The Private Panel

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When Kathy asked Will to join her panel for the Urban Archeology Association conference in Chicago, it was really just an excuse to reconnect with an old friend from grad school. Even though they shared the same field, their careers had taken dramatically different paths since they finished their PhDs at Columbia. Will had wound up with a job at a small, but well-respected liberal arts college. He had continued to do some research, but mostly summer digs on inconsequential sites—basically, field schools for undergraduate students to learn the ropes. Kathy had gotten a job at Princeton. Her larger than life personality and insane work ethic fueled a meteoric rise in the profession. She was the go-to expert for any archeological controversy, routinely serving as a talking head on CNN, Fox, PBS, BBC, etc.

When Will waltzed into the conference meeting room, Kathy saw that he hadn’t changed much in the five years since she’d last seen him. He was still thin and muscular. His short brown hair was thinning a bit, but he hadn’t foolishly tried to compensate with the stereotypical professor beard. At 6’4″, he was one of the few academics, who stood legitimately taller than her 5’11” frame.

“Hey, Kathy. How are you doin’?” Will called. “You look great.”

“Damn, right!” Kathy said, with a trademark laugh. Her cockiness was only half a joke. Kathy’s size intimidated most men. She was tall and big-boned, with voluptuous breasts that she neither tried to hide nor flaunt. That autumn day, she wore a conservative grey sweater, black slacks, and mid-rise heels that accentuated her height. Her red curls bounced at her shoulders, perfectly framing her freckled face and sleek glasses. Kathy even flipped her hair a bit, a move that annoyed the feminist in her, but was nonetheless effective.

Will laughed appreciatively at Kathy’s joke. They made small talk and introduced themselves to the other folks on the panel. Kathy was the chair, of course, and she would also comment on the papers. As the global expert, she rarely gave papers of her own at these conferences. In fact, her speaker fees ran into the thousands of dollars, and she was the president of the organization running the conference. Grad student acolytes and junior scholars buzzed around her like worker bees around their queen. Will busied himself prepping his presentation on his laptop, noticed by no one. Well, almost no one.

As the audience trickled into the meeting room, Will did a double-take. Was that Elaine, his former student, walking through the door? Will hadn’t seen Elaine for about a year. A decade earlier, she had been his student, but after graduation, she had gotten an MA at NYU and then gone into archeological consulting. When she showed up at his office hours out of the blue, ostensibly to catch up, she had consummated an old professor crush and knocked his socks off. They had fucked like bunnies in his office that evening—the one and only time he had ever done this. Will hoped that more of the same would follow, but alas, Elaine had once again disappeared from his life. Until now.

Elaine smiled and winked at Will as their eyes met—sure that no one else in the room had noticed her. She remained the petite, curvy professional with the short, asymmetrical haircut (dyed blue today) that Will still occasionally dreamed about. But one other person had noticed Elaine. Kathy caught Will’s double-take out of the corner of her eye as yet another a junior scholar tried desperately (and unsuccessfully) to impress her before the panel started. Then she followed Will’s eyes to catch the end of Elaine’s perky strut to a seat near the back of the room.

Kathy interrupted Will’s reverie intentionally with a staged throat clearing loud enough to unsettle a flock of pigeons on the street outside the conference hotel. Everyone turned to her as she said, “Let’s begin.”

Will presented last, and Kathy couldn’t help but notice that although he appeared attentive to the other scholars on the panel, Elaine’s presence had distracted him. When Will spoke, he gave a lackluster talk about a summer field school in Richmond that had revealed nothing important. Yet Elaine smiled and nodded supportively throughout the talk, clearly loyal to her former mentor.

More annoyed than she realized, Kathy ditched her prepared remarks that had killed Will with kindness. Instead, she savaged him as if he were a rival out for the same endowed chair. Will was so easy-going that he let the critique roll off his back with a shrug of mild agreement. He knew that he was no superstar and that the panel was out of his league. He was beyond caring. This frustrated Kathy to no end, but what could she do? She needed to light a fire under his ass.

After a brief Q&A, audience members crowded around Kathy and the other panelists to talk about their cutting-edge research. Elaine was the only person to approach Will. Listening with one ear, Kathy heard her ask him about the scholarly literature related to his talk. Elaine dutifully wrote down the names of authors she might look ataşehir escort up later. Then she leaned over, flashing her ample cleavage, and asked Will to check the spelling of one name, pointing to a line that clearly read, “Midnight? Room number?” Will quickly picked up on the game. “That’s close, but it’s actually spelled like this…” He wrote: “Yes! 2132.” “Thanks, professor.” Elaine said, taking back her notes and pen. Then she walked away, swaying her wide hips, so that her skirt swished back and forth seductively against her black tights.

The last of the well-wishers and sycophants departed, leaving Kathy and Will alone. “So professor,” she said with a hint of snark, “are we still on for dinner and drinks, or do you have other plans?” Will feigned ignorance of the snarky reference and enthused: “Of course, we’re still on. That’s why I came to Chicago! Let’s paint the town red.”

This was the Will that Kathy remembered. The up-for-anything buddy that kept her sane and (mostly) grounded in grad school. They agreed to meet in the lobby after ditching laptops and conference swag in their respective hotel rooms. On the elevator ride down from her room, Kathy lost herself in a favorite memory of Will.

Back in grad school, their nerdy crew had rented a lake house for Labor Day weekend before what would turn out to be their last year all together. Their buddy Darren brought a bag of shrooms to help kick off the weekend right. The shrooms altered an already beautiful lakeside sunset into a life changing experience. As the sun sank to the horizon west of their rental house, the lake seemed to catch fire and the trees burned into black silhouettes.

Wine and shrooms made everyone more than a little loopy. As night fell, the crew stripped off their clothes and went skinny dipping in the bracingly cool water. One minute everyone was splashing around, doing cannonballs off of the floating dock into the inky black water, the next minute, Kathy and Will found themselves alone.

Will laid back on the floating dock, gazing up at the stars. “I’m tripping balls,” he said, closing his eyes to revel in the sensation. Lying next to him, Kathy propped herself up on one elbow, eyeing her friend as if for the first time. Without thinking, she walked her fingers down Will’s wet abdomen from his bellybutton. “I’m tripping cock,” she said, with a hoarse laugh. Will tensed. “Shhhh,” Kathy whispered. Will realized that he’d never heard her whisper. She stroked him, and within seconds, he was hard. He tried to turn to look at Kathy, but she closed his eyes with a kiss.

Tracing the muscles of Will’s chest with her tongue, Kathy slowly made her way down his body. Her breasts brushed against his stomach. He involuntarily thrust upwards a bit. She pushed him back down and wrapped her lips around the tip of his circumcised dick. He moaned with pleasure. Kathy continued to stroke with her hand as she drifted further down to work on Will’s balls. Will grabbed Kathy’s shoulders and pulled her freckled face up to his, kissing her passionately and pulling their bodies together.

Just then, they rolled off the dock. The cold water shocked them out of their lusty reverie. Perhaps having second thoughts, Will came to the surface and yelled, “Race ya’!” before swimming back toward shore. “Not so fast, mister,” Kathy said. She had been a champion freestyle sprinter in college, and she caught him in no time. “Where do you think you’re going?” “To get some more wine?” Will responded weekly.

They were in shallow enough water to stand now, and Kathy said, “I don’t think so.” She planted a huge kiss on his lips and then ordered, “Not before you fuck me.” She literally dragged him back to the floating dock. Within a few seconds, they were wrapped in each other’s arms again. The last thing she remembered of that night was Will entering her gently and then fucking her deeply until her screams of pleasure echoed around the lake.


“Ding,” the elevator signaled that it had reached the lobby. Thank god Kathy had been alone in that ride. She had started touching herself at the memory of the lake house liaison with Will.

Speak of the devil, there he was across the lobby, waiting … alone in a crowd as usual. Half a dozen people waved to Kathy as she walked to greet her wallflower. She planted an innocent peck on his cheek. “Ready?”

Dinner at a low key, dimly lit Indian restaurant supplemented with cocktails was just what the doctors ordered. Kathy and Will fell into their old dorky/jokey rhythm as if grad school (and the lake house) were only yesterday. A short bar crawl followed. Kathy brushed off several colleagues, who tried to join them with: “We were just leaving.” Each time, Will looked on, bemused and increasingly drunk. Finally, at around 11:30, he stood up, swayed a bit, and announced that he’d better head back.

“Got a hot date, huh?” Kathy said, a little angrier than she meant to let on.

“Yeah, something like that,” Will replied sheepishly.

“What am I, bagdat caddesi escort chopped liver?” Kathy waved her hands in front of her body.

“Hardly,” Will managed, as he focused on downing the last swig of his drink and fishing out his wallet. He tried to manage all of this without ogling his friend, but failed on that score. She did look fine.

“Don’t you everthinkaboutthosenights at the lake house?” Kathy slurred into his ear as they huddled together against the increasingly brisk autumn night.

“Sure, but things are different now … complicated.” That was Will’s first subtle reference to Kathy’s failing marriage to another Princeton professor. A messy separation and looming custody battle for their two young kids had been the subject of much gossip at the conference. Because Will was such a loner, he had only heard bits and pieces of it. Enough to know that Kathy was hurting more than she let on and that a quick fuck with an old friend was probably the last thing she needed right now, whether she realized it or not.

For the first time, Kathy found herself speechless. Will hugged her and they leaned on each other for support as they staggered drunkenly back to the conference hotel. The heavy silence lingered as they rode the elevator together. Will held the door open as he gave Kathy one last long hug. She leaned in for a kiss, and he obliged grudgingly. The elevator began to ding-angry at them for holding the door. Will realized that his hand had strayed down Kathy’s back to her large, round ass. “It doesn’t seem like you want to go,” Kathy said, impishly stroking her hand across the front of his pants. Will somehow managed to break away and said a quick goodnight, breathing a sigh of relief as the door closed behind him, but horny as hell.

Kathy turned and walked unsteadily back to her room, thinking that Will was right to bring the night to a close. She fumbled with the key card for several minutes before managing to get into her room. As a jet set academic, she’d stayed in literally hundreds of these hotel rooms over the years. Sometimes, she felt like a traveling saleswoman. Not tonight. Tonight, the usual lonely sadness was tinged with white, hot lust. Kathy kicked off her heels and stripped down to her bra and panties, a matching green lace set that was meant for Will’s eyes. Damn, him! No, fuck him. That’s what she wanted, and that’s what she was going to get. Screw that petite, little punk. Come to think of it, maybe she’d do that too!


A few shots from the mini-bar for courage and thirty minutes later, a very drunk Kathy was pounding on Will’s hotel room door. “I know you’re in there, mister! Open up!”

Will took his sweet time answering. He cracked the door just enough to see Kathy’s beautiful, bloodshot green eyes behind her slightly-askew glasses. She was barefoot and clad seemingly in only a fuzzy hotel robe.

“I’m coming in!” she demanded.

“Um, I’m, uh, with someone,” Will stuttered, glancing back into the room.

“I know damn well you are,” Kathy raged. “I saw you arrange this rendezvous earlier today.” She surprised Will by pushing her way past him into the room, running roughshod over his polite, futile protests.

Kathy came face to face with Elaine, who was sitting on the king-sized bed that dominated the small room. In spite of the hour, Elaine was still very much put together, wearing the same skirt, tights, and white blouse that she had on earlier. This time, Kathy was drunk enough to give her a true once over. She had fashionable glasses and a pretty, round face beneath that shock of cool, blue hair. Her tight, white blouse was just a bit small, perhaps intentionally, the buttons straining just at her bosoms and belly. Sitting awkwardly on the bed, her skirt rode up high around her thick thighs, catching on the tights.

“So, Will ditched me for you?” Kathy said, confrontationally.

“I guess so,” Elaine replied, stone cold sober and trying to defuse the situation. Elaine was confident young woman who owed no obeisance to a superstar academic like Kathy. Sure, Elaine knew of Kathy. Everyone in American archeology did, but when Elaine left the Academy and started her own consulting firm, she stopped being star struck by “famous” professors.

“Kathy, I didn’t ‘ditch’ you for anyone,” Will broke in. “I had a great time with you tonight, but I planned to meet up with Elaine later. I know you have a big day of meetings tomorrow. I’m finished with my part of the conference, and I haven’t seen Elaine in a while…” He trailed off.

Kathy had opened her robe and let it drop to the floor. Even though she swayed dangerously, she was still a stunning sight to behold. Kathy was no model, too much meat on her bones for that thankfully. Her green eyes, flaming red hair, and freckled skin worked perfectly with the green lace panties and bra. In fact, she began to unclasp the bra and her large areola peeked above the emerald green material. Elaine and Will simultaneously gasped in appreciation. bostancı escort

“Here’s what’s going to happen,” Kathy announced, regaining her footing both literally and metaphorically. “I’m going to fuck the shit out of the both of you tonight … with no strings attached. Because that’s what I need. Judging by the looks on your faces, I won’t have to twist your arms.”

Kathy walked over to Will and unbuckled his belt, pulling his shirt up his torso in one smooth motion. Will had a little more of a belly than he had at 25, but he still looked good, chest chiseled by obsessive trips to the gym. Kathy kissed that chest just as she had in the middle of the lake twenty years earlier.

Will looked apologetically at Elaine as if to say, “What can I do?” Elaine mouthed, “It’s ok.” Bless her, he thought. Thank God, she was so cool! This was going to be emotionally messy and physically messier, but Will decided to go with it.

Kathy continued to disrobe Will surprisingly gracefully given her state of inebriation. She threw Will down on the bed, bouncing Elaine into the air a bit and making her laugh.

“Something funny,” Kathy slurred. “Just for that, you’re going to do a strip tease for us!”

Truth be told, Elaine had a thing for mild BDSM, and she liked playing the submissive. She’d just never done it for a woman like Kathy before. So dutifully, Elaine obeyed. She sat on the edge of the bed and swiveled as best she could to give Will and Kathy a profile view. She took her time unbuttoning her blouse. Elaine had nearly the same size breasts as Kathy on a much smaller frame. Kathy began to gently stroke Will as Elaine undressed. With her shirt and bra off, Elaine’s breasts balanced perfectly on her round belly. Perhaps it was clear by now to both women that Will was into Rubenesque figures. Elaine played on this, bending over to show off her impressive ass as she slowly peeled off her skirt, tights, and panties.

“Well done,” Kathy said. “Now, reach into the pocket of that robe and find the present I brought for you.” Elaine did, being sure to spread her legs as she bent down to retrieve the robe from the floor. Kathy let out an audible breath as she saw the pink lips of Elaine’s pussy peak out from the place where Elaine’s large thighs kissed one another. Will almost came right then, grabbing Kathy’s hand and forcing her to stop stroking him. Elaine laughed again when she reached into the pocket of the robe and pulled out a sleek little dildo.

“Oh, you mean this?” she said, starting to get into the game. “What would my mistress like me to do with this?”

“Just warm it up for me between those beautiful legs of yours,” Kathy said. “I’ll be needing it in just a minute.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“See how a good little sub acts,” Kathy said, turning to Will. “You could learn a thing or too.”

“Um, yes, … mmmmistress,” Will said, taking a little too long to respond.

Kathy slapped him surprisingly hard on the ass. He howled in pain and pleasure.

“We had dinner, but it’s time for you to have dessert.” Kathy grabbed Will’s head roughly and positioned it between her legs. “Take those off with your teeth,” she ordered, waving at her panties.

Will complied, although it took a long time because he was unpracticed and still more than a little tipsy. Unlike Elaine, whose pussy was cleanly shaved, Kathy had an impressive mound of red hair between her legs. It nearly matched Will’s unshorn hippy-ish nether region. But it was, of course, more beautiful for all of the variations of red—reminiscent of a long-ago, lakeshore sunset, Will thought.

Across the bed, Elaine thought to herself how wonderfully strange this evening turned out to be. It was much better than she had hoped for already, and the night was still young!


Watching one professor eat out another did not show up in the official conference program as an event, but to Elaine, it definitely made the meeting’s steep registration fee worth every penny. Kathy threw back her head and played with her breasts as Will licked her labia and clit with increasing abandon. Elaine began to rub the dildo between her legs as ordered, feeling her pussy grow wetter and wetter with anticipation. Kathy cocked open one eye and ordered, “Get over here and join us!”

Elaine was only too happy to comply. As Will continued to pleasure Kathy with his tongue, Elaine reached between his legs and began stroking his cock. Will began to grunt and thrust.

“Switch places, you two.” Kathy ordered.

Elaine had been with women, but she was no expert. Kathy guided her hand with the dildo toward her red muff and wet vagina. “Now, Will, discipline your little punk girlfriend, while she fucks me!” Elaine slid the dildo slowly into Kathy as Will positioned himself behind her. She felt will stroking her ass. “No, I think spanking is more appropriate for this little minx,” Kathy corrected. Will started off with what were really weak pats. “You can do better than that!” Will brought his hand down with a loud smack on Elaine’s right cheek, which jiggled seductively at his blow. She squealed in surprise, even though she knew what was coming. Then, she began fucking Kathy harder with the dildo. “That’s right, I want to feel it!!” Will spanked Elaine again, leaving a slight red tint to her pale skin.

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