Three On A Beach

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Christina looked out at the smooth sea, her eyes took pleasure in the azure colour of the water and the whiteness of the sand. She wore a black bikini that hugged her body at hips and breasts. Not bad for a middle-aged woman she thought as she brushed back her black hair though she considered herself big in the hips and small around her chest.

She sighed as she made her way to the waters edge and allowed the cooling water over her toes. It was completely deserted here and she loved the silence . The woman smiled as she enjoyed the feel of the sun on her body. Looking about, she saw no one else here and smiled again.

“Yep it was worth the effort to get here,” she muttered.

Making up her mind she undid the bow and pulled her top over her head allowing the sun and breeze to caress her breasts. Her nipples hardened and stood out from her chest. Her lovers had often told her that she had amazing nipples, they were like thimbles that had been stuck on her chest. What she did know was that they were very, very sensitive and she was already feeling hot. The air seemed so warm and she slipped her bottoms off. Tossing her bathers onto the sand she walked into the warm water and dove into the crystal clear water.

For a short time she swam and then refreshed she picked up her swimsuit from the sand and naked walked back to her towel in the sand dunes. Quickly toweling her skin after that she began to oil her body enjoying the touch of the fingers to the sensitive areas of her body. She also enjoyed the way the sun made her lightly tanned body gleam. She ran her fingers through the trimmed pussy hair at her groin and she felt quite horny.

Satisfied, she lay down on her towel and closed her eyes allowing the sun to warm her body. As she enjoyed the sun her hands slipped over her body and caressed her nipples and she felt her pussy grow hotter and juice ran down her thighs. Just as she was growing more aroused and was ready to masturbate to orgasm she heard a sound on the beach. Bobbing her head up she saw two men walking along the beach.

They were dark haired and well tanned, she admired their young hard bodies and as they stripped off their clothes to run into the water naked. Christina was aroused by these two gods, their tanned muscles rippled in the sun. She admired their firm muscular backs and buttocks as her legs pumped up and down as they flew into the water. Christina watched these two with great interest and made a decision that she realised that would be considered foolish. Shrugging she stood up and walked quickly up to and then into the water. As she did so the two young men watched the naked woman walking towards them.

Once up to her waist she dove into the water and swam to the waiting boys. Surfacing next to them she greeted the two men who had been watching her with interest. Smiling she greeted them as they stopped talking.

“Hi, what a lovely day, how are you? “

“Good, thank you.” One of them answered in a slight European accent. She loved the way his blue eyes blazed as he tried to see her naked body beneath the water. The other man circled behind her and spoke startling Christina.

“What ankara escort my friend Mark meant was that it is a lovely day and we are very pleased that we have been joined by a lovely woman. My name is John,” he spoke with an impeccable English accent.

As he spoke he moved closer to the woman and stood next to her, he exuded a deeply masculine dominance that excited her. His smooth chest rippled as he breathed and he devoured her with his liquid brown eyes. Then she felt hands on her waist and she whirled about to find Mark standing next to her smiling. Like his friend John he chest was muscular but where John reminded her of a panther this one was a tiger in strength and power.

“My name is Christina and I was so bored being here by myself. Ohh…”

Her speech was cut off as Mark pressed his lips to hers and thrust his tongue into her mouth. Taken by surprise she struggled a little before she found her body responding and she sucked on his tongue. He drew back from her smiling and nodded to his friend who drew her lips to his and kissed her passionately. Satisfied he caressed her breasts and hardened nipples with his fingers as Mark felt her buttocks.

“So you are hot, well we are very hot too and we can give you some cock to cool you down.”

She found that she could nothing but nod and both men took her arms and led her to the beach again. Guiding them she took them to her towel as they walked there the men gathered their towels and lay them alongside hers. John came to her then he held a bottle of oil and gave it to her. As he did Mark lay face down on his towel to be joined by John.

“You will oil us against the sun and then we will oil you.”

His words gave her something to do and she took the bottle of tanning oil from the young man’s hand. Kneeling between the two naked men she dripped the oil onto Mark’s tanned back. Satisfied by the clear drops that pooled between their shoulder blades Christina began to massage the oil into muscled backs of the two men. Her hands touched and manipulated each centimeter of their back and as she covered their skins her hands slipped lower until she was just above the start of the curve of his ass. John watched her as she straddled Mark’s back and began to rub her breasts into the oiled back.

Licking his lips he rose and took the oil from her hands and began to rub oil into the woman’s back. She looked so hot rubbing her body into his friend and he was hard. Christina felt his cock rub against the flesh of her ass. It had been so long since she had made love to a young, fit virile man. She slid down Mark’s body and admired after the tight muscular backside of the man beneath her. Then she gasped as John took her breasts into his oil soaked hands and began to stroke them like they were the udders on a cow. His finger pinched and pulled her sensitive nipples until she wanted to scream with pleasure.

His hands stopped and she gasped with the shock of being left without the pleasure of his caress. Gathering her thoughts she dripped oil onto the magnificent backside before her. Then she began her massage of this most desirable piece of anatomy, escort ankara her fingers gently teased and caressed him. She slipped her fingers between the two firm cheeks and opened them seeing the firm ring of his sphincter. She sighed as she moved her fingers lower and without a word he parted his legs.

As she felt Mark’s ass she felt John’s hands caress and play with her ass and cheeks. Christina sighed with contentment as she felt him explore her ass. Then she felt a damp firm pressure at the hole and she recognised the feel of a tongue against her flesh. It was as though she had been shot and her body spasmed with pleasure. Her pussy was so hot and she leaked juice all over her thighs, it was all she could do to remember her massage when Mark raised his hips and she was able grasp the massive cock he offered. With her other hand she gently cupped his balls feeling his warmth.

“Good, that is sooooo good,” Mark sighed into the towel beneath him.

The feel of his cock in her palm seemed so erotic and she rubbed it up and down feeling the pulsing flesh. Suddenly a wave of pleasure washed over her as John left kissing her ass-hole and slipped his tongue along her hot pussylips and then deep into her pussy. She came and felt the orgasm grip her body in a steel vise. His tongue was everywhere, along the ridges of her lips, between the inner lips and touching her everywhere and bringing on a string of orgasms. When she looked again to Mark she realised that he had turned over and his cock stuck up into the air.

It was a monstrous tower of flesh and it shone with a mixture of oil and precum that was so inviting. Reaching forward she stretched her mouth open until she fitted the bulb into her mouth. Her lips barely covered the head but she explored it carefully with her tongue sliding beneath the circumcised head and in the slit.

Suddenly, he groaned and she felt his cock spurting cum into her mouth. He pulled away from her and shot strings of cum into her face allowing it to make rivulets down her chin and cheeks. Even as he softened he was so big and she wondered how her pussy would take this massive tool.

“Ohhh fuck, push that cock right in there!!”

Christina screamed with the pleasure of John’s cock playing along her lips and then drove his cock into her wet hole. He wasn’t as wide as Mark but he was long enough and he punched the rod all the way to her cervix. It drove the air from her body but she was soon gasping for another reason. Her breath was ragged as his cock rammed deep into her body.

Reaching below her body she rubbed hard at her clit and felt the orgasms rapidly crash into her body in succession. Behind her she felt his cock drive deep into her body and heard his grunting pleasure as he ravaged her body. It suddenly rose in volume as he pumped cum into her pussy. He filled her pussy with hot cum and then as he stopped pulled away from her. As he unplugged her Christina felt the liquid spill from her body.

She shook her head this was more fucking than she had ever gone through for such a long time and her body felt exhausted. Christina’s head rested against the rough material of ankara escort bayan the beach towel and she felt more than saw the two men move around. Then she felt hands raise her hips into the air, as she moved cum pumped out of her loose lips. Before she could turn around hands raised her head as John pushed his semi-erect cock between her lips.

The feel of his cum covered cock seemed to revitalise her tired body and she began to suck slowly on the flesh in her mouth. Christina felt it slowly harden and grow in her mouth. As she sucked on John’s cock that was sliding back and forth between her lips there were fingers opening her used pussy touching and manipulating excited flesh. Then it was no longer fingers but a hard large wedge that was pushing open the curtain of her lips.

Gagged by the flesh in her mouth all she could do was hiss harshly as a mixture of pain and pleasure shot into her body as he pushed his cock firmly into her pussy. It filled her as it pulled lips her apart. Then he slid deeply into her, again her cervix was struck. Deep inside her she felt him rest the heavy flesh allowing her body to grow used to the feeling of his weapon. It was like a tube stuck in her guts that was heavy and threatening.

After for what seemed an age he began to pull the cock out of her only to shove it back into her with a massive shock. She felt that it might tear her apart but she also felt an intense pleasure that began to spread from her invaded pussy. John was thrusting quicker between her lips until with a sharp grunt he was able to shoot a load of cum into her mouth. Swallowing the bitter liquid Christina was feeling an intense pleasure overwhelm her body as she was taken by Mark’s cock.

Ungagged, she cried out as an orgasm thrust into her and she found that she was rocking back as the cock was thrust forward. Behind her all she heard was Mark’s grunt rising in power and need until that were ragged and then ceased as he came deep in her. She tried to massage this huge cock with the muscles of her pussy but it was too large to relax even a little. As he came he savagely thrust into her body until he had no more cum to give.

Softening he slipped out of her and no longer being held up by his pole she slipped forward onto her belly and lay on the towel content and unable to do anything else. Her pussy still stretched seemed to be unable to close yet it felt so nice to feel the air pass over the sated flesh.

Christina felt the warm oil strike her skin and hands massaging it into her.

“That was good yes?” John spoke and without an answer continued.

“We liked what we did. So we will relax and then go to our room to play some more.”

Christina mumbled something and John smiled as he continued, “We are part of a team and we always share what we have. They will like you and you will enjoy them.”

Somehow Christina asked a question, “How many?”

The answer came from Mark this time, “Oh there are twelve of us. We will have a lot of fun.”

Christina wondered if this wasn’t too much but today she seemed to have no choice in the things that she would do today so she nodded her head in agreement and wondered if she would be able to walk without pain at the end of this night. As if it had a mind of its own her pussy began to leak juice as she became aroused with the thought of so many men taking her as their pleasure toy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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