The Retreat at Sharon’s Ch. 02

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This is the second chapter in the series “The Retreat at Sharon’s”. This chapter follows Max and Carla’s quickie in the shower. Comments always appreciated.


Max dressed in a polo shirt and short cut khakis shorts that showed off his muscular legs while Carla slipped into a yellow sun dress that flowed just enough to tease him to imagine the pleasures he knew hid underneath. They left the guest room, and walked over the catwalk to the curved stairwell that led directly down to the sitting room at the back of the house. They crossed through the open floor plan to the dining room and then into the kitchen. The house was wider that it was deep so that just about any room had a wide view of the expansive fields of wild grass at the behind the house lawn and the woods beyond it. A long row of tall windows formed the wall at the back of the house and the shades that kept the light from beaming in during the day were drawn up now with night falling. They found Sharon sitting at the kitchen bar, sipping out of a tall glass of lemonade. There was a pitcher and two more glasses on the bar.

“Help yourself.”

It didn’t take long for Max to realize that Sharon had outdone herself on this batch. The liquor was strong enough to let you know it was there but the sweet taste of the concoction enticed his tongue to drink more.

“Dangerous,” Carla took the word right out of his mouth after swallowing her first sip.

“I’ll never tell,” Sharon told them, with a devilish grin. “Let’s take this out on on the deck.”

A hundred years ago this land still grew its share of crops but much of it had been allowed to return to its natural state. There was a large lush maintained lawn behind the house with some bushes and trees for landscaping but beyond that was acres of grasslands and woods that led to a nearby stream. The nearest neighbors were too far to see or hear, at least a couple miles away.

“I had them clean the hot tub in case you all want to use it,” Sharon informed them as they took the stairs that led up from the dining room to the rear deck. They walked past the covered wooden jacuzzi just outside the door “Just be sure you keep it clean,” she warned them. Max blushed.

“Oh, don’t worry about us,” Carla replied sweetly but reached back to smack Max in the thigh, sending a clear message of her intentions.

They sat out on the porch in the fading daylight, sipping on the spiked lemonade and catching up and getting to know each other better. As it the automated lights kicked in in the darkness, Sharon started up the grill in the outdoor kitchen and retrieved several skewers of meats and vegetables from the kitchen fridge for their dinner.

“Carla, why don’t you help me with another pitcher of lemonade while Max watches the grill,” Sharon said, inviting Carla to sneak off into the house with her. Max trembled at the thought of what they might discuss.

He watched them walk away, Carla with her tight small butt and short light blonde, almost white, hair, and Sharon with her round bubble butt and long dark brown hair, and he couldn’t help but think of one spring break years ago when he accidentally caught a glimpse of a little more of Sharon.

Back during of his school breaks, he’d returned home from his Virginia boarding school. His dad was going to meet him here, at the home he and Sharon had built together. He let himself in the front door, as it was always unlocked, but no one seemed to be around. That’s what he thought until he saw the back door to the deck open.

He dropped his things and walked through the backdoor, ready to call out to see who was around but, before he could speak, he looked across the deck and caught sight of Sharon laid out on a lounge chair. She must have been out tanning but fell asleep while reading.

The book was sprawled open on her tan stomach, her hand still clutching it there. But Max’s eyes were pinned to her round filled out breasts which were spread out on her chest. The mounds sloped slightly toward each side of her chest, gravity pulling them away from the center. Her lush brown areolas surrounded dark bumpy nipples. A streak of excitement coursed through him but he quickly became scared she would wake up suddenly so he slipped back into the house, grabbed his things and snuck up to his room.

Snapping back into the reality of the present, Max realized he couldn’t let the food burn, so he turned his focus back to the grill. He heard the women in the house giggling to each other. A while later, when he was sure dinner wasn’t ruined, he turned the grill down and started removing the skewers, pausing at times to look through the expansive glass walls at the back of the house.

He was terrified to see Sharon was pointing out the pictures of Max and his siblings running through sprinklers in their birthday suits as small children on the wall in the living room. He couldn’t believe Sharon hadn’t taken them down. He banged on the glass loudly and, seeing he had drawn attention from the two women, shook his head and his finger at them rapidly. Carla beylikdüzü escort looked back at him and just laughed out loud, pointing to his tiny penis in the photo. He knew Sharon meant well, it just wasn’t the image of him he wanted guests to walk away with.

As the women reemerged from the house, Max noticed they’d made another pitcher but also decided to bring on the hard stuff. They were holding the bottles of vodka, tequila, rum and other mixers that must have been used to spike the lemonade in the pitcher. Max just shook his head and laughed. The contest to see which woman could outdo the other had already begun.

The trio tore through the skewers, their appetites voracious from the day drinking and conversations they’d been indulging in. Their laughter and raucous conversations echoed into the grasslands beyond the yard. Sharon and Carla engaged in a new contest, exchanging one embarrassing story about Max after the other. At one point, sensing Max growing upset, Sharon decided to cut-off the storytelling contest.

“But, really, Max was such a good kid. He’s a good boy.”

“Oh, he is such a good boy,” Carla responded as she patted the crotch of Max’s shorts. He sat up quickly and brushed Carla’s hand away but Sharon had picked up on Carla’s innuendo.

“Just what were you all doing with all that time when I was waiting?” She chided them. “It’s ok, it gave me a nice head start on drinking.”

There was a long pause and Max noticed Carla staring into his eyes and that “here comes trouble” smile on her face.

“I have an idea, why don’t we clean this up and get changed into our suits,” Carla suggested. Max shrugged, just happy to get a change of subject and scenery.


Max seemed to be the most sober of the group and he made it back out to the jacuzzi first, removed the cover, and turned on some of the low jets. He had to admit to himself that having sex in the same evening that he’d get to sit in the same hot tub as two beautiful women gave him quite the successful feeling.

Carla was the next one downstairs. As much as he liked being intimate with her, Max also just loved watching her move. She had high squared off hips, dancer’s hips, that allowed her to glide effortlessly across floors. She was wearing a her blue bikini that gave just a slight push-up to her small round breasts. She dragged her towel behind her, clearly well intoxicated. Carla eased her way into the hot tub next to Max, planted a wet kiss on his lips, and placed her palm on his left pectoral muscle. He pulled back a bit as she slipped her hand down to his waistband and tried to slip it inside his shorts.

“Not right now,” he warned her. With that, Max looked back into the house to see Sharon descending staircase into the back of the house.

As she exited the house and walked up the steps toward the deck, he took in her full length swimsuit that held back her heaving chest. A thin piece of material ran between the top and bottom, allowing her to show off the hourglass curves of her breasts and butt while revealing a rather fit waist for a woman these curves. Max thought she might not make a bad body double for a Kardashian, given the way she filled out the suit and the light brown skin from her Colombian heritage. He felt Carla press his mouth closed with her finger and he laughed.

“Look at you two,” Sharon teased as she exited the house and hung her towel over the rack behind the hot tub. “Maybe you can pretend not to eye fuck each other while I’m around.”

They all laughed. Max couldn’t believe he was hearing those words coming out of Sharon’s mouth. In the years he’d known her, she’d always been playful but he’d never heard this kind of salty language. He knew she’d keep trying to shock him until she embarrassed him to the edge of misery so he might as well laugh until he cried.

“And what do you do, Miss Thing?” She asked, pointing to Carla’s flat stomach.

“I used to be a dancer,” Carla explained, with a quick faux curtsy in the water.

“Let me see.”

“OK, then.” And on that note, Carla pulled herself out of the water, walking up out of the tub and onto the deck, squeezing out the wet part of her blonde hair as she walked down the few steps that led to the lawn. The height of the tub gave Sharon and Max a perfect balcony view. Carla turned to her audience, curtsied, and then pointed her toes into a first ballet position, as if waiting for a queue. Sharon climbed into the hot tub and sat with her back to the house and then gestured outward with her arm, inviting Carla to begin.

Carla spun around in a half pirouette, as much as she could in bare feet on grass, and then, with her back to them, slid her right foot out away from her until her feet were pointed out and her legs spread beneath her body. She lowered herself from her knees, showing off her balance and giving them a view of her well defined ass. Then, she bolted down in a circle, leaping and spinning around the yard, dancing from one tree to the next. For a finale, she paused near a row bostancı escort of trees and raised her right foot and bent backward to grab it with her hands and pulled it up over her head. Sharon gave her a standing ovation and Max slowly joined in.

As Carla went to release her position and bow, however, the long tie that held her top closed in the back of next must have caught on a branch. She didn’t realize it until she stood straight up and found that her top was hanging open around her waist. The light from the deck shined on her pale exposed breasts for a moment before she wrapped her arm around her nipples and clutched her breasts back into her chest.

“Brava!” Sharon exclaimed. “Quite the, uh, finale. Don’t worry, you have nothing we haven’t seen before.”

Max thought he saw Carla almost blush, but she flashed her big smile and grabber bikini top and pulled it the rest of the way off, instead. She walked back up the steps, beaming as she clutched her top in her right hand. She tossed it to the side of the hot tub before climbing back in. As she entered the water, her petite ski slope breasts floated slightly, nipples pointing upward.

“Your turn,” she said, challenging Sharon. Max felt a wave of fear and shame wash over him. As much as he couldn’t deny his attraction to Sharon, he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life ashamed at one night’s drunken revelries.


Sharon stood up, wrung the water out of the bottom of her thick long brown hair, and walked over to the top of the steps where Carla began. She turned her back to the young lovers and then began to stretch her legs outward, turning slightly as she did so. As she reached the bottom of the split, she completed a turn with her upper torso so she could stretch her hands downward to brace herself. Max couldn’t help but feel amazed as she completed the split, her buttocks flexing prominently in the back.

To accentuate the position, she pressed her hands downward into the deck, briefly levitating the rest of her body off the ground before coming back to resting. Sharon rolled to the side so that her back was to the audience as she brought her legs under her pelvis in a half-cross legged position.

As she rose upward, she held her arms over her head extended in a diva-like pose. Once she reached a full standing position again, she reached her right hand down to the strap on her left shoulder. With her head turned in profile to her audience, she rolled the left strap of her bathing suit down to her left elbow. Carla whistled and cat-called, egging her on.

Max thought he must have passed out hours ago because this wasn’t happening. There was no way this was happening. There was Sharon, smoking hot body with just one layer of fabric separating it from the elements, teasing him and his girlfriend.

She must have liked the encouragement from Carla because she turned her head the other way and then placed her left fingers on her right strap.

“What do you think, Max,” Sharon asked in a seductive tone.

“OK,” he squeaked and she pulled the right strap from its mantle. Her arms were now crossed over her chest, back still toward her audience. They didn’t stay there for long, though, as she peeled the straps the rest of the way down to her waist in one swoop, exposing her bare back and the small fatty rolls where her large natural breasts met her back.

“Go girl!” Carla yelled and applauded. Sharon rotated so that her body was in profile to the audience, she covered her nipples with her arms but only for a moment because she proceeded to peel the rest of the bathing suit off with her next motion. As the suit rolled down to her feet, her watermelon-like breasts were freed to hang down toward the ground. After she’d finished dropping the suit to the deck, she glanced over in her audience’s direction, and stood up and placed her hands on her hips, letting them take in the profile of her round breasts and the visible large dark areola and nipple that accentuated the tip of her right breast.

She turned toward the hot tub and winked at Carla and Max as she strolled back. Max and Carla were both on their feet clapping. Max felt himself getting a little thrill as Sharon slowly continued to the tub, letting them get a full view of puff of the carefully trimmed black pubic hair that stopped just inside her thighs and above her thick tan vulva folds. Carla gave her a hand climbing back into the tub.

“What about you slick?” Carla asked turning to Max.

“What, what about me?”

“Stand up,” Carla commanded him. Max looked around the tub. Carla’s perky breasts were on display and, next to her, sat Sharon with her light brown voluptuous breasts buoyant in the tub and the dark triangle between her legs now blurred by the slightly rippling water.

He knew he’d have to play along if he wanted to stay here so he stood up on the side of the hot tub, as Carla indicated. She moved in front of him and started tugging at each side of his trunks.

“Mr. Slick. The thing is, I told çapa escort Sharon when we were inside all about our quickie in the shower.” Max’s mouth dropped as he looked at Sharon. “And Sharon said I had to make sure I got what I wanted.” Carla continued to tug his trunks until they reached his waist and top of his pubic hair.

“So these are coming off,” she said, finally freeing the trunks from his hips. Max kicked and they fell to the side of the hot tub. “And so are these,” she said, slipping off her bikini bottoms, exposing her bare ass to Sharon who smiled in appreciation. “Now come back down here,” she said, giving Max a hand to slide back into the tub.

Carla turned them around so that he was standing in front of her, back to Sharon. Carla hopped up and sat on the edge of the tub.

“And now, you’re gonna help me get off while Sharon watches.” She smiled at him and pecked him on the top of his head.

“What are you waiting for?” he heard his not-quite stepmom chime in from behind. He looked back, and she was leaning backward, her arms stretched out on the sides of the tub, her breasts rising and falling with her breath.

Max silently turned back to Carla and knelt down in the water. He began to caress her inner thighs with his hands and then his tongue before bringing his face just to the bottom of her crotch. He decided to embrace the game.

“You want me to lick you until you cum, then?”

“I want you to lick me until I cum all over that face of yours, baby,” Carla replied. With that, he set to work, running his tongue up and down the lips of her bare vulva.

He wrapped his right arm around her leg and used his fingers to pull the skin just above her vulva upward, pulling back the small pale hood that covered her pink clit. He extended his tonguing and flicked it across her clit. He gripped her ass with his left hand and could taste the chlorine from the water dripping from the opening in her slit. She sighed and her breasts began to heave above him as she relaxed into the pleasure of the moment.

Carla continued to writhe in pleasure as Max worked his tongue up and down her clit and lower lips. He didn’t even notice the disturbance in the water behind him. At one point, he attempted to reach his right hand up to squeeze one of Carla’s nipples but he found a pair of arms wrapping themselves around his waist.

“Let me help,” he heard Sharon say softly. He heard the water splash as Sharon stepped gracefully out of the tub and slipped behind Carla. He watched from below as Sharon nestled her head into the nook between Carla’s shoulder and neck and started kissing the soft skin that extended up to her chin. Sharon’s damp hair fell down onto Carla’s chest and dripped long streams of water down her breasts. Sharon reached her right hand around Carla’s thin waist and upward and cupped Carla’s breast.

She massaged the breast tissue where it met Carla’s ribs and then worked her fingers up to her erect nipple and pinched it between her thumb and forefinger.

Max continued to tongue the pink bud between Carla’s lower lips. He felt a hand grab the back of his hair, pressing it deeper into her crotch and she started crying out as she grinded her hips against his tongue. His eyes glanced upward and he saw that Carla was squeezing her right nipple with one hand but the other arm had wrapped around her waist and was stretched out to the back of his head. It was Sharon’s hand pressing his head further into to Carla’s dainty lower lips.

He could almost see the wave of ecstasy run up Carla’s body as an orgasm began to ripple up her abdomen. “Yes, don’t stop now!” she begged the tag team pleasuring her nubile body. Her stomach twitched and flexed as the orgasm over took her and she called out in a repeated “Ah”, almost like a bird calling to the heavens.

As Carla finally calmed her body, Sharon released Max’s head and began delicately stroking her fingers over Carla’s stomach and breasts with her other hand. Sharon kissed her gently on the neck and then rested her lips on her shoulder. Carla turned her head and reached up with her right hand to caress the side of Sharon’s face. Their lips met for a moment and then they smiled at each other.

Sharon looked down at Max and began climbing back into the hot tub. He was still on his knees on the seat of the tub and she stepped behind him. He felt her hands massaging his back.

“Oh, Max,” Sharon sighed as her hands slid around his torso to work around to his pecs. He felt her right hand slip downward, over his abs and down over the patch of pubic hair that separated his lower abs from his his crotch. Max postured upward as Sharon grabbed his chest with her left hand and slid her right hand slowly up and down the shaft his erection, from head to base and back again. “I want you to put that big beautiful penis inside my pussy,” she whispered in his hear.

He looked up at Carla and she had reached her hand down to play with her own clit. Max didn’t think he’d ever gotten this hard in his entire life. He rotated on his knees she he could look into Sharon’s eyes and watch the wanton desire as she slowly worked his cock. He reached up with his right hand and cupped the bottom of her fleshy breast. He squeezed just a little and felt it mold like putty in his grip. Sharon leaned into him and placed her lips on his and they kissed passionately.

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