Two Thighs Ch. 11

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Chapter 11 The Auction of the Sex Dolls

The big day had finally come. The two couples travelled had decided to drive separately in their own cars to leave open the possibility that one couple would quit before the other. Their hosts also them that, if they stayed for the entire evening, each couple would be given a room where they could sleep and recover overnight after the party was over.

Both cars arrived in tandem at the appointed time at a large mansion that was about two hours’ drive from where they lived. They were given specific instructions to drive to the far side of the house to separate entrance from the one that the guest couples would be using.

John greeted them on their arrival. “We got a room set aside for you until the auction begins where you can get ready,” John explained while leading them to the room near the back entrance. “Our guests are already here. They are eager to start. Then he added, “I’m so happy the two of you agreed to do away without any special stipulations. Our members are going to fall all over themselves to rent you,” he said excitedly.

“Rent us?” Nora said questioningly.

“Technically, you’re not being sold because you still have full control over your own bodies no matter what happens. It’s more accurate to say you’re renting yourselves out. Susan and I are, I guess you can say, your real estate agents,” John explained. “Our guests will be bidding to rent your bodies from you and your husbands.” He smiled. They’ll occupy your premises until they vacate, returning your property to you in a better state than it was before.”

“How many couples are you expecting?” Aiko asked.

“Well, we have about 50 couples in our organization…”

“Fifty!” Nora almost shouted.

Susan started laughing, “They won’t all be here. We only have room for a maximum of 20 couples, including you and us. To be fair to all our members, every couple who attended last year’s event is disqualified from this year’s event. Still, we had 28 couples who wanted to participate. We selected 15 of them through a lottery. It’s another reason why this event is so special. Any given couple can attend our annual event roughly only once every three to four years.”

“For the record,” Susan said, “even though we host this event every year, we follow the same rules as everyone else. So that you know, John and I are also disqualified from actual participation in the official portion of the event.”

She paused to give Aiko and Nora a chance to asked questions. Hearing none, Susan continued.

“Bids are made by couples as couples. You can identify their pairings by the matching letters on their necklaces. The couples who won the initial lottery were informed in advance so that they could talk among themselves, make agreements to pool resources and determine how they would share you, if that is what they want to do. We told them a little about you two but nothing that would allow them to identify you. They are also quite aware that the higher the amount they bid for you, the greater is your incentive to submit to their desires. We also told them there were no special stipulations. And let me tell you, that really perked their interest!”

Then John spoke up. “Gerald, Ryan, as compensation for sharing your wives with our club members, you, out honoured guests, may have access to any of our female guests. Our male members,” he laughed at his own pun, “and their wives have agreed to this condition.”

“But before we take you two ladies to the main room,” John added, “we should settle the matter of pseudonyms and safe words,” Susan reminded John.

“Susan and I will be the only ones using our real names,” John explained. “Our guests are all members of our club. We know each other,” he said placing an emphasis on ‘know’ and then winking at the two guest couples. Pseudonyms are pointless for the two of us. However, we have to protect your privacy and theirs. They should not know your real names, and they will not use their real names.”

“So, what pseudonym would you like to go under?” Susan asked Aiko.

Gerald laughed and said, “Any Man.”

“You’re such an asshole,” Aiko said in mock-disgust.

“Call me Manko,” she said. “It was the name I used the first time we went to a swingers’ club.”

Gerald chuckled while Nora looked at her questioningly.

“It’s a Japanese word,” Aiko explained and then smiled. “It means cunt.”

Gerald laughed. “My pseudonym will be Pimmel. It means cock in German.”

Susan and John smiled. “I see you guys have a naughty sense of humour,” John said.

“So, Manko, what’s your safe word?” Susan asked. “Don’t forget. It has to be something that you would never say by accident.”

“In that case, its ‘Theodelinda’,” Aiko said. “She was queen of the Lombards for 35 years during the Dark Ages,” she added as an explanation.

“Aiko think she’s the queen of lumbars,” Gerald interjected laughing.

“Very arcane of you, Aiko,” Susan said, ignoring Gerald. “And what about you, Nora?” Susan asked.

“Roan will be my pseudonym,” ataköy anal yapan escort Nora suggested. “It’s an anagram, the letters of my name re-arranged.”

“It’s also a colour used to describe a horse,” Aiko pointed out. “it’s a good choice,” she added laughing loudly, “because you’re about to go on the ride of your life. Don’t let any,” she snorted like a horse, “neigh-sayers tell you otherwise. You’ve got a stable full of studs out there ready and willing to mount you and take you for a ride.”

“Enough already!” Nora cried, blushing. “Anyway, my safe word is ‘kitchen’ because nothing puts a damper on my mood for sex than domestic chores.”

“And your pseudonym?” Susan asked Ryan.

“Well, following Nora’s example. I’ll use an anagram too. Call me Yarn.”

Nora said smiling. “You’re always telling me sports stories I don’t want to hear.”

“Okay,” Susan said, “you guys get out of here. These ladies need to get ready.”

“Just one more thing before we go,” John said. “You already know what using a safe word will do. I want to make sure you understand that, if your husbands stop or say no to what’s going on, it has exactly the same impact as you using your safe words. As you know, it means you default on the monetary incentive raised at the auction. If one of you quits and the other lasts the whole evening, the one who lasts will receive an extra prorated amounted based on how long the quitter was a sex doll.”

John turned his attention to the two men. “There’s nothing here for you two gentlemen to do at this point to do. You might as well join the others and help yourselves to the buffet. Your ladies will stay here for now. My wife will help them get ready.”

Then all three men left.

Once the door closed on the men, Susan said, “It’s very simple, ladies. Strip, except for your wedding rings. Some men love the idea of using the body of someone else’s wife for their carnal pleasure. The ring reminds them that you belong to someone else.”

Susan pointed at a closet. “Select a kimono. The colour is your choice. You can keep the kimono as a souvenir of your evening with us.”

Aiko stripped until she was nude. She opened the door and saw a large number of kimonos in a wide range of colours. She pulled out a bright red one.

“That’s perfect,” Susan said.

Susan looked Nora over and said, “If I may make a suggestion, try metallic yellow.”

Nora was about to put it on when Susan said, “Oh no, no, dear, the bra and the panties have got to go. Put them in the drawer please. There’s an empty one in the closet for each of you to put your things in. If you stay the night, we will ensure they are brought to your room.”

“Yeah, Nora, this is no panty party here,” Aiko teased. “Everybody is going to see you in all your gorgeous glory. So, you might as well flash it.”

Nora blushed both at the compliment and the thought of herself as a flasher. Nevertheless, although shy about public nudity, she complied.

Susan smiled at the banter and then said, “The other thing you two are going to wearing is a collar. It’s intended more to remind you two of your special status as sex dolls. You can remove them at midnight.”

Susan then opened another drawer which held a large number of pink collars, each with a different letter on them. Susan put the one which had a ‘T’ on it around Aiko’s neck and put the collar with the ‘K’ around Nora’s neck.

“The letters will remind your paramours what the first letter of your safe word is,” Susan remarked.

About 15 minutes later, there was a rap on the door. “Are they ready?” John inquired.

“Yes,” she told her husband and guided them to the main room.

* * *

Meanwhile, Gerald and Ryan took seats waiting for the auction to begin. They had taken the opportunity to scope out the female guests to see who their evening’s potential lovers could be.

Gerald didn’t recognize anybody but then again, it had been five years since they were last here. That night had been a sexual blur. ‘No doubt, there’s been some turnover in membership,’ he mused, ‘or the people we met then lost out on the lottery this time, or they were not qualified to participate, or they might look different due to different hairstyles or makeup.’ The truth was that he could not remember the men’s faces because he had been entirely focussed on women having sex with the women.

Ryan nudged Gerald in the ribs, taking him out of his reverie.

“What?” his friend asked.

“There are some black couples here,” Ryan said.

“So what?” Gerald replied. You got a problem with that? You knew everyone here would be strangers. No one ever mentioned skin colour. Their main criteria are wealth, discretion and adherence to club rules.”

“No, it’s not that,” Ryan said. “It’s just unexpected, I guess.”

Gerald laughed. “This whole night is going to be a night of the unexpected. As for those black guys, from the snippets I overheard, they’re prominent athletes. As you know, they can earn ataköy bdsm escort a lot of money. So, you had better get used to the idea that your wife is about to become a slut for them.”

Gerald’s jarring description of his own sweet suburban wife slut for a room full of strangers, including big black ones among them, caused Ryan’s cock to harden rapidly. ‘It’s true,’ he thought. ‘My Nora is about to become my slut wife.’

“But wouldn’t they be worried about being recognized?”

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they made some small alterations to make themselves look different,” Gerald said, “like actors do.”

At this point, John walked onto the stage. A minute later, Susan came out of the side room followed by Aiko and Nora in their kimonos.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” John announced, “welcome to the auction. Everyone knows our general rules. So, I’m not going to waste time repeating them. You have also been told about the conditions of the auction, So, I’m not going to repeat those here either. Now, let me introduce you to our two sex toys and their husbands.”

John pulled on Aiko’s elbow and urged her to his left side.

“This is Manko. She is of Japanese descent, middle-aged, and an experienced swinger.”

“Manko, tell everyone your safe word,” John said.

“Theodelinda,” she announced.

Pointing at Gerald, John, added. “Pimmel, could you please raise your arm please?”

Gerald did.

“Ladies and gentlemen, that’s Manko’s husband,” John announced.

He then took Nora’s arm and pulled her to stand on his right side.

“This is Roan,” John announced. Then pointing toward Ryan, he said, “Raise your arm, Yarn, so that everyone can see who her husband is.”

Ryan did, knowing that he was about to allow his wife to be used for the satisfaction of other men’s wanton lusts. He felt extremely nervous. He couldn’t imagine what his wife must be feeling.

Gerald seemed to read his thoughts when he whispered to him, “Calm down, Ryan. Nobody’s going to hurt anybody here. We both know that we brought our wives here to share them with strangers. There were no stipulations about race. We both want to give our wives the excitement and pleasure of having men who are new, different and eager. It’s good for our wives’ egos to know they can attract and have other men and still come back to the husbands who love them.”

Gerald paused for a moment. Ryan said nothing.

“Look at it this way,” Gerald continued. “We want these guys to envy us our wives by letting them experience for one evening what we can have whenever we want to at home. Besides, if you look at their wives, they are also quite beautiful. Our job is to make our lovers experience for one evening what our wives can have whenever they want to. Yes, their husbands will mate with our wives, but we will mate with theirs.”

Gerald lightly poked Ryan with his elbow. “Ultimately, we’ll benefit at home, if you know what I mean.”

The two friends returned their attention to what John was saying.

“Now that everyone is here,” John Announced, “let me remind you about the special rules for tonight’s event. I’m repeating them here for our guests’ sake in front of you so that everyone is on the same page. Firstly, the sex dolls can stop whatever is occurring at any time by using their safe words. In that case, you must stop immediately.” John enunciated the last four words slowly and clearly to emphasize them.

He paused to let those words register.

“Secondly, their husbands, Pimmel and Yarn, can also stop the proceedings at any time. In such a case, you must stop immediately.” Again, the last four words were enunciated slowly and clearly.

“The sex dolls and their husbands are aware that stopping the proceedings means they lose the money raised in the auction,” John explained. “So, if you want the sex toys and their husbands to cooperate, you have to incentivize them to last out the evening by offering high bids for them while making sure they have a night of sex they’ll never forget. They also know,” John continued, “that if one of them quits, the sex doll who sticks it out to the end will receive a prorated bonus equivalent to the time that the quitter spent as a sex doll.”

“I still think you’re going to quit before I do,” Aiko whispered to Nora around John’s back.

“You wish!” Nora replied.

John turned briefly to both ladies and then faced the audience. “Ladies and gentlemen, you might have noticed the by-play behind my back. They may be friends but they’re also very competitive. That works to your advantage.”

John looked at his watch. “It’s just after 7:15. We’re on schedule. As we want the party to start by 8:00, let’s begin the auction. There should be enough time afterward for club members to make last-minute deals among themselves.”

The two sex doll wives were listening. Despite being an experienced swinger, Aiko felt butterflies in her stomach and throbbing between her legs knowing that 20 pairs of strangers were visually examining 1 her body and an unknown number of them would likely fill her vacancy.

Nora, on the other hand, felt her body go weak with both apprehension and anticipation. She could feel her palms become sweaty and her mouth go dry. Her pussy leaked.

John turned to Aiko. “As you can see, Manko has an outstanding… Oops,” John said interrupting himself, “you can’t see. She’s wearing a kimono. Let me take care of that.”

John untied the sash around Aiko’s waist to let the kimono fall open.

“As you can see,” John resumed, holding one of the flaps open, “she has what I would call a luscious figure with endless curves, beautiful legs. She is a very exotic-looking Asian and has completely shaved her pussy.”

Aiko made no attempt to cover her immodesty but the knowledge that she was exhibiting herself to 34 people, 15 guest couples, Susan and John, as well as Gerald and Ryan, who were no doubt, lustfully examining her, added to her state of arousal.

John turned his attention to Nora. “This sweet young thing is Roan,” John said. “She is a relative newcomer to swinging scene. Her experience so far has only been within her own small swinging group of four couples. So, this will be her first time as a sex doll.”

John undid her sash. The kimono fell open, exposing the front of her body to the spectators. Again John, held one flap open so that the audience could see more of her body.

* * *

A flash of embarrassment shot through Nora’s mind. She blushed. Except for Aiko, she was the only exposed person in a room full of mostly strangers. She had the momentary urge to cover herself. She glanced at Aiko and saw her friend steadfastly display her charms to their audience. Not wanting to be outdone even before the auction had begun, Nora reminded herself why she had come here in the first place.

She admitted to herself that she wanted to know what it felt like to throw aside all conventional restraints tin the pursuit of total sexual freedom. Paradoxically, she wanted to express this freedom by submitting herself to the carnal lusts of other men. For one evening, she wanted to play the whore who offered her body to strangers in exchange for money. This was her chance to let her sexuality run riot, to let loose the animal inside her.

Thoughts of hard male bodies taking her for their pleasure, mating with her, using and filling her birth canal sperm, all with her husband’s acquiescence and even encouragement aroused to the point where the trickle of female moisture between her legs turned into a gush. She felt the tingling in her crotch turn into a throbbing ache as blood rushed her labia making them swell in eager anticipation of hard cocks pumping into her and attempting to reach her cervix.

Nora was comforted by the knowledge that her husband was proud of her and wanted to show her off. Tonight, he wanted other men to get a taste of what he could have whenever he wanted. She steeled herself to become her husband’s hot wife and she wanted to prove that she could be just as good a slut as Aiko.

John was talking again. It brought Nora out of her reverie.

* * *

“Before we begin the bidding, you have ten minutes to inspect the merchandise,” John announced. “But no touching,” he added. “If you want to touch them, you have to buy them first.”

To make it easier for the inspection to take place, he pulled the kimonos off the sex dolls’ shoulders, causing them to fall and pool at their feet.

Susan picked them up. “If you last the evening, and stay overnight, I’ll put your kimonos and your clothes in your rooms,” she informed them, “provided, of course, you don’t chicken out before the party ends.”

As the only completely naked people in the room, Aiko and Nora were very much at the centre of everyone else’s attention. They almost expected the hands of their potential buyers to explore every curve and every crevice of their bodies. They wished that they would, but nobody did. The two women sighed. Their bodies trembled with the thought that they would soon rent out their bodies to new tenants would ensure that there would be no vacancies. They were being teased without being touched. Ten minutes seemed to take forever.

Finally, John called time. He asked for bids. Because the actual number of bidding couples was quite small, the bidding, which looked more like a negotiation, and occurred for both woman at the same time, was rapidly concluded.

When it was over, Aiko realized that she had been auctioned off for a sum equal to more than a month’s salary and, as she had predicted, Nora had been auctioned off for an even higher price, but only barely so.

“Wait here for a minute,” John told the sex dolls. “I have to make sure the two rooms assigned to the winning bidders are ready.”

* * *

John returned about five minutes later. “Okay, ladies,” he said, “I’ll take you to the rooms assigned to the winning bidders.”

Turning to their husbands, John said, “Pimmel, Yarn, please accompany your wives, at least for now. You can stay with your wife. You can watch, participate, or both if you want to, although, let me remind you, that all the women here are available for your pleasure. For your information, the room you’re in now is the main room and can be used by anyone who is not otherwise busy in the bidders’ rooms.”

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