This Is What Happened

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This is What Happened:

A gal I met from an online chat a couple months ago invited me to come to her house for a little party. I had told her after we met in person, that I wasn’t interested in developing anything with her, but I would like to be buds with her if she was ok with that, and she said that would be cool. We had chatted online on many occasions about a variety of different things, and I had revealed some of my kinkier desires, and she has always encouraged me to just “go for it”.

I showed up to this little get together, and realized I didn’t know anyone but the hostess. Which was not too bad, just a little bit awkward as she introduced me to her other friends. This one gal that was there kept making eye contact and smiling at me, and I was trying to get the nerve to say something to her when she approached me. She was quite the little flirt, saying how cute she thought I was, and how if she weren’t married she could have a good time with me. I asked where her husband was, and she said he was home, and might come by in a while. I was becoming a little bit nervous with how flirty she was getting. The last thing I wanted was a jealous husband to be upset that his wife was talking to me (been there done that).

The woman’s name was Lori. We talked about all kinds of things, she is just not the type to sit quietly for any amount of time. She was wearing a thin tropical sundress that was slightly see through. To my keen eye, I could tell she was wearing a thong and no bra, my favorite. Then she says that Lynn had told her about me, and sudden sense of panic coursed down my spine as I wondered what she might have been told, but she didn’t come right out and say anything alarming. She did go on to say that Lynn had told her I like to shoot pool. Which I said I did. She said maybe she would invite me over sometime to play pool with she and her husband, since they have a pool table in their house. I nervously said, “that sounds like it could be fun. Where do you live?” She said they just lived a couple houses down the street.

A few minutes later, we were standing there, when this big handsome looking guy walks in. Lori says “cool, there is my hubby now.” A big lump came up in my throat; I thought, “oh shit”. He walked over to us and she introduced he and I, and was telling him that I liked to play pool, and she thought it would be fun to invite me over sometime. The whole time I’m thinking for sure this guy is going to be pissed I’m talking to his wife, but if he was, he never showed it. After a few moments of chit chat, he said he didn’t want to stay, and asked if I would like to shoot some pool for a little bit, and I said sure I would do that. Lori said she wanted to watch, to see if I was any good.

We made a quick exit, saying we would be back in a while. We walked down the street to their house, a nice modest home. We went straight to the back of the house where they have their pool table, a top quality table, so I figured Mike was going to be a pretty good player. He and I played a few games while Lori bounced around the house. Mike was a good player, but we were pretty evenly matched. Then Lori came back to the game room, and sat on a little sofa they had in the room. Every time Mike had his back to us, she would throw me flirty glances. She had a deliciously wicked way about her that was driving me crazy, but I had to conceal my frustrations. I couldn’t let Mike know what I was thinking about his wife. Then she props her leg on the sofa and flashes me a glance at her pussy, no more panties. I was panicking; this had the potential to be a very dangerous scenario. Should I leave, or should I stay?

Then, out of the blue, Mike asks, “Do you want to fuck his wife?” I gulped hard, in shock at his forwardness, and I just simply asked, “Is that a trick question?” We all laughed and he said, “No, you can answer honestly”. I said, “truthfully I would be foolish to pass up an izmir escort bayan opportunity to be with her, but I feel uncomfortable with the question.” Mike said I could have the opportunity, but I would have to earn it. Just as I was about to ask how I was going to earn it he said, “beat me this next game and you can have her, any way you want her, right honey?” Lori chimed in, “Sure, sounds good to me.” “But if you loose. Well, then you will have to suck my cock.”

I was shocked, and completely tongue-tied. I looked at Lori, she was smiling, and she said that Lynn had also told her that I was bi curious. I looked back at Mike, and he had a broad smile, “Do we have a bet?” “Beat me, and you get to fuck my wife, and if you don’t you get to suck on my fat cock. Either way you win.” Lori said, “go for it, you know you want too. I want you to win, but I won’t mind watching you if you loose.” Half-heartedly, I accepted his challenge, hoping that I would win. I was so nervous playing the game that it seemed like my very life depended on the outcome.

We started the game of 8-ball, and I had solids. The table was laid out nicely for me to have a decent shot at running the table. Methodically I ran off all 7 of my solids, leaving me a chance at the game winning 8-ball. However, I hadn’t left myself in good position, a corner cut shot the length of the table narrowly missing two of Mike’s balls, but I have made many of those type shots in the past. Lori sat up, intently watching the outcome. “You can do it. Just knock it in, and then you get to have me.” My concentration more focused than ever, I lined up the shot and took it. The shot looked perfect until the last moment when it caught the tip of the pocket and bounced it out. I missed. My heart sank. Mike laughed and said, “Now it’s my turn. Hope I don’t choke like you did.” Mike proceeded to run off all of his stripes, leaving nothing but the 8-ball on the table. Although, he had left himself a rather difficult bank shot across in the corner. The shot was make able, but a low percentage shot. I had a glimmer of hope. He lined it up, and just as he was about to shoot he said, “If I don’t choke, you will be choking on my cock” and let out a chuckle. I watched as if in slow motion as he slammed the cue ball into the 8, and it bounced off the rail and was sent straight into the heart of the corner pocket. Not only had he won the game, but also my life was going to change dramatically in just a few minutes. I was going to suck my first cock, ever.

Mike stepped back against a bar stool and started to undo his denim shorts. This was really going to happen. I stared in amazement; I couldn’t believe what was happening, seemed surreal. He fumbled around with the button and zipper, and then reached in and pulled out his half hard cock, and then slid his shorts down to the floor. Mike asked me “are you ready to fulfill your end of the bet?” I looked back at Lori and she had her leg propped up again as she was massaging her pussy with her hand. She said she knew I wanted too, and to just do it.

I figured what the fuck, I couldn’t renege on a bet. I walked over to where Mike was propped up against the stool, and knelt down in front of him. His cock was getting harder. I stared at it, examining the fat mushroom cap head, the protruding veins and the clear shiny precum oozing out the tip. I was afraid to touch his body so I just put one hand on a rung of the stool and leaned my face forward, toward his hardening cock. I licked his shaft a few times getting used to the thought of what was happening. I worked my way to the head of his cock, a large drop of precum was forming, and I licked around the tip tasting his precum. It was good, salty, but good. Then I used my free hand to gently grab his cock. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but I guided his cock into my mouth. Lori was urging me on saying how thrilled she was to see me give me her husband head, and escort izmir she couldn’t believe how well I was doing for my first time. I was incredibly aroused by what I was doing. So much that my cock was as hard as rock from the excitement, and was aching to come out.

It seemed like I sucked his cock for a really long time. A couple times I glanced at Lori and saw that she was really working her pussy over with her fingers. Lori said, “You need to make Mike cum. Maybe, if you do, Mike will let you play with me anyhow.” Mike said “sure, you have been a good sport, but you have to swallow it all too.” I was trying, but wasn’t having a lot of success. I could tell he got close a few times, but I couldn’t get him over the top. His cock had become really juicy from my saliva and his precum, so I used one of my hands to jack his shaft while I was sucking his head. It didn’t take long after I started to use my hand before I could tell that he was really building up to an explosive orgasm, and Lori could tell too. She came over and knelt behind me and whispered in my ear, “suck that cock. You are so hot sucking on that cock. I want to see you take my husband’s load. Make him pump his thick warm cum into your hungry mouth. You know you want it.” I knew I wanted him to cum, if for no other reason than to be able to stop sucking on his cock, but I did want his load. I was shocked that I did, but I wanted his cum to flood my mouth. So I sucked harder, and he released. I couldn’t believe how much cum came out. Lori told me to keep sucking, as Mike was pumping more cum into my mouth. I had to swallow a few times to get it all down. When I finished they both said that I was awesome, and Lori asked if I could give her some oral attention, if I wasn’t too tired.

I said sure, and she kissed me on the mouth, and said, “I love to taste my husband’s cum in someone else’s mouth’. She laid down on the pool table with her legs over the edge, and raised her dress to expose her pussy. It was soaked, she had already cum at least once, and her scent smelled stronger than I like, but I knelt down and started to lick her pussy. I ate her pussy completely and thoroughly, bringing her to orgasm twice in just a short time. After her second orgasm she stopped my oral assault and said she wanted me to get undressed and to follow her. As she walked away she lift her dress over her head, revealing a very sexy shape, now she was completely naked. I got undressed, releasing my aching cock from my confining shorts, what a relief. The front of my underwear were soaked from my precum.

When I walked into the main house I saw Lori laying on the chaise lounge of their sofa, her legs off the end, and she was massaging her big breasts, pinching the nipples. She looked at my very erect cock, and said “damn that is a nice cock. I can’t wait to get some of that.” I walked over to her, and she said “I am all yours now.” I knelt down and started to slip my cock into her. The warmth was almost overwhelming, and I nearly came before I even got started. I was stroking her, and she was moaning with every thrust, but she told me to calm down, she wanted it to last. I tried to calm down, but I was so hot. Mike had sat down on the sofa and was watching me fuck his wife while he played with his soft cock, trying to make it hard again. Lori told me to just lie still, that she was going to fuck me. I obliged, as she used her hips and pussy to fuck me gently. Her vaginal muscles were strong, and well trained, and she massaged my cock in a most delightful way. It felt incredible, but the sensation was just enough to really enjoy the feeling, without having to fight off my orgasm.

Lori began to use her hands to massage the cheeks of my ass, as she continued to grind her pussy against my throbbing cock. The whole time she was whispering in my ear for me to relax and enjoy it. Then she said “it would really turn me on to see you get fucked in the ass izmir escort by Mike.” I gulped hard, without saying anything, I almost came from the mere thought of it. She was saying she knew I wanted it, and promised that he would be careful. Then the fateful question, did I want it? I said yes. Lori said, “Cool, just lay here and be still. I will hold you, so just relax.” I lay still for a few moments preparing my mind and body for what was about to happen, while Mike went into the other room. He came back with some kind of oil, and was rubbing it all over his cock. He stepped in behind me and squirted some of the oil into the crack of my ass, which was high and wide, as I was kneeling on the edge of the lounge.

Lori was rubbing my ass telling me, “Relax, everything is going to be fine”. Then I felt Mike’s hand on my ass, it was slippery, and he started working his fingers around my ass hole. He probed a finger inside my ass, just to the first knuckle or two, and then he rubbed around the outside again, and then went in with the tip of two fingers. Lori asked me, “are you sure you want what you are about to get?” I couldn’t speak and just shook my head in an affirmative way. The next thing I know I am feeling what I can only assume is the fat head of Mike’s cock pressing against my ass hole. Lori is opening my cheeks wider to aid her husband’s entry into my ass, “just relax and accept what is coming.” Mike put his hand on my back and pushed his cock a little bit firmer. My cock was so hard, as it was nestled inside Lori’s warm pussy.

His cock started to go in slowly, painful in the beginning since the head and shaft were so thick. I tried to relax my stretched out ass, and accepted his thick hard cock. Within a few seconds he had buried his entire length inside my ass, and it was becoming more comfortable. Lori said for me to just lie there and take it, which I did. Fortunately, Mike had made his cock slippery and it slid in and out of my ass with ease. It seemed like he fucked my ass for a long time, but I think it was just a few minutes. He was really pounding his cock into my ass, which was causing me to pound my cock deeper into Lori. Several times he pulled his big fat head all the way out and then thrust it all the way back in, what a sensation, I knew I was going to cum. Lori was still telling me to hold on, she could tell that Mike was about to cum. My head was spinning and my cock was about to explode. Lori started to use her pussy muscles to massage my cock and that was more than I could handle. She had her legs wrapped around my back and was holding me tight, but I started to cum. As I came, my ass hole tightened just enough to send Mike into a powerful orgasm. He was bucking like a wild horse as he pumped stream after stream of his hot cum into my ass. With every thrust of his, I pumped more cum into his wife. What an amazing orgasm.

His cock spent, Mike pulled it out of my ass, as I just lay there exhausted trying to catch my breath. Lori continued to hold me saying, “That was so hot. You took that so well. Hope you enjoyed it too.” I shook my head yes, holding her tight, “that was incredible”. Mike went off to the bathroom, I guessed to clean up. He came back dressed, and sat on the sofa, and said “looks like you enjoyed meeting us” and he laughed. We all laughed. I tried to get up, stumbled some, and just grinned a big wide grin. Lori pointed me in the direction of their guest bath, and said I was welcome to take a shower. I sat on the pot first as a stream of goo slipped out of my loosened up ass. Then I jumped in the shower and started to clean up. The door opened, and Lori walked in, and said, “here are your clothes, and there is a towel on the counter”.

When I came back from the bathroom, Mike and Lori were sitting on the sofa, dressed as they were before. I sat down across from them and just said, “Wow, I can’t believe what just happened”. They said they were thinking the same thing. They suggested we go back to the party, and I said, “Cool, but please be very discrete about what I just did. Mike said, “no problem, but it may cost you another blowjob”. We all laughed again, and headed back to the party.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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