Twelve Months Ch. 01

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Author’s note: This story contains drug use, please do not read if offended.

I let myself in with my new key and found a note on the stair bannister:

“To ‘the new lodger’ 🙂
Make yourself at home, unpack your stuff in your room – we’ll be back for tea time!

So I did exactly that – unpacking took minutes, so I decided to check out the neighbourhood and left a note:

“Gone exploring! Have dinner without me, see you mid evening.”

I had a drink in each of the local village pubs and wandered round the narrow roads of my new home. A small place – two pubs, post office, mini supermarket and a few hundred homes. It was only a 10 minute drive from my new job – perfect!

I returned around 8 – and stood in the hallway I could hear noises from the lounge. The door was open and peering in I saw…

Carly, aged 38, small, curvy, pale freckled skin and shoulder length red hair was laid back on the sofa. I *think* she was completely naked, but much of her body was obscured by her husband Si. He was the same age, tall and athletic – and *was* naked. I watched his bum move as he ground himself into his wife, which caused a stirring in my trousers. I couldn’t see much of her movement, my sight being blocked by Si, but knew she was grinding back at him by the way her legs moved while half wrapped behind his thighs.

I couldn’t see his face – their leg-end was closest to me and the doorway – but I could see hers, over his shoulder. Eyes closed and blissful, they suddenly opened and she saw me. She smiled then whispered in her husband’s ear. His grinding immediately turned into pounding and he was now fucking her, pretty hard. She kept her eyes on me the whole time, first just with a smile but soon with that mouth-open-about-to-cum expression – eyes never leaving mine though. When she started to cum I could tell it was pushing him over the edge too, his thrusts first becoming more powerful, then turning into those few final slow strokes as he pushed as deep as possible, pumping his cum into her. They ground to a halt, panting a little and lay still for a few seconds.

Si then climbed backwards off of Carly and she swung her legs around so she was instantly in a sitting possition, knees two feet apart. Her pussy was ruby red and glistening; I saw the first hint of Si begin the slowly dribble from her lips. They both smiled at me as I dropped my rucksack and moved into the room from the doorway.

“Hi” said Si. Carly opened her legs a little further while smiling at me. I dropped to me knees infront of her, my face an inch from her mound. I smelled her and him together and instantly began to slowly lick her lips, tasting his cum. I probed her with my tongue and in seconds had my mouth clamped over her slit. I felt her muscles contracting once a second and a slow river of stickyness began to exude from her. My cock became rock solid in my trousers as I drank their combined cum directly from her cunt.

This wasn’t the first time, however.

I’d first met this gorgeous couple about a year ago – I’d just gotten out of the one long term relationship of my life which had begun at school and wanted to try new things…. among a number of one night stands I signed up to an adult website. They had just signed up themselves and we wound up being the first and only meetups for each of us. After that first amazing night at my flat we settled into a almost regular schedule of meeting up roughly every fortnight. Always at my place – they’d take the hour-long drive since their daughter still lived at home and I was alone in my flat. Initially they’d drive home at the end of the evening but after 6-7 months they started to stay over and leave in the morning. We’d started to feel pretty comfortable together by rhat point, waking up together with the three of us in the bed just felt…. good.

So my new job coincided with their daughter Sarah moving out to get a place of her own, and when they realised how close they were to my new office Carly joked “you should move into Sarah’s room!” The next time they came to visit Si said that they’d talked and in all seriousness why not? I needed to be closer to the new place anyway… so I put furniture in storage, gave notice on the flat to the landlord – and here I was.

Carly was all cleaned up maybe 10 minutes earlier but I was still buried between her legs, now concentrating on her clit alone. I could feel by her movements, wriggles and writhes, that she was close to orgasm.

And sure enough wirhin minutes she was moaning and my mouth began to flood. She was quite the squirter!

I drank her down and sat back onto my knees and heels. Si had been watching the whole time, semi erect again now and smiling.

“Enjoyed?” he asked.

“Lovely. I hope you saved some for me alone though?” I said as I leaned forward and sideways, into his lap and ran my tongue along the length of his cock. I sat back again and it was smiles all round.

“How about a drink?” I asked.

Carly rose to go into the kitchen then asked Si to dig the champagne out from under the stairs.

“Been saving this since Christmas for something to celebrate!” He said when he returned with bahis firmaları the bottle. Carly brought glasses, we had a long slow snog as she handed me mine. Si opened the bottle and approached me to fill her up. I put my glass on the table and he did likewise with the bottle as I put my arms round his naked body, pulling him close for another slow snog. When we separated he filled my glass and I disappeared to the bathroom. After a pee I realised I was more than a little over dressed, so stripped naked and went back to the lounge.

A bottle of lube and a small wooden box had appeared on the table – Carly was rolling a joint and Si had a small mirror with a pile of powder on it, all of which had obviously come out of the box. He expertly setup 3 lines and proceded to snort one up, gesturing to me with his rolled up note.

I kneeled next to him and leaned over the table. As the powder hit the back of my nose everything seemed a little brighter. I grinned twisted my body sideways, Si did the same and we embraced for another snog which seemed to last for ages.

Suddenly I smelt weed and pulled away. Carly was smoking sat on the sofa, watching us. I grabbed my glass and sat on the sofa next to her.

“How was your day Hun?” She asked. I told her about my exploration of the village while Si setup several more lines, then he joined us on the sofa the other side of Carly as she passed me the joint. I smoked while they told me about their days at work – it could have been an everyday scene in a shared house except for the nakedness!

“I did get one piece of news…” I said.

When we’d decided I was going to take their spare room, we agreed on HIV tests so we could do away with condoms. Carly had her tubes tied for medical reason after their daughter was born so STDs were the only reason for us to take precautions in any configuration of our 3way relationship. They’d been monogamous since they got together at 18 (20 years!) but I’d had an unprotected one night stand back before we hooked up a year earlier, so agreed that only I needed a test.

I stood and grabbed my rucksack, pulled out the letter and sat back down handing it to Carly. She smiled and held it infront of Si who’s face lit up too. “No more condoms!” he started, “mmmm… you know how much I’ve been dying to cum inside you”

“Ha! Wait your turn huney” said Carly.

“Yeah, I think we should make you a creampie first” I said to Si, who’s grin grew wider. He’d never had the pleasure of eating my spunk from his wife’s cunt and I knew the idea drove him wild.

I stood then kneeled in front of the coffee table, snorting a line of coke and tingling all over as a result. I moved back and perched on the edge of the sofa as Carly copied me and took in a line. She was on her knees almost in an all-fours possition (save for the table making her a little upright) and as she was putting the note down I kneeled behind her legs and pressed my solid errection beteeen her cheeks. I felt a hand beteeen her legs as she groped for my cock and quickly guided it into place.

I took hold of her hips as I pressed into her and for the first time felt her clench around me sans-sheath. It felt amazing… she was so slippery, and knowing that part of the reason was Si’s remaining deposit inside her turned me on even more.

She pushed back hard, impaling herself deeply on me. I leaned forward so I was hunched over her body, all the better to kiss her neck. We started to fuck hard in that position, both of us moving our pelvises in rhythm for deepest penetration. I knew this was a favourite position for her, so it only took a few minutes of talking dirty in her ear before she came loudly. I pulled out and moved back to the sofa, saying “tag” to Si (it’d become and in-joke for us). His errection had returned and he wasted no time assuming the stance I’d previously held and using it on Carly.

I watched the two fuck, hunched at the coffee table for a few minutes while I relit and smoker the remainder of the joint. It really was a beautiful sight – they’d been in love and together for 20 years and here I was, now part of this thing they had together. Nobody had said the words but I really did think they were starting to fall in love with me; I definitely was with them.

I knelt alongside Carly and she watched as I inhaled another line from the mirror. I gestured to her with the note and Si dropped his pace so she could use it, before they resumed fucking hard. I stayed there watching their faces for a while – Si was eyes closed a lot of the time but Carly’s gaze didn’t leave my eyes once.

Eventually I smiled and moved off my knees onto my bum, then lied back on the floor, first parallel with them but then swivelled to be at right angles, and slid myself under Carly so my head was about inbetween her knees. Looking up I watched Si’s cock slide in and out of her glistening red lipped slit. I grew harder at the sight, my mouth watered and I propped myself up on one elblow, slinging the other arm up and around her rump so I could pull myself up a little and bury my face in their pelvic union. I lapped at her clit and licked his shaft as he pounded in and out of her, which brought kaçak iddaa moans out of them both. I then concentrated on her clit, still feeling his movement, but determined to bring her to orgasm quickly.

I wasn’t disappointed (nor was she!) as after a few minutes of licking and sucking on her enlarged clit she started moaning deeply, before hearing “God yeah… god… fuck… FUCK!”

I felt her wetness increase then suddenly she was dripping. I drank every last drop before removing myself back to the sofa, watching Si get up and say “Tag” with a smile as he sat next to me. Carly stood and regarded us both, and said “Well boys,that was pretty fucking good…but we still have something to make for Si don’t we?”

I sat back into the sofa and she straddled my thighs lowering herself onto me, my prick easily finding her without guidance. She was so damn wet! I just sat back and let her goto work… she started to grind into me at first, arms around my shoulders, but quickly moved to a bounce. Her legs and knees like levers she started to hammer at my lap, each stroke I nearly came right out of her but every time she pounded back down and I went so, so deep.

I had been staring into her eyes but she now had them closed, her face tight-lipped as she concentrated on her movement. I turned to look at Si who’s attention had been mostly focussed on watching our plevic union – his head craned back as far as it could go against the back of the sofa and alongside mine. We gave each other huge smiles and then he ran one hand across my chest, pinching a nipple as he leaned closer and we kissed.

As always when close to orgasm, I started to picture the scene like an outsider – the 3 of us engaged in this act, this man stroking and kissing me while his wife slammed herself over and over into my lap, the lack of a condom that an outsider wouldn’t be able to see but which I felt clearly, and the knowledge that any time now – for the first time – I’d be emptying my balls deep inside her. Si must have read my mind, as the kissing stopped and his face moved to my ear and he whispered “Like that? Yeah *I* like that… love it when she rides you… later you’re gonna have a ride too… you gonna cum inside her? Fill her with your cum… yeah… cum right inside her so I can lick it out… fuck her… fuck my wife… I must fucking love you to let you cum in my wife…”

I looked her in the eyes, now wide open and couldn’t take any more, and with a moan my balls tightened and I started to shoot my hot stickyness inside her. She ground her mound against me, pushing me deep inside and had her own orgasm – our eyes were locked together, vaguely aware of the look of ecstasy on the rest of her face – but the eyes….

She collapsed into my lap and the 3 of us started giggling. I pushed my pelvis at her a few times, post-ejaculate pushing deep those last few times and our faces met, a three-way snog ensuing.

Now came the tricky part – I wriggled my legs from under her so she was now sat between them on the edge of the sofa, leaning back. I half-stood and sat atop the back of the sofa to get out of the way and she twisted around so she was now sitting properly with her back and hesd between my legs. I climbed out of the way into the void left by Si, as he dropped first to his knees and then turned round, getting between Carly’s legs and clamping his mouth over her pussy. To begin with I couldn’t take my eyes off of what was happening between Carly’s legs, but quickly noticed that Si’s eyes were looking up, along the length of her body, straight into her eyes. Their gazes locked, her face with an expression that was almost awe as she watched him go down on her creampie.

They continued with locked stares as the pie eating became regular oral, and I watched him work his magic on her clit while I topped everyone’s glasses up and rolled a joint.

He stuck with it until she came in his face – her ability to orgasm was always enhanced by coke! – and slumped back on the sofa. I handed them their glasses and they drank while I stood and lit the doob.

“Everyone tired and ready for bed then?” I asked with an innocent face.

“Well, the bed might be a bit more comfortable…” said Si, “but I don’t think there’ll be much sleeping for a while”

So Si grabbed the box from the table along with its contents and left the room. I reached out to Carly and pulled her to her feet. She stood into my arms and whispered in my ear “you can cum in me forever my love” before smiling and going into the kitchen for a second bottle of wine.

I headed upstairs and to their bedroom, carrying my rucksack. It was a big room – en suite in the corner, walk in wardrobe, super king bed and a large dressing table with mirror. Si was sat at the table lining up some more powder. He snorted a line then saw me in the mirror, gestured me over to join him. He stood and I sat in his place alongside where he stood. I bent forward and swept up a line too, then brought my head upright and turned to him. His waist was my head height, his rock hard errection putting my between-rounds-flacid cock to shame and just inches from my face. Perfect…

I leaned forwards just a little and the kaçak bahis tip brushed my lips. I parted them and reached out with my tounge, circling the head and tasting sex. I loved the taste of Carly on Si, and started to suck on him – his lollipop with my favourite flavour.

I’d sucked several cocks in that period of being single before hooking up with these guys, enjoyed every one of them, but Si’s was so… I can’t really explain it. The shape, the taste, the way he moved it while I was down on him… I loved that cock!

I’ve no idea how long had passed, but became aware of Carly sitting on the bed watching us. I stopped and smiled at her. “Isn’t there somewhere else you’d rather put that?” she asked with a cheeky grin. Si first sat then lay on the bed while Carly reached into the bedside table drawer. She pulled out a bottle of lube and passed it to Si, then pulled out a little digital camera. Having smeared a handful over his shaft, Si threw the bottle to me. I smiled and put it on the table after squirting a good amount onto my fingers and rubbing it along my crack.

Carly was pointing the camera at me now, and talking for it’s benefit.

“Take one – my husband fucks our boyfriend”

We all giggled, then I said “if you want a closeup of the first penetration we’d better move things around”. Si read my mind and stood, allowing me to lay down with head on pillow and a couple of pillows under my lower back. He kneeled between my spread legs then lay down ontop of me. We snogged briefly, then he leaned back onto his knees as I brought my legs up an hooked them over his shoulders. I braced myself against the headboard with my arms as he leaned forwards, putting his weight against my under thighs. His rigid cock was laying flat against my perenium and touching the bottom of my balls.

He moved his pelvis back as Carly got her head nearly in between our torsos, the camera in front of her face and pointed at his groin/my bum.

I felt his shaft then tip slide down my perenium until it was resting in my crack. Carly said “And…. action!” which set us all off laughing again.

I was still giggling when Si slowly pushed against me, finding my entrance and opening it. My laughing turned into a low “Arhhhh…” as his end moved inside me, the rounded tip just inside and my muscles now clenched around the shaft. Our first time without a condom, it felt amazing… partly it was psychological I guess, just *knowing* his naked cock was inside me and that eventually he’d be pumping him cum deep inside me – something I’d never experienced before. Our eyes locked and I smiled, suggesting he go deeper. And he did.

There’s nothing like being penetrated, feeling your lover inside you, pushing deep inside. I gasped a little as he went as deep as he could, leaving it there for a few seconds then slowly pulling back until it was nearly out. He then repeated and I gasped again. Those first few strokes while you open up to accommodate him can be so intense! Again and again he repeated until there wasn’t a gasp, just a beautifully intense feeling of being full up and warm. He saw it in my eyes but I said it anway. “I’m ready… fuck me hun”

Another slow stroke turned into a faster one, and faster, until he was pounding against me like I’d seen him do to Carls earlier. She now retreated, the rapid movement resulting in nothing but blurred shakey video. She settled for further down the bed alongside us, where she could clearly see the gap regularly forming between out bodies, visibly exposing Si’s shaft as it appeared outside my body every second or so.

We continued to stare into each other’s eyes while he fucked me. I puckered my lips and blew him a kiss, then closed my eyes and let him do me hard. I felt movement at my side and saw Carly stand and place the camera on the furthest bedside table before she first knelt alongside her husband and kissed him, then lowered herself so she could do the same to me.

I was loving the feeling in my ass but knew I couldn’t hold this possition forever – my arms were starting to ache, pressing against the headboard – and I never cum like this so I dropped my arms and Si backed away. He stood, wiped his penis witha towel and went over to the dressing table. I followed and when he got up I replaced him on the stool. Another glorious line of coke lit-up my senses while Carly refilled out wine glasses. I took one from her and drank while she sat and snorted the powder too.

Meanwhile Si laid back on the bed, applied more lube to himself and put his hands behind his head, with the pillow maybe 2 feet from the headboard. He knew this possition worked for me – I quickly straddled his waist and felt his throbbing meat in my crack again. A few quick wiggles of my hips gave exactly the right angle, and I lowered myself onto his greasy pole, sitting into his lap fully as he went even deeper than earlier and felt him press against my P spot. I groaned loudly and just rested there. Carly adjusted the camera then climbed onto the bed, kneeling alongside me and draping her arms around me. As we kissed I started to raise myself, my knees levering me up and allowing his cock to slowly slide out. It was only a couple of inches before I sat back down onto it and his head pressed into my P spot again. I moved my hips in a circular motion, and the way he rubbed me inside drove me wild! I groaned into Carly’s mouth; knew this wouldn’t take long!

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