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The sun is setting, you are getting so sleepy. You know you have a ways to go and should keep driving to ensure that this load gets there on time but you start to look for a place to pull over, at least to rest your eyes for a bit. Up ahead, you see a couple standing along the road. As you approach, you see it is 2 women. Automatically, your eyes search for a car with a flat tire. Women, they never have learned how to change a flat! One of the females starts waving her arms at you, trying to get your attention. You pull that big truck off the highway, stop and get out of the truck.

The taller of the 2 women walks up to you. She is a brunette, about 5’8, thin, and pretty. She smiles at you, looks into your eyes and asks if she and her friend might have a ride. Her friend is about 5’3, has voluptuous breasts, not what you’d call thin, also a brunette and equally as pretty. Where might you be going…you inquire. Nowhere…anywhere…wherever you’re going…the taller of the two says.

Your mind begins racing, wondering what is going on. Why would these 2 women be standing along a highway, thumbing a ride? Leaving their husbands? Nah, women didn’t usually do that in pairs. Oh well, there was room in the truck for a couple more. I’m on my way to PA…you tell them…you’re welcome to ride with me if you really want to. They both smile at you and turn to crawl in the big rig.

You take a few minutes to check tires and the trailer doors. Everything is in order as you jump back into the driver’s seat. Marie, the taller of the women is sitting in the passenger seat. She introduces herself and then points to the bunk where the other woman is sitting. This is Cindy…she offers. Cindy extends her hand and looks at you with the most beautiful green eyes you have ever seen.

As you start back down the highway, fully awake now, Marie begins her explanation as to why she and Cindy are in this situation. She explains that they are both recently divorced, recently acquainted for that matter. They are both unhappy in their careers, have no family close by and are ready for an adventure. They decided they would see the country, as cheaply as they could and maybe find some excitement as well. You can not help but think how dangerous it all is yet you are glad for the company.

You drive while Cindy and Marie talk. They are both outgoing, fun to listen to, and not bad to look at either. Cindy asks if it’s ok if she lays in your bunk and of course you tell bahis firmaları her that’s fine. You glance back just as she is pulling her shirt over her head, her big tits flopping as the truck bounces down the road. One glance, oh my, you suddenly turn your head completely to make sure of what you thought you saw. Cindy…Marie quips…you’re going to get us killed. They both laugh as Cindy begins to unzip her jeans. My clothes are dirty and I don’t want to get his bed dirty…She says matter-of-factly. You begin to wonder just where this trip is going to take you!!!

Cindy has taken her shoes off and is pulling her pants down. The natural movement of the truck has her heavy breasts swaying. You take every opportunity to catch a glimpse. I’m tired too…Marie says with a yawn…Do you mind if I lay down for a while too? Mind, you think, why would I mind having two naked women in my bunk? I’m not crazy, or maybe I am, who knows?

Marie stands between the seats, places a hand on the back of your seat to steady herself and begins to take her shoes off. She slides her pants down and she’s not wearing any underwear. You see her dark bush emerge. Shit, you can hardly keep the truck on the road. Marie playfully tussles your hair and asks if you aren’t getting tired too. Tired????? Uh uh, no way. You are more alert than you have been in a long time!

Where is the next rest stop? What mile marker are you at? Hell, what road am I on, you ask yourself. You’ve lost complete track of anything except wondering what Cindy and Marie are doing, together, naked, in your bunk. Finally…you see a sign…Rest Stop ahead. Although it seems to take hours, the welcome site comes into view. You pull in, find a place to park this monstrous truck and pull on the brakes. Just as you are about to turn around, Cindy appears beside you, naked and in full view of anyone walking by. Her long hair almost covers her big tits. She leans down and invites you to join her and Marie.

Well, no one has to ask you twice. You turn in your seat and as you do, Cindy begins to unbutton your shirt. You stop and allow yourself to be undressed. Marie is lying in the bunk asking what is going on. I’m going to undress our friend…Cindy answers…I want him naked as we are when he gets into bed.

She pulls your shirt off your arms, throws it across the truck and then starts on your boots. You are slightly uncomfortable but that stiffening cock in your pants takes over thinking for kaçak iddaa you. Boots off, she unfastens your belt then your pants. You lift your butt to aid in the process. She tugs and pulls and finally has you undressed. She takes your hand and places it on her big tit. Her nipple is hard. We want you baby…she says…please come and join us.

Your stiff dick jumps with excitement as you follow Cindy’s naked butt to the bunk. Marie is laying on the bunk, on her back, her fingers between her slightly parted legs. I couldn’t wait…she says…I hope you don’t mind that I started without you. She has her pussy lips spread with one hand while the other is moving up and down. I’m almost ready to cum she whispers as her butt starts moving rhythmically. Cindy looks at you then looks at Marie and almost dives between her legs. She spreads her legs further, buries her face and starts licking Marie’s pussy. Oh yesssssss…shouts Marie…lick my pussy. I want to cum on your face. I want to cum so badddddddddddddddd. Her body writhes, her breath quickens. She grabs Cindy’s long hair and forces her face against her hairy bush. Fuck yessssssss, I’m cumming…she screams…don’t stop, lick my clit hard, you bitch…she yells at Cindy…I’m cumming so fucking hard.

As Marie’s orgasm subsides Cindy looks up, her face wet with cum and smiles at you. Want to taste…she asks. Want to? Need to, you decide quickly. Your cock juts out, almost embarrassingly. What the fuck, you think. This is just a dream and my cock can do anything it wants to!

Marie squirms around and points to the mattress, inviting you to lay down. You oblige and she immediately straddles your body, her wet pussy sliding on your skin. It feels so warm, so moist. You grab her hips and pull her onto your face. She settles down, her cunt pressed solidly against you. You have no difficulty finding her hard clit. It is huge, swollen with pleasure. Knowing that you can’t see, Marie narrates for you…My nipples are so hard, so sensitive. Ummmmm, I’m pinching them really hard. Lick my clit, lick it hard. Make me cum on your face. I want to cum, want you to lick my juices, just like Cindy did. Cindy moves around so she can watch what you’re doing to her friend. Oh yes…she says…that’s the way Marie likes it. Lick that big clit of hers, suck it. Make her fucking cum. Oh fuck, hurry, I want something too. Fuck man, I’m so horny. Shit, you think, you don’t know the meaning of horny. Just then, Marie screams…ohhhhhhh kaçak bahis fuck, shitttttttt yesssssss. She squirms even harder on your face, fucking it wildly as she cums.

Marie slides off your face even though you try to hold her there. You want to suck more of her cum from her twat. Cindy…Marie instructs…it looks like something else needs taken care of. Lay down here. Cindy listens as she lays beside you, her face inches from your throbbing cock, her pussy next to your shoulder. She takes your cock in her hand as Marie begins to lick it. Cindy wraps her hand around your long shaft. Marie’s tongue darts all over the head. Geez, you want to shoot your load already, you need to but you know you can’t yet. It’s almost painful.

Marie’s lips encircle the head of your dick, her wet, soft lips. Cindy lets go, sits back and starts to finger her pussy. Oh Marie…she says…it turns me on so much to watch you with a cock in your mouth. I know how you love it. Can you take it all? Take it all for me. Make love to his big cock with your mouth.

Oh Marie was making love to your cock alright. Her mouth was so tight as it slid up and down. She was moaning and sucking. You felt her saliva drip down onto your balls. Oh fuck, it was so hard not to cum. Cindy practically pushed marie off you as she jumped up to straddle your huge erection. Marie guided your cock to Cindy’s waiting pussy. Slide down on it…Marie ordered…fuck his cock. Fuck it hard Cunt. Fuck him Bitch…she ordered as she also climbed up on you, her butt facing your head. She grabbed Cindy’s humongus breasts and started pinching her nipples. Fuck him, you slut. Fuck him hard…she kept saying…I want his cum inside your tight pussy. I want to lick it out of you, you fucking slut. Ohhhhhhh shit…Cindy uttered…Fuck Marie, fucking shittttttttttttttttttttttttt, pinch my fucking nipples hard. I’m cumminggggggggggggggggg. Well, that’s all it took. You grunted, your body shook, your cock exploded deep inside of Cindy. You reached past Marie’s ass and grabbed Cindy’s hips, slamming her down hard on your cock. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yesssssssssssssssssssssssss…you screamed, so fucking good. You shot your load, felt every drop pumping from the tiny slit in the head of your cock.

Entirely spent, Cindy lay on one side of you, Marie on the other, your arms around their naked bodies. Their hands roamed endlesly across your chest stopping only to touch one another lovingly. Peacefully, all three of you fell into a deep sleep. When you awoke, you knew it was going to be alone. Yet, you felt the pressure of their bodies before you opened your eyes. This was going to be a trip you were never going to forget!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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