Together At Last

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Tonight it’s John’s turn. My boss is for a couple of days abroad again and the wify is home alone and she again has her mind put to it. So John has to leave the closet and I am lying here alone, probably all night long. Not that John is of great help to me. He’s okay, handsome also, and he has a prick to revere. But when she puts him back empty the only thing I can do with him is have a chat. Sometimes even for that he’s too exhausted and then he just lies staring up or sideways. The lady boss sometimes is insatiable and at those moments John has to stand up for it. Then she has made one or another nice deal and after tha she’s on edge. I always see very clearly when she is in such a mood and in those cases I can’t stop myself to tease John when she takes him out of the closet. Like tonight.

“Your turn again, my boy,” I say to him when the closet door opens and I see the shining in the lady boss’s eyes. Her nostrils are wider that other times and in a flash I see her temples palpitating. She’s grabbing John and drags him out and for a second I hear him wailing.

“I hope she takes off her rings in time, my boy”, I say teasingly and then the closet door closes again. But not completely. It stays ajar. It seems wify’s in a hurry, a big hurry. Now I see the upper half of her body through the crack, while she’s sitting on the bed and blowing up John in a mad pace. Once in a while I see his big cock. That one never has to be blown. That one always is standing straight up. Always ready for wify, but alas, never for me.

Almost twice as fast as at other times John is filled and I see how he’s illegal bahis thrown onto the bed with a thump. His cone is pricking high in the air and I look yearningly at it. I hear how the lady boss is taking off her clothes rapidly. I can’t see her, she’s standing aside from the closet door. But I can hear her the better. She’s breathing rapidly and once in a while I see some clothes fly by. Then she appears in my sight, next to the bed. Yes, she’s a beauty and actually John shouldn’t whine that much, I think. Though? The ways I hear, and now see, her violating John…

Fortunately the boss always takes his time with me. Imagine! One small accident, with a sharp ring or maybe blown too hard and you’re done. Suddenly I see her firm round buttocks go upwards. Her hand moves down and she firmly takes John’s pole. Without much fussing she comes down, and then all of a sudden she falls down onto him and she starts riding him the way a mad Tartar rides a wild horse, going up, falling down, sliding up and then back again, while her hand grabs John’s bag and alternately is jerking it upwards. I look jealously at the scene and am dreaming that I myself are lying on top of him. It’s over quickly. I hear her muffled cry into the pillow. John has been kept whole. The lady boss is rolling off him, breathing heavily, stays lying down for a short time, then rises and leaves the room. John stays on the bed and I know that tonight he has to serve a couple of times more. When she’s in this mood she’s going to sleep late.

Oh John!

It sounded muffled, but still I heard them say goodbye to each other. She’ll illegal bahis siteleri be away for two days. “I wonder if he already wants tonight,” I hear John saying next to me. I can’t see him, he’s lying in the corner completely crumpled. From the first floor soft sounds are floating upwards. After quite some time they stop and I hear the bedroom door open. Some time later our closet door opens and I know now it’s my turn. My boss takes me out of the closet. He puts me onto the bed and walks back to the closet. To my surprise he doesn’t close the door. I see him reach up for John and he takes him out. What’s that?! John and I look at each other, both surprised. Some time later the two of us are lying next to each other on the bed, staring up and blown but not too hard.

“Do you understand, John?” I ask.

“Maybe he has…?” he says. “But why now suddenly?”

From the corner of my eyes I see the boss standing next to John. He bends down and he smears some kind of stuff onto John’s prick. Then he straightens again and I see him smearing his own big pole. Two beautiful shining dongs I see from aside. They don’t differ much in size. For a moment my boss stands still, looks down to his throbbing stave and one finger slides over it, downwards, to his bag, which he caresses softly and in which he squeezes gently. His prick jerks backwards and I hear the soft thud when it beats his belly. Then he looks up and he kneels down onto the bed, next to John. Will he…?

But no, he sits astride John’s legs and suddenly he lifts me. He turns me around onto my belly and puts me down on top of John.

“Oh canlı bahis siteleri John,” I whisper. “What he intends to do?”

I don’t have to wait long. I am slid upwards a bit and then slowly downwards. John’s smooth schlong slowly slides into my cunt and I feel him filling me, filling me completely. Quietly we stay in that way for some time and then I feel my boss’s finger enter my other entrance down there. It’s smooth and it’s tickling me at the inside. I hear him moaning and shuffling behind me and suddenly I feel his weight onto my back and buttocks and I feel how John’s prick is entering even deeper and then all of a sudden my boss’s pole enters my arse, all to the root and I’m filled down there totally, in a way that has never happened to me.

Slowly he starts moving and John moves too and I move too and sigh too, together with John and my boss and I feel the two stems inside me and they touch each other and scrape each other and the rhythm speeds up and the sighing and moaning too, faster and faster.

Two strong hands grab my tits, squeeze and squeeze and are pulling at my nipples, while the rhythm becomes faster and faster and it almost feels as if inside I’m torn apart and then I hear his breath cutting through my hair and he pulls me up halfway and he thrusts deeper than ever and then he throws himself forward and he roars shakingly and vibratingly into the pillow and I feel how he empties himself, deep into me, deeper than John, much deeper and I bear his total weight and shudder together with him and happiness streams through me and if I could cry I would do that now, because at last we are together and I know this will be the beginning of new delight and if I could move my arms I now would wrap them around him and would kiss him and kiss him and I would beg him to go on and go on and then again and again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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