Two Fridays in one

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“So you don’t want to fuck together with me at the same time…?” Jean asked.

“Sorry.” Michelle shook her head. The busty short-haired brunette with round glasses smiled. “But I’ll give Mona the first go with you. I usually need long foreplays.”

“Fine with me,” Mona said. She was smaller than Michelle, blond, and with long curly hair; fairly average in build, but Jean had been unable to get his eyes away from her butt. However, Michelle suspected it was Mona’s charming manners that had enthralled him.

This was her apartment in one of the top floors of a skyscraper; rain roared outside, wind howled, and it was turning into a storm.

In the brightly lit living room of Mona’s single apartment, the three naked people were sitting on the spare bed in middle of the room.

It was eight o’clock in the evening in Fridays, and since Mona was Michelle’s neighbour, she knew it was going to be loud moans through paper-thin walls all the way to wee hours… not that it mattered, because usually, Michelle did the same thing all through the weekend and in Monday evenings too. This particular Friday, they just happened to pick the same bar and got inspired to pick the same guy, this tall, somewhat lanky but still a bit muscular blonde man.

Jean smiled. “Tell you what. I’ll fuck Mona first, you can watch, and if you still feel you need a really long foreplay, you can get it.”

Michelle smiled as she sat down on the couch. “Sounds fine.”

“I’m such a cat beast,” Mona said. “God, I don’t need much foreplay. Gimme some cock!” She giggled as she lay down on the spare bed, legs spread and inviting grin spreading on her face.

“Uh… and you’re sure you both want to do it without condoms?” Jean asked.

“Yeah!” the women said in unison.

“Okay then… a rare treat,” Jean said.

“Come on now,” Mona said.

Jean slowly crawled atop Mona. He licked Mona’s right breast for a few moments and fondled the left one, and Mona got to the right mood immediately; she breathed slow at first… then faster… then faster. Michelle swallowed a bit as she saw Mona’s stomach rise and fall faster and faster under Jean as she breathed heavily. “Oh, Jean,” Mona sighed.

Without further words, Jean stood up, kneeling behind Mona. He easily guided his cock to Mona’s pussy and let it slide in.

Oh dear, Mona really wants it, Michelle thought. And who can blame her?

Mona sighed deep as Jean slid in her effortlessly, giving him a quick smile before closing her eyes. As Jean began thrusting, she breathed slowly, trying her best to move her hips along with Jean’s moves, but soon she gave up and just elected to drowsily, yet nimbly, stretch on the spare bed, grabbing a good grip of the bahis firmaları bedsheets as Jean poked her.

“Oh, damn, Jean… Oh yeah… Oh yeah…” Mona moaned, inspiring Michelle to swallow a bit again.

Barely half a minute later, Mona grasped the bedsheets even harder and trashed about, letting out a really, really loud scream. “Oh my God, oh yeah! Fuck me h…” she paused mid-sentence and shivered visibly. After a few seconds, all she did was a long sigh of ecstasy.

Seconds later, Jean pushed hard in Mona and let out a roar that lasted for a good second. He gasped a few times and took a couple of good breaths.

Jean slid himself off of Mona, and closed her in embrace, closing in for a French kiss. Mona kissed Jean for a long, slowly passing minutes, fondling Jean’s cock.

“S…sorry I came so soon,” Jean said finally after Mona broke off of the kiss. “I don’t get to fuck damn hot girls too often without condom, you know.”

“Please fuck me again now,” Mona said. “Take me to the heaven…”

Jean lay atop Mona and kissed her again. “Would love to.” He turned to Michelle. “Or are you in rush, Michelle?”

Michelle crouched her back and leant against her hands, tapping her feet. “Oh, I’m in no hurry. I sure can wait.” She gave Jean a big smile.

When Mona felt Jean was getting hard again, she nimbly got on all fours. Jean smiled and got up, gently brushing and fondling Mona’s round rear for a while. “D’you get multiple orgasms often, Mona?” he asked.

“Oh, all the time – Mmh,” Mona said as Jean pushed himself in her again. “Usually depends on how dry the guy is.”

“How dry?” Jean said as he began humping Mona at a fairly normal speed.

“I get more of them toward the midnight, usually… Ooh yeah…” She bit her teeth together and squeezed her eyes closed as Jean picked up speed again.

“Ooh yeah… Oooh yeah…” Jean groaned, humping faster and faster, not sparing much of excitement for later.

“Oh God! Mmmmmmh!” Mona screamed again, four minutes later.

Then she screamed again, and again, as Jean kept fucking her.

“Oh God!… Oh my fucking God!… Oh!…” Mona screamed. “Please fuck me har- MMMMF!”

“Owwww!” Jean said. “I could feel that one really well!”

“Whatever… ohh… whatever you do, don’t stop,” Mona mumbled with weaker voice. “Mmmmmf. MMMF! Ooooooh…”

Biting her lip, Michelle looked at the clock. Sixteen minutes. Jean was keeping it well inside him… and Mona sure didn’t mind.

Nor would I, Michelle thought.

“Yeaaah! Fuck me harder, Jean! Ooooh!” Mona screamed again.

“I’m trying to… Ohh yeah, I’m trying to…” Jean said, and then picked up speed, teeth heavily clenched and bared.

“Harder!” kaçak iddaa Mona screamed, her voice high-pitched, almost unintelligible. “Oh God harder!”

“Mmmmmmmmmmf!” Jean said he rammed himself deep in her once more, arcing back and gaze to the roof. He let his shoulders sag and head fall to his chest as he firmly pushed his cock in Mona. He gently rocked along with Mona and sighed deep.

“You’re a wonderful guy on the second round,” Mona said. “And I guess Michelle will find out just how good you’re on the third round.”

“Twenty minutes. Damn!” Jean said. “How many orgasms did you get?”

Mona grins. “Who’s counting? I sure wasn’t, after the first quarter hour.” Mona sat up. “Eww, I’ll go wash the sperm away.”

“You don’t want to watch us fuck?” Jean asked.

“Oh, judging how slow you did this time, I’m sure I’ll have time for a quick shower,” Mona said and left to the bathroom.

“So, did that get you hot?” Jean asked, turning to Michelle.

Michelle smiled. “Yeah, you got me pretty hot. Anyone who can make a gal scream like that has to be good.”

Michelle came close to Jean and gave him a small kiss, then closed him into a hug as she sat down on his lap. She started gently working on Jean’s cock as she kissed him deeply and long.

After a few long and dreamy kisses, Jean was hard again – that was fast, Michelle thought, Mona’s still in shower. She took a good hold of Jean’s shoulders as she spun about and raised herself to take a good embrace on Jean, guiding his manhood inside her as she lowered herself to the lotus position.

“God I love this position,” Jean whispered. “No matter how dry I am, I may come pretty soon.”

“And why is that?” Michelle said.

“This is so… mmm, intimate…” Jean said as Michelle kissed him. “Sitting face to face with a really gorgeous woman with a huge rack.”

“Well, I really love this position too,” Michelle said. “Really drives a… mmm, guy deep in me.”

Michelle closed Jean in a deep French kiss as she began working, Jean’s hands soon finding themselves on Michelle’s hips as she gently bounced up and down slowly.

An unbreakable kiss in the moment when excitement built up slowly.

Michelle bounced forth, her breasts brushing against Jean’s chest and impaling herself on his rock-hard cock over and over again, her passion growing fast. Jean seemed dreamier and dreamier when she kissed him; he looked exhausted, but still quite passionate.

She rode toward the storm clouds, excitement and electricity building in her. Jean was dry, but clearly excited; his grasps and mumbles encouraged her to get faster and faster.

When the first orgasm hit her ten minutes later, she twitched kaçak bahis thorough, and clasped on Jean harder, but never missed a beat… not a sudden shock of an orgasm as usual, more like a dreamy, tingly bit of bliss. Still kissing hard, she rode on, unfazed. She could barely hear Mona coming back from the shower and sitting on the couch.

“You guys are loud,” Mona said.

Michelle rode faster, Jean’s fingers sweet and gentle on her rocking and riding loins. She was in heavens, getting higher and higher, and then she reached another peak. Good, hard shock, millions of little stars in her mind; a massive wave of bliss that seemed to come seconds ahead of the gigantic contractions of her pussy. Or maybe it was just her mind…

Minutes went by faster and faster. Another shock of an orgasm, now hard enough to make her get out of the kiss. “Oohhh!” Michelle screamed, her confused shout not doing much justice to the bliss she was in. Jean took the opportunity to bow his head down, kissing Michelle’s neck instead.

Rain was pouring outside. That was as far as Michelle knew of the outside world. I’m in heavens, getting singed by thunder clouds. Jean is in heavens with me. Mona is sitting near and giggling, I guess. Another HUGE jolt coming my way, argh, ooh, wow…

Michelle was sort of brought back to real world by Mona, who was laughing. “Sorry,” Michelle heard Mona say, “You sound funny when you’re getting it, Michelle.”

Michelle carried on. Minutes passed. Quick look at the clock – half a hour already. She picked up speed. Faster, faster, faster… more orgasms. Blissful skies. Happy skies. She could hear herself screaming in bliss each time a new wave hit her.

“Oooogggghhhh!” Jean uttered. Michelle felt Jean’s rock-hard cock throb hard in her, and she let it slide deep in her one last time… sweet, hard cock in her, her own orgasmic throbs often coinciding with Jean’s huge throbs. She again closed Jean in a French kiss as she gently rolled her hips to savour the blissful feeling of having a hard, so hard, throbbing cock in her. Michelle grinned a little bit to herself at the satisfying wet sound as she felt the cock move slowly in her – this must have been a huge cum shot, she thought.

“Did you like it?” Jean asked as they soon returned to Earth.

“Oh damn yes,” Michelle said.

“Did you count your orgasms?” Jean asked.

“No, I guess that was pretty impossible too,” Michelle said.

“A full half a hour. And I never noticed,” Jean said.

“What was so funny about my moans, Mona?” Michelle asked.

“Nothing, they just were funny…” Mona giggled. “Definitely not just ‘ooh, ooh’.”

“Well, if you say so.”

“Yeah, and we’ve still got, like, four hours to go,” Mona said. “The evening is still young…”

“Seriously?” Jean said.

“Sure!” the women said, in unison. “My turn to get lap-fucked, Jean!” Mona said. The women smiled at each other and then to Jean.

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