The Nor-Tea Club

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Eighteen months had passed since Jack Trengate and his wife, Sherri had become swingers. First with their long-time friends, Glenn and Wendy then James and Valerie were added, a black couple they met at a party. The three couples met at each other’s home once or twice a month and everyone looked forward to the encounters.

Jack had long overcome his initial concern of seeing Sherri with other men and looked forward to watching her with Glenn and James. She enjoyed being with the two men so much that he had made the odd, casual comment that she might enjoy more. Sherri had not actually said she would want to have more than two men paying attention to her but she never said she wouldn’t either and Jack had the feeling that the tone of her non-committal answer hinted that she thought it might be fun.

He also liked looking down at Wendy and Valerie on their hands and knees on the bed, the perfect combination of black and white. It was so erotic to fondle their bottoms and pussies, so different yet ultimately the same. Wendy’s lovely pussy lips were always slightly open and inviting, topped by a neat blonde bush. He particularly enjoyed her in a sixty-nine; she would suck his cock while he tongued her pussy until she was very wet then he would spread her open and play with her clit while James had her from behind.

He liked Sherri in this position also and the sight of James’ super large black cock assaulting his wife’s pussy from so close usually resulted in a powerful ejaculation into her mouth. Then there was Valerie; with her large clitoris and a patch of jet black, silky pubic hair, he and Glenn had spent many hours enjoying the considerable assets of this black beauty.

The idea of seeing his wife with several men lingered on in Jack’s mind and while surfing the web he came across an adult sex club in a city about 100 miles away. The club, named ‘The Nor-Tea Club’, was exclusive and expensive, a very up-scale couples-only club that boasted a varied array of special events for members enjoyment. One in particular captured his interest; it took place every third Friday of the month and was just what he had in mind for his horny wife. He was excited to find the club but wished it was closer and less expensive. He reckoned it was mainly highway driving so it shouldn’t take that long to get there and nothing of value was inexpensive these days.

It was something he wanted just for Sherri and himself, at least to begin with, and never mentioned it to the other couples. He kept it from Sherri also for he wanted it to be a surprise. With his libido surging he paid the $1200 membership fee by credit card (still somewhat reluctantly) and immediately wondered if he had just wasted the money. He was relieved when a few days later when a fancy, plastic membership card with electronic chip and a sumptuous, detailed welcome package arrived by courier extolling the virtues of the club. He found the package impressive and abandoned his feeling that he had made a rash, hasty decision and wasted $1200 in the process.

“I want you to dress very sexily on Saturday night; I’m taking you somewhere special,” Jack told his wife.

“Oh, that sounds interesting, how sexy do you want me?” she replied with a broad smile.

“A bit slutty, very short dress, stockings, heels and expose a lot of your lovely tits, that little black dress should do nicely. I want you to look like you are available.”

“Umm, it’s getting more interesting, where are you taking me?”

“That’s for me to know and you to find out on Saturday, my horny slut,” Jack replied as he pulled her close and fondled her ass with both hands.

She felt his erection pressing against her tummy, “Well whatever it is, it has you very excited,” she said and turned towards the stairs, exaggerating the sway of her hips and she started up the stairs. Her fantastic backside looked even better than usual in the tight jeans and Jack followed it willingly upstairs, his cock throbbing violently, waiting to be released.

Sherri spent Saturday morning at the spa and came home with a new hairstyle that was a little shorter than usual but framed her face beautifully. She planned on adding a little to the make-up that was professionally applied at the spa later to give her a slutty appearance requested by her husband. Saturday afternoon seemed to drag like no other day in her life, she was curious to find out where Jack was taking her but he still wouldn’t say; she knew it would be something sexual and it made her horny.

She looked at her image in the mirror and had to admit she looked really good; there was no doubt of that. She was an extremely attractive and desirable, sexy, mature woman and she looked very hot in her outfit. The black dress barely covered her stocking tops and the garter belt straps showed if she bent over even a little. The stilettos and fishnets highlighted her shapely legs and the push-up bra exposed a lot of cleavage, almost revealing the tops of her areoles and her firm nipples were visible, florya escort straining against the material.

She pondered the finishing touch and decided on the decorative, gold waist chain that Glenn had bought her when they went with their spouses on a Jamaican vacation. It brought back memories of those eight sex-filled days and in particular one afternoon when she and Wendy were given a surprise treat by their husbands. They were stripped naked and directed to sit on the end of the bed where they were blindfolded.

Sherri heard movement about the room then her hands were placed on someone’s hips. She moved her hands across the tummy and down onto a very hard cock. She caressed it and the heavy ball sack and knew it wasn’t Jack or Glenn. This was exciting and she moved forward and began to suck it and from the sounds next to her Wendy had been given the same treat.

She was pushed back on the bed, her legs spread wide and a tongue lapped her vagina and clit. It was not until she had been fucked for several minutes that Jack removed the blindfold and she looked into the face of a handsome, black man in his twenties thrusting vigorously into her. Wendy was receiving the same treatment from another black man of the same age.

At first she felt shocked and embarrassed that she was in this position with such a young man, young than her own children, but he sure felt good inside her. She looked over to her friend, who was clutching her man’s buttocks and moaning loudly as he repeatedly thrust hard and fast causing the bed to bounce wildly and realized that it was too late to worry so why not just enjoy it.

The two mature wives did enjoy the young men who stayed all afternoon. They were certainly energetic and virile and each had ejaculated twice before leaving around 6:30. Jack and Glenn had gone to great lengths to find the two young studs and ensure that everything was safe for their wives and took many photographs of the encounter.

She opened a drawer of her dresser and under her panties and thongs (which she thought was a very appropriate place) was the small photo album. She opened it and looked through the photos taken that afternoon. They always made her horny and she could feel herself becoming wet and put it back quickly.

Sherri retrieved the chain from her jewellery box and ran it through her hands and cast her mind back to when she last wore it. Glenn had bought two chains; one for Wendy and one for her at a local market. It was mid afternoon and they had just finished playing cards in the shaded garden outside their chalet. Glenn got up and asked with a cheeky smile if anyone fancied a walk along the nude beach. Wendy and Jack declined saying they wanted to go back inside for some afternoon delight in the cool of the air-conditioning. Sherri smiled that sexy smile of hers and said she would love to go for a nude walk.

She wore only the chain around her waist as she and Glenn held hands and walked naked for a while along the sand where the waves finally lost their energy and lapped back from whence they came. They went into the ocean and splashed and played like a couple of kids then they embraced and kissed. Sherri wrapped her legs around Glenn’s waist and his erection slipped into her as the waves rushed about them and finally knocked them over as they clung to each other and laughed.

They continued walking until they came to a secluded area with a clump of palm trees close to the beach. It was the perfect spot and Glenn was soon on top of Sherri with his cock buried between her legs. It was not until he turned her onto her hands and knees and mounted her from behind that they both saw two local, black men standing about 15 feet away. The only clothing they wore was shorts and they were down around their knees. They were watching and jerking off. No one spoke and Glenn continued to thrust into his friend’s wife, the chain around her waist jiggling. The men, encouraged, ventured closer until they were 3 feet away.

Sherri’s eyes fixed on the two big, black cocks just off to the side; she could see the foreskins moving back and forth over the heads of their cocks and their balls shaking as they stoked their veined shafts. She imagined them fucking her pussy filled with Glenn’s cum, especially when they began to quietly moan as they closed in on ejaculation. The situation was very erotic and she could feel that Glenn thought so too, she knew he was about to explode and so was she. She began to scream, “Yes, oh yes, yes, yes, yes, give it to me, cum in me,” as she watched the black cocks jerk faster. Her orgasm coincided with Glenn’s ejaculation and as both cried in ecstasy the two black men shot their semen into the air; some hit her on the left cheek and right shoulder. Glenn withdrew and the two black men pulled up their shorts, smiled and walked away without one word being exchanged between them. Sherri lay down next to her lover and when they looked at one another they burst göztepe escort out laughing.

Sherri ran the chain through her fingers, the memories had made her very wet and she wished Glenn was with her right now to take her from behind, just like he had among those palm trees.

Jack stood and admired his wife as she came downstairs. “Very nice, you look like a lovely slut who is very available,” he said.

“Well thank you, kind Sir, and may I ask who I will be available to?” she replied with her legs apart and hands on her hips.

He couldn’t resist grabbing her, lifting her dress and mauling her ass, “You’ll just have to wait and see, you horny slut.”

“I’m very horny and very available,” she said and they kissed passionately.

Sherri redid her lipstick in the car as they sped down the highway. The club was discreetly located in a nondescript building several stories high. They took the elevator to the sixth floor and found the door at the end of the corridor with the small brass plaque and black lettering announcing that they had reach their destination. Sherri read the sign and looked confused, “The Nor-Tea Club?” she inquired.

“It’s a play on the word, ‘naughty’,” Jack said as he inserted his membership card into the electronic slot beside the heavy door. There was buzz and the door opened.

“Are you a ‘Nor-Tea Boy’ for bringing me here?” she asked with devilment in her voice as she stepped inside.

“I certainly hope so and I want to see you being a very ‘Nor-Tea Girl, tonight.

She laughed and said, “I do believe there is a very good chance that you will.”

They found themselves in an elegant foyer, there was erotic but tasteful artwork on the walls and the young lady who greeted them was wearing only black nylons, heels and a tiny thong.

“Good evening and welcome to ‘The Nor-Tea Club’, my name is Tanya. I saw from my computer when you buzzed in that this is your first time here; allow me to give you the 50 cents tour.”

She turned and Jack refocused his gaze from her ample breasts to her delicious bottom swaying from side to side as she led them down the hall. The door at the end opened into a large open space. To the right was a bar behind which a beautiful figure of a nude had been etched into the mirror. Besides bar stools, there were sofas and easy chairs surrounding a dance floor. About 20 couples stood and sat at and around the bar and a half dozen were slow dancing. All the men were casually well-dressed and the ladies wore a variety of sensual and provocative outfits. Sherri looked around and thought she could compete with any of them and noticed many men giving her the once over.

Tanya led them around the dance floor and up a flight of stairs to a seated viewing area that overlooked the large room below. “Our special events take place on the dance floor and many members like to view from up here,” Tanya informed her guests as they leaned on the rail and watched the erotic goings-on of the dancing couples.

Tanya showed the couple to a series of private rooms and opened one that was vacant. “These rooms are perfect for those times you meet other couples and wish some private time. As you can see there is everything here that you might need.”

She went on to point out the huge bed, sex swing, large sofa, loveseat, two large easy chairs and two hardback chairs. “We endeavour to ensure your complete enjoyment, note the mirrors on the walls and ceiling.” She went to a bank of drawers and opened one of the six. “Here you will find a wide selection of sex toys for both men and women and a variety of lubricants and lotions. They are washed and disinfected after each use but we recommend you use condoms over the dildos and vibrators.”

She pointed to the top left drawer, “Condoms can be found here in every room. You may, of course, bring your personal toys if you wish. The sheets and pillowcases are changed after every use and all furnishings are disinfected, we are very concerned and conscientious about your health and safety. The rooms are electronically linked to our control centre, the computer records when rooms are engaged and when they become vacant. The vacant room cannot be accessed until cleaning has taken place.”

The next room was large and dedicated to Bondage and Discipline. It contained a lot of equipment but it was the several styles of machines designed to deliver a dildo at various speeds that caught Sherri’s attention. Tanya explained that it was predominately light B&D that most members indulged in, tying up, blindfolds and spanking etc. “The machines are popular,” Tanya replied in response to Sherri’s question, “and a variety of dildos is available for use on them in the bank of drawers against the wall.” Jack looked at his wife and smiled, she liked to be tied-up, blindfolded and spanked occasionally and they both eyed the machines with interest again.

“This area is very popular,” Tanya said as she opened halkalı escort a door that led into a substantial-sized space with three hot tubs, a large Roman tub big enough for twenty people and a small swimming pool. “It’s empty now but in a couple of hours there will be plenty of action in here,” she said

Next was a visit to locker rooms and showers and the ‘Free Rooms’. Tanya explained that anyone entering a ‘Free Room’ understood that they would submit to the desires of whoever came in, males or females. “It’s the ultimate sexual adventure,” she added, “and its okay to go on your own if your partner is otherwise engaged. You can see that all the ‘Free Rooms’ have viewing galleries for voyeurism if actually participating is a little too wild and crazy for you.”

Tanya concluded her tour back at the bar, “Before I leave you I remind you to read the welcome package you received in the mail, it will explain all the do’s and don’ts of the club, our special events and our commitment to a safe and healthy environment here. You are free to engage in kissing, fondling and oral anywhere in the club but please reserve sexual intercourse for the play rooms.”

While Tanya was explaining this, Sherri noticed that several couples on the dance floor were engaged in foreplay. She could see naked breasts, hiked skirts and cocks being caressed. It was making her increasingly horny and when Tanya left Jack asked if she would like a drink.

“Yes, please,” she said, feeling a little flushed and they headed for the bar.

Sherri sensed that men’s eyes were following her as they made their way to the bar and it made her feel sexy. Every look was laced with sexual innuendo. Although this was a high-end club and the members were respectable, professional people, they were all there for sex and she knew that all of the men, and probably some of the women, would view her as fresh meat, ripe for the picking. She was acutely aware of the sexual atmosphere all around, she liked it and it made her horny. Men lusting after her had always made her horny. She passed a lady giving her partner leisurely fellatio while he sat in an easy chair and a short distance away what appeared to be a wife caressing her husband’s large and very hard erection as another couple looked on admiringly. When Jack had to stop to negotiate through a crowd of people she heard the admiring husband say, “Do you like it, Hon? Do you want it?”

“Yes please! Let’s go to a room now,” the wife answered and the foursome departed

It excited Sherri immensely to know they would shortly be having sex and that woman would be enjoying a big cock. She was wet and when she followed her husband through the crowd of people gathered near the bar she felt hands fondle and squeeze her bottom. It sent tingles up her spine at the thought of these men – strangers – feeling her, she imagined their hard cocks straining against their underwear, waiting for the opportunity to break free and plunge into a wet and willing pussy. . .her pussy. She breathed a silent sigh and felt herself tremble as Jack handed her a glass.

She took a large swallow of her drink, it did nothing to quell her sexual arousal but it was welcome and served to calm her trembling a little. Jack directed her along the bar and they sat on the high, swivel stools. They faced away from the bar and observed the groups of people. She crossed her legs causing her short skirt to ride up and expose her naked thighs and garter straps. She started to adjust her skirt but Jack stopped her, “Leave it,” he said and caressed the bare flesh just above her stocking tops. His fingers crept over her thigh then nudged between her legs. She relaxed her crossed legs just enough for her husband to rub two fingers over her damp thong. She took another deep swig from her glass and looked at her husband. “You’re ready for it aren’t you?” he said.

“Yes,” came her quick reply.

“Have you picked someone out or shall I choose?” he asked.

Before she could answer a tall, distinguished-looking man of about 60 was extending his hand to Jack. “Hi, my name is Julian; I don’t believe I’ve seen you and your lovely wife here before.”

“No, this is our first time, checking the place out,” Jack answered as he shook hands.

“Forgive me,” Julian said, half turning and putting an arm around a strikingly beautiful, dark-haired woman of indeterminate age, “This is my wife, Sonia.”

“Very nice to meet you, I’m Jack and this is my wife, Sherri.”

“Pleased to meet you,” Sherri said extending her hand.

Julian took her hand but instead of shaking it he kissed the back of it then raised his eyes to meet hers and said, “Believe me, my sweet thing, the pleasure is definitely all mine,” and he gently kissed her hand again.

With introductions over Julian continued, “You will enjoy it here, nice class of people from different races just to make it interesting, if you like that sort of thing, of course, and Sonia and I certainly do. There are a lot of talented women, if you catch my drift and Sonia has never been disappointed with any of the men. We have a wonderful staff here and there is never anything to worry about. It’s a damn, well-run establishment, no riff-raff. Let me buy you folks a drink,” Julian offered and in short order the first-time members were drinking from fresh glasses.

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