked

“So then what’s the problem?”

“It’s just not right.”

At that moment, as we were both standing up in the kitchen, he walked behind me and put his hands on my hips. I could almost feel his breath on my neck.

With his mouth close to my ear, he softly kissed my neck.

“You that it was right last night.” he spoke seductively

I was beginning to melt

“It was the wine that I had at the bar.”

He then began to kiss the back of my neck, with the slightest touch of his tongue. I released a strong sounding moan. I could ready feel the moisture build in my thong.

I quickly pulled away.

“NO! We can’t do this” I said to him

I back away from him and he followed like a little dog. Without avrupa yakası escort even realizing it, I had backed myself against the wall. He now was chest to chest with me. My dress was a sexy black one with a deep neck line.

As he tried to kiss me, I turned away. He planted his lips on my warm neck again.

“NO, we can’t” I said

“Yes we can” he replied

He put his hands back onto my hips and started to work around to my tight heart shaped ass. God his hands are strong. Moving up my back and to my shoulders, he glided the thin straps of my dress off. My silky dress fell to the floor liked a piece of tissue.

I began to push him away as I was still against the wall. I was standing there in my bra and thong. The moment was exciting me to the point of I thought I was to cum.

As I protested him that this shouldn’t be happening, he looked so damn turned-on. I think the idea of raping his own mother turned him on.

“no bağdat caddesi escort we’re not going to do this again.” I told him

“That’s what you think. You think that you can use me for your needs? You awoke me last night for yourself. Well, now it’ my time.”

With that, in one fluid motion, he spun me around so that I was facing the wall. He the proceeded to lower my thong and rub and finger my pussy in a reach around attack.

MMM this felt so good I thought to myself.

He told me to spread my legs. I did so as if in protest. What a sight, me in a black lacey bra and black heels slightly bent at the waist facing the wall, and him with his jeans at his ankles and boxers lowered.

With my legs locked straight out, he pushed them open more. Then…he inserted his cock deep into my tight ass. MMMM what a pleasing feeling. He began to pump quickly, setting a fast pace to his anal incest invasion.

There wasn’t any conversation between us. Just the naughty grunts of sex, I didn’t mind. Suddenly, he paused…

“oh yes, I’m gonna cum!” he proclaimed

With one final push, I could feel his hot cum fill my ass.

“I hope you liked that mom.” he said before redressing and leaving the house.

As I thought to myself, I began to laugh out loud. Oh fuck yes I did! I created my own private sex toy.

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