The Other Way Round

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My wife Mary and I had had a couple of threesomes in the past, both with another man. Both of them had occurred after a party, and after consuming a fair amount of alcohol! Both had been spur of the moment things, with no planning, but had been enormously exciting. This particular incident followed the others in all respects except one. The third person in this case was another woman.

To be honest, I have always thought that a woman could satisfy two men much more easily than the other way round. A man only has a one cock, and unless he is a contortionist getting his cock and his tongue to work on two different women simultaneously might be a bit of a challenge. However, a woman in the doggie position can easily apply her mouth to another man. Indeed, as Mary had discovered on one memorable occasion, if her vagina is elastic enough she can get two cocks in at once. For a woman who has had a couple of children this may not be out of the question. For this reason, although I had got into a couple of threesomes with Mary when the opportunity arose, they had always been with other men. The idea of sex with two women at once was exciting, but it appeared to me a bit impractical. After moving into a new flat we discovered there is a way round this.

We threw a flat-warming party and about 30 of our friends came. It was a great evening. We had laid on lots of drink and food, and all the guests brought extra drink anyway. As a result, I think most people were pretty well oiled before they went home. Mary and I had gone a bit easy on the drink, partly because we needed to keep our heads if we were to be good hosts, and partly because getting really drunk isn’t good for your sex life. What you need is to have the edge taken off your inhibitions, but not off your functioning!

One of our friends, Jane, had arranged to stay overnight with us in the spare room. She lived a fair distance away, and it would not have been easy for her to get home that night. I had noticed her doing a fair amount of dancing during the evening, and she was getting on so well with one man I thought she might be asking for him to stay the night as well! Anyway, it didn’t happen, and in fact he was one of the first to leave. I thought he might have missed an opportunity: Jane is a petite blonde with a beautiful figure, and she was wearing a dress which was cut low on the front exposing her very fine cleavage. It was also quite short, short enough to show that she had very shapely legs as well.

Mary, as I may have recounted before, is a brunette of fairly average build, but she too has a very shapely figure. For a woman who has had two children, her body is well toned, although there is that beautifully elastic vagina I mentioned. Her breasts have retained much of their youthful shape, and the nipples still point up rather than down! One of her favourite turn-ons is having them sucked and licked, and she has occasionally been known to have an orgasm through this alone. As she herself puts it, there seems to be a direct line between her nipples and her clitoris, so stimulation of either one works pretty well!

As the guests began to drift away after the party, all three of us began to collect up the empty glasses and stack them in the dishwasher. There was a fair bit of cleaning up to do, because just about everyone seems to spill something or drop a bit of food on the floor. I was feeling lazy, and prepared to leave it all till the morning, but the women persuaded me that it would be better to get it over with. In fact it didn’t take all that long, and soon we were sitting down with a cup of coffee talking about how the night had gone. I was sitting on the couch with Mary on my left and Jane on my right, and I noticed that both of them seemed to be sitting very close indeed. I could smell Jane’s perfume, and my heart rate seemed to be speeding up.

After a while Mary got up to take the coffee cups out. I followed her into the maltepe escort kitchen, and she turned and held her arms out to me. We kissed, but then she pulled away.

“You’re ignoring our guest,” she said. “I’ve got one or two things to do here, but Jane needs a little attention.”

“Attention? What sort of attention?”

“Attention from a man. I was talking to her earlier. She’s been on her own for a long time.”

“Heaven knows why. She’s gorgeous, and I’ve always thought she seemed like a nice person as well. Perhaps I should go and talk to her, then.”

“Oh, I think she needs more attention than that.”

I wasn’t quite sure what to do with that statement. Mary laughed at me.

“The look on your face! Here I am giving you permission to get it on with my friend and you’re hesitating?”

“You sure? I mean, she’s your friend really, and I don’t know her that well. And are you sure are you feel okay about it?”

“You may not know her that well, but I do. I’m certain she’ll respond nicely if you approach her the right way. And as for feeling okay about it, it’s only what you have done for me in the past, and totally delightfully too. You are the most generous and giving of men, and this is my chance to say thank you. Now get back into that living room and put on your best seductive mode. Take it easily and gently, and if you don’t at least have that dress unbuttoned all the way down by the time I get out with another cup of coffee, you’re not the man I took you for.”

Well, I might have been rather surprised, but I pride myself that I can recover quite well. Pausing only to give Mary a passionate kiss, I went back through to the living room, where Jane was still sitting on the couch. I sat down beside her, and we exchanged a few pleasantries. I noticed that her cheeks were flushed, and she seemed to be looking me right in the eye and getting close.

“That’s a lovely perfume,” I said. She pulled back her shoulder length hair.

“It’s Chanel Crystalle,” she said. “Would you like to smell it from a little closer?”

I bent my head to her neck, and could indeed smell her perfume even more strongly. It was a nice smell, but really I wasn’t that interested any more. Being so close, I kissed her neck. Receiving no discouragement, I moved up to kiss her ear, and then the side of her face.

“That’s lovely,” she said, and slid down the cushions a little way. I glanced out to the kitchen door, where Mary smiled and gave me a thumbs-up sign.

I put my arms around Jane and kissed her full on the lips. She responded eagerly, pushing her tongue between my lips and slipping her hands around my waist. After a couple of minutes of this, I pulled back slightly and reached for the top button on her dress. I paused then, wondering if this was a bit too fast for her. It wasn’t.

“Go on,” she said, and I needed no second bidding. I quickly undid all the buttons down the front of her dress, revealing her fine breasts in a pretty red lacy bra. Her matching pants did little to disguise the outline of her beautiful pussy and pubic hair, which was clearly visible through the lace. I really like a woman to have natural pubic hair, and hate the fashion some people have for shaving it completely, or trimming it to a thin strip. For a moment, I just paused to enjoy the view. Then Mary came in from the kitchen, carrying a tray. I was surprised, but totally delighted, to see that she had stripped to her underwear.

“I made some more coffee,” she said, “but I think it might be better in the bedroom, don’t you?” And with that she walked off down the hall towards the bedroom.

Jane and I got up, and her dress slid to the floor. We kissed again, and I rubbed my hands up and down her body, cupping her neat little behind in my hands and pulling her close to me. I had a large erection by this time, and she could clearly maslak escort feel it through our clothes. Without a word we joined hands and followed Mary.

In the bedroom, Mary had placed the coffee tray on the dressing table and turned on the bedside lamps, which offered only a dim light. It was just what was needed for this kind of scene. As we came in Mary turned to me and kissed me. Then she unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it away, dropping it on the floor. She pushed me into a sitting position on the bed, and pulled off my shoes and socks before I quite knew what was happening. Then she undid the belt on my trousers and began to pull them off too. So within a minute or so I was sitting on the edge of the bed, wearing nothing but boxers which failed to hide the fact that I was very aroused and had a very large erection. She turned to her friend, and sat her down next to me, placing her hand in mine.

“I have to go to the bathroom for a minute,” she said. “I want you both to use the time well.” Adding only the dirtiest laugh imaginable, she went out again.

Jane and I needed little encouragement. We fell back on the bed together, and I nuzzled her breasts through the lacy bra until she undid it and slipped it off. I cupped her breasts in my hands, stroking them in large circles. Then I bent my head to them, taking her nipples in my mouth in turn, sucking gently, and then running my tongue over them. Jane just moaned, and made encouraging noises. It seemed that she enjoyed this as much as Mary.

I ran my left hand down her body, across the lace of her panties and down her thighs. She parted her legs reflexively, and on the up stroke I ran my hand across her pussy, bringing a gasp of pleasure from her. I became aware that Mary was back in the room, and climbing onto the bed on the other side of me. Wasting no time, she slipped her hand in my waistband and drew my boxers down. Immediately, she cupped my balls in her hand and fondled them gently. Then she reached down and pulled the boxers away altogether, leaving me naked. I saw that she too had thrown off her underwear and was now as naked as me.

“Jane,” she said, “I think you’re a bit overdressed.” Without waiting for an answer, she reached over me and hooked her fingers in Jane’s waistband, slipping her panties down her legs and over her feet. I went back to sucking Jane’s breasts, and she stroked her hands down my back, still moaning her appreciation.

At this point Mary gently pulled me up to a kneeling position. Before I was quite sure what was happening she bent her head and lifted my cock to her lips. In full view of Jane she licked the end of it, sending shivers of pleasure through me. Then she took it fully into her mouth, gently working her way up and down, her tongue movements sending me into seventh heaven. Then she moved into a kneeling position herself, kissed me very firmly on the lips, and took Jane’s hand in hers.

“I think Jane would like a long gentle slow one, the way you do it for me sometimes.”

I think Jane was ready for just about anything by this time, so long as it involved sex! She parted her legs even further, and I lowered myself between them. I knew what Mary meant: we have sex lots of different ways, but one of her favourites is for me to get as deep inside her as I possibly can and make firm but small movements. We both like this because the build-up is very slow. I get the wonderful sensations of being deep inside her, and every push I make gives her clitoris a little stimulation. We get to a great peak of excitement, often almost coming several times, and finally after some time we both have a tumultuous orgasm. Well, I followed Mary’s suggestion. Moving up, I put the tip of my cock at the entrance to Jane’s vagina and gently slipped it inside.

“Yes!” she said urgently. “That’s lovely. That’s really lovely.”

With this encouragement, mecidiyeköy escort I gently slid the whole length of my cock into her, until my balls touched her perineum. She gasped again, and clasped my bum in her hands. I began the very slow gentle movements, and she closed her eyes, gasping with each push, and clearly in a state of delight. I glanced sideways at Mary, who was lying alongside us to my right.

“What about you?” I said, worried that she was being left out.

For answer she snuggled up closer to us, and began to stroke my behind. Shifting my weight to my left elbow, I reached out to hers and returned the compliment. Then she found a variation: she lifted her left leg and put it across my back. This had the effect of parting her legs, and meant my hand could reach her pussy lips from behind. So, while I slowly moved my cock in Jane’s vagina, I was able to stroke Mary’s and even slip my fingers inside it. Naturally, this brought a bloom to Mary’s cheeks, and a panting into her breathing. Then something happened which was quite unprecedented in our sex life.

Because of Mary’s position, which was slightly higher up the bed than Jane and myself, her left breast was just about level with my mouth. So, I turned my head to it and sucked on her nipple, still slipping my fingers in and out of her vagina. While I was doing this, I realised that someone else’s fingers were down there as well, stroking Mary’s clitoris, and sending her into a high state of excitement. I realised that Jane didn’t want her friend to be excluded, and was helping her out. The realisation sent such a sexual thrill through me that I nearly started coming just at the thought. But Jane wasn’t there yet, and I held on by a supreme effort of will power.

Looking up from my ministrations to Mary’s nipple I realised that her other breast had fallen next to Jane’s face. Like me, Jane had turned her mouth to it and was sucking that nipple too. Lucky Mary was having both nipples sucked, her clitoris stroked, and her vagina finger-fucked, all at the same time. It was such a sexy thought that I could hold on no longer. When we do this very long slow sex I always find there is a great buildup of pre-cum. This pours out in a steady stream seconds before I reach orgasm and start spurting proper cum. I could suddenly feel that Jane’s vagina had got very wet as this happened. That realisation, coupled with Mary’s moaning in my ear, and her nipple in my mouth, sent me over the edge. I cried out with the most intense pleasure as my first spurt of cum shot into Jane, then another and another. Jane likewise cried out, as my now urgent movements gave her the last push she needed. As my spurting died away, and my urgent moans decreased, she started her own. She jerked like marionette, and thrust her hips towards me, squeezing my cock almost to the point of pain.

Fortunately, neither of us had entirely forgotten Mary. I think we faltered a bit when at the peak of our own pleasure, but we soon resumed our stimulation of her. Our efforts were soon rewarded as she began to pant ever more heavily and rhythmically. My fingers were still working hard in her vagina, and I could feel that Jane’s fingers were still stroking her. Then my lovely sexy wife convulsed with a cry of extreme pleasure. I could feel her body next to ours vibrating in her ecstasy. I continued to work my fingers in and out of her, soaking wet by now with her sexy cum. Jane and I resumed our attentions to her nipples as we continued to work with our fingers. Within about a minute she was coming again, almost screaming with pleasure and thrashing about like an animal in a trap. It was an ecstatic, beautiful cum. This time we let her subside.

We all needed a few minutes to recover. Jane was the first to speak.

“Thank you so much,” she said. “That must be the sexiest thing I’ve ever done in my life. It was lovely, and I really did need it.”

“Well,” said Mary, “it was a new thing for us too. But I’ll bet that man of mine has been given something to think about it!”

Of course, Mary knew all about my views on threesomes. I still think that one man would have trouble pleasuring two women at once, but I have learned that with a little creative thinking everyone can pleasure everyone else!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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