The Babysitter

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After three knocks, the front door swung open.

I was surprised to see an incredibly striking man in his late 40s on the other side of the door.

I couldn’t decide which I found more attractive: his piercing green eyes or full head of dark hair with a grey hint.

“Mr. Anderson?” I asked.

“Yes, you must be Arielle?”

I nodded in confirmation. “Yes, I am. Nice to meet you.”

“Come in, come in. Jake is in the living room, playing with his toys.”

As I entered, I saw an adorable toddler playing with his green monster truck on the living room floor. So immersed was he, he didn’t even look up to see his new babysitter.

“This is Andrew,” Mr. Anderson said. Andrew looked at me with a shy smile. He had the same green eyes and a full head of black hair like his dad.

I introduced myself to the little charge. “Hi Andrew, I’m Arielle. We are going to have so much fun here tonight.”

His cute little dimples were on full bloom when he smiled at my reply.

Fifteen minutes later, Mr. Anderson bid us goodbye and was on his way to his business dinner.

Four hours later, Mr. Anderson returned to a quiet house, and Andrew asleep in his bed.

“How was he?” Mr. Anderson asked.

“Andrew was just lovely. Very energetic and well-behaved.”

“I have some bad news Arielle,” Mr. Anderson said somberly.

“What is it?” I asked worriedly.

“Well, the storm has gotten worse, and they were closing the roads as I drove home. I don’t think you’ll make it back to your place tonight in this weather.” He must have noticed my sunken face. “But, you are more than welcomed to stay in the spare room.”

I gave it just a few moments before agreeing to his proposal.

A couple of bottles of wine later, we were getting to know each other as the heavy rain bounced off the roof. Somehow, the conversation turned to sex and dry-spells. pendik escort When I saw the look in Mr. Anderson’s eye and the ever-growing bulge in his pants, I knew we both wanted each other.

“Wow,” I uttered in surprise as he lifted me from the couch and carried me to the master bedroom. He laid me on the bed, leaning over to kiss me gently on the lips.

“I don’t want it gentle,” I told him when he came up for air.

“Perfect,” came his sultry reply.

He grabbed my shirt and pulled me up. Before I can react, he had my shirt over my head and was working on my belt buckle. I gladly assisted and shimmied out of my jeans. As I threw them to the floor, I saw Mr. Anderson stripping off from the corner of my eye.

He very quickly joined me on the queen-size bed, and I took an unabashed lustful look at his glorious body. We laid on our sides, facing each other. Our bodies, with all their flaws and beauty, on display. As he looked me in the eye, he trailed his hand up my leg, hip, back, before finally resting on my neck.

His hand rested on my neck for just a second, before he pulled me in for a deep, longing kiss. I smelt a slight hint of cologne when he went in for the kiss. Which? I have no idea. But somehow, the scent was perfect at this moment.

“Your tits are fucking incredible, Arielle,” he said when we broke free from the kiss.

“You’re more than welcome to show your appreciation,” I said teasingly. Mr. Anderson didn’t need to be told twice!

He pushed me onto my back and started to suck on my nipples gently. A soft moan purred out of me as he lavished attention on my breasts. He was cupping them, nibbling and biting my nipples. He took particular care to give each tit adequate attention. Mr. Anderson was a guy who knew the value of foreplay.

He continued his exploration of my body and left a trail of kisses. maltepe escort One kiss under my breast. Another just above my belly button ring. Further and further, he descended until he got to my inner thighs.

I opened my legs wider for him and grabbed the back of his head. I ran my fingers through his soft dark hair as he kisses drew nearer to my pussy.

My grip on his hair tightened as he started to lick my clit.

“You have such a tasty tight cunt,” he murmured. Before I could even reply, he started to eat me out. His tongue went back and forth, tracing circles around my pussy lips and plunging deep into my cunt. Every time I got used to what his tongue was doing, he switched it up on me – keeping my senses and excitement heightened.

An unrestrained groan escaped me as he pushed two fingers inside of me. I pulled his head closer and couldn’t help but grind against his fingers and mouth. I reached down with one hand to rub my clit while Mr. Anderson devoured me.

The pleasures that were running through my body was unreal. I struggled to keep it down. But we were forced to keep silent, so we didn’t wake his kid. We both knew this was taboo. Illicit.

He moved my fingers from my clit and lightly bit my clit. Oh, that was certainly a new sensation! I nearly bucked, but he held me down with one hand. When a third finger entered me, and his continued nibbling on my clit, I just couldn’t help it anymore.

I came hard. I shoved a pillow over my face, drowning out the loud moans as I felt the orgasm explode through my body. My toes curled, my cunt clamped down on his fingers, keeping them there until the pleasure subsided.

“That sounded like it was amazing,” Mr. Anderson questioned. I could only nod. “I can’t wait any longer; I want to fuck you now.”

As he laid on his back, his cock stood at attention. It was beautiful kartal escort but intimidating!

“How big are you?” I asked, in awe of his length.

“Just under 9 inches,” came his startling reply.

I couldn’t even answer. There’s no way I could take this, I thought to myself.

“I want to stretch your cunt and make you my gaping whore. Ruin you for other guys.”

He reached down and pulled me on top of him, guiding me to the tip of his cock. He held onto my hips as I started to lower myself onto his cock.

He was right. He was definitely going to ruin me for other guys! I had to stop every so often to get used to his girth. My breathing labored as I opened up for him.

I could tell he loved watching the pain he was causing me. Knowing I was barely handling him. His fingers tightened on my hips, and I saw the sadistic look in his eyes. I screamed out as he plunged the last 5 inches inside of me. He wrapped his muscular arms around me, pulling me in so I couldn’t move.

I had no choice but to get used to his cock, destroying my cunt.

“Fuck,” he groaned. “You’re such a tight fucking bitch.”

I felt his cock against my stomach walls. I had never felt like such a slut before. Being taken advantage of by a man I only just met. His cock sinking deeper into my cunt, and I had no option but to take it. Yet, I felt myself getting wetter and wetter with each thrust.

His cock was coated in my juices. I loved being used by older men.

“Fuck, Arielle,” Mr. Anderson groaned, “you have no idea how fucking good you feel on my dick.” He couldn’t see it, but I smiled. I knew just how good my pussy was.

He started cursing underneath his breath, and his speed increased. His arms somehow managed to pull me in tighter. Barely a millimeter existed between us.

“Fuck, Arielle, I’m gonna cum!”

His body shuddered against me, and I felt his hot load shooting into my cunt. As his panting slowly subsided, he gently lifted me off of him, and his cum dripped out.

As we laid side-by-side, he turned to look at me.

“I can tell you will be an excellent babysitter.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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