Three Hot Cumsluts

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Note: ‘Three Hot Cumsluts’ is the fourth story in a sequence that starts with ‘Beth Visits Austin’ and continues with ‘Beth and Gretchen’ then ‘What Trina Wants’.


Gretchen and I met Trina through Karl. He knew the secret stories, hers and ours. Karl was there when Gretch and I hosted thirty-eight men at our first gangbang together. And he had assisted Trina with her “seriously epic” gangbang outings on her own.

Karl looked pleased with himself when Gretch and I accepted his idea. If he said she was one of us, doing gangbangs for the love of it and having a great time, we believed him. Of course we had to meet her.

Karl made the introductions by Skype. We invited Trina to my apartment where the three of us could talk comfortably and privately. Gretchen arrived first, a little early, and Trina was exactly on time.

She impressed me right away. Her natural chestnut-haired beauty and energetic personality sparkled. She was very sexy, a confident young woman who we knew was already doing the same extreme things Gretchen and I had discovered for ourselves.

Over wine and snack trays we discussed everything, getting to know each other. Then, we asked her about what we heard from Karl.

“Karl said he took you to a biker bar. How did that go?”

She told us, in detail, without inhibition. Despite our own gangbang parties, she was shocking.

“You licked cum off the floor?” I asked.

“Gave me a chance to display my ass, to start a train running,” she responded.

I shook my head at her unbridled sexual creativity. When she talked about dogging, we laughed together while commenting, “Seriously? No way!”

Her stories made me horny. The number of men she had, the unending cum shots, and her down and dirty attitude all contributed to the growing sexual mood in the room.

She asked, “So what went down at your parties?”

I described my solo experience in Austin, followed by the collaboration between Gretchen and me to do an organized event. That was the main difference from Trina’s history. We had created the party, making all the arrangements ourselves.

Trina said, “Thirty-eight men is impressive for your first attempt.”

Gretchen was very enthusiastic describing what it was like for her- dicks, cum, me – omitting nothing.

Trina reacted, shoving her hands into her crotch, saying, “Oh, girl, I need my vibrator.” More laughs.

I used my story to make another point. “When I did the first one on my own, it was great. I loved the whole experience and wanted to do more. As good as that was, the second one, with Gretchen, was even better. more satisfying. I didn’t know anything could be that good. I was on a cloud for days. Doing it together multiplied the effect. I can’t really explain it more than that.”

We arrived at a delicate subject. I told her, “It’s not just that Gretchen was getting gangbanged with me. It’s the way we interacted, being sexual exhibitionists together to excite ourselves and the crowd of men. I loved painting Gretch with cum, licking it out of her, getting men to come on her, and receiving the same in return.”

Trina was curious, “Lesbian stuff? I haven’t done that.”

“Well, it’s not essential. Many gangbangs, like yours, don’t involve other women. But it definitely adds to the fun. You have a soulmate there with you, who knows what you like and helps you get it. And most men are excited when we show off in front of them, tapping their fantasies. Gets them thinking of new possibilities.”

Gretchen was more explicit. “What she means is, men dream of being sucked off by a blond and a brunette together. Or they want to blow a load on two women eating each other, doing a sixty-nine.”

Trina nodded. She took a sip of wine. “Were you always lesbians?” she asked.

“Not at all,” I answered. “It was new for us, but it just seemed natural when we started to think about gangbanging. Actually, I love it. I plan to keep doing it.”

She looked from Gretchen to me.

After a pause, “Okay, then. Who wants to do me?” Trina asked briskly, cheerfully.

“Me!” both Gretchen and I offered at the same time.

“Oh dear, I don’t have to choose, do I?” Trina asked, as she began to unbutton, in no hurry.

She stood, dropping her skirt and the blouse. She wore only bikini panties and a demure bra, both white. But there was nothing innocent about her athletic, perfectly toned body and her steamy, ready-for-sex gaze.

She cupped her bra, saying, “115 pounds, five foot three, 34B, perfect.”

She was right. She was neither small nor large breasted, just in great balance with her height, weight, ass, legs. She was a perfect, totally appealing female package.

She bent at the waist to touch her toes, wiggled her cute butt, then twirled around a few times.

She dropped onto Gretchen’s lap. “Unhook me, please?” she said sweetly, turning her back.

I held my breath as her bra came off. I could feel her deep natural sexuality, magnetically attractive without overt izmir escort bayan effort. Her compact breasts were perky with uplifted nipples, so inviting that my mouth watered.

She left Gretchen’s lap and came over to me, kneeling down and cupping my breasts through my top.

“Umm, no bra,” she commented.

I lifted my top. She caressed me with her face, gently moving across my boobs.

“Heavenly,” she said. “So soft,” as she fondled me.

I leaned forward to kiss her, reaching for her breasts without thought. She gave me a quick grazing of the lips, and a touch of her tongue, but quickly stood up and did another twirl. Both Gretchen and I were staring at her from our seats. She had magically made us her sex slaves, desiring her, only waiting for the big decision, “Who goes first?”

Gretchen decided the matter, grabbing Trina’s wrist and pulling her onto the couch. Gretch straddled grinning Trina, holding her down, while pulling off her own top and bra. She lay down with Trina, boobs touching as they joined in a deep, tongue filled kiss. They writhed, pressed together, shedding the rest of their clothes.

I watched the two women enjoy each other as their erotic interactions grew rapidly more intense. After long, deep kissing, mutual stroking and fondling, Gretchen put her fingers into Trina’s pussy. Trina gasped as the fingers went in, thrashing, moaning. Gretch spread the wetness around her groin and legs to lube everything, especially her clit. With Trina whimpering and gasping with the pleasure of the stimulation, Gretch put her mouth on Trina’s pussy and began a tongue lashing that put Trina in orbit.

I smiled, feeling intensely hot as I observed them, knowing how it felt when Gretch did that on me. I had to take my clothes off and play with myself as they continued, oblivious.

They moved to the carpet, into a sixty-nine, legs wide open, each lapping the pussy lips and clit of the other. Gretchen broke the embrace for a moment to kiss Trina on the mouth, using her tongue and lips to share the cunt juice taste and smell. The two of them were pungently musky; I could smell them from my chair. When they went back into the sixty-nine, I frantically whipped my clit toward my own orgasmic heights.

They both came, first Trina then Gretchen. They panted and wailed, shaking and shuddering. I noticed a blush across Trina’s back and beads of sweat, all part of her orgasm. They hugged tightly until they both stopped twitching, followed by flopping flat on their backs, breathing hard, side by side.

Gretchen saw me still trying to finish myself and got up to help. I spread my legs more as she pushed her head in there to use her tongue where I had been using my fingers. I ran my hands through her hair, moaning as she buzzed my clit. I threw back my head to screech and whimper as the feelings grew.

Trina suddenly kissed me. She stood beside me, not disturbing Gretchen’s rapid progress in my pussy. She put her tongue deeply into my mouth. I recognized Gretchen’s tastes and aromas plus new ones as we swirled our tongues together. The double stimulation from both women took over completely. I climaxed with all my wildest noises and clenching spasms as they both laughed joyously with me and helped me get the most out of it.

We all flopped on the carpet together, breathing deeply, dizziness scrambling our heads, taking our time to come down from the heights.

After a while, I said, with disbelief in my voice, “That was your first time?”


We initiated Trina into the Sisterhood of the Gangbang, celebrating with marathon three-way sex. When we were finally able to focus on business matters, she agreed to take an equal risk on the expenses of our next gangbang party, expenses that had to be fronted but were expected to be covered by the admission fees.

We set the date.

Trina had chestnut hair, reddish brown. We changed the advertising slogan to “Go all the way with Dark, Light and Perky” to include her. We had a new photo taken with the three of us in lingerie, happily scrunched together, displaying cleavage galore. It was a happy, upbeat picture, definitely our style.

When the advertisement was released, we set a limit of sixty men, overbooked to seventy. The event was sold out in less than twenty-four hours.

Gretchen said, “I guess the word is out.” We clinked glasses.

We hired Clarissa and Karl again, in their same roles. The major change was to a larger party room, big enough for the expected crowd. It was furnished with three beds plus assorted padded chairs and benches with an expanded table of drinks and snacks.

At the inspection, Gretchen got the giggles, impressed by the size of the place.

“I’m picturing this room full of horny guys with erect cocks,” she delicately expressed herself. “I’m soaking wet.”

Trina agreed, “This is going to be awesome. I can’t wait.”


On gangbang night, the party started at ten p.m. We were all ready to go, just waiting for Clarissa’s musical escort izmir signal. When it came, Trina appeared first, then me, and finally Gretchen, the tallest. We waved silk streamers above our heads, illuminated by Clarissa’s strobe lights, creating a dazzling effect amped up with her great musical choices.

I took the microphone to welcome everyone and introduce us as Dark, Light, and Perky. I looked around at the men, licking my lips. An amused murmur rolled through the crowd.

I said, “Throw away your inhibitions, guys. This is the night you’ve been dreaming of, the night when you can have anything you want!”

Applause and cheers erupted, “Yea! Right on! Hooah!”

The uproar continued with Trina’s planned move to embrace and kiss me, then Gretchen. While Trina went to one of the beds, Gretch and I kissed and felt each other up.

Trina stood on the mattress and invited a man to undress her. He eagerly took off her few little items, tossing them to the crowd. She embraced him in a nude hug, then dropped onto her knees, taking the guy’s cock into her mouth.

I went to my mattress and Gretchen to hers, repeating the clothes removal by a helper who then started the gangbang.

We beckoned to more men to join us.

“Come on, jump right in. It’s not a gangbang without you.”

The crowd split into three parts, each man choosing his favorite, forming three separate gangs. I saw Trina on her hands and knees with men surrounding her. Gretchen, on her knees, started a blow job circle for her men. I lay on my back, legs wishboned in the air, arms welcoming anyone to fuck me.

The man who took off my lingerie knelt between my legs, saying, “Happy to be first, Miss Dark.”

I welcomed him with a wide smile.

I squeezed his dick and guided it into me, connecting smoothly. I gasped, as I always do on first contact, then lifted to meet his motion. My gangbang was underway.

I looked around as we started. Men were standing over me on all sides, clapping, cheering, chanting, and generally treating our coupling as an athletic event, watching everything while waiting their turns. I got a flash of erotic feeling realizing I was naked and screwing a stranger in public.

The rhythm of fucking took over, humping up and down with the man’s strokes. I was quickly carried away by it, panting, moaning, gasping, feeling really good.

“Oh, I like this. Keep going.” I panted as I said it.

Very quickly, I was being probed at my mouth by the dicks of two more men, one on each side. I turned my head to suck them alternately in short bursts.

They all seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. Their grunting increased as one by one, they came: mouth, pussy, mouth. I lay back, breathing hard, cum now escaping where I’d been fucked.

The men smiled and turned away, allowing me an instant to notice the noise, laughter, and cheers in the room. The event was gaining steam.

But I was only beginning. My body’s response when I was overtaken by sexual arousal was exactly what I craved. I wanted more of that and more cum to add to the first batch. No problem, more was on its way.

My cummy twat was taken over by a man with a plump dick, one that stretched me out beautifully. I really appreciated those sensations. At the same time, two more men imitated the first pair in my mouth. More pumping and sucking led to more cum dumped into me and dripping out.

The men wiped their hands on me, or flung cum in my face with a wrist snap. I licked cum off my lips and smiled at them, knowing that my slutty acceptance of their moves was part of their fun.

I was still on the floor when a group of six surrounded me.

“Sit up for a bukkake, darling. It’s all about your tits.”

My naked tits already had cum lines on them, but I was happy to have more. In my sitting position, I put my hands under my boobs and lifted them, shifting to squarely face the men.

“Play with your rack, girly, while we slime you,” the leader said.

The men started right away. I enjoyed the interaction of my hands squeezing and kneading while the cum rained on my face and neck, then drained onto my tits and between them. The fapping noises, male grunting sounds, and musky smells added to the stimulation. I pinched my nipples because it felt good. I reached between my legs and scooped more cum to smear on my front.

Toward the end, I heard, “Mouth open, slut.”

I leaned my head back, wide open. A dick flopped on my tongue and immediately burst with cum, filling the space. I pushed it out, over my lips, creating loops that dropped onto my tits to complete their decorations.

I got up and walked over to Trina’s mattress, dripping as I went. She was still on hands and knees, with great gobs of cum across her back side, along her cracks, running down her legs. She turned to look at me showing her cum plastered face.

“You little sperm gobbler,” I accused her, delighting the men. “I’d better clean you up.”

I lay down on my back, with my head between izmir escort her legs. She shifted to bring her cummiest parts to my mouth so I could lick her and get the cum load. I moved around to take as much as I could, probing into her cunt and licking her clit along the way.

She turned to kiss me, sharing the cum, then started licking cum off my body. We went faster and faster, spinning into a frenzy of kissing and licking, partly sixty-nine and partly mouth sharing. I liked to skid my lips along her mid-line, top to bottom, ending in her pussy with my mouth full of cum.

I loved the feel of the slimy cum with the associated tastes and smells. We kept at it, aided by men who were drawn to us to jack off, adding their sperm to our passion. I swallowed a lot of it.

Eventually, two men picked me up.

“Enough of that, cunt. You’re about to get more cum than you thought possible.”

They carried me to a padded bench for throat fucking. I hung over the edge, face up, while each one did his best to get his entire cock down my throat, balls on my nose. Tons of cum rolled over my lips when a cock was pulled out unless he was so long and so deep that the cum was pushed straight down.

Others didn’t let my pussy be empty, getting in there with their cum exploding pricks.

It didn’t take long to be covered again. I used my hands to spread cum around, coating my boobs, licking it off my fingers, rubbing it in my cheeks. The more I did that, the more the men provided new supplies.

“Ohhh, really good Dark Pussy. Here’s more.” They spoke to me like that as they came while kneeling, jacking off right on my body or face.

“Don’t hold anything back,” I encouraged when I could speak, before opening my mouth for the next one.

I heard Trina gasp and shriek, what was obviously an orgasm. I don’t know what caused it; among all the activity there were plenty of possibilities.

So much cum was given to me, just right to feed my insatiable love for the stuff. I got a lot directly from the men, shooting it into my holes the entire evening and spraying me all over. But I got it indirectly too, like when I was with Trina and later, when Gretchen almost drowned me with one of her creampies.

Trina announced Gretchen as they approached together, “Express delivery for Dark, out of the way.”

Gretch had her hand between her legs, sealing her pussy, and her mouth was full. Trina shooed away men who were using me, making room for Gretch to squat over me, remove her hand, and splat a huge blob right on my face. She quickly turned around and kissed me while she pushed all the cum out of her mouth into mine, on top of the massive amount from the creampie. I was totally flooded, inches deep with cum, flowing out of my mouth and nose, down both sides of my face.

“Look at you. Can’t you control yourself?” Gretch joked.

The men contributed with laughing, noisy comments, applause, and some jerking off on me, adding still more cum.

“Pissing in the ocean,” a man said as he came on my already coated boobs.

When I was able to sit up and clear my head, I noticed Trina watching, laughing hysterically. She walked over to me, knelt down, licked my cheek, and said, “I thought I was the only one who liked that much cum.” Then she kissed me, deeply stirring the cum still in my mouth with her exploring tongue.

I was learning to enjoy her.

The party continued. There were still men with stiff dicks and we were dedicated to getting them off, whether it was their first time or one of many that evening.

I bent over to lick the knob of a man with a hard on.

“You know, I love to suck cock,” I bluntly told him. “Are you going to come in my mouth?” I asked, between licks.

“Ummm, Dark. You’re smokin’ hot, but two already, y’know?”

“Let me try. If I can’t get you to come, you can spank me.”

He grinned. “How’d you know?” he asked.

“Everybody wants to spank me.”

I knelt in front of the man and restarted him in my cleavage, fucking him in the channel of my cum-slimy tits. I pressed them tight against him as they moved, with my mouth hovering above his tip, drooling.

He groaned and murmured compliments about the size and softness of my tits.

I lowered my head to slowly capture his dick in my mouth, changing to a wet, wild blow job. I added hand motions to what my mouth was doing. It didn’t take long.

“Wow,” he said, as I opened my mouth to show him the cum, his third shot.

After I swallowed, I said, with a giggle, “If you want, you can still spank me.” He gave my ass a swat. I kissed his dick as I licked it clean.

The next request was directed at me: “Dark, can I get you for a lap dance?”

I took the man’s hand and led him to one of the big stuffed chairs. Others gathered around us.

He was showing a big stiffy as he sat in the chair. I turned around with my ass toward him and slowly lowered myself onto his pole, establishing a rhythm. The crowd ramped up the cheering when I wriggled and danced with the music, arms in the air, boobs bouncing.

He sounded more and more aroused, holding onto my hips as I slid up and down his shaft.

As usual, I became a target, getting cum shots from men excitedly watching my dance.

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