Two Men for Ellen

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I met Ellen at a sex club on a weeknight. It was a night when single men were allowed in without the accompaniment of women.

It was a slow night but surprisingly there were about an equal amount of women as there were men. It was a big cavernous place with lots of open space and several theme rooms.

I spoke to a guy on the upper level of the maze room which normally had a lot of activity but tonight we were the only ones there. There was a couple of glory holes on the upper area, and a walkway leading below to a split level were beds were recessed and a king sized bed was in the open. You could stand almost anonymously on the landing where we were and put your cock in the glory hole and someone could go below and stand and give you a blow job. He was short, with a lot of body hair, and balding. He said he was a truck driver. He comically stated what I already knew.

“If I can’t get a broad” he said, “then I let one of the queers suck me off”

He looked me up and down slowly then asked “You queer?”

I left without comment and went to the Jacuzzi where I met Ellen. She was a beautiful blond, tall and voluptuous. She seemed to be beaming a coquettish smile towards me. I sat down next to her in the hot tub. We had a lively and animated conversation. I could intuit that she came for the same reasons I did, we were both horny and went there to get laid and connect with someone.

After a few minutes of conversation she invited me up to the couple’s only room. The keys were only given to the women, men were not supposed to enter without women and orgies were frequently held there. It was divided into two large rooms. We lay down in front of the fireplace in the first room. The floors were covered with king sized mattresses with just enough room to walk around. We were both naked.

I decided I would play it slow and hold out for a while as I could tell she was eager to get it on with me sexually and I thought it could be more tantalizingly exciting to wait maybe until she could plead for me to have sex with her. We held a non sexual conversation for a few minutes, and then she interrupted me.

“Look up” she said, our nude bodies were reflected in the mirrored ceiling. At that point our conversation ended and we began kissing and embracing each other.

We fondled one another. I gave her light kisses all over her body and went down on her.

She was a moaner and a screamer. Her moans and screams matched that of another woman in the adjoining room who it turned out was a regular and liked to get it on with at least 12 different men a night, all sequentially.

We fucked several times that night and her orgasms seemed to match my number of times cumming. The screaming was very arousing to my male ego and to keeping my cock hard repeatedly.

She asked for a ride home as it turned out we lived near one another. She said that she walked over from her job, working late, illegal bahis as a lawyer in the DA’s office which was just around the corner.

We went to my house where we had sex seemingly repeatedly until the middle of the next afternoon. She called in sick. I was between jobs at the time.

“Sex with you is the best I ever had, bar none”, she said. That was a boost to my ego but I thought it was only very good not really great but frequent and she could get my dick up easily with her ferocious appetite for sex and especially her primal sexual screams of delight and ecstasy.

“Sometimes I like to get with other women and get naked and kiss and cuddle”, she coyly and almost embarrassingly said.

“That’s great” I said, “I find that very erotic and arousing”.

She seemed relieved by my words as if a deep regrettable secret had been liberated and lifted from her.

That first weekend together with her we went to a nearby town to visit a married couple who were her friends. Her friend was a very conservative and prim and proper to the point of severity and dowdiness, a brunette and yet very attractive. She was a psychologist and her nerdy husband, whom I had met a couple of days earlier, was conveniently and to my relief and delight out of town. Ellen had shown me some photos of her woman friend and her together naked and in various positions which I found arousing. When her friend had left the room after dinner we went into the living room and sat in front of the fireplace. We had not discussed any plans to have three way sex and I had no premeditation nor intention of having sex with her. It was just supposed to be a dinner and a visit. But it was difficult for me to go very long without having sex with Ellen.

I began some tactile feeling up of her and we soon found ourselves cannodling. Her friend walked into the room and Ellen extended her hand to her and she joined in. The women began kissing and started undressing each other. I joined into some three way kissing and nipple sucking and Ellen went between her legs as her friend was on her back and I made out with her and sucked her tits.

“You’ve got to try him; he’s the best fuck I ever had”. Ellen rose up so that I could take her friend in the missionary position.

Her friend rolled over on top of me abruptly and rose up and impaled herself on me and my hard cock while Ellen went down on her and I went down on Ellen in the 69 position. Shortly afterwards we all got dressed and she walked us to the door and extended her hand for a proper handshake. Her friend seemed weirdly coy but more exaggerated so than Ellen. Cool to the point of frigidity for appearances but with a lusty seething passion for sex.

“There’s a great spa about a two hour drive from here where we can go naked the whole time we’re there and fuck the whole weekend” Ellen said.

“Sounds good to me we can leave next Friday night and come back Sunday night illegal bahis siteleri if that’s good for you” I said.

We got there after dark and checked into our cabin. It was in a convenient location near the outdoor tubs with a king sized bed in it. We walked around naked and went into one of several Victorian tubs lit up with candles and indoors. It was a shabby chic place with a lot of property in acreage and natural hot springs. The only one heated was a large covered hot tub. There were lots of old buildings more than a century old and a main building with a lobby and a communal kitchen. There were camping areas, vegetable and ornamental gardens and a communal sleeping area. It was a relaxing funky place.

The next day we partook of the healing waters. We spent our time going into the main hot tub, the cooler runoff tubs and the sauna. All of these facilities were conveniently located near our cabin.

“Do you want to fuck him”, I said as I noticed Ellen looking lasciviously at a guy near the outdoor tubs near where we were sitting.

“He has a really nice ass and dick”, she said.

She seemed hesitant and too shy to continue the conversation and the pursuit.

“I’ll ask him to our cabin if you like”, I said.

“All right, we can see what happens” she said lightly.

He was my physical opposite. He was short, thin, dark, swarthy, and his cock was about three inches longer than mine at about ten inches. I’m tall, blond and muscular.

“My girl friend thinks you have a nice ass and dick”, I said to him as I slid into the outdoor tub alone with him.

“She’s gorgeous”, he said.

“Would you like to join us in our cabin?” I said.

“Thanks for the invitation, I’d love to” he said.

We both got out of the tub with semi erections and walked over to Ellen. She had modestly put on a towel that she wrapped around sarong style.

“This is Ellen” I said.

“You can call me George, and I’m happy to meet you” he said.

“Let’s go to our cabin and continue this conversation” I suggested.

We walked over the few steps to the nearby cabin.

I opened the door and laid down in the bed, Ellen followed me and lay down beside me.

“Please, lay down next to Ellen” I said, as he seemed a little reticent to follow us into the bed. The bed took up most of the room.

I began planting some soft kisses round Ellen’s shoulder and her face and running my hands over the towel and up her legs and thighs.

I unwrapped and removed her towel and threw it off the bed.

I began kissing and licking her nipples and running my hand down her crotch. I felt her pussy and it was juicy and hot.

“Why don’t you join us, that other nipple seems to need attention” I said.

His large cock was already hard before he put his mouth on her nipples.

We both played with her hot juicy pussy with our hands, our fingers touching.

Ellen canlı bahis siteleri took both of our cocks in her hands and rubbed the cockheads together which felt electrifying.

“You’ll have to put a condom on George before I’ll fuck him”, she said.

This was new to both of us. I never put a condom on a guy and she never had two guys at the same time.

“That’s fine with me, sounds titillating to me no pun intended”, he said. George was polite almost to the point of temerity.

I took his large cock in my hands and slowly stroked it though he didn’t need any more stimulation as he was rock hard already but I was enjoying the feel of his cock in my hands.

I put some personal lubrication and smeared over his already well lubricated, precum cockhead and lingered a few more seconds. He seemed to be enjoying my ministrations to his cock.

I opened up a Max condom while I still had a hand on that beautiful cock of his.

I found myself getting turned on by him maybe more than her or maybe it was just the mix.

I slowly slid the condom over that large tool and began stroking him some more.

They were kissing and he was thrashing about above her at that point and I took his cock and guided him in.

His cock felt so good in my hands that I continued holding it as they fucked missionary style and I began jerking him off in her.

We were both kissing Ellen at the same time. It was an incredibly sensuous mix our tongues mingling together.

Her legs were wrapped around his waist and she was embracing him.

My hard cock was pressed between them. My hand was jerking his cock and my other hand holding his heavy balls.

When she began her screaming orgasm I felt his cock jerking in my hands.

He was a huge cummer. I could feel his spasms.

A few seconds later I took out his cock and he had filled up that condom with his jism.

When it was my turn Ellen was in heat for me and we fucked like mink.

“I never saw anybody fuck in such heat, it seemed like a religious enlightenment, like I trespassed on sacred grounds. That had to be the all-time best fuck I could ever have. Nothing, it seems could top that”, George commented. He was well spoken and verbose. He thanked us profusely and left. I had wanted to see if we could top that with some highly charged bi sex play, but decided to leave well enough alone.

In about the two week period we had known each other, and the incredible number of times we fucked in that time frame, I had never seen her so turned on and in such rabid heat.

That was the only time we had an mmf. Ellen said shortly after George had left that she wanted to have sexual exclusivity, and wanted to have my children. I humored her and later that night stupidly said “Id like to mate with you”, instead of “Let’s fuck” It just seemed more polite and civil at the moment. She took that as a proposal of marriage. I was fortunate that she was the first to break the vow of sexual exclusivity within a couple of weeks. She was highly materialistic and wanted much more in a relationship than I did. I simply cherish her memory and the lascivious good times we had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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