Two Bi Men , Me: My Fantasy Comes True

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I walk into the hotel lounge and sit down at the bar. I order a double vodka tonic, I am going to need it! I am extremely nervous and anxious. I am on my 2nd double vodka when you walk in. You look relaxed and comfortable. You come over and give me a gentle hug and kiss, you know I am nervous. We sit and chat and I begin to relax myself, the vodka is hurting! You excuse yourself for a moment, the bar is not too crowded just enough people so that no one person stands out then he walks in!

He is tall, dark and handsome. He walks over to me right away and introduces himself, he takes my hand gently and I realize how big his hands are but they are soft and caring hands. He sits on one side of me and we begin to talk, he seems relaxed but I think he is a little nervous too. He has dark hair and steel gray eyes that sparkle when he smiles. His face is tan and worn from the years in the sun but it is soft to the touch. He is clean-shaven and his hair is short with gray filtering through. He has a wonderful smile. He leans over and nuzzles my neck. He smells great.

You return from the restroom and the two of you shake hands then sit next to me, one on each side. We continue to drink and have good conversation and I flirt with both of you without worrying about making the other one jealous! This is great! We decide to go to the room, so we have more liquor and some finger foods sent up. The room is a suite, it has a spacious living room with a Jacuzzi in the corner with mirrors all around it. There is a large tv, a small kitchen area and a view of the city. The bedroom has one huge king size bed. We all settle in and get comfortable, I am feeling nervous again. You both try to make me comfortable. He leaves the living room and you take my hand to pull me to my feet and you kiss me on the mouth. I kiss you back and start to relax, then I feel his hands on me too, he is rubbing my shoulders and playing with my hair, I tense up but just for a moment. He pulls my hair up from my neck and starts to kiss the back of my neck, I get chills! It feels so good to have 2 men touching me everywhere!

He slowly takes my thin jacket from my shoulders, I am wearing a spaghetti strap tank top, you gaze down at my nipples showing through the thin material. You cup one breast in your hand and gently massage it and twirl the nipple between your fingers. I can feel the hardness of you pressing against my very moist pussy and I can feel his hardness pressing against my ass. You finally step back and push my skirt off of my hips, I am wearing a soft white thong and nothing else, my pussy is nicely shaved on the sides and on the lips. I step out of the skirt and follow you to the bed, you sit on the edge and pull me forward, you bury your face into my pussy, you flick your tongue across my clit, you are going to make me cum quickly!!

He comes up behind me slides his hard cock between my legs, you can lick it and my clit illegal bahis at the same time, what an incredible feeling! He slides his cock back and forth between my legs, getting more and more wet from my juices dripping on him. You know I am getting close, you lay down on your back with your feet touching the floor, then you pull me down and I straddle your awaiting cock. It slides in with no problem, I am so wet right now!! I start to bounce up and down on you, I want to cum so bad! Then he gets behind me and slips his cock into my ass! Oh yes, that is what I want, him and I move in rhythm, you can feel his cock in my ass and it feels so good to be inside of my hot pussy while I am being fucked in the ass. You just lay back and let me move and do what I want, you want me to cum all over you.

I start to bounce more, fuck me harder I tell the man behind me. He starts to pound my ass, this is so great… oh yes, I am cumming all over you now, you feel my juices drip down the shaft of your cock and down to your balls. Once I have slowed down he pulls out of me and goes to the Jacuzzi, I collapse on top of you with your cock still in me. You tickle my back and let me relax and catch my breath, when I slide off of you your cock is so wet from my juices it glistens. I ask him to come back in, he walks in completely naked now with beads of water all over his body. I tell you to move up on the bed, then I start to lick the cum off of your cock and soon he joins in. We take turns licking your shaft and your balls, you love the feel of both of our tongues on you. You want to stroke it but I tell you to put your hands behind your head, just lay there and enjoy the sensations we are giving you.

You are going crazy watching the two of us devour your cock in our mouths. I push your legs up so I can get down lower towards your ass, I start to lick and probe as he continues on your cock. He can tell you are going to cum so we both start going faster, it is driving you crazy not to be able to stroke yourself but we won’t let you. He starts to stroke you and we both take turns sucking on the swollen head of your cock, I let my fingers go to your balls and to your ass, then I slide one finger into your tight little ass and that does it for you, you start to cum. I press just in the right spot and you scream out in pleasure, we share your cum and watching us do that makes you cum again!! I slide my finger in deeper and we suck every last drop out of you, then him and I share a wonderfully deep kiss, we can taste you and me mixed together, then you want some so I lean up and kiss you. You are breathing hard, your cock has sensations running through it that are just incredible.

You and I are pretty exhausted, we decide to get up and go to the Jacuzzi. All 3 of us climb in and relax, drink a little more and have some food. The sun is going down over the city and the view is gorgeous. I am sitting in between the two of you illegal bahis siteleri again. He hasn’t cum yet, so we owe him a little something. I climb out of the tub and go to the bedroom, when I come back he is sitting up on the edge and you are sucking his semi-hard cock. I have grabbed some of my toys. You both turn so you can see me. I place one foot on the ledge so that you can both see my nicely shaved pussy. I spread my lips a part and slide the large dildo in, you both gasp at the sight.

Now you are both sitting on the edge of the tub and you are touching each others cocks. I could cum just watching that. I slide the dildo in and out, it feels so good. I rub my clit a little harder, I am going to cum again. I start to push it is deeper and harder. It glides in and out so smoothing, I am so wet right now. I am getting closer but I need a dick in my ass, I grab a another smaller toy-a vibrator, I slide the big one out of my pussy and then tease my ass with the head of it, I turn the vibrator on. I can see the pre-cum on both of your hard swollen cocks. He bends down and licks on the head of your cock for a moment, but he doesn’t take his eyes off of the dildo at my ass.

Finally I slide it into my nice tight asshole! Oh yeah, that is how I like it. I grind the vibrator on my clit and slide it into my pussy for just a moment and then go back to working on my swollen clit. I’m going to cum, oh yes! I slam the big dildo into my ass harder, my legs are shaking I don’t know how much longer I can stand. You start to cum first and he leans down and lets it pour into his mouth, you jerk on your cock harder, it feels so good to have his warm mouth right there waiting for all of your juices. You cum once more as you slap his cheeks and lips with your wet cock. I am going to cum again, watching that makes me so horny. Now its his turn, he bends you over so you are still facing me, his probes your ass just a little with his tongue to get it ready then he slides the head of his cock in. You feel your cock growing again, you can’t believe you are getting hard again, but the feel of his cock slowing sliding into is such a great feeling.

He is gentle as he holds your hips for balance. It isn’t going to take long for either of you. I re-position myself so my pussy is right in front of your face, you two are standing in the tub, you have one foot propped up on the side, I stand on the small step and you are in the perfect position to lap up my pussy. His rhythm starts to increase, I like watching this. You are stroking your own cock to the rhythm of him sliding in and out of you and he is holding onto your balls.

You are licking my clit, my juices are dripping down my leg, I am still cumming, I don’t think I have stopped. He starts moaning, this pushes you over the edge and you bury your face into me, pushing your tongue deep into me, he pulls out of you and turn to face each other, your cocks canlı bahis siteleri touching and you cum all over each other. I lean over the tub and get my mouth right in between the two of you, I can feel hot cum all over my face, I lick the tips of them and take a hold of them, rubbing the tips of them together mixing the two juices, then I lick the shafts to clean them up. You both have such nice looking cocks, they are warm in my hand and starting to get a little soft, I can feel the muscles constricting. I then stand up and kiss both of you, you can taste your own cum and his plus the taste of me is still on your lips. I lick your chin tasting the last little bit of my own cum. We open a bottle of wine and relax in the tub for awhile, we need some energy for the next round.

I get out of the tub and put on one of the hotels large fluffy robes. I sit down on the oversized couch and turn on the TV. I decide to order up something from the local sex channel. Mmmmm, I found a good movie, there is one woman and 4 men. That would be fun I think to myself! I kick back and start to watch the movie, incredibly I am already getting wet. The two of you can see the TV from the tub and realize what is on. You both smile, you have found a woman who is as horny as you two! The scenes from the movie are making me very horny, I want to touch my clit and make myself cum but I will wait a little. The tingling sensation through out my pussy is wonderful. He comes over to me and pulls the robe free and spreads my legs. He gets down on his knees and starts to tease me, oh I don’t know how much I can take! I want to cum on his face right now, I grab his head and firmly push it closer to my pussy.

He starts to suck on my clit and that is all it takes, I am cumming again all over his face. You are now standing next to us holding your cock. I grind my hips upwards, I want more! He gives me more, waves and waves of pleasure rush through my, it really gets me going having you stand there and watch me. Once I have quieted down a bit he lets my lick the juices from him. He then enters me, his hard cock deep in my pussy. He starts to fuck me slow yet hard, he pulls the head of his cock out and slams it back in. I have my head back just enjoying the rhythm when he slows, I look up and you are standing over him getting ready to fuck his ass while he is fucking my pussy! Oh yes! You slide into him easily, he has been wanting this. It takes only a moment for the two of you to get the rhythm down, he is laying on my chest kissing my neck and talking in my ear, I can look up and see you behind him. You are so hard and his ass is so tight, you are going to cum for me I can see it in your face, he is going to cum too, his body is getting tense you can feel his ass clamp down on your cock. You both start to move faster, there you go, make it feel real good. I am going to cum again, it feels so good, then I feel him shoot his load into my pussy and I hear you say you are cumming at the same time. Oh yes, he is filling me as you fill him. I just can’t get enough of you two! You pull out and lay down on the couch with me and he lays on the couch, we all doze off with smiles on our faces.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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