Two Wives Are Better…

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Two Wives Are Better Than One!

Jennifer was my new boss at the office and I was her assistant. I was nineteen at the time and left over from Jennifer’s predecessor when the company fired her and hired Jen. I really had expected that Jen would hire someone to replace me, but she didn’t and we soon became great friends. Over the next year and a half Jen and her husband, Doug, invited me over to their house so much that we started to joke about my needing my own key.

One morning Jen came to work and she just didn’t seem too happy. I asked her what was up and she broke down in tears and told me that Doug was wanting more from her in the bedroom and she just was never in the mood anymore. I asked her if she loved Doug and she said she did, but that since she had taken this new job she had been so tired that she had lost interest in sex. I really couldn’t offer too much advice since I was still a virgin and had very little idea about just how much sex some men need.

Her unhappiness went on for three months and I just watched as she became more and more miserable. The times when I’d come over to their house I could see the stress between Jen and Doug. They both meant so much to me and I really wanted both of them to be happy again, but what could I do?

Fate stepped in when my downstairs neighbor was smoking in bed and a fire broke out. I lost everything. Clothes, dishes, towels, furniture…all gone. I made it out in a bathrobe, slippers, and my nightie. The only thing I stopped to grab was my purse. Worse still, I didn’t have renters’ insurance. It was midnight when I called Jen and asked if I could stay with her until everything got figured out and she said no problem. I got to bed that morning around four AM in their guest room and woke up to Doug bringing in an armload of clothes he had run out to buy for me at the store that morning while I slept. It was basic stuff and I really appreciated it.

The next month came and went really fast while Jen and I carpooled to work and then the three of us would spend the weekends together. The stress between the two of them seemed to lessen with my problems serving as a distraction for them. They really did seem to be happier, at least to me.

The second month of my stay with them had gotten into its’ last week when Doug and Jen woke me up one Friday night. I could hear them in their room arguing quietly about sex. Doug told Jen that he loved her, but that he really needed her to be more attentive to his needs. Jen just cried and told Doug that she was a failure as wife, then Doug started crying and that was all I could hear for the night.

The next morning I mentioned to Jen that I had heard what was going on and figured that it might be best for me to go find my own place so they could have their privacy back. Over coffee Jen told me more about what was going on and we talked almost until noon ataköy escort when she asked me if I loved her. I told her I did, I really did. Then she asked me if I loved Doug and again I said that I did.

Jen blew me away when she just looked at me and asked if I would consider sleeping with Doug. I thought she was joking and I laughed and she said she was serious. I told her that I was really flattered by her idea, but I wanted to save myself for marriage. She asked me what if I was married to Doug, too, just like in the old days when men had more than one wife. I told her that I thought that wasn’t legal and she said we could be married just between the three of us.

This wasn’t really what I had in mind for a marriage and I spent the afternoon in my room thinking about how best to deal with this.

When Doug got home that night I heard him downstairs ask Jen if she had asked me yet. Then I heard him come up the stairs and he came into my room and we talked about the whole idea. I finally told him that I wasn’t sure about it. Doug stood up and then knelt next to me and took out a really big diamond ring and, putting it on my finger, asked me to marry him. I said yes.

Jen and I took two weeks off from work for the next month and Doug did the same. Jen and I planned a very small wedding since there were only going to be three people there it was pretty easy. We bought a nice dress for me and the time came and we went to a really nice hotel in Monterey for what would be our honeymoon.

I had my dress on and Jen had her original wedding dress on and Doug wore a tuxedo. We exchanged our group vows and pledged ourselves to stay together forever as a family. And then Doug kissed me as my husband. Then we had our little reception with champagne and pictures and I have to admit that I was beginning to get worried about what was to come.

I was really worried about what I had gotten myself into.

Before I could start to change my mind Jen took me into the bathroom and we both changed into matching satin teddies with silk robes. When we came out from the bathroom Doug was waiting in a robe of his own. He told us we looked beautiful and then he came over and kissed and held both of us. He was kissing me when I saw Jen shut the light off and then she got into one of the two beds in the room.

In the darkness I felt Doug take my robe off and then he took his robe off too. When he pulled me close I could feel him naked against me and we started to kiss like lovers. He led me to the bed and sat down while I stood in front of him.

I knew what he wanted and even though I was scared I wanted it too. It was electrfying as he undid the buttons on my teddy and then kissed my chest.

He pushed the teddy down over my hips and then pulled my freshly naked body into the bed with him. He told me that he loved ataköy eve gelen escort me and then Jen, in the next bed, told me that she loved me too. Doug pulled the covers up over us and then he got right on top of me. I loved feeling the weight of his body pushing me into the mattress, holding me as he started to make love to me.

He was very gentle and he took his time as he worked his starving cock into my virgin body. It took a long time but I eventually felt him start to rock himself in and out of my body with his cock going just a little deeper into me with each thrust. It wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be, but there was a little pinching feeling when he finally got himself all the way in to me. I was making love to another womans’ husband who was now my husband, too.

In the middle of all of this Jen slipped into bed with us and she began to run her hands all over us as we made love. It was a little unsettling when she held Dougs’cock as it went into me and I felt her hand bump up against me with eack of his thrusts. I clearly remember feeling her naked breast brush up against my arm and it made me feel an erotic sense that I had never imagined before.

All too soon the magic moment of my first lovemaking started to come to an end. Jen had moved up next to Doug and I and was kissing Doug as he started to hump me with a building intensity. I looked up at the two of them kissing and then Doug turned his face to me and kissed me the softest, most passionate kiss as I felt him release himself in me. It was the most amazing and overwhelming feeling to have a man inside me and filling me with his seed as his first wife lay next to us.

I woke up later that night only to feel Jen and Doug next to me making love. My being a part of their marriage had brought them closer together and I quietly lay there listening to the passion and love that I had brought out in them. Jens’quiet cries of passion as she came aroused me as I wondered when I would have Doug bring me to the same sexual release.

The next morning I woke up to the feeling of Doug’s cock pumping into me from behind me as wrapped me with his warm, loving arms. I could hear Jen in the shower as our husband made love to me. His hand cupped my breast and he rubbed my nipple into firm erectness while he kept up a steady rhythm of pumping that wonderful cock into my tender pussy.

Jen had just shut the water off in the shower when I felt Doug erupt his seed into my pussy. It wasn’t the fireworks I had expected, but it was still wonderful to feel a man finding his pleasure in my body.

Jen came out of the shower and told the two of us to go clean up so we could go get breakfast. Obligingly, we both got up to go to the shower and I got my first sexual surprise as Doug’s come ran down my legs! I ran to the shower and go the water ataköy grup yapan escort going and was almost done when Doug got in behind me. He was already hard again and he grabbed me and slipped his eager cock right into me again. This time I have to admit that I was getting a bit sore and I gasped as he drove his cock into me in one deep thrust.

I asked him to stop and he said just a minute. He was right! Just a minute and he was coming in me again! I could’nt believe how much come the man had in him!

I cleaned up again and then Doug said, your turn!

He knelt down and put one of my legs over his shoulder and then did the most incredible things to me! I can’t even tell you what it was he did other than that he did it with his toungue. I almost passed out from the intensity of the pleasure he gave to me!

He left me standing weak and speechless in the shower as he got out and dried off. I really was stunned at what I had done in the last twelve hours: I’d lost my virginity to another woman’s husband, let him come in me without protection, and then he gave me my first absolutely unreal orgasm. I’d come a long way from the perfect little girl I’d been just a few months before.

We all three went out for lunch and there was a bit of tension bewteen us that I couldn’t really understand. We had a great time walking along the seashore trails, talking and taking pictures, but there was something that I knew I was missing.

The day continued on and I just tried to imagine that whatever it was that I was picking up on would go away.

That night, after we got back to our room, Doug went out to get more champagne and some chocolate (I love chocolate!) and Jen and I were left alone. Right after Doug left Jen told me that she was really happy about what had happened with the three of us, but that Doug was really concerned about Jen’s feelings. That’s what I had been missing. I guess Doug was worried that Jen would get jealous.

I told Jen that maybe I should go out for a while to leave her some time alone with Doug and she agreed. I took off to the bar with a good book and sat there until almost midnight before going back to our room.

I very quietly entered the room and found Jen and Doug cuddled up in the king size bed with each other. They had cleary had a good time while I was out. I stripped down and eased myself into the bed and quickly fell asleep.

I awoke early the next morning with a kiss from Jen and she whispered a thank you to me as she went out for a walk. She had thought Doug was still asleep but as soon as the door shut I felt him pull me close and his cock poked in between my legs. I wasn’t quite ready for him and I told him to give me a minute and he just laid me on my back and started kissing me as he got on top of me. He got right down to business and we were soon both wasted from our efforts.

Well, it’s been six months now and the big surprise is that all of the sex going on has both Jen and I pregnant! We figure it happened for both of us on the honeymoon, which is kind of neat if you think about it. We have a different marriage – but it works and we all three (soon to be five) love each other. I call this a happy ending.

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