The Office Team-Building Day Ch. 12

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It was another typical afternoon at the office. I was sitting at the table in the break room drinking coffee with the busty receptionist Natalie. Things had been very busy at work over the past couple weeks, and I had not had much time for socialising at work. As Nat recounted a story from the previous day, I stared at the enormous swells of her tits under her pink work dress, feeling a familiar sexual urge.

“Hello? Are you even listening to me?” she asked, suddenly.

“What? Oh… sorry, Nat. I zoned out for a minute there. What were you saying?”

“Sure, ‘zoned out’. More like zoned in on my tits,” she teased, pretending to be annoyed, but obviously pleased with the effect her large assets had on me.

“Well, they are very distracting, you know. I can’t be completely to blame,” I joked.

Nat leaned on her elbow and tucked a lock of her blonde hair behind her ear.

“Seems like you need to blow off some steam, honey. Want to join me at the gym after work?” she asked.

“Yeah, I think that would do me well. Come get me when you’re ready,” I said, finishing my coffee and standing.

“See you then, sexy,” she replied saucily.


The rest of the afternoon passed extremely slowly. I was unable to concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time. Natalie’s beautiful body kept springing into my mind, and I repeatedly imagined the various sexual adventures we had had together. Finally, I got a knock at my door, and Nat poked her head in.

“Time to go. I’ll see you in there,” she said.

I hastily turned off my computer, grabbed my gym bag, and hurried out the door.

The gym was in the same building as our office–a small, yet well-equipped facility that included saunas, a hot tub, and a small lap pool. I waved to Krissy, the cute, friendly platinum blond girl working the front desk. She was in her early 20’s, and though she had only worked at the gym for a short time, I had taken every opportunity to have her as my personal trainer. She had a bob hairdo, framing her pretty young face, and her body was extremely fit, as you might expect from someone who works at a gym: toned, firm–but still maintaining her womanly curves. Her breasts were high and perky, not too big, but would certainly fill my hands if cupped. Her skin was soft and clear, and her beautiful blue eyes gave her a maturity beyond her years. Her lips had a very subtle natural pout, and her smile was radiant, showing her straight ,white rows of teeth. It was always a pleasure when she did my training or worked out at the same time as me so I could admire her sensual athleticism and cheerful demeanour.

“Sorry hun, I can’t train you today; I’m working the desk,” she said, frowning.

I sighed exaggeratedly. “Well, I GUESS that’s ok… but I’d better get you next time or I’ll have no reason to come back,” I joked.

I made my way to the change rooms, put on my gym clothes, and met Nat near the water fountain. She looked sexy as hell in her black tank top and small blue shorts, her bust displayed proudly, her sports bra straining to contain her huge melons. Her hair was tied in pig tails.

We went on the stationary bikes for a few minutes to warm up before doing a circuit of activities from freeweights, to boxing, to jumping rope (my favourite, as I got to watch Nat’s breasts bounce wildly). We chatted as we moved from activity to activity, one person exercising while the other spotted or rested.

“So, I take it you haven’t had much action in a while,” began Nat.

“What makes you say that?” I answered between breaths as I performed bicep curls.

“No saucy rumours swirling around the office. No naughty stories. Plus you seem more tightly wound than usual.”

I put the weights down and put my hands on my hips, breathing hard.

“Very observant. Are you sure you’re not stalking me?” I said.

“Maybe just a little,” giggled Nat. “Seriously though, you seem stressed.”

“Work’s been tough. I haven’t had much social time, you know? Thanks for bringing me here, Nat. I haven’t even had much time for exercise, either.”

Nat lay down on the bench and I put two small weights in her hands. She put the weights together at arm’s length above her, then drew them apart until her elbows pointed to the floor. Her breasts pushed up and out, bulging around her tank top. My cock stirred involuntarily.

“God, you look so hot when you do that,” I said quietly.

There were not many people in the gym, and I was happy to be able to admire Nat’s hot body without looking like a pervert.

“Mmm,.. what? You mean this?” she said,pulling her arms apart and thrusting her chest out.

I could see her nipples poke through her tank top, and tiny beads of sweat glistened in her cleavage.

“Wow… yeah. Ok stop, I don’t want to get a hard on. There are people around,” I said, looking up as I adjusted my shorts.

Nat put down the weights and stood directly in front of me, her hands touching my crotch to see how hard I had gotten. She caressed kadıköy escort my meat, stroking it gently through my shorts.

“Oh, you’re still quite soft, honey. Nothing to worry about.”

“Not for long, if you keep touching it.”

Nat laughed and turned away, making her way to the change rooms.

“I’ll meet you in the spa,” she said over her shoulder, swinging her towel (and her ass) as she walked away.

I smiled and shook my head, then walked awkwardly to the change rooms, attempting to conceal my growing erection.

After rinsing off and changing into my swim trunks, I went to the pool area. It was on the same floor as the gym, but separated by a glass wall. I put my towel down on a nearby pool lounger and took off my shirt and sandals. There were only two people in the pool and one person in the hot tub. I stepped up to the tub and noticed that it was Vanessa from HR.

Vanessa was a tall, slender, dark-haired woman in her mid-to-late 30’s. She always seemed to be cheery and enthusiastic, constantly using platitudes and cliched expressions, but pleasant and genuinely kind. She had a senior position in human resources, and I had spoken with her on a few occasions, mainly with regards to training and salary matters. She tended to wear business suits at work, but it was evident she kept herself in good shape. On this occasion she had her hair tied back in a ponytail, her fringe covering her forehead. The librarian’s glasses she usually wore were sitting next to her on the edge of the hot tub.

“Hi Vanessa,” I greeted her.

She squinted at me, her face scrunched in a quizzical and comical expression. As I stepped into the hot tub, the penny dropped.

“Oh hiiii! I’m sorry, I’m as blind as a bat without my glasses,” she laughed. “How are you?”

“Great, thanks. Busy, of course, but in a good way. You?” I said, sitting down across from Vanessa.

“I’m wonderful, thanks for asking. Busy too, but aren’t we all? Please, feel free to sit a little closer. I’ll be able to see you better. It will save me squinting at you like a cave-dweller coming out into the sun,” she laughed again.

“With pleasure,” I replied, sitting a few feet away from her on her left hand side.

Her eyes were a pretty dark blue, and her smile showed off her perfect teeth. Her black one-piece bathing suit showed the modest swells of her breasts, which dipped below the bubbly water line, preventing any further examination.

“That’s better. I’d put my glasses on, but they always get so fogged up in here.”

“I understand.”

Vanessa and I made polite conversation for a few minutes, talking about work, the weather, and our plans for holidays.

“Steve, my husband, wants to go overseas, but I’m just as happy to take a road trip out to the country,” she said.

“I wish I had your problem. I’m more worried about whether I’m going to be granted any holidays, the way Carmen’s been pushing me,” I chuckled.

“Oh gosh… do you want me to speak with her?” Vanessa said, reaching over and touching my arm just above my elbow, looking at me sympathetically.

“No, no… I’m only joking,” I reassured her, smiling at her professionalism, even outside office hours. “It’s just that holidays are such an afterthought for me at the moment. But being single, I guess when I do decide to go somewhere I won’t need to negotiate.”

I made the not-so-subtle hind of my availability in case Vanessa was considering a fling. I felt I was getting some signals from her.

“Oh, I see. You know, everyone needs a break every now and again. You don’t want to burn yourself out. Please feel free to come to my office to have a chat about holidays, or if you’re feeling stressed. My door’s always open.”

“Speaking of needing to switch off every now and again, you should take your own advice. You don’t have to be the HR manager of the spa, you know,” I said, and we shared a good laugh.

I noticed she had not removed her hand from my arm, and she was leaning towards me, gazing deeply into my eyes, a faint smile still touching her lips. Her small but firm breasts had emerged from the water, and I could see her nipples standing out sharply from the fabric of her swimsuit.

“Is there room for one more, or is three a crowd?” a voice said from the side of the hot tub.

Vanessa pulled her arm back quickly and spun her head to the source so quickly that her ponytail lashed me across the face.

“Oh! Hi! Um, no, erm, I mean, yes… there’s plenty of room. Come join us!” she rambled uncomfortably, but still managed her brilliant HR smile.

She was clearly caught off guard and blushed deeply as Nat mounted the stairs to the edge of the tub. She snuck a few fleeting glances at me, still smiling, and pulled her ponytail over her shoulder, her other hand touching her neck. I was almost disappointed that Nat had arrived, since I seemed to have been making progress with Vanessa.

“Yes Nat, please, do join us,” I said sarcastically, kağıthane escort attempting to express my disappointment at her interruption.

Nat wore a blue one-piece that was far too small for her. To be more precise, it was far too small for her bust. Her tits bulged out the sides of the swimsuit to such a degree that the material seemed to barely be concealing her nipples. Her cleavage also bulged incredibly in the scoop of the neck. This had the effect of pulling the swimsuit up at the crotch, giving Nat an almost embarrassingly obvious camel toe. Nat turned to dip her toes into the water, leaning on the railing and exposing her full ass. The swimsuit pulled right up into her ass crack, framing her soft, round buttocks beautifully. She gave me a nice, long look.

“Feels lovely,” she said, finally stepping into the hot, bubbling water.

She sat close beside me, pushing her breasts out as she leaned back, easing into the water until she was submerged up to her neck. Her tits bobbed on the surface like icebergs, her nipples poking up.

“Don’t let me interrupt, guys. What were you talking about?” said Nat, pretending not to notice that both Vanessa and I were staring at her bulging bust.

“Oh, just chatting about how nice it would be to take a holiday. What would your choice be: fly overseas, or a relaxing trip to the country?” I said.

“That depends… if Mike was with me I’d probably go overseas… but a trip to the country… a week at the spa alone… that would be nice,” mused Natalie.

“That’s exactly what I was thinking! I feel like I need some alone time, you know?” Vanessa heartily agreed. “I mean, Steve is wonderful, but we’re in each others hair all the time. I think I need to reconnect with myself.”

“Ah yes, married life… I envy you sometimes,” Nat said to me.

I felt her hand on my thigh under the water. I shot her a glance and she smiled cheekily.

“Doing your own thing… running on your own schedule… no one to check in with…” she continued. “Not to mention the sexual freedom.”

“Natalie!” exclaimed Vanessa, sitting upright, her nipples still hard.

“What? It’s true! Can you really tell me that sex with Steve is as exciting as it used to be?” Nat defended herself.

“It’s… I mean, you can’t just ask… my goodness!” spluttered Vanessa.

“It’s ok Vanessa, we’re outside work hours, remember? Leave the job at the office. We can talk about these things like mature adults,” I said.

Natalie’s hand crept slowly up my thigh. My penis had already begun to respond to her touch.

“Well… yes, but… it’s rather, um, personal,” she said, shifting uncomfortably in the water.

Nat spoke, ignoring Vanessa’s response. “I know I’ve, like, fantasised about some of the guys in the office.”

“Oh really? Have you fantasised about me?” I said, raising my eyebrows in mock surprise.

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” replied Nat, her hand finding my hardening shaft through my swim trunks and squeezing it firmly.

“What about you, Vanessa?” I asked, trying not to betray the fact that Nat was touching me under the water.

“What? H-have I…? … about you?” she uttered awkwardly, obviously taken aback by my boldness.

I chuckled. “I mean have you ever fantasised about anyone in the office?”

“Oh… I see.” She blinked rapidly as she recovered from her blush. “Um, sure, I suppose so. I mean, it’s only natural…” she managed to say, looking about her as if afraid someone might hear.

“Exactly!” cried Nat, sitting up quickly and leaning over me towards Vanessa.

She had used this opportunity to distract attention from the fact that she had her hand directly in my lap. Her fingers hooked around the waistband of my trunks and she deftly pulled them out and down, my rigid cock springing free of the material to float freely in the water. I dared not move, but openly ogled her breasts as her arms pushed them together. The water cascaded from her melons, following the enormous bulges under her swimsuit. Nat was still pulling firmly on my waistband, and I lifted myself from the bench just enough so that my trunks were pulled down over my ass, coming to rest on my upper thighs. I felt Nat’s hand release my trunks. She knew she had pulled them down enough to have unfettered access to my now throbbing cock.

She continued her conversation with Vanessa as if nothing had happened. “There are a lot of hot guys in the office, and just because we’re married doesn’t mean we’re not still turned on by other men, right?”

Her tone became conspiratorial, “I’ve even gotten myself off in the bathroom thinking about it,” she said as her hand found my erect shaft.

“Really? Wow, Nat. I hope you don’t mind me telling you that that’s a huge turn-on,” I said, feeling her hand squeeze me firmly at the base of my cock. “I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve had many a good wank in the toilets thinking about some of the women in the office.”

“Oh my god!” exclaimed kartal escort Vanessa in shock, putting her hand over her mouth. But I saw the corners of her full-lipped mouth turned up in a devilish smile.

“Oh, come on Vanessa, we’ve all done the workplace wank. Let’s not kid ourselves,” I laughed, and ventured to touch her thigh playfully under the water.

She stopped moving and looked at me for a moment, then lowered her hand back into the water. I was about to remove my hand, thinking I had crossed the line, when I felt her inch slightly closer to me.

“Ok… maybe once or twice I might have snuck off to the ladies’ for a little naughty time,” she admitted, blushing furiously.

“That’s what I thought,” said Nat smugly as her hand slowly slid up my shaft to my cock head, squeezing it firmly before slowly stroking back down my length.

She settled back down into the water up to her neck so that the motion of her arm would be hidden from sight. She stroked me again, forcing the heel of her hand against my pelvic bone at the bottom of her stroke and tickling my balls with her fingertips. I sighed and closed my eyes for a moment.

“Vanessa and I are both married, so we can’t safely tell you who we’ve fantasised about, but you can. So, who have you thought about when you wank your cock at work?” giggled Nat, stroking me again.

“Ummm… well… ” I hesitated, looking at Vanessa to judge what her reaction might be.

She watched me intently, but attempted to portray casual and aloof body language. My hand was still touching her thigh just above her knee, and she had made no motion to remove it. She seemed eager–even desperate–to hear my response.

“So many sexy ladies to choose from. Now, just so we understand each other: this doesn’t leave this hot tub. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” said Nat.

“Of course,” Vanessa said, nodding eagerly.

“Well, I’ve fantasised about Alice,” I said, finally.

“Ok. Good choice,” Nat said approvingly, caressing the tip of my cock with her palm.

Vanessa looked at me quizzically.

“She’s from marketing. Slim. Blonde. Scandinavian looking. She has an ass to die for,” I expanded.

“Oh yes, I know her. She’s very pretty,” responded Vanessa. She moved almost imperceptibly closer to me. “Who else?” she asked, smiling faintly.

“Umm… I’ve definitely fantasised about Courtney.”

“Of course you have. You and every guy in the office,” Nat said, rolling her eyes. She gave my cock another quick stroke.

“You mean Courtney Mueller?” said Vanessa. “I know her. She started with the company not too long ago. She’s so nice,”

“That may be true, Vanessa, but I know for a fact that he wasn’t jerking off thinking about how nice she is,” laughed Natalie.

“No, I suppose not. She is quite well endowed, isn’t she?” said Vanessa, trying to be jovial, but looking somewhat disappointed.

I took the opportunity to slide my hand up Vanessa’s smooth thigh. I only moved it a couple centimeters, waiting for a reaction from her. She glanced nervously over to me a couple times, but did not object. In fact, she moved still closer to me. Nat was stroking me slowly and evenly, her talented hand firmly gripping my rock hard cock.

“I think they’re bigger than Nat’s, and that’s saying something,” I admitted.

“Cheeky!” said Nat, squeezing my dick hard and smiling broadly.

I tried not to react. Nat looked past Vanessa to the gym area.

“Speak of the devil. There’s your fantasy pair now,” she said, nodding to the glass separating the gym from the pool area.

Courtney was stepping onto the treadmill nearest the glass. She put her water bottle in the holder and punched a few buttons on the display. There were only 3 or 4 other people in the gym at the time, but every one of them (men and women alike) was staring at Courtney’s massive chest, bulging underneath her thin tank top. They were all waiting for her to start jogging–for her top-heavy figure to run on the treadmill, sending her breasts into wondrous motion. Their wish was granted (for the men, anyway): Courtney began to jog, and her tits began their lively dance upon her thin frame. Despite her undoubtedly strong support garment–a sports bra, I assumed–her bosom bounced enticingly with each footfall. All action in the gym stopped as Courtney’s busty spectacle was displayed. Eventually, the hypnotic hold was broken when Courtney looked around her, becoming self-conscious, and everyone resumed their activities.

“My goodness…” muttered Vanessa, watching as Courtney’s tits danced.

“I bet you’re getting an erection right now,” said Nat, sitting up again, pretending to reach for my crotch, looking into the bubbly water, giggling.

“Hey! Whoa!” I cried, squirming as I pretended to fight her off.

For a brief moment she squeezed my cock with both hands and gave it a few quick jerks, before settling back down and adjusting the straps of her swimsuit. Her cleavage became more pronounced as she pulled her straps, not up, but down, to expose more of her sexy breasts. I looked back at Vanessa, who was gazing hopefully into the water, looking for a glimpse of my tenting swim trunks. She noticed me and looked into my eyes, horrified at being caught, before looking away quickly and blushing (again). I smiled and put my hand back on her thigh, higher up this time.

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