Three’s Company

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There she was; laying down on an unknown queen sized bed with burgundy flowered quilt, it was tucked in at the very top, showing matching colored pillows where her head lay.

She was wearing nothing but a sexy red Victoria Secret bra with the nipple part cut out, showing her brown nipples. Her matching panties were also missing a piece of material, at the point where her legs met and her semi-shy mound was protruding to make a cameo.

This room was a bit more comfortable and nicely put together than her previous encounters. Even though she had previously been in this same building not to long ago, she had never found herself in this exact predicament.

At the foot of her bed, was a friend of hers standing a tripod with a camera on standby, at the peak of the three legged black and gray aluminum surface. She was a sexy woman tall and slender with brunette hair. This new character also had a sexy body on her; she had a tight little ass on her that was covered by a black see through panty, continuing with long creamy legs with black stilettos, and up at her torso, two greatly formed breasts hiding beneath a black bra which had the word sexy sewed on them with grey shiny material.

Jessica was positioning her friend’s boyfriend’s camera to face directly at the bed where Melanie lay.

Her boyfriend Anthony was in the bathroom leaving them with the excuse of having to water the toilet, instead was drinking a white capsule which was intended to help blood flow to the member that he knew was about to please two beautiful woman. He was actually a bit scared, as he did not want to start this race as they did in a horse race with the shot of a pistol.

Almost immediately, ankara escort or so he thought his member gave a tiny jerk and he knew he was about to get into something he would never regret. He opened up the bathroom door and starred at his girlfriend and one of his closest friend’s. This had been a meeting which was set about two weeks ahead and all three of them were feeling just as horny and luscious.

“So, how are you feeling babe?”

“Ready to have Jessica’s sweet, wet pussy shoved on to my mouth.” answered Melanie.

Jessica just gave her a sexy giggle, turned the camera on and walked straight towards Anthony. She grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him up on the bathroom door. His boxers were already making the form of a teepee. Inside his own mind smiled at the thought of the strength that his dick possessed.

No more than 30 seconds had passed their lives and Melanie was up turning the camera towards their standing position. Pointing it straight at her boyfriend and friend’s united mouth. She felt a sense of excitement generating inside of her body, she had never felt like this in her life and was not about to stop and think about it.

Anthony had his friend’s perfect round tit inside of his mouth while his other hand had found itself rubbing her pussy. He was pleased to see how much he really excited her, already knee deep inside of her womanly juices. She was moaning and telling him “right there sexy, mmm.” Melanie crept up and with one hand grabbed her man’s hard cock, jerking it aggressively, while sucking on her friend’s left breast.

Jessica felt for Melanie’s crotch less panty and at finding her moist orifice shoved two fingers inside her pussy escort ankara that made her gasp and jerk her man’s cock even faster and harder. They had nearly reached 69 seconds into their actions and Anthony was already on his knees licking his friend’s pussy and watching both of his girl’s grinning looks caused by their adventure.

As Jessica fingered Melanie’s pussy and Anthony ate Melanie’s pussy, both women began to make-out. This created a new sense of pleasure for both of them. They felt as if they did not want to let loose of their lip locking.

Jessica and Melanie acting like one body grabbed Anthony, each of them by one of his arms and pushed him onto the bed where Melanie was previously laying. The girlfriend taking charge of the scenario, went straight for his dick and placed it inside her mouth and Anthony himself finding his hungry mouth licking and sucking Jessica’s pussy once again. Jessica was bent over and had stolen his girlfriend’s lollipop and put it inside her own mouth, while his girl sucked on his juicy balls; twirling them around with her tongue. Loving how his girlfriend’s tongue made his testicles tingle and continue all over his body, he suddenly became desperate and got both of them off him and next to him.

Picking himself up off the bed he fixed the camera and put Melanie as if she was praying. Signaling Jessica to open her legs wide and put her pussy in Melanie’s mouth, as she did so, Anthony said: “there you go baby, isn’t that what you wanted?”

Before she had the time to answer he put his cock at the tip of her entrance and thrusted his hips forward making her yell in delight. She started to suck and lick Jessica’s pussy, all the same ankara escort bayan feeling her mans rod hitting all the right spots.

After about a 2 minutes or so; Anthony stopped, walked over and pulled Jessica towards him, positioned her legs so that her knees where reaching her shoulders as he wanted to make a deep impact inside her pussy. He slowly put his cock inside her warm cottage and after feeling just how good she really was, started to rip her pussy apart.

He had not fucked another girl other than his own in over 2 years which made it all the better. His girlfriend’s pussy was sitting on her face, which made him feel like he was doing his job well in pleasing them both. Jessica was being pounded for about 5 minutes, when she squeezed on Melanie’s thighs and gave a great thrust and moan, which Anthony by seeing her nipples harden knew she had reached her orgasm.

He pulled out his dick and shoved it into Melanie’s mouth. He then flipped her over with one swift movement to have his cock back inside her pussy making her scream out his name.

After about a few rough entries he withdrew and brought both girls to their knee’s making them suck on his dick simultaneously. He grabbed his member and started to jerk it to let his semen fly into each one of their mouths and then pushing them together to have them exchange their servings.

After about a minute or 2 Melanie asked, “Now who would like to watch the video over with me?” Both of them smiled greedily and said “me!”

She raised herself up off of the bed to retrieve the camera, and as she was dismounting the only witness to their amazing adventure, she noticed something that made her angry and laugh almost at the same instant and asked,

“Now whose idea was it to leave the lens cap on?”

Anthony grabbed the flowered pillow and buried his face into it. While Jessica asked in a kind of sweet and innocent voice, “is it my fault?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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