Three to Tango

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Author’s note: the following story is pure fiction, based solely on the seed of an idea planted by an Internet site comment. Any semblance to real or imagined persons or world events is purely coincidental. The author wishes to express his gratitude to Angel Love for her editing to make this a better story.

She was a beauty, just 31 yeas old, with the face of an innocent 14-year-old. She had long red hair that fell straight down her shoulders and several inches past, with sparse bangs that almost touched her eyebrows. Her eyes were deep brown pools of liquid fire that I fell into the instant I first saw her.

She only stood 5’6″ so even in her three-inch heels, she was several inches shorter than me and definitely shorter than her 6’3″ husband. She had a curvy body, though, that just made me want to hug and squeeze her until she cried ‘uncle.’ No doubt she was a little overweight by a doctor’s standards but she was just right by mine. After she had let me in, she led me into the den for our talk and I couldn’t take my eyes off her swaying hips or the slope from her waist to her round buns. And when she turned to face me, I had trouble keeping my eyes above the massive cleavage shown in the low-cut dip of her blouse.

Her name was Jan and her husband was Keith. Both of them were sexual fanatics who had been enjoying displaying their wares on the internet for some time. They posted still pictures, mostly of her showing the aftermath of their lovemaking in the form of his cum oozing out of her pussy or sprayed on her face or tits. They had also posted a number of video clips that showed various sexual acts, from her shaking her generous ass to her sucking his cock until he exploded to him pumping her pretty pussy until they both came. And a number of times they had used a web cam to broadcast live shows of their sexual exploits.

Not surprisingly she had other lovers. Surprisingly she said it was only four or five men. Keith said that they had been greatly disappointed by most of the men who said that they wanted to participate in a three-way with them because they had been unable to perform satisfactorily. Either they couldn’t get it up in a group environment or they came once and were done for the night. What they were looking for was a man who could last several hours because Jan just loved to fuck and be fucked and was not satisfied with short sessions.

Now I was sitting in their den undergoing a first interview. If I left the right impression on them, we would get together another time for the real thing. I was trying to be on my best behavior.

In response to their questions, I had told them that I was 29 years old, had been born and raised in a southwestern state, had attended college there, moved to the mid-west four years ago, was unmarried, and didn’t think I had any bisexual tendancies. When Keith said that he had been finding out that he was bisexual and enjoyed sucking cock, I said that I really didn’t know how I would deal with that and he said that he didn’t think it was a big deal.

Jan said that Keith was two years older than she, that both of them had been born and raised in town and, after going to different colleges in other cities, both had moved back home to start their careers, she in medicine and he in computer systems support. They had been married eight years but had no children. Both of them enjoyed sex in all forms and were pretty much addicted to the pleasures of having orgasms.

We had talked for almost two hours and Keith had refilled our drinks once when Jan asked if I would show her my implement. I said, “Sure, but I was thinking that, if you both don’t mind, maybe if we all undressed, we’ll be able to see if I can get an erection when we’re all together.”

Keith said, “I think that’s a good idea. If you can’t get it up, then there’s no use going any further.”

Quietly Jan had just started removing her clothes so I followed suit. I had only been partially erect before but when I saw Jan’s beautiful body naked, my cock quickly grew to its full length. Keith had no problem getting an erection either. His cock was perhaps 7 inches long and about half-dollar size at mid-shaft. Mine was a good inch longer than his and almost half again larger around. Jan’s smile broadened when she saw my tool.

Keith said, “Sit back down. We might as well finish up tonight naked and we can see if you can keep your erection, okay?”

So I sat back on the sofa. However, this time Jan sat beside me. When she looked at me and asked, “May I?” I nodded my head.

Her fingers gently closed around my shaft and her thumb roved over the throbbing purple head. Keith grinned but asked me another question. I admit that I had some difficulty concentrating on providing an answer but eventually got it out.

After a few minutes, Jan looked around and said, “Hon?”

He just smiled and nodded. Jan turned back to me and lowered her head over my lap. I felt her soft tongue licking the head of my cock and thought I would die from the exquisite pleasure.

Keith ankara escort saw my facial expression and laughed, “I’ve been telling everybody she’s the best damn cock sucker in the world.” At that moment I would agree but all I could do was nod.

Jan began lowering her head, her lips forming a seal around my shaft as it slowly disappeared into her mouth. About half way down, she reversed and started up, stopping when her lips were around the rim of my helmet and running her tongue over the head again. Then she slowly stroked downward again, taking just a little bit more of me into her mouth and repeating the whole process.

I felt the tip of my probe hit the back of her mouth with more than two inches of my cock still to go and was disappointed when she stopped and corkscrewed her mouth around my shaft back and forth. By now every motion she made generated a slurping sound from the saliva that she left behind combined with my copious pre-cum. She spent several minutes slowly stroking up and down, each time stopping as the tip of my cock hit the back of her mouth. I really couldn’t complain because she was making me feel great.

But then suddenly, having stopped with her mouth full, she plunged downward, pushing the head of my cock past her gag reflex and into her throat. I felt her lips form their seal around the base of my cock. I gasped in delighted surprise at the pleasure of being fully encased in a woman’s mouth, always a super-erotic situation for me when it happened, although it rarely did. Now Keith was guffawing at my expense. I could only smile.

Keith asked me a question and I realized I hadn’t understood a word of it. I asked him to repeat it and he asked, “How long did it take to make the trip over here?”

“Oh. Only about 40 minutes,” I replied, watching Jan’s red hair as her head bobbed up and down, now covering almost my entire length. Her left hand was soothingly manipulating my balls and I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. Just as that thought crossed my mind, I felt my balls start to boil and I said, “I’m going to cum, honey.”

Without removing her head, she nodded, still maintaining the suctioning seal around my shaft. She pushed down until her nose was buried in my pubic hair and held on while my balls spat shot after shot of hot sticky cum into her throat. As they began to slow, she gradually backed off until the remainder of my load splashed into her mouth. She looked up at me with the most innocent school girl look and I lost my heart to her on the spot.

A few minutes later, Jan was sitting beside me again, her right-hand still holding my penis at half-mast. She had let me know in no uncertain terms that she had really enjoyed sucking my cock and I told her in equally uncertain terms that I had loved having her suck my cock. But sitting there, I began to feel guilty.

I turned to her and said, “I’m really going to feel guilty unless you let me repay you.”

“Oh? What did you have in mind?”

“Well, I know this is just a preliminary interview but … well, if you would let me eat your pussy, I would love to return the favor.”

I could see Keith give her a nod of approval and she said, “Well, if you really want to.”

Quickly I dropped to my knees before her and, as she spread her legs, I put my hands under her ass and pulled her forward on the cushion. Holding her legs out wide, I kissed under her right knee and left a trail of wet kisses all the way to her crevice, then skipped to her left knee and repeated the process. She was already squirming before I let my tongue lap from the top of her mound down to the bottom of her crevice and back.

Since she was holding her legs with a hand behind each knee now, I used my fingers to carefully open her outer lips. I don’t think I had ever seen a woman as wet with her own juices. They were clear, stick and slick but tasted like the best grade of honey to my tongue. I licked all I could find, stuck my tongue into her pussy and licked it clean and then sucked her clitty into my mouth.

With three little swipes from my tongue, she cried, “Oh, baby, I’m cumming!” and proceeded to flush the whole of her crease with a new stream of the same sweet liquid.

I went to work on her again, cleaning the sweet sticky fluid from every nook and cranny of her fleshy folds. Some of it had overflowed into the valley of her anus so I spread her buttocks and proceeded to give her a tongue-washing.

But no sooner had my tongue taken a swipe over her puckered little jewel than she cried, “Ohhhh, honey! I’m cummmmmiiiinnnnggggg!” She shuddered even stronger than the first time and covered my face with her secretions.

Once more I went back to work, starting at the top of her slit and working my way to the back. This time she was more tolerant of my tongue working over her anus … until I rolled it into a tube and drove it into her little ass hole. The strong muscle was already relaxed from her two cums and it gave way under my assault.

I felt it push into her and I swirled it around, and even escort ankara though I couldn’t get my tongue very deep into her, she shuddered again and moaned, “Ooooohhhhhhhh!”

I made quick work of licking up her juices one more time and then eased her legs back down to the floor. Still slumped down on the sofa, she gave me a crooked grin and whispered, “That was soooooooooo good, baby!”

I sat back down beside her, conscious of my newest raging hard-on. Keith got up and stood over Jan. He said, “Come on, sugar, let’s go to the bathroom. You’ll wait for us, won’t you, Ted?”

“Sure,” I said. I couldn’t say that I was in a hurry to leave now. Actually I was feeling quite mellow, in spite of being rock hard.

Keith helped Jan up and they headed off through the house. I heard water running and then the sound of a commode flushing and more water running. Maybe ten minutes after they left, they came padding back into the den.

“Hey, man, we’ve been talking. We agree that we’d like to give this thing a try. So we wondered if, instead of waiting for another time, would you like to have a go at it now?”

“Are you serious? Of course I would!” I replied with feeling.

Jan took my hand and led the way to the bedroom. There really didn’t seem to be much need for foreplay since we all were horny. Jan had Keith sit at the head of the bed while she got on her hands and knees to suck his cock. She looked at me, wiggled her ass, and asked, “Anything you can think of to do with this?”

I didn’t need a second invitation. I climbed up between her spread legs and worked my cock head up and down her slit. She was dripping wet and provided all the lubrication I needed. I moved my spear to her pussy opening and with a gentle push, sank my whole pole into her.

Jan murmured, “That’s good, baby. Take your time now,” and went back to sucking on her hubby.

I started slowly stroking in and out of her twat, holding onto her generous hips for leverage. Her pussy was hot and wet and slick against my throbbing cock and her velvety tunnel closed around me with every stroke outward, then relaxed and let me slide back in easily.

I couldn’t help but move my hands over her soft smooth hips, from her modestly narrow waist down around the big round basketball-shaped cheeks and then up to the depression from the small of her back down to the top of her split and into her anal valley. All of these movements made me want to stroke faster and harder into her slick pussy but with reluctance I held back.

However, I did reach around her and slipped a couple of fingers around her mound, applying a little pressure with first one and then the other, like flashing lights, to either side of her clitty.

Jan began moaning, “Oh … ohhh … ooohhhh …. Ooooooohhhhhh, baby, I’m cumming!”

The last part was a full-fledged screech as she bowed her body upward to meet my thrust, shuddered and tossed her head from side to side as her pussy quivered and grasped my cock.

There was no doubt she was cumming and had given up sucking Keith’s cock to concentrate on her own pleasure. However, when her orgasm had passed, she only allowed herself a couple of minutes to enjoy it before she stuck his rod back into her mouth and began manipulating his balls with her left hand.

I picked up the pace a little, stroking my full length in and out of her even slicker pussy, rocking side to side every time I bottomed out in an attempt to get her going again. Jan pulled her legs back further and lifted her feet in the air so I helped her hold them at my shoulders, leaving her pussy even more open than it had been. In just a few minutes she shuddered again and climaxed around my probe.

I couldn’t believe how much pressure her pussy, as slick as it was, applied to my shaft, not with an occasional stroke but with every stroke. And still she sucked Keith’s cock until he was now groaning with pleasure and obviously on the brink of an orgasm. I kept plowing Jan’s wonderful pussy but leaned over and pulled her right tit to my mouth, sucking and softly biting on the hard rubbery nipple.

Keith moaned, “I’m cumming, honey.”

Jan pulled his cock back and let the streams of cum splash into her mouth until the pressure subsided, and then she let the last bits land on her face. I felt my balls quiver and rammed into her pussy hard for a few strokes before I grabbed her hips and held us tightly together just as the cum started boiling up and out of my straining cock.

Jan’s pussy squeezed my cock tightly and then she began to shudder again, whispering, “I’m cumming, baby.”

Afterwards the three of us lay on the floor, Keith and I sandwiching Jan between us, as we recovered. Some time later, Jan got up and disappeared, only to return in a few minutes with two warm washcloths, which she used simultaneously on our cocks and balls, mostly as a stimulant to get us ready again. Because of the Viagra, neither of us had lost our erections though.

When she had finished and returned the washcloths, Jan ankara escort bayan sat on the carpet between and facing us. She asked, “So … you’ve never had any bisexual experiences?”

“No,” I replied. “I’ve always been interested only in the ladies.”

“Yes, Keith was like that too for a long time but he began to change a little a few months ago. However, until two weeks ago he didn’t do anything about it. Then we had a guy who, like you, was interested in a threesome. When I went to give him a blow job, Keith joined me. While I sucked his cock, Keith sucked his balls and the guy nearly came unglued. Then Keith sucked on his cock and he had such a wild orgasm that he never recovered from and we didn’t get to do anything else. It was really disappointing. I’ll bet the same thing wouldn’t happen to you though.”

She let the last words trail off as if asking a question. I just shrugged my shoulders, as if to say ‘I don’t know.’ She looked at Keith, then leaned over and supported herself on her left elbow between my legs with her hand capturing the lower part of my shaft. Her little girl eyes captured my full attention and as she stared into my eyes, she opened her mouth wide, stuck out her tongue and began to lick my cock head like it was a lollipop. I was completely captivated.

She licked me for several minutes, slow and soft. I didn’t even realize that Keith had moved until I felt him lift my scrotum and he stuffed both balls into his mouth and began to suck. I closed my eyes and knew that I couldn’t tell the difference between her mouth and his, unless I opened my eyes and saw them. One was as good as the other, except that perhaps she was a little slower than he was.

Minutes passed and my passion increased exponentially. Someone nudged my right thigh and I spread my legs further apart. Leaving my balls for just seconds, Keith changed positions to lay between my legs and then recaptured my balls in his mouth. I was floating on a cloud of pure sensations that suddenly got even better when he eased his middle finger into my anus and eventually nudged my prostate. I was ready to unload the biggest deposit of cum I’d ever produced but when my balls started to contract, Jan tightly squeezed her thumbs and forefingers around the base of my cock, shutting off the escape route until the explosion receded.

With Keith sucking my balls, rolling them with his tongue, and moving his finger in and out of my ass, his wife sucked my cock and squeezed back my climaxes three times. I felt like I would literally blow up from all the built-up cum in my balls. I wanted to cum so bad! And then on the fourth attempt, she let me erupt, first into her mouth but then directing most of it onto her face, tits, stomach, and around her pussy.

As the last few drops oozed out of my dong, Jan stuck it back in her mouth and cleaned it off, sucking out the remaining drops until I was dry. Then she wiped some of the cum from her face and licked it off her fingers. However, she rubbed the long strings on her body into her skin, especially on her titties and all around her pussy. Keith managed to lick up a few strands before her hands wiped it away.

I was beginning to have doubts about my sexual orientation.

Keith disappeared and returned in a few minutes with three drinks which he handed out. Jan had laid back on the carpet but this time rested her head on my left leg, just below my crotch. After sipping about half the cold liquid, she turned a little toward me and asked, “How would you like to have all of my pussy that you can handle? And you can fuck my ass and my tits and my mouth. As much as you want.”

I glanced at Keith but he was just smiling. “I would love it,” I replied.

“Well …,” Jan said, “all you have to do is let Keith fuck your ass while you’re screwing me.”

I was stunned at the suggestion. “Well … I …,” I stuttered.

“Look, you don’t have to do it a lot. Maybe one time for every eight or 10 times you fuck me, if you want to. But I think he deserves something out of this arrangement and I don’t think you are ready to suck his cock. So … let him fuck your ass. He’ll be gentle, I know. What do you say?”

I thought it over for a minute. I knew that I had sometimes used a vibrator in my ass myself and had some amazing orgasms. Would this be the same? Different? Worse? Or maybe better?

“Okay,” I said. “Just as long as we take it slow and easy to start with, until I can get used to it.”

“No problem,” Keith promised.

“How about another piece of my pussy?” Jan queried.

I just nodded as she rolled onto her back and pulled her feet back to open her pussy to my entry. I got on my knees between her legs, easing my cock back into her sweet velvety cunt. Taking short strokes to again lubricate my shaft, I was soon buried up to the hilt in her unbelievably tight twat. She smiled at me as she squeezed her entrance muscle around my root over and over again.

“Come down here and kiss me, honey,” she requested.

I soon realized that was so that my ass would be lifted up for Keith’s enjoyment. While I swapped spit with his wife, he lubricated both my anus and his cock, then with me held deep inside her, he placed his cock head at my entrance, grabbed my hips and began to push.

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