The Secretary

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I was sitting at my desk when my e-mail pinged in, it was my secretary that had just sent me her two weeks’ notice and I needed to find a new one. Jessica had been with the company for 5yrs and helped me build it up by staying on top of everything. I started with her when I started this Tech Company, we started at 10 people and were now at over 300 people Doing things from websites to movie productions to TV commercials. She was moving on to something bigger and better that she had actually gone to college for and I immediately had HR set up some recruitment posts and wanted ads.

The next two weeks went pretty flawlessly and it came time for me to interview the few promising leads that HR thought were the best of the best and I thought that I would bring in my wife to help me decide who I should choose. Ever since I made her a part of the process of hiring with me and helping me with the company or any big choice she always seemed to help me steer in the right direction, so why not give her a say in the new hires. Hell she helped me with Tom our lead designer and Sarah in IT. It was always a good idea.

I came in bright and early to set up our conference room for a morning full of new people, 5 guys and 15 women had made it thru to till the next round. I was excited to see a familiar name that kept popping up on our applicant list. Jessica, she had been applying with the company for about 6 months, all of our jobs, web design, security, human resources, you name it her name was in the hat and she was a front runner. She was there for her interviews, 15 minutes early and that tickled my Military side. The saying “If you’re not 15 mins early, you’re late” is what I always heard. It was amazing how she was always very well dressed for the job she was applying for and ready to answer any question.

We sat thru everyone and as usual Jessica made it the final 4 and I sat down with Sydney my wife and HR and we went over the finalists. A few hours later I had given up and let HR and Sydney banter back and forth for me, and got up and left the building. It was already 2pm and I was starving, I went across the street to the local sub shop to order my Favorite sub and 2 extras, just so as not to seem like an asshole to my fellow colleagues that were helping me pick our next top Candidate.

The line was long for 2pm and who did I see running the crew at the shop but Jessica. I watched her work her management skills and deal with the flurry of the environment and she seemed to manage the heavy stress and I even recalled how she had said that she works well with others and was able to keep a very steady flow of information even under extreme duress.

I watched her handle herself like a champion, I waited to see exactly how good she was, I waited the extra 10 minutes to place my 3 subs all at once, she looked at me blushed as red as a rose and her smile widened to at least 10 feet. “Jessica please do me a favor, I have 3 subs that I need…” I rambled everything off all at once not slowing down or giving her a break, and she did surprisingly well. She only messed up on one and gave my wife onions on her sub, but in Sydney’s defense the sub is called ‘Onion Teriyaki Chicken’.

I walked back with my confidence in one hand and subs in the other, ready to make my choice, although I didn’t really have to make a big fuss about it because I walked in and the ladies looked like they had already made up their minds and told me flat out when I strolled up.

Sydney looked at me and said “It’s about damn time we give Jessica what she’s been begging for, a chance here, she’s applied to everything…” I cut her off mid-sentence “Good Idea, because I just saw her work first hand down at the Sub shop there and she did everything flawlessly except you have a real ‘Onion Teriyaki Chicken’ the only thing she messed up, during their lunch rush. I thinks she can handle being my secretary.”

So that night at about 5pm I rang up Jessica and gave her the good news she had been hoping to hear, she sounded so excited on the phone it was as if she had been waiting a whole week to hear the good news instead of just the few hours that she had worked at the Sub shop, I gave her a week to tell her boss and then it was a awaiting game. I asked Jessica to hang out for 2 more weeks just to spin Jessica up to speed and I made an offer she couldn’t refuse. I was hoping to get Jessica up to speed so the only thing different was a new face at my front desk and everything else was like it was.


Jessica came into the office on her first day 15 minutes early to look around and get acquainted with the office. I took the liberty of showing her where everything was, the break rooms, the bathrooms, my office, the usual normal things that everyone needs to when they first start, and all I can say was Wow… as a married man it takes a lot to stun me and surprise me. Jessica came in with a light blue button up shirt that was kadıköy escort just barely loose on her small frame at 5′ 5″ and her breasts seemed to curve in a very soft arc and push her buttons just enough to not be strained. She must’ve only been a small B or large A, I wasn’t for sure but her body curved to a small tight frame, her ass wasn’t like the picturesque models you see on TV or in your magazines, it was a tight very sculpted thing that was so in tune with her body it was like a perfect match of just enough fat to show off something in the right skirt, and she did show it off in her pencil thin skirt.

As we walked around I showed her that “Here at Destiny Innovations we are more of a laid back company, we dress for the day, Khakis and Blue Jeans with a nice top are acceptable, I want you to be in your ‘professional comfortable’ attire. I feel like the best work is done when you’re in your favorite pair of shorts and Polo or button up” she nodded and looked down at how overdressed she was. I assured her that the only reason why I dress the way I do is because I am one of the few people that will be face to face with our customers and I run the meetings, so I have to present a professional exterior.

At lunch I took her and our team out to my favorite location downtown for a round of whatever anyone wanted and dinner to go with it. I sat next to Jessica and introduced her to the team and we all celebrated Jessica’s departure to her new location in Plano, TX as a Vet Tech working for her Father. It was a wonderful afternoon to say the least and a great way to send Jessica off and welcome Jessica.


The first few weeks were going exceedingly well, Jessica had made one hell of a great secretary and it was interesting to see her handle all the new meetings and actually respond to the changes that sometimes happen at the worst times. I would peer out my office door and watch her field phone calls and listen in on some to see how she handled herself and she did an excellent job. I was very impressed and happy that we were on the right steps to a good working relationship.

She was very polite and sometimes almost to quite when she was moving around and filing things, hell sometimes I wouldn’t hear her knock on my door and she would stand there for about 3 minutes before I would get that feeling I’m being watched, but other than that she was on point. One day though I came into the office in shorts and a t-shirt, not expecting anything to really go on that I needed to look well for, but as a good CEO I had my back up suit hanging on the wall ready to go if I had to do a quick change around.

As it turns out, I’m glad I wore the White shirt I did that day because I got a call from one our bigger clients and they needed me in a meeting to pitch for more funding on a project, It was for a new movie that was being shot and we were ahead of schedule on the graphics and everything else that we had been asked to do, but the team needed more to expand on a some scenes, and they wanted me as there ‘Yes’ man to show all the feel good stuff. So it was time for a quick change.

What I didn’t hear was Jessica taking a similar phone call for a meeting that was being placed for later that I would’ve needed to change as well in. I grabbed my suite off the hanger and tossed it onto my desk and stripped down to my boxers. I wore my spandex underwear, the ones that accented me extremely well, making my member look a lot better like when a woman wears her push-up bra and it gives her that little extra. I didn’t hear the door open or the light knock as I drop my shorts and stood there, in nothing but my boxers.

I heard the door creek open, looked over at her and I just instinctively said, “I’m sure this can wait Jessica”, but it was already too late. Her eyes were locked onto me and she was scanning me up and down, and then fixated on my boxers. She made a squeak and turned red as ever, slamming the door behind her. I heard her scurry to her desk sit down and hit the pager on the phone.

“Yes, Jessica?” I said with a bit of humiliation.

“Steel Dynamics needs you in a meeting at 4pm tonight, is… is that going to…” she replied back barley being able to complete the sentence, so I stepped in and helped her out.

“Don’t worry, I got it, just make sure everything is clear till 3pm sounds like I have to help out Sound Wave Digital on a project they are running too.”

“Yes sir” she said and closed the coms.

I dropped my phone off on the desk for her to have and my pager, “If Sydney calls please tell her what’s going on, my password is 1379. Make a dinner reservation for 7pm at that diner down the way on 3rd street you know, and ahhh order whatever you want for dinner, put it on the Company Card call it your 1st Evaluations and how to Knock louder.”

She giggled and started typing away while calling the restaurant. I heard her smile kartal escort in her laugh and I looked back walking into the meeting room, it wasn’t as timid as it was before, it was more of a smirk like when you know you’ve done something you really aren’t supposed to have done it, but you’ve done it anyway. That excitement in her eyes. I should’ve know what was to come.


The meetings ended quite well and it was back to my office for the evening and I sat down in my chair, looked up at the ceiling and just kind of gave myself a minute to ponder what all had transpired thru the meetings and with the incident earlier. I looked around and just flipped on my fan and stared out my 2nd story window. I looked out at the darkening skies and looked for some sort of answer. All I found was a nice thought that at least she liked how I looked and no harm in looking at the menu anyways. She gave you an eyeful of fun and excitement that first day… the least you could do was return the favor.

I heard a normal knock on my door and I turned around to see if Jessica had come in yet, but the door this time stayed shut waiting for me to answer. “Come in Jessica” I said letting her know it was okay “What’s the news?” I asked. She looked me in the eyes and then handed me my phone and held onto my out stretched hand a bit longer like she was holding me in a romantic way.

“Sydney says she can’t make it tonight and that she has to leave town for the week on business, something about an emergency in Paris that’s happening at one of the shows and that she can’t make it out, says that you’ll be fine” Jessica got very close to me as she said the last words like it was some sort of sign that I should make a move. I took a step back and thanked Jessica, and sat back down at my desk, I pretended to log into my computer but I just watched Jessica leave. Just the way she walked was amazing from her hip movement to her stride it was all amazing.

“Jessica before you leave, tomorrow night I do need you in the office later on with me just in-case, I have some business to attend to and might need you to man my phones just in case”

I had a moment of no filter, I screamed inside my head, Ahh fuck! Really? you don’t need her why are you testing the waters… She just smiled and said she would as she slipped her hands down the side of the door and closed them shut.

I could feel the lingering feeling at the door, I knew it wasn’t going to be very long until I saw her coming thru that door and offering me something I can’t refuse. I looked up and waited to see it burst open, but instead it was almost as if time had stood still for an eternity. Finally I saw the handle move slowly and it opened every so gently… she walked over to my desk pausing and gliding her fingers on the corners before she moved in closer and began to straddle me, looking deep into my eyes. I could see the world and the oceans in hers, they swirled and cascaded around and around spiraling me into a want and desire, my hard on was ever present as her hand glided down my tie and to my pants were she grasped me and slowly went up and down the shaft, pausing only to look at me and question if we should kiss, our lips hoovered not barley an inch apart and I stalled, I wasn’t moving I was in shock and almost couldn’t move. I looked into her eyes one last time and then our lips pressed against each other’s and we began to kiss.

Slow and romantically at first. Touching each other all over and her hands seemed to wander over everything like she owned me and wanted to explore everything. I felt her right hand grasp my throat and hold it there and her left hand undoing her own pants. I heard her buttons pop free and her short zipper come off. She stood up walked to the door and locked it and shut the lights off in the room. Everyone else was gone it was 6:30 pm and no one was here but it was amazing to see her walk and just watched her pants fall off and see her in a light blue laced thong in my office as the sun was fading behind the concrete jungle behind us. She even shed her top to show off a matching lace bra that held her breasts in place. I couldn’t stop staring at her with that jaw dropping look. She cleared a spot on my desk and sat down, she spread her legs wide and started playing with herself.

She reached for my throat and held me close to her. I undid my pants and slipped my boxers off. She grabbed my shirt and ripped it apart and almost ripped my under shirt as I took it off and got naked as fast as I could for her. I stood in front of her baring it all with the hard on of an 18yr old seeing his first cougar. She grasped it in her now free hand and looked at it with eyes that want to drink it all up and get every in her mouth.

She began to climax with her lips centimeters away from the tip of my head, and I could feel her hot breathe washing over everything. Her tongue stuck out just a maltepe escort bit as she came and let out one of the best moans I had ever heard, and saw her body tense up like she hadn’t orgasmed in a very long time. I saw her head tilt back and her tongue finally connected on the backside of my cock. She licked up to the tip and then to the pre cum that was already swelling at the tip of me and licked it off as her prize for cumming. She swallowed the first taste of me and let me go.

She stood up, and put me back into my chair and made me sit down, spread my legs and she told me “stroke it as slow as you can, and listen to my every command”, and so I let her lead the show, she sat in between my legs and let me stroke it nice and slow. She would rest her head on my thighs telling me to go faster or caress me in such a manner that would get ever so close to my thick base and would tease by telling me that she wanted me to stop and wait. Her mouth would open and encircle my cock but she never touched me or my throbbing member, always leaving just a little bit of room between her lips or tongue and me, I had never been teased before like this. She could see everything she wanted, and was in absolute control of me.

I felt her breathe as she would hover ever closer to me and extend her tongue out to touch my tip or to lick the pre cum that might be building on the top but she decided that she didn’t want to and would just let it drip out and land onto my hand. She would tell me to stop, grab my hand and pull it to her mouth and lick my hand or suck on my fingers to just to keep me hard and very interested. She stood up as I was getting close to feeling really good and starting my own amazing orgasm, but she had another idea. She slipped off her thong showing me that she had a landing strip shaved perfectly onto her and she was absolutely dripping wet. Her lips were so wet, I would’ve slipped right in, as she straddled me one more time she was about to sit on me and I stopped stroking, my worst mistake. She didn’t tell me to stop I just assumed.

She grasped me by the throat and leaned in while changing her position to beside me, “If you cum at all within the next few days and not in me, I will make your life a living hell” she grasped my throat even tighter and pushed me back I hit the wall and wasn’t allowed to move until she was finished getting dressed. It was like watching a stripper in reverse and it was a once in a life time experience. I watch her walk out of the room and turn the lights on, and then I heard the front door close and she gone for the day.


The next day I walked into work about 30 minutes early like I always wanted to do before each long day to get everything set up for the next days’ events. I got my suite all fixed and ready and got everything I needed all setup and ready to roll. Then I heard the front door open, and I thought to myself ‘Who is in here this early with me?’ and then I saw the shadow of Jessica.

She was silhouetted by my opaque mirrors, and I saw her movements as she made her way to her desk and sat down, I was super nervous and was a little on edge about the prior day’s events. I looked down at my desk sat back in my chair and waited for what seemed like an eternity for my phone’s com to click on.

“Good morning Jethro” she started off very sweet and almost to endearing.

“Good morning Jessica” I responded “Ready for the long day ahead of us?”

“Absolutely” she chimed in “I’ve got an extra magazine today to keep me occupied tonight while you burn thru those meetings… did you need anything this morning?”

I told Jessica that all was going to be fine and that I better start the day off with a big bang and headed out to the board meeting room. What I didn’t know was that she was at the front desk in a skin tight white button up shirt, a pencil thin black skirt that barely hid anything. I didn’t notice this but I slowly caught on throughout the day. I would pass by some of the guys on the teams as I need to grab reports for the dozen or so meetings I had all day. I would pick up little snippets.

Have you seen Jessica today?

Yeah man she’s really flaunting her shit today!

I heard Tom from IT was going to see about getting her number!

No way? He’s going for it?

The conversation was almost endlessly like that and I could only imagine what she was actually wearing. I had missed my chance to see it early this morning, but tonight I was sure to catch a nice glimpse of what she was wearing. I was after all spending the evening shift alone with her again tonight. I almost seemed too excited about the night, I felt this primal urge to want her, and I felt like I could shake it.

I found myself day dreaming about her in the meetings and being very distracted during the day and throughout basically all of lunch I was just nonstop on her. I usually wasn’t this distracted by something and I found myself in almost a haze of Jessica. I was thinking of these things and I couldn’t put my finger on it but I felt almost as if I was in her trance or in a trap or something. I even called Sydney to see about her day and all I could do was think about Jessica and everything she had shown me last night.

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