The Speeder

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I was on routine patrol one evening on my motorcycle and decided to take a cruise through the national park area, hoping to have a quiet patrol and just enjoy the summer night. I had had a rough day with the crazy things that goes on in the city so the ride would be refreshing.

There wasn’t much traffic and I sure didn’t want to create any work for myself so I cranked the radar limits up for 70. The speed limit is 50 through there and if anyone goes over 70, a signal will go off. I just knew that no one would be going that fast on this road.

About 10 minutes into the ride, my radar started going crazy and I could see lights approaching from the front of me. They were sure getting closer fast and when I looked down at my radar, it read 78.

I hate arrests this late in the shift, but this was ridiculous. I had to do something about this. I slowed down and got to where I could make a quick turn around when the car was on me. Moments later, a little dark colored Mercedes blew by me so fast that the wind from it made my bike shake.

I turned around and gunned it. In no time, I was hitting 100 and when I got up to the car, I hit my lights and then the brake lights came on. The car pulled over to the side of the road and I didn’t know what to expect so I called the CT plates on the car into headquarters. I got off of my bike and walked towards the car.

As I reached the window, I peered in and saw this young lady at the wheel. “Let me see your license and your registration please,” I tell her. Silence was the only thing coming from the car as I see her digging into her purse for her license. She handed it to me and as she did, she turns her face to me for the first time. Damn, I think as I see her pouting look on her face.

“Step out of the car Miss,” I say to her. I move back to the back of her car and place my ticket book on the trunk as I look back and see the most gorgeous set of legs stepping out of the car that I’ve seen in a long time.

She gets completely out and walks back to me in a pair of shorts and a crop top, accentuating her breasts.

I look at her name and say, “Sharon, I don’t think I need to explain why I stopped you. Unfortunately, you were going over 20 mph over the limit so I have to decide if I’m just going to give you a ticket or arrest you.”

“Officer, you don’t have to give me any of them if you really don’t want to,” she says as she show me her sexy little girl look. “This is not an option young lady. You’ve broken the law and you need to be punished,” I tell her.

It was then when she first realized that she was in trouble of getting a ticket. She tells me, “I can’t get a ticket officer. I have too many already and I’ll lose my license. Please, can you reconsider at all?” I told her no and then got my pen out to begin writing her a ticket.

“WAIT,” she says, “ok, I agree that I was wrong and should be punished, but is there anyway that you would consider other than a ticket? I really can’t get another one and if you won’t write one, I’ll do anything you ask?”

Thinking a bit, I agreed to her wishes and didn’t write a ticket, but I told her she would still have to be punished. I told her to follow me and that I’ll keep her license just to insure she didn’t run off. I took off on my motorcycle and she got in behind avrupa yakası escort me and followed me to our destination. I knew of a spot back off in the woods a little ways from where we were that a friend of mine had a little cabin. I really didn’t think my friend was there, but I knew that the cabin would be a good safe place to go.

When we drove up, I noticed my friend’s car there but the lights were off in the cabin. She asks if someone was there and I told her probably, just my friend but don’t worry because he was asleep. We walked up to the porch and opened the door and went inside. I turned on the lights and I removed my gun belt and then had her move to the center of the room. She had a puzzled look on her face but she moved as I commanded her. “What are you going to do to me,” she asks while giving me her most innocent look. “Like I told you Sharon, you will have to be punished,” I said. I move just in front of her and asked her what she has on under those shorts. She tells me a thong and I tell her to remove her shorts but keep her thong on.

“Can we talk about this a minute,” she asks? I reply, “Sharon, there is no need to talk anymore. You have broken my laws and now you must be punished, end of story.” She sees that I’m serious and then reluctantly, she starts taking off her shorts. I watch as she slides the shorts over her hips and then they slide easily off of her legs. “Now the halter top so I can see you,” I say. She slid that off and tossed it aside, standing only in her thong.

“Turn around slowly and hold your hands clasped behind your head,” I tell her. This position allows her breasts to be fully exposed and stand out better. She clasps her hands over her head and begins turning slowly as commanded.

As she completes her turning around, I ask her, “You like showing off your body don’t you?” She just stands there, silent, unable to say anything and then I say, “I asked you a question so tell me.” Her words come out in a whisper, “Yes.” “You like playing the sweet and innocent little girl, but in reality, you are really a slut at heart aren’t you,” I ask and after a few moments, again, the soft “Yes” escapes her lips.

I move up close to her and when I do she start taking down her arms. “HOLD IT,” I say immediately. “I didn’t say for you to take your arms down. For that you have to be punished as well. She quickly moves her hands up and clasp them behind her head, but it was too late. I walk over to my gun belt and pull out my handcuffs and come back to her. “Now put your hands behind your back,” I commanded and she brings her hands down and I handcuffed her behind her back. I move back in front of her and tell her to spread her legs about two feet apart and she does so. I step back and see that she had done what I said and then move back to her.

My hands move up to her breasts and I take her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. I begin applying pressure on them and say to her, “You like having your nipples played with don’t you my little slut.” She looks into my eyes and says, “Yes, I do.” I apply more pressure on her nipples, knowing she feels the pain of me squeezing them. She grimaces momentarily and I feel her nipples becoming more pronounced. “Then tell me how you want me to play with your nipples bahçelievler escort bayan just like a slut would,” I say to her.

“Oh God yes, squeeze them. Make them hurt more you bastard,” she says as her voice raises to another level. I apply more pressure on them and then release them after a bit and they spring out after they have been mashed. I move my face forward and then without touching her breasts, suck each nipples into my mouth. I use my teeth and clamp them down on her nipples, listening to her begin begging me to hurt them.

I move my hand down her stomach and run it down between her legs to find that her panties are soaked with her juices. I grab the material and pull up so the cloth is pressed firmly between her lips and against her clit. I continue biting and sucking on her nipples and pull harder on her panties until they give and rip off of her. The sudden pressure and release of her panties causes her clit to raise out of her hood. With her clit still stinging, you begins begging me to put my fingers in her and to play with her clit “Please officer put your fingers in me, God, I need to cum,” she begs. “In time my little slut, in time,” I say and then I move away from her and get a piece of cloth and place a blindfold on her. “What are you doing,” she asks? Why are you doing this to me, I want to see you.” “Just stay just like you are for a moment and I’ll be right back.” I tell her.

I then move away from her and go into my friends room and wake him up and tell him what’s going on. He gets up and then I go back to her and take her by the arm and lead her into the bedroom. I explain that I’m going to put her on the bed and she moves slowly since she can’t see. I begin removing the handcuffs but tell her to keep her blindfold on. She lays on the bed and I clasp the handcuffs to the bedpost with both of her arms stretched above her head. I then take some rope that is in the room and tie her legs to the bedpost also, with her legs spread wide apart.

My friend goes in and gets some ice out of the freezer and brings it back and he starts moving a cube over your nipples. She flinches with the sudden coldness and begin writhing on the bed. The sudden coldness seem to startle her hot nipples from me squeezing them earlier. They rise even higher off of her breasts.

She still doesn’t know that my friend is with us now and we have now removed our clothes. He backs off of her breasts and then I take a cube and slide it down her stomach, down between her legs and through the lips of her pussy. I hear a little whimper out of her as the cold cube wakes up the nerves of her pussy. “You like this don’t you my little slut,” I say as she starts moving her hips from side to side, lifting them occasionally off of the bed. “Oh yessssss.. that’s making me so fucking horny. Please fuck me now so I can cum.” She begs. “Be patient my slut,” I say to her. I move away from her and tell her to open your mouth, that I have something for her to suck on. “Yes, give me your cock so I can suck your cum out of it you bastard,” she says to me. Instead of me, my friend gets on the bed and guides his cock into our mouth and she starts licking it all over and sucking it’s length into her mouth. He starts moving his hips bakırköy escort back and forth and she really begin fucking him with her mouth. Before he cums, he pulls it out of your mouth and gets off of the bed.

“WAIT, give it to me again I want to suck you until you cum,” she says, but he doesn’t come back to her. I then begin stroking the insides of her thighs and bend down and run my tongue over her clit. She lets out a moan and since I haven’t let her cum yet, her hips raise off of the bed. “Ohhhhh, yes, let me have your tongue I need to cum so bad.

I continue licking her pussy and when I feel that she is just about to cum, I move away from her and listen to her cussing at me. “You mother fucker, you can’t keep doing this to me. How long are you going to punish me you bastard?” She shouts out at me.

“OK you cunt, you want to cum? Let me take your cuffs off of you and then get on all fours. Your fixing to get the fucking of your life,” I say. I reach down and take the ropes off of her ankles and then remove her cuffs. She keeps her blindfold on and then move on all fours like I told her too. My Friend lays down in front of her with his cock in his hand and he reaches up and places his hand on the back of her head and pulls her down until her lips meet his cock. She instantly begin licking the head again and taking him into her mouth.

I then move onto the bed behind her and she suddenly realize that there is more than one person with her. Her head lifts and she takes off her blindfold and her eyes widen when she sees my friend there in front of her with his cock standing tall in front of her face. She turns around and says, “What in the hell is going on here?” I tell her, “Calm down now, you are finally going to get your reward since you handled your punishment so well.” With that, I moved my hand under her legs and my fingers find her pussy. I began massaging her clit and the worried look on her face quickly went away. She starts moving her hips back against my hand and her focus turns back to my friend’s cock. She lowers her head and takes him into her mouth again and begins sucking him while herr hand moves up and starts stroking him.

I move my hand away and then I guide my cock into her soaking pussy. I place my hands on her hips and I begin fucking her with long consistent strokes. It didn’t take long before her cum starts flowing over my cock. She was really getting into this now. Her mouth would take him in each time I would pound my cock into her pussy.

Before we came, I tell my friend to let’s switch and he got up and moved to take my place. He guided his cock into her and begins to fuck her as I move under her and she begin sucking my cock.. She stops for a moment and lifts her head and smiles at me while saying, “you bastard” then she continues sucking my cock. My balls are aching now with her manipulations.

Her hand places a death grip on my cock as it moves up and down on it. She stops and then sucks me all the way into her throat. After a few times of this, I can’t control myself anymore and I let loose with a barrage of cum into her wanting mouth. Her suction becomes more intent as she feels my friend cumming deep within her.

When she finishes sucking my cock I pull her face to me and kisses her passionately. We get up and get dressed and then walk into the front room. She gives my friend a big hug and then me one and says she has to go but thanks for the good time.

I walk her out to her car and as I kiss her, she reaches between us and grabs my cock and says, “If you just happen to be in the area, I’m coming through again next Friday night.” With that, she gets into her car and leaves.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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