The Visit

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It was Summer and my roommate Ed was coming to visit. I was filled with nervous excitement. Ed was a nice guy, but that wasn’t why I was excited. He’d been a pretty good roommate, in spite of a couple of times banishing me from our dorm room so he and his girlfriend Irene could, … could do whatever occurred to them, I’d supposed. You were supposed to put a tie on the outside door handle. The stated reason was to discourage people from barging in. But I think another reason, maybe the real reason, was to trumpet to your fellow students that you had a woman in there with you. Make their imaginations fill in details. Like she had her dress off and was letting you touch her. Maybe more.

I never got to put my tie on the door. Way too shy. Pretty crazy that I should end up married to a woman like Susie. If Irene had been like Susie, things could have been really interesting. What do you put on the door handle to say Woman in room who’d love another guy to join us? She would have let me come in and watch. Maybe she would have done stuff with me and made Ed watch. And now she was my wife. She’d met Ed when he’d visited us the year before and ever since had teased me about how hot she thought he was. Even said once that if only the feeling were mutual, she’d do him in a minute. And if I were around, I could watch. Watch them do whatever it was Ed did with Irene back in our dorm room. With his tie on the door. With me outside.

The hug of greeting. I was all eyes. Not the cautious A-shape hug, but full-body, and I couldn’t help wondering what little details each of them felt of the other. But it didn’t last quite long enough to be too suspicious. Unfortunately.

It was a beautiful day, so we decided to hike to the cranberry bog after lunch. Really more of a nature walk than a hike, but it showed off the beauty of New England in the Summer. This part of the country was green even in the height of Summer, unlike Southern California where Ed and I had been in college together. There, it was brown most of the year, except for a very brief window of greenness in the Spring. As we walked, Susie often stopped to take pictures, allowing Ed to say a few things just to me.

“God, Sam. That wife of yours is really something. Don’t take this wrong, but if she were available I can’t see I’d waste a second.”

I chose not to tell Ed what was going through my mind. That Susie was actually happily married to me and yet, in a sense, available. I almost didn’t hear what he said beyond that. My mind was doing flips realizing the mutual attraction, but not quite knowing how to play it.

Susie was actually zümrütevler escort bayan a good hiker, let along walker. Maybe there was something, or maybe someone on her mind, resulting in her not seeing the tree root. But fortunately, Ed was right there to catch her, and she came out of it unscathed. You have to act quickly to catch someone’s fall. In a situation like that, it wouldn’t make any sense to worry about where exactly your hands were touching the person. But I saw. Saw the hand most definitely in full contact with Susie’s right breast. I wondered what effect that might have on someone who had those wouldn’t waste a second feelings toward his rescuee. And what about Susie? Of course she was grateful that she hadn’t fallen to the ground, but might she also be grateful beyond that? To have her body taken in hand by the very person she had said she would “do in a minute”? One can always hope.

Finally we reached the clearing and there it was. A big pond, with homes in the adjoining town visible on the far side. Again, Susie was off to take pictures, and again, Ed took the opportunity to confess,

“God, Sam. She’s so, … I don’t know. What I wouldn’t give, … sorry, that’s no way to talk to your old roommate about his wife.”

“It’s okay, Ed.”

I suppressed the urge to throw in, “She actually feels the same way toward you.”

Back at the house, Susie said she wanted to shower, and that her feet were sore. I told Ed to help himself to a beer and followed Susie to the bathroom. I looked at her, took her head in both hands and kissed her hard.

“Sweetie, what’s up with that?”

“He wants you, Susie. I’m certain of it. Practically said so.”

That brought a gleam in her eye. She cocked her head.

“How convenient. You know I’ve always wanted to do him.”

“With me watching?”

“That would be lovely.”

And then she was in the shower.

Susie’s sore feet would be the key. When she appeared, she’d changed into a house dress and joined us in the living room.

“So do those feet need attention, honey?”

“More than you know.”

And with that she plopped herself down on the couch, with her feet extended. I took her right foot in my hands and called to Ed.

“Come help give this lady a foot rub, will you?”

He seemed more than willing, kneeling down next to me. He took her left foot, and we both went to work. I figured it was time to pour some fuel on the fire.

“Well, you know, Ed, more than once I’ve heard Susie say that if someone gives her a foot rub, he can do anything aydınlı escort bayan he wants with her.”

He looked a little startled, but then seemed to play along.

“That true, Susie?”


“You may not appreciate the full universality of the word anything.”

“No, I think I do, Ed.”

Time to ratchet things up one more notch.

“She really likes her calves rubbed too, Ed.”

I demonstrated with her right. And Ed did likewise with the left. After a bit of that, I was running out of patience with being subtle. After all, my goal here was to end in an extremely unsubtle state.

“You know what the softest thing in the world is?”

And I demonstrated what I thought the answer was by moving on to her right thigh. Her inner thigh.

And Ed did likewise with the left. This was getting fun, and clearly going where I wanted it to go. Obviously where Susie also wanted it to go. I felt like a runaway train, kind of like the feeling of inevitability before coming, as I amped things further up.

“You know what I like to do? Up one side and down the other. He took his hand away so I could demonstrate. My hand went all the way up her right inner thigh. The top was still just barely hidden by the house dress. And then I made a little discovery: No panties. I guess Susie had always been a positive thinker. I didn’t linger on the sweet little pussy, but went down the other side and took my hand away. It was Ed’s turn to go up the left side and down the right. He would make a fun discovery. But unlike me, he seemed to stall a few moments at the top. The movement of the thin material betrayed the activity beneath. Then his hand completed the journey down the right side. It was not hard to see that Ed was hard. Susie’s turn to move things about ten notches further.

“So I’m not sure of the rules in this game. Do I get to ask for anything?”

Ed shocked me by replying ahead of me. I guess the mystery was melting away.

“Oh, I think that would be okay. And what might the lovely lady desire?”

“Well, for starters, that thing that’s so obvious in your shorts, Ed. I’d like you to take it out and show it to me. And then I’d like you to bring it up here where I can put it in my mouth. Do you suppose you could do that for the lovely lady?”

He looked at me then. Seriously. But Susie went on.

“Why are you looking at him? He isn’t the one who asked to suck your cock, although come to think of it, that could be really interesting!”

He let that one go, but got up on the couch and took it out. Just held it there in front of her face for gebze escort a few seconds, before she took it in hand and started sucking on the head. She liked to take her time with this activity. While she did it, she pulled up on the house dress and parted her legs, so that her sex was now fully exposed. She then took the cock out of her mouth and spoke to me.

“Do me a favor, sweetie. Get up and fuck me while I suck on this.”

I did as requested. It was all so gloriously lewd. We were still going at it when she let it out once again to speak to him.

“So Eddie, would you like to have Sam take his cock out of my cunt now so you can put yours in its place?”

He was getting breathless, but managed to answer.

“Yes, I think I’d really like that, Susie.”

“Well, then you’ll have to ask him, hon.”

He had graduated to hon, then. He was breathing heavily, but turned to me and made the request:

“Sam, do you suppose you could take your cock out of your wife’s cunt so I can put mine in instead? I want to push it into her as far as I can. I want so badly to fuck your pretty wife. You can watch me do it.”

I guess I had finally got my wish. I pulled out and watched him put on his condom. And then he took my place and did the deed. He was like a wild man, and Susie returned every thrust.

It’s always hard to judge the passage of time in a situation like this, but after an unknown period of that, she pushed him away. She wanted him to watch her doing herself. Susie totally got off on making someone watch her masturbate. Ed just stared in awe of this, until she said,

“Okay, hon. Come back and let’s finish.”

He did, and they did. It was something to see. And hear. His roar, her scream. I of course had brought myself pretty much along with them. And we all just collapsed. Needed to recover. Well, the men did, anyway.

She lay on her back and he slipped three fingers into her, coated them with the moisture of her arousal and orgasm, but then, what? He was using them to lubricate the other place. It was obvious what he had in mind. He asked her,

“Does anything I want include this?”

“I think anything means anything, Ed.”

I looked at her, obviously concerned.

“What, … but you’ve never said you wanted …”

“You never asked, sweetie.”

I realized that if she wanted to lose her ass virginity to my roommate, then that was just what was going to happen. And as Ed put on a fresh condom, I found myself really just wanting one thing — for it to be amazing for my dear Susie. She raised her legs and pulled her ankles down to her ears. He was fully hard again, but explored first with his still-slippery fingers. Finally he placed the head against her and looked for final permission. I said to her,

“Just relax, honey, just relax, let it just happen.”

And then, slowly, it did.

I looked at Susie then, and she looked back at me.

And then her eyes went wide. And her mouth. She made no sound.

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