Under the Big Top

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Raylene had always loved the circus. As a little girl she would imagine herself as a trapeze artist flying through the air with the greatest of ease. She used to pretend she was in the circus while playing at the swimming hole as a child.

Her brothers had made a rope swing out into the swimming hole, but Raylene, being the ambitious tomboy that she was, added another rope and tied a broom handle to both ropes making a makeshift trapeze swing.

When no one was around she would sit on her swing and pretend to be waving to the crowd below before swinging back and forth on her trapeze. When she was old enough, and had enough nerve, she would hold on using only her knees and swing out over the water before letting go and dropping down in a perfect swan dive. Hardly a splash would come from her slender body as it pierced the deep water below.

Raylene would sit and remember those long lost days of childhood fantasy on those rare occasions when life didn’t interfere with its usual trudgery. Her accomplishments in life left little time for the fun she had as a carefree child. Now a fully grown and successful thirty one year old business owner, there was little time for such fanciful thoughts.

Raylene’s business ventures had always taken a priority in her life, which had an adverse effect on all of her relationships. Her love life was lifeless and was beginning to wear her down mentally. She needed a new kind of fulfillment she told herself time and time again.

It was eight o’clock in the evening when Raylene drove home, typical for a friday night. She would always stay late so her employees could go home to their families and start their weekends.

“Good night boss.”

“Hm?, Oh, yes, Good night Rick.”

“Got plans for the weekend?”

“No, not really. How about you?”

“I’m taking my kids to the circus this weekend. They’re really looking forward to it.”

“The Circus? I didn’t know it was coming to town!”

“Oh Yah!. They’ve been advertising it on the radio and tv all week. You work too much I think.”

“Yah. I probably do.”

“Well, have a good weekend. Maybe we’ll see you there.”

Raylene sat at her desk lost in thoughts of younger years. Her reply was a slight wave of her hand and Rick left the office. Raylene was already picturing herself on the trapeze, flying high above the roaring crowds below. She giggled as thoughts of her being naked on the trapeze flashed through her head. A younger woman’s fantasy she told herself.

She drove home with thoughts of riding on top of an elephant naked danced in her head, followed by thoughts of taking a whip and chair into a lions cage and taming the savage beast while the crowds cheered. She would look out to an all male audience, taking a bow and her breasts would flop out bringing another chorus of cheers and whistles. Raylene laughed outloud.

“You better get yourself home fast little girl.” she said as her hand dropped into her lap and began.

Raylene started her saturday morning with her usual ruetine. Get up, wash her face, brush her teeth and go for a ten kilometer jog. She was a creature of habit she thought as she jogged.

Maybe thats why you don’t have a regular sex life. Well, maybe today that will change.

Other thoughts pervaded her mind. Perverted thoughts. Raylene let them mingle for awhile before moving onto the next perverted thought.

Whats wrong with me? Why do I keep having these thought’s? Ever since the mention of the circus.

On and on they went, a different theme each time with one common denominator. She was always naked.

On she ran trying to figure out her perverted visions. The more she thought about why she was having them, the more perverted they became. As Raylene rounder the corner for the stretch run home she was soaked, both from sweat and from excitement that was building within her. She quickly showered then drove to the fair grounds where the circus was visiting.

Once she got to the circus, Raylene was like a child again, happy, excited, and feeling adventurous. She paid her admission and walked around taking the festive atmosphere in, letting it sweep her off her feet and whisk her back to younger days when she didn’t have a care in the world.

She went to the big top and found a seat that gave her an unobstructed view of the center ring. There were clowns on motorscooters, their faces made up in various faces, some happy, some sad. The was a bear walking on a wooden barrel. Brilliant white horses, four in all, dancing and prancing to the commands of their trainer. How she’d like to ride bare back and bare she told herself.

The Ring Master took his post at the center stage and with a booming voice shouted out to the audience for a volunteer. Many children and adults alike raised their hands and shouted their wish to be the one chosen.

As if having an out of body experience, Raylene could feel herself stand up and start walking towards the center ring. Her body was moving without effort, like it had a mind aksaray escort of its own and was ignoring any commands to stop that Raylene would give it. She deftly bounded down each step, her long red hair flowing as if blown by the wind. Like slow motion her body continued its approach, her arm raised, staring at the Ring Master.

Leaving him practically no option, he pointed towards her and announced,

“Looks like we have our volunteer! What’s your name young lady?”


“Well Raylene, why did you volunteer to be part of our show if you don’t know what we wanted you to do?”

“Since I was a little girl, I used to pretend that I was in the circus.”

“Well, looks like your gonna get your chance. Boys? Take her away!”

The clowns took Raylene by the arm and led her off behind the curtain where they immediately asked her if she was interested in riding on an elephant.

“Are you kidding? I had just been thinking about that yesterday. Of course I was riding nak…” Raylene caught herself before saying, “Um, I’d love to ride one!”

Her slip of the tongue did not go unnoticed. Antonio, the trapeze artist had noticed Raylene as soon as she walked through the curtains that separate the preformers from the audience. He noticed her long red hair, her slender face and blue eyes. Her long, muscular legs and calves. He was intranced by her look, but when she let slip about riding the elephant naked, he gave her his total attention.

“Excuse me miss. Did I hear that you wanted to ride the bull elephant?”

“Yes” she said, mezmorized by his curly dark hair and rakish good looks.

“I think you started to say that you had a vision of how you wanted to ride him, no?”

Feeling somewhat embarrassed, Raylene looked away briefly, but her gaze returned, as did her confidence and she looked Antonio straight in the eyes,

“Yes, I started to say that I had a vision of riding him naked. I’m not sure why I didn’t finish that sentence.”

“Perhaps because you know this to be a family show. Such a display may cause arrests and jail time.”

Raylene was a confident woman and having been brought up with only brothers, she regained her composure almost immediately.

Yes, he’s good looking, curly dark hair, big dark eyes and a great smile, she noticed,

But lets not get too carried away Raylene, her thought’s continued.

“Perhaps after toning show you would care to return as our guest? We would help you fulfill your vision” Antonio offered.

Raylene looked long and hard and saw no intimidation in his eyes. She softened and told Antonio that she may be interested in doing exactly that.

“Antonio? Your on!”

He looked her deep in the eyes and smiled,

“After your preformation, come see me.”


“I should like to help you with your fantasy.” “That is, if you really want to.”

He left abruptly, dashing through the curtain to an warm applause.

Raylene was finding that there was much more than meets the eye behind the curtains. People in various stages of undress were running around, uncaring if a breast or cock was open to view. Most people went about their business of getting ready for the next part of the show, leaving Raylene to stare wide eyed just like a child might when in a candy store for the first time.

She heard an enormous cheer followed by an audience gasp and then another cheer and wild applause.

“Thats our queue. Lets get you on top of Brutus.”


“Yes, he’s the elephant that you’ll be riding.”

“Well, what am I to do?”

“Just sit there and wave to the crowd. And don’t be surprised by anything, just hang on and don’t let go. Everything will be fine.”

Raylene started to ask a question, but the clown that was helping her had already started to leave.

“Just hold on and everything will be fine!” he yelled over his shoulder.

The cheering audience had quieted down as the Ring Master was making another announcement. Antonio had burst back through the curtain and seeing Raylene, smiled and raced over to her.

“Hey, I’m glad I caught you before you go out. I want to invite you back tonight. We usually have a little party after the second show. I want you to come.”

“umayyad, okay.”

The clowns started to lead Brutus over to Raylene so she could climb up. She noticed a saddle to sit on and horn for her to hold. The group made their way towards the curtains when Antonio shouted,

“Hey! Whats your name?”


As she and her escorts made their way out into the center stage, Raylene was astonished at the large crowd, all cheering and laughing as the clowns preformed their skit. Raylene was enjoying every moment as Brutus strutted around and did his tricks.

Raylene again was imaging her audience as all males and she felt tempted to remove her top to give them all a flash of her naked breasts. Just then a siren went off and Brutus reared up, almost throwing Raylene anal yapan escort off his back. Instincts took control and Raylene grabbed tightly to the saddlehorn and held firm with her legs. Her momentary shout of panic alerted the crown until Brutus lowered his body and everything returned to normal. The audience oooh’d and aaah’d and then applauded and cheered wildly.

Raylene basked in the attention and felt the heat of the spotlights as they shined down on her. The Ring Master urged the crowd to give Raylene another round of applause for volunteering to be part of the show which dutifully followed his every command.

Once behind the curtain again, Raylene felt a sudden rush of excitement come over her. Something she hadn’t felt in many months and something she definately wanted to feel again. She got to spend the rest of the day with the preformers but didn’t see Antonio again. She knew that she had to return to her house again and run some errands, but confirmed that there would be a party afterwards and that she would be invited back. She drove back home feeling the same excitement build within her that she felt the day before.

That evening, Raylene drove back to the circus and was shocked to see the Big Top already taken down. She felt a sudden pang of dissapointment come over her, when Antonio came rushing up saying,

“Your just in time. I’m so glad you came back.”

“Just in time? But everything is already taken down. What am I in time for?”

“We have a private showing tomorrow night in a town only thirty miles from here. Will you come with us?”

“Wait!, What happened to tonight and the party?”

“Still on, it’s just moved to the next town.”

Antonio opened Raylene’s car door and offered to help her out.

“Why don’t I just follow you. I wont have a way home otherwise.”

“Very well. You can follow. Would you care if I ride with you?”

“I guess not.”

Raylene found herself struggling to remain composed with all the rushing around, but somehow managed to keep it together. She and Antonio talked on the way. How long had he been with the circus? Does he find it rewarding? Does he have any family anywhere? Each reply short and succinct, but Raylene felt he was being totally honest. She relaxed a little bit with each mile.

The caravan of circus performers drove on. It was midnight before they got to the next city and the crew immediately got started on raising the Big Top. Raylene was amazed at the speed the crew raised the giant tent. When they were nearly done, Antonio said,

“Ahh, Good!, Now we can put on our show!”

“Your going to have a show now?”

“Yes, but this isn’t any ordinary show. Come!”

He held out is hand and Raylene once again felt her body comply while her mind was trying to decide what to do. How can they put on a show at this hour? Who was so important that they would do it? And how many people could they expect to show up?

Raylene noticed that the cast of characters were dressed differently, which was to say, hardly at all. The women wore see through teddys, while the men wore hooded robes of many colors.

Antonio pulled Raylene through the throngs of players and into a small tent where a host of other men and women were naked. Without hesitation, Antonio took off his clothes and turned to Raylene instructing her to do the same.

Raylene hesitated as she stood there in amazement. Did these people have no inhibitions? Is this the life of a circus player?

Several woman noticed that Raylene was still standing there with her cloths on, when one of them asked,

“Aren’t you the one that wanted to ride Brutus naked?”

“Um, well, I..”

“Well c’mon, lets go. The shows about to start.”

“Show? What show? Who’s getting this show?”

“No time to talk. Just get naked and let us do the rest.”

Raylene was amazed how her body followed the commands of the circus people. Antonio stood before Raylene naked. His warm smile eased her tension, perhaps as much as seeing his muscled body. Her gaze look downward to catch a glimpse of his cock. She’d seen bigger, but not much. Antonio barely noticed her stares as he helped her disrobe.

“There’ll be time for that later. You must get undressed. Your on in only a few minutes.”

Her head was spinning, as if she’d had too much to drink, yet she was totally sober. The crowd of women helped Antonio finish getting her undressed just as Brutus made his appearance. They helped her up on the big bull elephant and slowly Brutus made his way into the center stage.

There was a bright light shining on Raylene, so bright she had to shade her eyes. Music was playing loudly and she could here the Ring Master calling out for the clowns to help with the next part of the show.

Again, there was much laughter and a chorus of cheers. This time the cheers were deeper, more guttural. Whistles and cat calls of more, more were abundant. As Raylene’s eyes adjusted to the bright lights, she noticed atakent escort that she was being stared at by hundreds of men. Not a child was in sight, but many women were, all of them totally naked.

As Brutus went about his part of the act, Raylene noticed Antonio on his trapeze, flying through the air totally naked. His cock was erect and Raylene noticed a woman on another trapeze also naked.

Together they swung in unison, like pendulums slicing the air. The woman let go of her trapeze just as Antonio reached his pinnacle. He caught her naked body and held her tight while they both swung back and forth. She climbed onto his body and started sucking his cock while he started to lick her pussy. The audience below applauded wildly.

Raylene was entranced as she watched the spectacle above her head. She felt a rush to her loins and she knew that her pussy was wet. She slide off of the saddle when her part of the act was done and waited for Antonio to come back behind the curtain. She planned to run up to him, kiss him and press her naked body against his.

Before this could happen, the clowns took Raylene by the elbow and lead her back to the tent where they were before. Again, many of the characters of the circus were there. Still no one wore any clothes. Raylene was starting to feel a little self conscious when the Ring Master came bounding in and congratulated everyone on a great preformance.

The circus players all showed their enthusiasm by hugging and kissing each other. Raylene was looking for Antonio, when she was approached by the woman who was on the trapeze with him earlier.

“Antonio would like to see you.”

“Where is he?”

“Follow me. I think you’ll find this interesting.”

Raylene felt that same rush between her legs again. She knew that her juices were begging to flow down her thighs. The woman introduced herself as Wanda and said that she and Antonio had practiced together for several years as she lead Raylene to his tent.

Raylene wondered what that meant, but quickly forgot it when Wanda took Raylene by the hand and lead her into the tent where Antonio was lying on a bearskin rug. Raylene wasted no time as she sauntered over to Antonio and immediately started a passionate kiss. Hands groped and fondled until both of them were so caught up in the moment that neither realized the others that entered the tent.

Wanda had returned with other preformers from the circus and they all began to kiss, fondle and play with each other. There were cocks in hands, cocks in mouths, pussies on pussies, mouths on pussies and more. The scent of sex filled the room which only stirred the participants on more. No hand was empty no pussy untouched, no cock unstroked and no lack of grunts and moans.

Raylene and Antonio were joined by Wanda. Bill and Robin who were part of the troupe came over as well. Wanda took Antonio’s cock in her mouth as he had Raylene sit on his face. Raylene was enjoying the visual as well as the sensual aspect of the circus players. Bill stood before Raylene and Robin bent in front of him sucking and stroking his cock.

Raylene stared at Robin’s perfectly shaped ass, her toned and muscular thighs as she bobbed back and forth in front of her. Raylene found it hard to concentrate on anything as Antonio continued to lick and suck her clit.

Raylene began to grind herself against Antonio and then reached up to Robin and caressed her ass. Robin turned and smiled at Raylene and told her to smack her ass before returning to Bill’s cock.

Wanda had stopped sucking on Antonio and climbed on top of his enlarged member and began a rhythmic motion up and down. She reached around and took each of Raylene’s breasts in her hands and gently pulled on her nipples.

Raylene leaned back and kissed Wanda before returning to the ass that she started smacking. Wanda leaned close to Raylene’s ear and whispered,

“Harder. Robin likes it harder. The harder you smack her, the wetter she gets.”

Doing as told, Raylene reached back and smacked Robins ass hard. A soft moan came from Robin as she wiggled around more. Each smack left Raylene’s hand print and indeed made Robin wetter and wetter.

Bill removed his cock from Robin’s mouth saying,

“I want the new one to suck me til I cum.”

Raylene was lost in the lust of the moment, uncaring about anything but the pure pleasure she was giving and receiving. Bill stepped in front of her and slide his cock into Raylene’s mouth.

She attacked it with a hunger that she had never experienced before. Her mouth was warm and wet. She used her hand to stroke him as she sucked him, twisting and turning it to give him maximum pleasure.

Bill moaned out his orgasm as he pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot his cum all over her body.

Robin and Antonio were fucking in a doggy style while Robin had her face buried in Wanda’s pussy. Each pump from Antonio pushed Robin deeper and deeper into Wanda causing her to moan and gasp trying to catch her breath as she had her orgasm. Shortly afterwards, Antonio and Robin both came.

Raylene was the only one left who did not have an orgasm. They all stood and looked at Raylene. Antonio was the first to speak.

“You’ve not dissapointed us. Now we’ll make sure that you really enjoy your time in our circus.”

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