The Salesman’s Visit

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Writer’s Note: This is a story for adults over eighteen years of age about adults over eighteen years of age. While the story line is true the dialog has been compressed for the sake of time and space. All names are fictional.

Marlene and I had just gotten home from work and pulled into the carport at almost the same time. I hoped out of my car to hold her door open as she collected her purse and brief case to get out. While it may have seemed like I was being the perfect gentleman that was not the case; I never missed an opportunity to peek up my wife’s short skirt when she opened her lovely, long legs to exit, or enter, a car. While I had plenty of opportunities to see her in all stages of undress there is just something special about a quick peek up a skirt; I think my wife liked giving a peek as much as I, and sometimes other special people, liked getting a peek.

She looked up at me and smiled then paused a bit longer for me to enjoy the beautiful sight of her open legs and panties with wisps of her dark pubic hair peeking out before standing and giving me a sweet kiss. After five years of marriage we still enjoyed the flirting and teasing of newlyweds.

A short time later we were settled on the living room sofa with a glass of wine telling each other about our day. Before long we heard a car pull into our driveway; we turned to look out the front bay window to see who our visitor was.

Marlene immediately recognized him, “Oh, its Ted.”

Ted was a tall, distinguished gentleman in his sixties who had been the insurance agent for Marlene’s family for decades; when we married he became our insurance agent too. He stopped by from time to time to update us on any changes we might need to know; we considered him a friend as well as our agent. Marlene thought he was handsome with his sun tan, silver-gray hair and pencil thin moustache; he was also one of those “special people” who got a peek from time to time.

When I first met Ted, Marlene later admitted that she had had a big crush on him since she was a young girl. Not only did he have a reputation of being a ladies’ man but Marlene also suspected that he may have had a tryst with her mother years earlier during a rough patch in her parent’s marriage.

We both greeted him at the door and welcomed him in; of course he got a hug from Marlene as usual. Her body had a special way of melting against you when she hugged you; I noticed Ted’s hugs seemed to last a little longer.

Ted told us that he had decided to retire and just wanted to stop by to thank us for our business over the years and give us some information about our new agent.

Marlene told him, “Then you must join us for a glass of wine to celebrate your retirement.”

I motioned for him to take a seat on the sofa while Marlene went to the kitchen to get another glass and the bottle of wine. Ted and I chatted about his plans for retirement and how he would keep busy.

Marlene entered with a tray of different cheeses and crackers. When she set the tray down on the coffee table her back was toward Ted; she bent over at the hips which caused the back her skirt to ride up her long, shapely, stocking encased legs. I wasn’t certain of just how much of a view Ted got but I had no doubt that he got a thrill that would last him for years to come. It was not a faux pas on Marlene’s part; when you got a treat like that she intended for you to have it. Ted smiled.

Marlene sat beside Ted on the sofa and I sat in a chair across the coffee table from them. We snacked, sipped our wine and talked about the long history Ted had had with the family since her mom and dad were first married. Ted recalled Marlene’s broken arm from falling off her horse and wrecking her dad’s car when she first started driving. He made a comment about bouncing Marlene on his knee when she was a child.

Marlene asked with a chuckle, “Do you remember the last time you “bounced me” on your knee?”

“Yes, I believe it was on your sixteenth birthday.” he replied, “But, as I recall, you were too big to bounce and you were not sitting on my knee.”

Marlene gave a coy smile saying, “I recall you made a very good “impression” on me then. An impression I wrote about that night in my diary.”

Ted blushed a bit and tried to defend himself, “You were no longer a little girl then and I seem to remember you didn’t sit very still on my lap; I didn’t realize you were aware of my “impression” though. I hope your parents didn’t notice.

Marlene chuckled as I laughed then interjected, “She has the same effect on me Ted so I understand how it is. I would love to have seen her at that age.”

Marlene teasingly asked, “Do you think I could still have that effect on you?”

Ted teasingly shook his finger nişantaşı escort at her then smiled, “You shouldn’t tease old men it can be a shock to their systems.”

Marlene looked at Ted with her sexiest smile, “Oh I never tease unless I intend to back it up. I feel like I should give you a retirement present since you have given us such good service all these years; don’t you think so Will?”

I smiled and nodded my agreement. Marlene had always had a “thing” for older men; many of her lovers had been older men. I was never sure if it was some father complex or something else but since my first lover had been twice my age I completely understood her interest in more mature lovers.

Marlene laid her hand on Ted’s thigh and said, “Of course if you had rather keep the image of me as an innocent young girl who sat on your lap long ago I understand.”

Ted stammered, “I’m sure I could have two images of you in my mind and cherish both of them.”

Marlene leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek and moved her hand a bit higher on his thigh. Ted took a deep breath and looked at me as if to say, “Don’t you have something else to do?”

I immediately announced, “Don’t worry about me; I wouldn’t miss this for anything in the world.”

“Don’t worry Ted, Will and I enjoy the company of others from time to time.” She gave him a sexy smile and continued, “And if the rumors I have heard about you are true you probably have too.”

Ted smiled but never admitted nor denied the rumors. Marlene leaned closer to kissed his mouth as she moved her hand higher to the “impression” he had made on her as a young girl; the “impression” and thoughts she had written about in her diary-“I felt something hard push against my bottom; I wanted to reach down an touch it with my hand but with my parents sitting across the room I didn’t dare. I wiggled in his lap and felt the hard object move; I could tell it was rather large. I wonder if he is circumcised like, Mike, (her first lover) or is he completely covered like my Daddy?”

I slipped out of the room to use the bathroom; while I was up I got a new bottle of wine from the kitchen then peeked around the corner to see what was going on. Ted was laid back against the back of the sofa with his pants unfastened and opened, his eyes closed, and his hand gently on Marlene’s head; Marlene had his erect cock in her hand kissing it up and down its shaft. Her Diary question had been answered, Ted was all natural and uncut and his size was substantial. What she did not know until she fished it out of his boxers was how dark brown his shaft was compared to the white skin of his exposed lower torso.

I quietly slipped back into my chair and poured another glass of wine. Marlene glanced toward me and winked as her tongue flicked over Ted’s foreskin several times. Her attention quickly turned back to the engorged cock in her hand as she pealed back the foreskin to wrap her lips around the swollen, brownish head. She took turns wrapping her lips around it then swirling her tongue around the glans before flicking it over the small opening at the tip to sample the whitish drop of liquid that had formed.

Watching Marlene work her magic on the pulsating shaft in her hand reminded me of a question I was recently asked by a married couple who were thinking about a more open relationship.

The male partner asked, “How do you feel seeing another man between your wife’s legs penetrating her or his phallus in her mouth?”

My answer was, “I think about how beautiful she looks, how much fun she is having, and the incredible sensations she is experiencing. You see, Marlene and I do not see sex as an expression of our emotions; for us sex is an amazingly, wonderful, and fun, physical experience to share with others; just like we would share a delicious meal or a beautiful sunset.”

We made plans to see them again soon.

Marlene stood up facing Ted and lifted her skirt, ‘Would you like to slip off my panties?”

Ted did not hesitate; he reached out with his large hands; his fingers moved into the waist band of her white, nylon, bikini panties. As his hands moved them over her flared hips and firm round ass then down her long, shapely, stocking encased legs the arch of her white garter belt formed a perfect frame around her sweet ass as I am certain it did in front with her thick, patch of dark pubic hair.

I had to chuckle about Marlene’s “retirement present” comment because her beautiful, glistening, pink labia was completely enclosed within the puffy lips of her vulva; her vulva was hidden by the thick patch of pubic hair just like a wrapped present. The only thing missing was a bow.

Ted handed her the panties after she stepped out of them; ortaköy escort Marlene tossed them to me knowing how much I loved the scent she left in her panties when she was aroused. There were very few times since we first met that I did not get to enjoy her aroma first hand but I still enjoyed the second hand scent she left in her panties when she was aroused. Today was no different, the crotch material was damp and slick with her juices.

Marlene lifted her left leg across Ted and rested her foot on the back arm of the sofa; when she pushed her pelvis forward her cunt was just inches from Ted’s face. He slid down in his seat a little so his lips were touching her aroused, swollen vulva. His fingers quickly searched the thick patch of pubic hair and opened her vulva to expose her glistening, pink labia and slit just below her clit.

I watched as one of Ted’s large fingers disappeared into her tight ass.

“Mmmm, I love a man who likes to explorer new territory.” She moaned.

I could tell by the movement of her hips and the primal sounds from her mouth that Ted was indeed enjoying her sweet nectar. I could also hear the squishing sounds of his tongue lapping at her creamy liquids. She placed her hands on his head and guided him to her secret places of pleasure as he probed deeper with his finger.

As Ted continued his work Marlene began peeling off her blouse. I straddled Ted’s legs and moved close behind my almost nude wife. My mouth kissed and nipped at her neck and shoulders while my hands moved to the front to play with her small tits and hard nipples. Within minutes I could feel spasms surge through her body as she cried out then almost went limp.

Marlene pushed me backward with her body and unfastened her skirt; she was clad only in a garter belt and stockings.

She ordered Ted, “Stand up and get those clothes off.”

It only took Ted seconds to stand naked in front of her. She took his cock in one hand then cupped his large, low-hanging cod sack in the other one. She directed him back onto the sofa then turned her back to him; she aligned her juicy cunt with his turgid cock then lowered herself on the long shaft all the way to his balls. Once she had everything adjusted just right she began to slowly grind her sweet ass against him.

Marlene pulled me closer and unfastened my slacks; she quickly found my engorged cock and guided it into her hot, wet mouth. She was completely penetrated at opposite ends by two lovers, her thirty-four years old husband and a sixty-five years old family friend and insurance agent.

It was Ted’s turn to play with her small, firm tits and hard nipples. My wife’s head bobbed up and down my cock as her sweet ass ground against Ted’s lap. With one hand she guided my cock in and out of her mouth and with the other hand she played with Ted’s massive cod sack resting below her open legs.

After several minutes Marlene rearranged our ménage. She spun around on Ted’s cock a hundred and eighty degrees and I moved behind the sofa so she could continue to suck my cock from over Ted’s shoulder. She switched from a slow grind to a faster paced movement sliding up and down Ted’s glistening cock. His mouth worked feverishly on her small, bouncing tits sucking, kissing and nipping at her hard nipples.

Again her body was racked with spasms as she cried out for relief. I rubbed my cock, glistening with her saliva, over her face while she gasp for breath and grunted her way through another powerful orgasm. Marlene had always found it easy to have orgasms; often she could have one right after another. She lay against Ted trying to catch her breath; we were all soaked in sweat.

Once she regained her breath Marlene moved off of Ted an onto the sofa where she could rest her arms on the back of the sofa with her knees open and positioned on the front edge of the seat, her lovely ass open and poised in the air.

She looked over her shoulder, “It’s your time to do all the work.” She said to Ted.

Ted complied with a sharp smack on her ass; standing behind her he took his engorged cock in his hand and rubbed its bulbous head up and down her wet, glistening slit then laid his entire shaft between her cheeks and slid it back and forth over her tightly puckered ass, surrounded by wisps of her thick pubic hair, and matted with her creamy juices. With his cock still in hand he used it like a stick to smack my wife’s beautiful ass and cunt.

I rubbed my saliva lubricated cock over my wife’s face as Ted plunged his cock in her, all the way to the hilt. As she took my cock into her mouth Ted began fucking her with slow deliberate thrusts from behind. I could easily see his brown glistening man meat as it slipped in and out. Ted was just pendik escort playing, enjoying her warm, wet cunt impaled on his cock and the beauty of her open, sweet ass.

Soon Ted picked up the pace and the length of his strokes. There was the sound of their bodies slapping together as he slammed against her flanks; his thrusts pushed her forward forcing her to take my cock deeper into her throat; her small tits giggled with each thrust, her nipples danced beneath them. My wife’s grunts became mingled with the smacking sounds of their bodies and the squishing sound of Ted’s heavy piston being pushed through her thick, creamy liquid.

Marlene’s head trashed back and forth as she went from one orgasm to another; only her hand was wrapped around my cock. Her other hand diddled her clit back and forth as my fingers pinched and pulled softly on her hard nipples; Ted’s hands held onto her hips and pulled her hard against him. Seconds later she pushed Ted back; he stood behind her with his hard cock in his hand as she heaved and gasped to catch her breath.

After a few minutes she recovered and turned to sit on the sofa. She reached out for Ted’s cock and gave it several kisses then reassured him that she wasn’t through with us. She sipped her wine as Ted and I stood with our still hard cocks in our hands.

Several minutes later Marlene asked Ted, “If you are up for an adventure, I would love to feel you and Will in me at the same time. Would you mind that?”

Ted indicated that he wouldn’t mind so Marlene patted the sofa beside her inviting him to take a seat. Once Ted was seated beside her she straddled him then took his hard cock and guided him through the thick, matted pubic hair and into her cunt. When I moved behind Marlene Ted’s big hands grasped the cheeks of her ass and opened them wide. There was plenty of natural creamy juices available to lube my cock

“I take it that this is not your first double?” Marlene commented to Ted.

He smiled and shook his head no.

Marlene relaxed her sphincter muscles and I slipped in with ease; this was not our first double penetration either. Ted and I quickly found a rhythm and pace that Marlene liked and we began alternating short thrusts in and out of her deep wells. I could easily feel Ted’s shaft move against me through the thin membrane that separated our cocks.

Marlene began to thrash about as we picked up the pace of our thrusts. I held her small tits in my hands for Ted to take turns suckling each of her nipples. My wife always loved having her nipples stimulated during sex. She often said it was just like having an extra clit; she could have an orgasm with just having her nipples played with. Her grunts grew louder. In just minutes I could feel Ted’s cock pulsing against my cock as we moved faster and faster. The grunts and cries grew louder as the three of us rutted like animals; I knew I would not last long and my wife wouldn’t be far away.

As Marlene gasped her last grunts I felt the surge of thick semen shoot through my shaft and into my wife’s bowels. After several more spurts of the hot liquid Ted’s cock began to pulse as he pumped his hot load into the cunt of the once young girl who had made such an impression sitting on his lap.

Afterwards I held Marlene’s panties for her to step into then pulled them up her long shapely legs; she loved the feel of semen oozing into her panties and drying. Once her panties were on she sat back on the sofa and took Ted’s deflated cock in her hand and gave it a good cleaning with her very talented mouth. The rather large pool of liquid that had seeped out of her panties onto the sofa would have to be cleaned with soap and water; luckily our sofa was covered with Naugahyde instead of cloth. Since my cock had been left in much worse condition, I slipped into the bathroom and used warm water and soap to restore it to its original, kissable condition.

We each picked up our clothes and began to dress. During the dressing process there was plenty of affectionate groping and kissing which could have easily led to more sex. Ted indicated that he had a dinner date with his wife and would get in trouble if he was late.

Marlene and I knew we would be “at it” again within minutes of Ted leaving. She loved to coax me into eating her pussy after she had been fucked. While I really wasn’t too fond of cleaning up other men’s messes, it was difficult for me to refuse her since she never refused to clean up my cock after other women had left it in a mess; I truly loved eating my wife’s pussy and would put up with the mess others left to enjoy it. Of course the worst of it would have already oozed into her panties leaving her thick hair matted with cold, drying semen.

We said our good byes’ to Ted. We all seem to know that it was a onetime thing and would not be repeated.

“That was a wonderful experience I will cherish the rest of my life.” He shook my hand and gave Marlene a hug and a kiss on the cheek then walked to his car.

Marlene and I looked at each other, smiled, then headed back to the sofa.

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