University Discoveries Ch. 05

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This story includes a true bisexual group experience. If sexual contact between two men offends you please do not read on.


When Greg came in the room he whistled and said, “Woo hoo, sexy ass, baby!” When I rolled over to greet him he added, “Damn sexy front too!”

“Ok, you have seen it now, lover. How about I change into some real underwear now?”

“Fuck, no! Lindsey will love it babe.”

“Somehow, I can’t picture her thinking this is a good look for a guy and I have no idea why you think she is going to see it in the first place.”

That is when he spilled the beans.

“Well she loves mine and the plan is for all of us to get naked.”

I just stared at him as he slipped on a thong of his own. I was at least thankful he had chosen a different color.

“What the fuck is going on Greg?”

“Shelly and Lindsey are bi. They know you and I are bi. They both are really into the idea of being with two guys. I have had a few threesomes with them and it is fucking awesome. Anyway, we have talked about making it a true bi free for all by getting another guy involved. Your birthday seemed like a great time to go for it. It is suppose to be a secret. I wasn’t going to tell you and you have to act surprised when they start doing whatever it is they are planning with each other.”

“You are fucking shitting me!”

“No joke, lover.”

“Don’t you think it will be weird sucking cock in front of the girls?”

“No and I guarantee once you see those two hot chicks licking each other’s twats you will be ready to do anything they want. Now come on get dressed.”

Though I was still far from sure about the evening’s activities I went along. I decided to wear my good jeans, the ones without tattered cuffs and worn out spots, a button down shirt and my Docksiders. Greg, who had chosen a similar outfit except with cords instead of jeans, approved of my look.

As planned the girls met us on the quad and we walked into town. The place Greg picked for dinner was not one of the usual college hangouts. It was early for dinner, so we started with drinks. Since we were sure to get carded and under twenty-one was beer and wine only back then Greg ordered wine for the girls and a draft for himself. He of course insisted that I order a shot of straight liquor. I ordered what to me was the least offensive type of shot to down, Tequila. The not too bad looking waitress who I judged to be about forty made a big deal about my birthday when she looked at my license. I had to admit it was kind of fun being kissed by a complete stranger after the embarrassment of having her put her tongue in my mouth in front of everyone had passed. As it turned out, Greg had picked the place for two reasons. The first being he was pretty sure none of our fellow students would be there. Second and more important was the place’s reputation of being a bit on the wild side.

Though the food wasn’t anything to jump and down about, the atmosphere and the drinks were great. By the time we ordered dinner a couple of hours passed and I was feeling the effects of the booze. The place was almost full and the regulars were definitely getting lively. When the dancing started to my surprise our waitress insisted that she get ‘a whirl around the floor with the birthday boy’ as she put it. Well by the time we finished a few minutes of very provocative moves everyone in the place knew it was my twenty-first birthday. The fun loving group started buying me and my friends drinks. They had pretty quickly forgotten about Greg and the girls being under twenty-one. I was also really glad that I was with a date. It was obvious that the waitress as well as a couple of the older female patrons would have liked to give me a birthday fuck. I even got a vibe from one of the guys that he might be interested.

We had been there about three hours when Greg and I ended up needing to piss simultaneously. Since it was a multi-person pisser it didn’t seem odd for us to end up next to each other at the urinals. I was pretty glad that no one else was in the room when Greg started to tease me.

“So birthday boy, you want me to make an excuse to Lindsey so you can for the older cunt orgy that is about to beak out?” He said as we splashed pee on the back of the porcelain wall hangings.

“What the fuck does that mean?” I shot back trying to act innocent.

“Shit, baby, I know you ain’t that fucking dumb. Couple more shots and those horny old bitches gonna drag your newly legal ass into the back room and fuck you silly! That last one that was rubbing up on you on the dance is probably so dried up fucking her would feel like she had razor blades in her cunt.”

We were both laughing so hard we had trouble pulling up our zippers.

“Shit, I ain’t fucking that when we got those two hot chicks,” I slurred realizing that I was getting close to being overdone. “Fuck we should get going before I get too wasted to get it up.”

“Yeah, no shit. I tell you those two are fucking ready to go to town too. Fuck they were sandwiching ataköy masöz escort me on floor while that old cunt was trying to hump you!”

It took about another half hour to say our goodnights. Almost all of they women seemed to think they needed to give me a birthday kiss and a slap on the ass as well as give Greg a kiss for being such a nice guy. Of course a fair number of the men thought they needed to feel up our dates. Fortunately instead of getting all upset the girls found it a turn on and even seemed to encourage the guys a bit.

I thought we would just be heading back to campus and someone’s dorm room. However, Greg surprised me by heading in the opposite direction. It turned out that he had managed to borrow a friend’s off campus apartment. Apparently the guy and his roommate were both out of town for the weekend. Though we had already had a lot to drink, Greg insisted on bringing the bong out. His plan was dinner and drinks followed by getting stoned. I was not supposed to know that after that some wild sex was planned. After a couple of bong hits I could barely stand. Greg joined me on the sofa and gave my thigh a hard squeeze. The bit of pain helped some with the woozy feelings. I thought that Greg was as wasted as I was at that point. The girls apparently had paced themselves better.

They put the radio on and began to dance around as Greg and I sat side-by-side on the sofa watching. The first song was Ted Nugent’s Cat Scratch Fever. The girls were gyrating around the room like they had a fever which was not helping at all with my dizziness. I was surprised they didn’t change the station when the next song came on. It was a slow not very danceable song by Joe Cocker. As the lyrics of ‘You Are So Beautiful’ filled the room the girls fell into each other’s arms. They held tight swaying and rubbing their bodies together like a couple at the prom that has been going steady for a long time.

By the time Cocker was singing the last verse: You are so beautiful To me Can’t you see You’re everything I hope for You’re every, everything I need You are so beautiful to me,

the girls lips were locked and their tongues were doing the swaying with each other.

I didn’t have to feign surprise. Even though I knew it was coming seeing it happen was still an exciting moment.

“Wow,” I exhaled as the song came to an end.

They stopped the kiss and looked over at me for just a moment. They both had big smiles on their faces. I couldn’t be sure if Lindsey actually blew me a kiss or not since my vision was a little blurry at the time. They went back to kissing as they waited for the DJ to stop talking and play another song. When ‘One of These Nights’ by the Eagles began they separated and started shimmying right next to each other.

One of these dreams, one of these lost and lonely dreams, now We’re gonna find one, mm, one that really screams I’ve been searching for the daughter of the devil himself I’ve been searching for an angel in white I’ve been waiting for a woman who’s a little of both And I can feel her but she’s nowhere in sight Don Henley’s words fit what I was seeing perfectly. Now topless the girls were rubbing their tits together as they continued the dance. Clearly our sexy angels were giving into devilish thoughts. Greg’s smile told me he was very pleased with the show. I was surprised that despite the alcohol my dick was rock hard in my jeans.

As the Eagles tune faded out the hard driving rhythm of Mountain’s ‘Mississippi Queen’ blared from the speakers. Once again the girls separated. As they jumped around we were treated to a view of their near perfect tits bouncing around. Leslie West provided a strangely appropriate narration as the girls shed their skirts and tossed their panties our way.

“You know she was a dancer. She moved better on wine While the rest of them dudes were gettin’ their kicks Boy, I beg your pardon, I was gettin’ mine

Yeah, Mississippi Queen”

By the time the DJ started talking about some up coming concert in a nearby town my dick was so uncomfortable I wanted to rip my jeans off. I gave into the feeling and opened the buttons of my fly when Lindsey bent down and took Shelly’s left tit in her mouth. I remember thinking how odd it was that some guy was trying to sell used cars while she was sucking on the gorgeous chick’s tit. Shelly began caressing Lindsey’s ass as the taller girl sucked on her tits and more commercials played on the radio. I was so entranced by the show, I almost jumped off the sofa when Greg reached over and began to fondle my cock through the tightly stretched pouch of my thong.

When the music came back on the girls separated and danced their way over to us. They shimmied and wiggled while Eric Clapton told us what happens after midnight. I remember being confused since it was Shelly’s blond bush that was staring me in the face instead of my date’s hairless crotch.

“Come on guys dance with us,” Lindsey cooed as Shelly reached for my hand.

When I gave in ataköy otele gelen escort and let her pull me to my feet, my jeans fell to the floor. As I tried to step forward I got tangled up and stumbled forward. I likely would have sent Shelly to the floor with me on top of her had Greg not acted quickly. He jumped up and grabbed my shoulders to steady me. It was clear that my companions were not nearly as fucked up as I was.

“Let me help you out of those jeans,” Shelly said in what sounded like a wicked tone to me.

When she dropped to her knees to untie my shoes she came face to face with my thong covered erection.

“Nice undies, stud muffin,” She said and gave my cock a squeeze.

The excitement of having my roommate’s hot girlfriend on her knees naked and fondling my cock was short lived. As I tried to lift my foot to let her take my shoe off I stumbled backward and landed on the sofa.

“That will make it easier,” She giggled as she pulled the shoe off.

I heard Lindsey tell Greg that it was time he lost his pants too. I glanced over to see her unbuckling his belt. By that point Shelly had me down to my shirt and skimpy underpants. While Lindsey relived Greg of his pants and Alice Cooper pontificated on being eighteen, Shelly hopped into my lap. She gyrated her bare ass over my silk encased erection as she slowly unbuttoned my shirt. As she continued to grind her sexy ass into my lap she used her long fingernails to tease my still nearly hairless chest.

In the background Alice informed me: Lines form on my face and my hands Lines form on the left and right I’m in the middle the middle of life I’m a boy and I’m a man I’m eighteen and I LIKE IT Yes I like it Oh I like it Love it Like it Love it

When my head fell back I caught a glimpse of Greg wearing only his thong dancing with Lindsey. It actually wasn’t so much dancing as dry humping to music while squeezing each other’s ass. It looked like fun.

Shelly turned and called out, “Hey, bring that sexy boy over here.”

Lindsey quickly honored her friend’s request. She got behind Greg and guided him over to the sofa. As he stood next to Shelly, Lindsey peeled off his thong revealing his dripping erection.

“Mmmmmm looks tasty. Don’t you think stud?” Shelly asked me.

Even as high as I was, I still wasn’t sure about having sex with Greg in front of the chicks. I think I mumbled something that sounded like an agreement as she took my hand and guided it to his throbbing cock. She wrapped my fingers around his hard shaft and began to use my hand to stroke her boyfriend’s dick.

“Oh god,” I heard Lindsey gasp as she pressed herself against Greg’s back.

Shelly slipped off my lap and sat beside me as I began to stroke his cock with her assistance.

She kissed me and then moved her lips to my ear.

As she flicked her tongue around my ear she whispered, “God that is making me hot; taste.”

She had been fingering her pussy and offered her slick fingers to me. I eagerly took them into my mouth and sucked her juices down.

“Oh fuck, please suck his cock for us,” Lindsey cooed as Shelly pulled her fingers from my mouth.

The girls’ encouragements along with my state of intoxication were enough to break down the last of my inhibitions. I didn’t resist when Shelly began to guide my head to Greg’s crotch. Lindsey knelt beside him and took hold of his dick. She held it steady for me as I slipped my tongue out and licked a drop of precum from his cum slit.

As I slipped my lips over his cockhead the Eagles encouraged me to “Take it to the limit, take it to the limit, take it to the limit one more time.”

The girls were moaning along with Greg as I slowly enveloped his cock. I took him into my throat as I rubbed my nose into his pubic hair for a second. Shelly had one hand in my crotch fondling my cock and the other between her legs fingering her pussy. I was sure that Lindsey was also fingering herself as she fondled Greg’s balls. At that point I really got into sucking my lover’s dick for an audience. I ran my lips up and down his shaft covering it with saliva. Each time I let it free of my mouth it seemed to be glistening in the soft light of a nearby table lamp.

I was so into my task that I barely noticed when Lindsey came around and buried her face between Shelly’s legs. As I furiously sucked Greg’s cock, she was lapping at Shelly’s pussy. I could feel my lover’s tenseness and knew he was nearing the edge. His familiar cock’s twitching felt wonderful. I wanted him to cum so I could open my mouth and let the girl’s see me swallow down his thick goo. But he apparently had other ideas. He pulled me off of his cock and pushed me against the back of the sofa. He bent down and kissed me deeply. I heard Shelly gasp as she watched us share a passion filled kiss.

Lindsey continued to eat her friend’s cunt as Shelly leaned over and turned the kiss into a three tongue dance. It was sloppy and wild. I felt both their tongues in and ataköy rus escort around my mouth as my tongue moved from one to the other. In a few minutes Shelly was screaming into our mouths as she came on Lindsey’s tongue. My date moved over and Greg replaced her between the panting blonde’s legs. He flipped her over like she was no heavier than a feather pillow. Shelly happily bent over the sofa so Greg could fuck her from behind.

As he began to ride his girl friend hard, Lindsey moved between my legs. She pulled down the thong finally releasing my aching cock. Suddenly she was deep throating me like a professional. I didn’t detect the slightest hint of a gag when she took me into her throat and held me there for a few seconds. Greg matched his thrust to the driving beat coming from the stereo. He was fucking her so forcefully that the sofa shook. His cries of orgasm blended with Led Zepplin’s powerful vocals.

Way down inside… woman… You need… love.

Shake for me, girl. I wanna be your backdoor man. Keep it coolin’, baby.

When Greg stumbled back and dropped onto the floor to rest, Lindsey moved from my cock to Shelly’s cum dripping pussy. As she lapped up Greg’s cum from her friend’s oozing twat I moved to the floor and got behind her. I easily drove my cock into her hot wet cunt. Her moans of ecstasy were muffled by Shelly’s pussy. But still it was clear she wanted “every inch of my love.” I didn’t have the benefit of a driving beat to pace my thrusts. As I fucked her Led Zepplin gave way to the Doors, ‘Riders on the Storm’. Even without the aid of Zepplin I managed to pound her quivering pussy with abandon. As Morrison’s voice faded away my cock erupted deep inside her cunt.

Riders on the storm Riders on the storm Riders on the storm

The girls quickly moved into a sixty-nine position on the sofa as I sat on the floor next to Greg. The show soon had our cocks ready for more action. Lindsey and Shelly were far too into what they were doing to notice. As we watched the incredibly beautiful and sexy duo devour each other’s cunts we casually stroked each other’s cocks. The girls seemed to get into an almost continuous series of orgasms. Their moans and keening cries filled the room but neither even paused their oral attack. It must have been well over a half hour before they demanded that Greg and I get over there and fuck them again.

They bent over the sofa side-by-side. I fucked Shelly while Greg fucked my date. Through slow and fast songs we road the two hot chicks for a long time. I have no idea how many times the girls came before Greg and I finally dumped our second load at almost the same moment. All I knew at that point was that I was really drained. My body was sweat covered and I was struggling to regain my breath as I held onto Shelly while my cock deflated in her body.

Someone suggested a shower and rest so that we could recharge for more action. Though I couldn’t imagine managing to recharge before morning the shower sounded good. It was definitely the most fun shower I had had up to that time. The apartment had a large bathroom with a shower that easily accommodated two. As one couple showered the other waited in the bathroom. We left the glass door partially opened to be extra friendly. After the showers we all piled into the king sized bed and cuddled up. As I drifted off to sleep I decided that it was a sleeping arrangement that I would like to try more often. Sometime in the middle of the night I had a very unusual awaking. Lindsey was beside me still asleep with her head on my shoulder. Somehow Shelly had managed to get my legs spread without waking me and was sucking my balls. Greg was slowly running his lips up and down my hard cock. Since my right arm was trapped under my dates warm sexy body all I could do was reach down with my left arm. I caressed Greg’s shoulder to indicate that the blow job alarm clock had worked. He stopped for just a second to look up at me and smile. Before he turned back to my crotch, Shelly had my cock in her mouth. He kissed her cheek and then he went to work no my balls. He used his tongue to bath my sack as his hot chick took my dick deep. I began to idly caress my sleeping date as I laid back enjoy the incredible double blow job.

They were amazingly enthusiastic. They moved back and forth exchanging my balls and cock between them. Each time they switched there was a brief pause while they kissed. I am not sure how long that went on before Lindsey finally awoke. When she did we began to make out while Shelly and Greg blissfully continued their work down below. Our kiss was wild and sloppy; my rising excitement spurring me to great passion. However, Lindsey wanted more than a kiss. She began to work her way down my body; kissing first my chest and then my abs on her way to joining our friends at my crotch.

As she turned the double blow job into a three way cock feast she lifted her silky leg over my body and straddled my face. While I enjoyed the erotic sensations of three tongues and pairs of lips fighting for my cock and balls she offered her beautiful hairless cunt for my dining pleasure. I reached up and grabbed her ass to pull her delightfully smooth pussy to my face. As her labia spread over my lips I plunged my eager tongue into her warm, moist, fleshy tunnel. I pushed my tongue as deeply into her cunt as I could, wildly licking the walls of her sex.

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