The Test

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Beverly was crying. Her bosom heaved up and down as each sob wracked her body. “I’ve got to leave you, Gary. I can’t live a lie anymore!”

I cradled her in my arms, wiping away the tears streaming down her cheeks, her farm girl freckles magnified by each drop. We sat on the couch, in the third year of our marriage, as I tried to make sense out of what Bev was saying. This often was not easy, as she was no rocket scientist. But Bev’s simple, kind nature more than made up for her lack of mental prowess. She loved me truly. She loved me deeply. So the idea that she must leave me had clearly been put in her head. I needed to find out why, and who.

“Bev my love, Why do you think you must leave me?” I asked softly.

“Oh Gary! I didn’t know when I married you! Now I know and it changes everything! My whole life is a lie! Our marriage is a lie!” Bev sobbed.

“Bev dear, what didn’t you know? What changes everything?” I asked.

“Oh Gary! I’m a lesbian!” Bev sobbed, uncontrollably for several minutes.

“C’mon, Bev. It will be OK. How long have you been a lesbian?” I asked.

“Since this afternoon. I found out. I took the test. I’m a lez!” Bev sobbed again, and I held her softly until she had pretty well cried herself out.

“Bev, you don’t become a lesbian in just one afternoon. Tell me about it.”

“Oh, Gary! Jenny and Selena and Cassandra and I all went shopping. We went to Victoria’s Secret and bought all kinds of lingerie, then we went back to Cassy’s house and tried them on. Cassy took her bra off and caught me looking at her breasts. She said if I looked I must be Lez!”

“Bev dear, just looking at Cassy’s boobs doesn’t make you a lesbian!”

“Oh Gary, that was only the beginning! I told Cassy that I wasn’t a lez, and she challenged me to prove it. I told her I didn’t know how to do that and she told me it was simple, just take the test. I had no idea what she was talking about, and she just stood there, with her bra off, a really nice 36C, all black and lacy, with under wire and front clasp…”

“Bev dear, enough about the bra. Back to the story please.” I said firmly.

“Oh! Right. Well, her breasts were just there, and I looked again, and she demanded that I take the test if I was going to stay around them. Jenny and Selena quickly agreed that they couldn’t have me running around with them without knowing for sure if I was a lez or not.” Bev said shakily.

“You keep talking about this test. What is this test?” I asked calmly.

“I didn’t even know there was such a thing. Cassy said there is a test for each kind of sexual persuasion. You can find out if you like guys, dig chicks, anything. I told Cassy I would take the test, just tell me where to go. She said it wasn’t like that, we could do it right there, and within a half an hour I’d know if I was a lez! Then she explained what that meant. If I was a lez, then it was wrong to lead you on. If I was into women, then I would be lying to myself, and you, every time we went to bed together! In fact, since people are the way they are their entire lives, I’d been lying to you, without knowing it, through our whole relationship! Oh, Gary! I so desperately wanted that to be untrue! I would have done anything to prove that our love was the real thing! It was the centerpiece of my life! My rock! My lover, the one person who really cared for me! All a lie!”

So Cassy was the one behind all this. I didn’t know her very well, but I knew her kind. She would take a lollipop from a baby in a cradle if she wanted something sweet, only to throw it in the dirt two seconds later. Cassy wanted something, and she was a schemer. Her direct seduction of Bev must have just been the opening move in her game, using Bev as a pawn, but to what end? To figure it out, I needed to know more.

“OK, Bev, I understand. So what did she have you do?” I asked calmly. Bev was really surprised I was so calm, and she settled down too.

“The test, Cassy explained, has four parts, each five minutes long. The first part is kissing another woman, really kissing her, just like she is your lover. The second part is feeling up her breasts while she licks, caresses, and fondles yours. The third part is fingering each other, using your hands just like when you masturbate, but on each other. The last part is licking her pussy while she licks yours. If you are not a lez, you won’t get turned on. If you’re a lez, you get turned on. If you climax, in any of the four parts, then you are a hardcore lez! That’s what I am!” Bev sobbed.

“OK, dear, settle down. There, there. It’s OK. I understand. I don’t love you any less. Our marriage is going to be OK.” I said soothingly.

“How can that be? I’m a hardcore lez! I came, over and over again!”

“Bev dear, tell me every detail. Start at the beginning. Go slowly.”

“Cassy had Selena and Jenny watch as judges. She took our bras and panties and put them over the chair. I’d gotten a really nice red set, you always liked how it brought zümrütevler escort bayan out the strawberry highlights in my blond hair…”

“Yes Bev, you have such beautiful, long blond hair.” I agreed.

“I looked at the dark fur between her legs, and she said she was sure, and they all laughed at me. I got real certain that I was going to do it, and that nothing she could do would turn me on like you do.” Bev said firmly.

“Cassy is like that. She forces people to take a stand.” I agreed.

“She came up to me, as we were both standing there in her bedroom, pressing her soft breasts against mine, her incredibly soft lips to mine. It was like an electric shock. I was disoriented. She kissed me, softly but insistently. I just stood there, stunned. Jenny said that I had to kiss her back, pretend she was my lover, or it didn’t count and they would have to start over. Selena said that maybe Cassy wasn’t the one who turned me on, and I should pick the woman. Jenny said I wouldn’t tell them the truth, hoping that I could fake them out. Maybe they should all test me, she said.”

“I never knew that about Selena and Jenny. Go on.” I said eagerly.

“Well, Cassy kept kissing me, and I kissed her back. She hugged me and caressed me. I ran my hands over her body. It was so soft! I got weak in the knees, like I do, and I blushed as we fell on the bed. Selena and Jenny just laughed at us, saying we were too eager to get each other into bed. Cassy had a wild look in her eyes, and she was breathing hard. I was too! I felt like I had already failed the test, I’d gotten turned on, and there were three parts to come! A wave of shame, followed by a wicked little burst of lust, the combination of kissing my friend, kissing a woman, kissing someone besides my husband, and doing some kinky sex thing I can’t explain.”

“I bet Cassy knew exactly how you felt.” I said soothingly.

“Oh boy did she! She laid us out on the bed, so that her breasts were near my face, and my breasts were next to hers. Jenny said it was time to start the second part, and Cassy touched them, so gently, yet firmly, knowing precisely what would turn a woman on. She licked and sucked my nipples, teased them with her fingers, driving me wild with passion. I copied everything she did. Her tits were so soft! Her stiff little nipples were like pink berries, and she moaned as I licked them! I was moaning too, mewling like a kitten! I was certain that Selena and Jenny would be laughing at me, but they were strangely silent. I saw them out of the sides of my eye as I moved from breast to breast. They had pulled their panties down, Selena was fingering her dark red fur, while Jenny’s finger vibrated over her own clit, as they sat in chairs on opposite sides of the bed, legs spread. I thought to myself, would Cassy like it like that? Would I? I nearly came from that thought alone, as a shiver of passion rippled through my body.”

“Hard not to be turned on with all that going on.” I said supportively.

“Don’t I know it! My body was humming, hot as a firecracker, nipples stiff, pussy dripping, the soft feeling of Cassy and her caresses driving me crazy! It seems like it went on and on, how could it have been just five minutes? It seemed like it would never end! Then it did, and all I could think of was touching Cassy again! I could smell her, her hot pussy odor mixing with mine. What would it taste like? Oh, Gary….” Bev sighed. Bev was turned on, full blast, just by the memory. I was very jealous. I really would have liked to have seen her and Cassy together!

“So what happened next? Did you taste her pussy then?” I asked.

“No. No. That came much later. Cassy moved us around on the bed, her purple velvet comforter caressing my body as it brushed against me. Cassy spread my legs with her hands, teasing my thighs, playing around my mound. I automatically did the same, and she closed her eyes and sighed. I kissed her then, and she responded! She ran her nails like claws, up and down my inner thighs, circling around my ass, pulling my cheeks apart with one hand as she rubbed her palm over my mound. It was thrilling! But that was nothing compared to what came next! She drew her claws back to my opening, as her fingers sought out my clit. She rubbed her fingers in the juices pouring out from my slit, and entered my cunt hole so gently it was like she just slipped inside me! Then she was thrusting inside me with her fingers, as she flicked her other hand back and forth over my clit. I could feel the waves building inside my cunt, and I could even feel the rhythms of her body as Cassy responded to me! Our kiss was nothing but wild abandon, the two of us locked mouth to mouth as the ripples of pleasure in our body overtook us. I climaxed, whimpering into her mouth, as Cassy’s body thrashed in spasms of ecstasy. I had stifled my orgasm, she had celebrated hers.” Bev said sadly.

“Did you feel like you were cheating?” aydınlı escort bayan I asked her softly.

“Yes. Yes, Gary, I did. I felt I had no right to take my pleasure from her. I was ashamed for being turned on by a woman. I knew the way you made me feel when you go down on me, and if Cassy was anywhere near that good, I was going to have several orgasms, every one without you.” Bev said softly.

“It’s OK. Your body responded. Your had to feel that way.” I said.

“Well, it wasn’t like that was the end of it!(giggles) Cassy and I kept stroking each other’s muffs, and the excitement just hit a plateau. I pulled away from our kiss, and stared at Selena’s dark red muff. Her pussy lips were really swollen, like Mick Jagger after a boxing match. I checked Cassy’s, and the soft texture of her pussy lips is something I will remember for a long, long time. Jenny had her blond muff split open, gnawing on her left hand’s fingers while her right hand was just a blur on her clit. She came, thrashing in her chair, then sat there, looking at us in a glaze of lust. Selena cried out, her hips bucking so hard she half slid right out of the chair. Cassy kissed me, telling me how beautiful I was, how lovely my pussy was, how good a lover I was. She told me how much she wanted to eat me, taste my sweet snatch, lick up all my juices, tongue out my quim until I begged her for mercy. I told Cassy how much I wanted to find out how her pussy tasted, how much I wanted to make her cum.” Bev said, panting. I could tell how turned on Bev was. Her scent filled the room.

“So Cassy slid over me, placing her knees on either side of my head. She dove right in, kissing my mound, her fingers sliding inside me to dip out my juices, then she would lick her fingers off! I had to pull her muff down on my face, licking into her dark fur. The taste surprised me. I’ve tasted my own pussy on your cock. Hers was so much slicker, oily, even buttery. The fishy scent you often complain of was there, but more subtle. I licked her pussy and she licked mine! I guided my fingers into her to taste more of her, licking them off just as she had mine. My fingers entered her again, and I tried to catch up with a faster pace, but she took one hand and made me slow down, showing me the pace she wanted. The thought of Selena and Jenny watching me lick out Cassy’s pussy drove me over the edge, and my body shook with a tremendous climax. I throbbed. I vibrated. I screamed into her muff. When it was over, it wasn’t really over. All I had to do was think of you watching us, and I came like I never have before…” Bev moaned.

“I know how much you like your pussy licked. I’m not surprised.” I said.

“Oh Gary! I must have come five times! Cassy came at least six times! One of mine happened the very instant I realized I’d just made Cassy cum with my tongue! Selena and Jenny had disappeared. I later found them on the floor, deep in a lesbian sixty nine as I was leaving.” Bev said lustily.

“So did Cassy say anything else to you?” I asked cautiously.

“She told me that the test showed positively that I liked making love to women. I was ashamed, red faced. She told me that you and I would work it out, that she would be there for me when I needed her.” Bev almost cried.

“It’s OK, honey. She was right we would work it out. Anything else?”

“I grabbed up my clothes and shopping bags. Cassy just lay there on the bed, the glaze of my pussy on her face, legs spread, fingers doing the walking in her private garden. She said ‘You will be back. Remember how good it feels!’ and it was all I could do to close the door and put on my clothes. I came home and showered, but every touch just made my body remember Cassy’s caresses! I tossed myself off in the shower, thinking of a woman! I’m a Lez! I can’t believe I’ve done this to you, to us!” then hysterical sobbing.

“Poor Bev. Poor silly Bev. Cassy has really got you turned around. This isn’t a bad thing. It is the best thing that could ever happen to our marriage. Nothing to be upset about at all.” I said, soothingly.

“Really? How?” Bev begged between sobs, her childlike innocence at full.

“Did Cassy stop you from loving me? Or me you?” I asked Bev gently.

“No. No. Gary, you know I love you.” Bev decided firmly.

“Well then, since I love you, there is another test you must take.”

“What test? How do you prove I’m not a lez? I have to be!” Bev stammered.

“No, silly girl, there is another possibility. You are almost surely Bi-sexual. You like both men and women. We could give you the tests involved, just to be certain.” I said calmly.

“Oh please,Yes! Yes! Is it possible? What do I have to do?” Bev bounced.

“Simple. We will give you the Hetero test. If you pass that, then we will give you the Bi-sexual test.” I said firmly.

“Why two tests? What are they? How soon can I take them?” obviously eager.

“First we have to test that you still like men. With that gebze escort proven, we find another woman who has passed both the Lez and Hetero tests, and the three of us confirm that you are truly bi-sexual. The Hetero test I can give you tonight. The other test will take some social co-ordination.”

“Ok, Gary, I’m all yours! Give me the first test!” Bev pleaded.

“Just like the Lez test, the Hetero test has kissing, fondling, mutual masturbation, and oral sex. It adds a good solid fucking as the last part, because some women can only climax that way.” I said seriously.

So I slid the silk bathrobe off of Bev’s body. She was not tall, slightly barrel chested, but OH! what a nice pair of tits with rose pink nipples she had! She had shorter, thick swimmers legs, and a dishwater blond thatch of snatch hair, with silky tufts, all matted down with the excitement her hot pussy was oozing like lava. I kissed her, and there was no doubt she was turned on, she kissed me back like I was going off to war! I caressed her body, taking my time, running my hands down her ribcage, playing with her muscular ass, tenderly teasing my fingertips on her naked back. She pushed into me, poking her stiff nipples into my chest, trying to mount me, but settling for rubbing her wet slit along my shaft. A ripple of pleasure shot through her body, and it was time to move on to the next part of the test.

I slid down, rolling her body beneath me on the couch, as I tenderly kissed, licked, and sucked her tits. Great tits, tits that everyone stared at, the secret key to getting Bev to agree to anything. Unable to concentrate on pleasing someone else, all the pleasure dominated her brain, as I whispered to her to remember how she had felt that afternoon, and how she had proven she would do anything for our love. The tremor of pleasure that passed through her as I kissed her, fingers and thumbs rolling her nipples like a hand rolled cigarette, told me all I needed to know. Bev grabbed my cock, already rock hard just from her erotic story, and started stroking me in a fast beat that would have me spurting in mere moments. I slowed her down, then took my time, teasing her thighs, playing with her ass, then sliding two fingers into her hot channel. I played with her mound and fingered her clit just as she had described from that afternoon. We kissed, deeply, merging our souls, grateful for each other’s love, nearly mad with joy. Bev moaned, bucking against my hand as I kept right on fingering her, until she climaxed again.

She nearly screamed in my mouth, then like lightning, spun around and sucked my cock! I was all the way down her throat before I even saw her slick snatch descend on my face. I could not take much of that, but Bev didn’t care. We came together, in the most intimate of oral caresses, and still we wanted more! Bev arched her back as I licked her, mindlessly grunting Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! as her hips thrashed in the most titanic climax I’d ever seen. She orally attacked my cock, bringing it back to full hardness, then spun around, mounting me, fingering herself, her huge breasts wobbling back and forth like crazed balloons, lost in the moment, totally gone with passion. Bev came, time after time, my cock deep inside her, until finally I could not hold on through one more spasm of her sugar walls. I spurted inside her and she came again, smiling, feeling a reprieve from the death sentence Cassy had given our marriage that very afternoon. We went to our bed and cuddled, as I told Bev how very wonderful she was, how many men would give anything to have a wife like her, how I accepted her, totally and completely. It was not a case of either/or, I told her, but how to handle both. She professed her undying love for me, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Cassy came to dinner that Friday night, wary of her invitation. Was I a jealous husband who would demand she leave his wife alone? Did I even know? How much did I know? I could see these thoughts swirling around in her head. When Selena and Jenny arrived, she was even more curious, but realized she had lost her chance to query Bev and find out what was going on. Jenny had worn a white plush sweater and pleated skirt, making her look like a Nordic blond cheerleader. Selena had worn a short black party dress, accenting her dark red hair and hot Hispanic looks. Cassy wore an oriental slit skirt with a plunging neckline, darkly erotic like some oriental vampire. Bev had worn her white silk blouse, with the hot red bra thrusting up her cleavage, a red leather miniskirt with bright red stockings. Every single woman looked good enough to eat, and clearly had the same thought. So we had a nice dinner, catered from a neighborhood four star restaurant, with a nice wine to match. Everyone made little sexual innuendos, and jokes, and outright overtures, until Bev stood up to make a toast.

“To my husband, Gary, the best husband any woman who loves other women could ever have, hold, and hump!” Bev said brightly.

Selena and Jenny blushed. Cassy laughed and downed her glass. “To my wife, Bev, the best wife any man who loves bi-sexual women could ever have, hold, and hump!” I said brightly.

Every single one of us blushed. We all downed our glasses, and felt a thunderbolt of sexual energy rush through us. “To the test! To a woman able to meet my challenge!” Bev dared.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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