Thom’s Night

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“It will be all right, sugar, I won’t let anything bad happen to you, you know that” he said as he was gently stroking her back. “I know that you are doing this to please me, baby and that really turns me on even more, it’s just that you are so beautiful when your passion rises and you start having one orgasm after another, I just want to watch, to see your face, to have you to touch as well as see, everything, that happens to your whole body”

“I trust you Thom,” she answered, “you are right, I am doing this is for you, I know that you won’t let anything happen to me.”

“What’s going to happen, baby, is you are going to be in sex heaven, I’m going to make sure that you are satisfied in every way tonight. Go on in take your bath and then lie down and rest a bit, it’s going to be a hell of a night” he said with a smile.

She walked into the bathroom. It’s center attaction was a sunken bathtub/spa setting un a pedistal of three steps. The room it’s self was all white with accents of navy blue in the wall paper border just inches from the high ceiling. There was a wjhile ceiling fan that turned and played it’s soothing hum directly abouve the tub. She started the water, poured in extra bubbles, so that the smell of vanilla filled the room.

She underdressed removing her blouse, lacy white bra, short pink skirt and kicked off her high spiked heeled pink shoes. She stood in the bathroom clad only in slight pink panties and a white garter with tan stockings attached. She bathed while sipping on old Kentucky Whiskey. She dried her body off, powered and lotioned her skin with the same vanilla scent she had used to amass bubbles in her bathwater, and slipped in between the sheets in the bedroom naked. 3/4 of a pint of whiskey later she had no trouble falling asleep and that is just what Thom had wanted. He knew she would slumber through the next few minutes and when he awoke her, he was hoping that she would be so sexually excited that she would beg him not to stop. He went into the bedroom and tied her arms and legs speadeagle to the bedposts, using pale blue silk scarves as not to harm her fair skin. Thom then lit several candles about the room. The flames twinkled in the dark room giving izmir escort bayan her skin a rosy glow.

He went downstairs and waited for his friend. Soon a tall, heavyset man came through the back door. His ruddy colored skin was offset by freckles, and his blue eyes were as bright as the starlight.

“You sure you want to do this Thom?” the man asked.

“It’s my ultimate fantasy to see you fuck her.” Thom answered, “She is so responsive to touch, having us both there, you fucking her, while I touch and talk to her is going to drive her wild, and it won’t be bad for you or I either old buddy”

Together they went up the stairs. As they reached the bedroom Thom held back so his friend could get the first glance. “Holy shit” the man said as he looked at the woman on the bed, “I’m as hard a a rock already.”

Thom laughed and said “wait, I can promise you, that you will never cum as good as you are going to tonight. She is like fucking velvet, soft, smooth, warm. In all my 54 years I have never had anyone give me a blow job the way this woman can. She has without a doubt given me more sexual pleasure than I’ve ever had in my life and tonight I want to make sure that she gets the same in return.”

“I’ll do my best to help you make that happen”, his friend answered. He unzipped his jeans and continued to strip as Thom walked to the bed.

Thom crawled between her legs, opening her pussy lips with his fingers he began to lick her from the top of her slit to the bottom. His tongue found her clit and he sucked it in his mouth, teasing all around it with his fingers until he could feel her start to awaken.

He raised above her so that she could see his face when she opened her eyes. “Hey baby, tonight is going to be wonderful, you are so beautiful and I’m so lucky to have you, and now I’m going to show you just how good you make me feel”

She looked into his brown eyes, trusting him. She could feel the scarves restraining her movement and opening her body to give access to all it’s secret parts. She glanced across the room until her eyes landed on the other man standing naked in the room. His cock was straining to stand erect. His cock was average length, escort izmir but had to be the the width of a water glass.

“Do you like what you see?” the man asked her her with a smile as he noticed her eyes widen in surprise.

She said nothing else but motioned the stranger onto the bed to join them.

Thom stripped and began to lick her stomach and upper thighs, while the other man began to kiss her neck and shoulders, while kneading each nipple to a standing position. She could feel Thom’s fingers as he slid them in and out of her canal, wet already with her excitement. She knew that Thom’s cock was hard and erect, but it was no where near the size of the man’s that was sucking at her breast. Now she understood why Thom had wanted this, he wanted to watch her enjoyment when that big thick cock slid into her.

“Oh my god”, she said ” you guys have me tied down and I can’t even touch you.”

“Tonight Miss Redhead”, the other man said “we are going to give you pleasure, but you have to let us determine how that is going to happen. The rules are as follow: don’t talk unless you are told to, move only as much as the restraints allow you, don’t think just feel”

“You pretty lady are mine” Thom voice breathed in her ear, ” I’m going to stamp “property of” right across your ass. Since you belong to me, I want to make sure you are well fucked” He moved away from her, but not out of her sight.

The man standing above her put his cock next to her mouth. “I understand that you suck cock good, do it now.”

She opened her mouth and took him in, using her tongue to lick the head of his cock and the skin underneath of it. He was huge, she wondered how much of him she could take in her mouth. Instead of trying to take him all in she use the movement of her tongue and deep sucking motions on his cock.

She heard Thom’s voice and felt his hands on her tits. “Suck him baby, show him just what my pretty lady can do with her mouth.” He licked and sucked her nipples while he watched the other man’s cock slid in and out of her mouth.

The other man stepped away and he looked at her. His eyes taking in each part of her body as he slowly glanced from the top to izmir escort the bottom.

“You really are Miss Redhead”, he laughed when he looked at her pussy. It’s trimmed bushy red fur making her true hair color no secert. Thom continued to suck her nipples as the other man started sucking her clit. The first wave of orgasm hit her and she shook as she came. “Yes pretty lady,” Thom said, “cum for us, cum in his mouth, let him taste your sweetness”

She felt the other man moan against her pussy as he licked her clean. God how she wanted his cock inside of her, but she knew that she couldn’t ask and she couldn’t arch her body far until the restraints pulled her back to the bed. It was a that moment she gave up all control to the men and relaxed in total pleasure. Her moans filled the room as she came again and again flooding the man’s mouth and tongue with her juices.

“Fuck her now” Thom said, “Fuck my pretty lady till she screams”

The man didn’t need to be asked twice, he slipped between her thighs and guided his cock home into her pussy. The width of his cock stretched her pussy tight around him. He lay still for a moment giving her time to adjust to him inside of her. When he began to move he thrust at her with slow steady strokes. Pulling his shaft out until only the head remained inside of her and thrusting back in again.

Thom sat on the bed watching as his friend fucked his woman, one hand wrapped around his own cock stroking it, while the other hand ran up and down her side. He could feel the heat raising off her body as he watch the man pump into her again and again. He felt her stiffen, and knew she was going to cum.

“She’s almost there,” Thom told his friend “Fuck her good.”

The man’s movements increased rapidly until he was banging his stiff cock into her willing wet pussy hard. He felt his balls as they hit her ass with each stroke of his cock. The contractions of her inner walls squeezed his cock, like fingers milking it dry. As he pumped into one last time his cum flooded her, and she came hard on him. Thom’s cock exploded it’s load on her breasts and for several seconds she lost all control of her body. It moved wildly against the man whose cock was still inside of her, and they both cried out with pleasure.

Thom untied the scarves as she lay somewhere between reality and dreams. She heard him say “Rest for now pretty lady, and soon we will find another game to play.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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