Unmitigated Lust

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This is dedicated to the gifted author, Emily Plaything whose work may be found on Literotica.


I was just twenty-two then, 1975, a single white female, living in Brooklyn, seeking, something, I didn’t know what exactly. I had a cell phone, but no television. I had a little single burner stove and a mini-fridge. I had an I-Pod a friend had forgotten and left at my place before flying off to Bagdad to kill Hussein. It went the other way, he was killed his second day in Iraq. So I kept it and think of him every time I listen to it.

I also have a goldfish bowl, but no goldfish; and books, lots of them. I slept and ate and danced on my futon, and my only chair was a throwaway from the Salvation Army; a folding metal thing, painted grey. My wanton lust had been building my last visit to Gloryville. A decrepit adult, triple X joint with holes drilled in the walls of the video booths six blocks away on Flatbush Avenue.

I was no longer working; my father’s monthly stipend was carrying me along for the moment and I had spent almost all my free time, of which I had plenty, masturbating — alternating between my dandy vibrator and my monster-sized, two-headed dildo. Despite all this gratuitous sex, I felt like a monk deprived of prayer and I had to get out – I had to have slam bang sex with someone, anyone and my need was immediate.

Down on the street there was a possibility of sexual gratification. I knew this for a fact, and throbbing with the excitement that rides the horny back of my mounting anticipation, I ran down the stairs to find it.

I’d already showered, God knows why given my destination. And I’d changed my clothes, putting on a black denim skirt, some pink snake-skin boots, and a pink T-shirt. I had my long black hair pulled back, applied some pink lipstick; but no other makeup. No jewelry but the rings in my nipples perched on my petite breasts — which were hidden as two vague lumps beneath my clothes. I liked walking around at night. I welcomed the thrill of being on the edge of something just out of sight; the great titillating unmentionable fearful queasiness one feels when going in search of sex.

Right off I wasn’t sure that I would venture in there again, or if I would do what I wanted to do. But the tawdry blinking lights of Gloryville (not the actual name, mind you) now only five blocks away lured me on.

I had stopped by here once before and it still excited me no end. What I mean is it was a seedy place, not one of the new bright couple friendly places that have sprung up lately. No sir, this was a throwback to when such places were the very pits of depravity that any decent community shunned.

With a slight twinge in my anal tract I recalled my last time there. Initially I’d stopped in to buy myself a dildo to keep me company at night, but as I entered the place I found my heart was pounding and my breath was coming in short harsh bursts.

‘Just get in, buy the damn thing and get out,’ I told myself.

Only there was a woman behind the counter who on glancing up at my entrance, barely took notice of me.

“Peeps or books?” She inquired with obvious boredom.

“I, um, need . . . I mean, I want to purchase a dildo . . . for a friend.” I bumbled and hated myself for cowering in front of this woman. But of course I made things even worse by adding, “Um, maybe a vibrator would be better?”

“I wouldn’t know. I don’t use them myself,” the woman said with a sly smile.

I channeled my hatred to this smarmy woman.

“We have a bunch of dildos and vibrators. Here, I’ll show you a few.”

“It’s not for me. It’s for a shower — for another girl,” I protested weakly.

“It’s alright,” the woman said, her voice softening a bit as she lead me over to a case that must have held a hundred or more various pleasure tools.

I managed to select one of each with her recommending the vibrator and then I asked to use the ladies room.

“Well, there’s one in the back, past the peepshow booths. It’s not McDonald’s, and oh, make sure you lock the door, ’cause it’s the only one we have. Unisex, ya know?” She laughed at her own joke.

It was filthy. I almost passed, but since I really had to go, I covered the seat with half a roll of toilet paper and relieved myself and flushed the toilet.

It was as if I’d sent up a smoke signal, a very large black penis slowly emerged from the hole. I remember gasping as it inched toward me. Its weight and flaccid condition caused it to droop down, out of the hole. I plopped back down on the filthy seat without another thought and stared at it as it continued moving toward me through the hole.

I had never seen a penis this large before and was transfixed by its blackness. Finally it stopped, drooping down from the hole a full 8 inches. I just stared in amazement. Not only was it long, but its girth was awesome – a full 2 inches across and the veins made it appear even larger.

I was hooked! I remembered saying aloud, “Oh God, this is so sexy!”

Then reached out to touch it; ataköy türbanlı escort at the first contact of my finger, the black penis started to lift out from the wall and the foreskin started to pull back. It looked very much like a giant black mushroom.

My hand slid easily along the area just behind the head, where the foreskin was stretched smooth, and then back along the shaft, marveling at the veins that protruded on both sides; and the bottom of this monster penis. It was soft to the touch, and very smooth.

I couldn’t believe how wet I’d gotten. Just looking at this thing was about the most exciting thing I’ve ever done; and that included the night in Jimmy Rafferty’s backseat with his brother Benny.

I continued to stroke that magnificent black penis; squirming a little in my excitement. And as I recall, he never uttered a word. With my left hand, I began stroking my crotch, but wasn’t getting the feelings I wanted because of all the cloth between my hand and my pussy. So I bunched up my dress, griped the waistband of my pantyhose and pulled them down. It was quite a struggle as I didn’t want to let that penis loose, fearing he’d leave me stranded.

Hey, what the hell did I know . . . then? Finally, I had succeeded in rolling them to mid-thigh and was able to spread my legs, against the springy roll of fabric. I started stroking myself through my panties and reached down to put some pressure on my clit. I noticed that the head of his penis had begun to leak and ran my finger around the pee hole, smearing the fluid over his huge black knob.

I unbuttoned my blouse, then my bra; and remembered telling myself, “At least I wore the right bra for this,” then unfastened the clasp, and let my tits fall free of the material, which now hung loosely on top of my chest. With the cock sticking straight at me, I took both tits and pressed them on either side of it, holding it firmly between my white mounds and mashed them around his black shaft.

He groaned then. The first sound he uttered.

I wished that I had brought the damn vibrator back with me for I would have liked nothing better than to have had it shoved into me at full speed. I needed both hands to hold him between my titties and couldn’t finger myself. What a fucking rotten situation! Okay, maybe not so rotten, but still . . .

But my black hero came to the rescue, sort of . . . evidently he’d done this before — I hadn’t. He flexed his knees so his cock pointed up slightly and it wasn’t bending around the hole in the wall.

I rocked forward and discovered it came within inches of my face, retracting to the tops of my tits when I leaned back. I was mesmerized by the wet tip of the thing, oozing pre-cum like it was, and the remarkable ease with which it slid so easily between my twins.

I stuck out my tongue and flicked at the pee-hole as it opened up. I had sucked exactly three dicks before this and none had tasted as salty as this one. I rather liked it though, and sucking it seemed the natural thing to do. So, pursing my lips, I took him in. Not much at first, for I was fearful of his size choking me to death, but I found that I could accept him and strained to keep my teeth from scratching or biting on him. He was compliant, allowing me to lead, not forcing himself on me in any manner. If the police had broken down the toilet door at that moment, there would have been no question but that I was the aggressor.

Finally, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and forced him down my throat. He pulled back about an inch, then thrust forward just as I changed direction and made me gag.

He spoke for the first time, “Sorry, baby,” he said.

“So ‘kay,” I weakly replied and took him back into my mouth, gave two hearty, greedy sucks and then he came in my mouth. I had tried swallowing once and hadn’t cared for it, but this time I swallowed greedily, hoping for more, more, more. The truth is, he provided me with what for some men would have been a month’s supply of sperm, but what the hell did I know, or care.

I licked every shred of sperm from his black cock, then kissed him and finally let him free of my hand as I thanked him.

“Oh, no, baby,” he said, “Thank you.” And he was gone.

That was over a month ago, and the need had been building in me ever since. Now I strode down the block like a moth drawn to a flame, ignoring several young Hispanics loitering against the closed business as they whistled and made crude offers in Spanish.

The wicked, debasing immorality that awaited me in Gloryville dwarfed any primitive sexual encounters these young men might have to offer. Bad as they might be, I wanted worse. I was seeking out sick, sex addicted men with nothing good in their lives. No, not the ones carrying STD’s necessarily, but how would I tell the difference anyway? I wanted the ones who loved women, but were unable to convey that love with any semblance of passion or romance whatsoever. I imagined that they dreamt of women constantly; and we rejected them utterly, ataköy ucuz escort as pigs and degenerates, unfit for our company.

Only I was different. I sought them out even though I could feel their hate as I ventured into the store. They hated me simply because I had intruded on their fantasies; seeing them looking and wanting and never having. And this gave me a courage that I had lacked the first time there.

Some old man was looking at me, over a rack of European porn, trying to be sly about it and I waved my fingers at him, so he turned around quickly. I sauntered up to the counter and handed the guy a five and he gave me twenty tokens.

I wasn’t surprised in the least that the woman wasn’t there this time. I smiled up at him, but he was already staring hypnotically at a small TV screen with two guys blowing two other guys.

I walked through the dark doorway, and saw the door leading to the toilet but avoided it and headed for a middle booth. I also saw maybe 7 or 8 guys; mere shadows lurking in the darkness. I selected a booth on the left side of the room and went inside, not bothering to lock the door, or even close it all the way.

In the meager lighting available, I saw the chair was clean at least; although the floor didn’t look too good, and the screen itself had a sticky stain in the lower left hand corner. I studied the interior of the booth. There was a hole drilled in the wall on either side of me; almost, but not quite directly opposite and at shoulder height as I sat there dropping several tokens into the slot.

I shuddered with anticipation.

The screen lit up and I checked the seat out once again as I fully expected to find a certain residue of semen on them. For it certainly stank of semen and sweat, quite unlike the “restroom” of a month ago, and there was enough evidence on the sticky floor and smeared across the screen of the 18″ TV.

I thought fleetingly of all the times I had complained indignantly at the movies about the sticky floors and here I was so possessed in my wanting that I had all I could do to restrain myself from kneeling down and licking some from the decrepit flooring.

Instead of being filled with revulsion, my heart came alive; beating twice as fast as when I’d entered the place. I had little butterflies in my stomach as the screen flickered, then came into focus revealing a woman licking another’s pussy while the woman being licked sucked on a black man’s cock. Deju vu, I thought and smiled in the darkened shadows.

She was taking it way down her throat and would pull him completely out of her mouth and go down on him again, making deep, thrusting moves with her mouth. The man’s cock was all glistening and covered with her saliva. I envied her, thinking, “Jesus, do I look like that when I suck guys off?”

There were plenty of sound effects to go with the film too — slurping, sucking, moaning and groaning.

The little screen projected a dimly muted light into the cubicle, a kind of hazy, smoky dimness that softened the lines of my body. I caught myself running my hands over the wet crotch of my panties, my skirt already bunched up around my thighs. I was soaked already, it happens for me just that quick; there I was, hot as a firecracker already!

Nothing new about that I told myself; and I became absorbed in rubbing my pussy, lost track of the movie and returned to reality when my tokens ran out. The movie stopped, my cubicle went dark, and through the darkness I could see a small ray of light coming through the wall that separated my booth from my neighbor’s. With my own cubicle dark, the glow of movies from my neighboring booths could be seen flickering through the round holes cut into the panel walls.

I put my eye to one of the holes and saw a guy holding a small but firm erection in the grip of his fist. He was watching some young guy take it up the ass on the screen. As he watched, with his trousers pushed down around his thighs, he pumped away on his own tool. I watched him until his tokens ran out. I just stared at him as he pumped his meat and alternated between rubbing his hand over the purplish knob of his cock and massaging his balls until he came, and then cleaned himself off and left the booth.

I discovered I was sweating like a pig, hot inside and out, craving some nasty action.

I didn’t have long to wait as I heard someone entering the booth on the other side of me.

I listened to the soft metal chunking of tokens being dropped. I pulled my top up, above my tits, folding it under so it stayed in place; and I leaned back, rubbing my hard brown nipples. I managed a soft moan as I pulled my nipple rings; twisting them, wondering if the guy was watching.

I resisted the urge to peek and waited and a few minutes later the man’s penis pushed through the fist sized hole. It was as if I had gone back in time, only this one was white, chubby and not too long. It was also swollen with his excitement and I reached for it, stroking it slowly, rubbing ataköy üniversiteli escort my thumb over the head.

“Suck it.” The voice was low and husky.

I leaned forward, blowing across it. “Twenty.” I whispered back, just barely grazing the tip with my tongue. I had decided to make my horniness pay dividends if at all possible.

“You’re a girl?” The voice came back.

That caught me off guard. “Yeah, of course I am,” I replied in a whisper.

“Show me.”

And did I give him a show! I leaned back on my bench, hiked up my skirt, slid off my panties and spread my legs. He was looking straight into my snatch. I could see his eyes blink in the reflected light.

I started to give myself a workout with my fingers, reaming my pussy with a desperate need. Panting with desire, I yanked off my T-shirt and twisted and twirled my nipples. I ran my panties over my face and sucked on the soaking wet crotch. Then I teased my clit with my middle finger until I had fire shooting up the insides of my thighs. I all but forgot my voyeur as I gave myself over to the pleasure and heat within me. His movie ended and I was snatched from a thundering orgasm by the sudden silence around me.

But my man came through, sliding a twenty through the hole; using his cock to keep it from falling until I’d grabbed it and stuffed it away.

Then I squatted down in front of his pulsing cock, bending to it instantly — taking him in my mouth and sucking hungrily — fisting the base of his thick shaft while I sucked a few inches between my lips.

I was just starting to get into it when I felt him getting close.

“Ah fuck!” I heard him groan, but I was halfway expecting this. His sperm flooded my mouth, thin and watery, and I swallowed it eagerly, feeling its heat sliding down my throat. I kept my mouth on him until he was spent and let him pull away.

“Show me.” He breathed. I opened my mouth, letting him see the remnants of his orgasm pooled on my tongue; then I swallowed it noisily, letting him get his money’s worth.

He slowly pulled out of the hole, a sigh escaping his throat and I wiped my lips with the back of my hand. As I turned to sit on the bench and catch my breath, I saw another stiff cock protruding from the opposite wall. Without thinking, I immediately swung my ass around and bent forward at the waist and put my mouth over the head, giving it a quick lick.

“I wanna fuck.” The guy was saying.

“Fifty.” I told him, sitting back on my heels and rubbing my breasts. Oh, God, how my nipples were aching.

“Forty, come on.” His cock was large and dark brown, dripping precum.

I shook my head. “Fifty bareback, take it or leave it.” Why I said this I still don’t know, but I did. Maybe it’s an inherent business sense in that I had established a price list before setting out.

He tossed a crumpled up twenty and two tens through the hole. “That’s all I got.”

I took about three seconds to consider his offer, then said, “I’ll blow you,” and pushed the tens back at him, put my mouth on his cock and wriggled my tongue underneath the swollen head. He shoved with his hips and I let my throat open for him; his prick catching my swallow and pushing all the way inside until my face was pressed to the cool sheetrock of the wall.

I sensed the door to the booth opening and a vague shadowy hulk entered. As my dazed eyes adjusted somewhat I saw it was a young guy, I doubted he was even twenty-one. He closed the door behind him, shoved his pants down to the floor and offered his nice looking cock to me.

I took him in greedily, abandoning for the moment the other thick penis gaping through the glory hole. He had freshness about him that stood out starkly in this seedy environment and my tongue swirled happily around the knob of his dick, before I reluctantly switched him for the other.

But not before gasping, “It’s fifty for a fuck!”

Then I turned and slurped away on the first cock. He bent, reached into his pants pocket and handed me three bills that I greedily clutched in my fist. Then, still sucking voraciously on the cock protruding through the hole, I motioned for the young guy to take me from behind.

I soon found a smooth, steady rhythm. As I went down on the cock in front of me with my mouth, I pulled slightly away from the cock pushing into my pussy; then I would push back on the cock behind me and pull slightly away from the cock in front. Thus they were pumping in and out of me, in perfect rhythm; the three of us connected in a smooth sexual flow.

I could not believe what was happening to me. It was so weird, so bizarre, yet so fantastic that I could not even think of stopping it. I was living one of my fantasies!

I was momentarily annoyed by the loud moaning sounds coming from one of the other booths until I realized the sounds were coming from me. The kid was a good fucker and the guy I was sucking certainly had staying power — that is I thought so until figuring out that he’d probably jerked off before offering his salami to my mouth.

Finally I was slurping his seminal discharge down my throat and I kissed his come covered head as he pulled it back through the glory hole. The kid was still plowing into me, squeezing my tits and yanking on my ringed nipples. It all served to cause the nerve endings in my pussy to feel as if they were electrically charged.

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