Upper Class

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It had been clear to me that my relationship with my girlfriend had been breaking down for some time. Talking had not helped, nothing had helped. Monday after my workout I called her. What she had to say was simple: ‘Go away and don’t come back.’

To avoid smashing things, I walked out of my apartment and down to a grungy little beer bar several blocks away. By the time I got to the bar, I was still mad and also damn thirsty. I went in an ordered up a brew. I am just 18, the legal age for beer in this state, but I am big and look so mean that I am rarely carded. The bartender gave me beer and took my money.

Just after I got my beer, this chick walks in. She is dressed like a hooker, but a high-class hooker. What in the hell she is doing in a grungy beer bar is a mystery. The chick kind of wiggles past the pool tables as if she didn’t even notice all the guys giving her the eye.

One guy blocks her path. She just gives him a little smile and turns to walk between tables. The guy moves to again block her. The dumb chick pulls some sort of little knife. Another guy grabs her from behind.

I get up and walk over to the disturbance. I tell the two guys involved that they can walk out to their car, if they are old enough to drive and just keep going. I then offer an alternative. The guys can stay and take a little nap on the floor. In the meantime, they can take their hands off my chick.

Blocking boy turns with a nasty smile and flicks a switchblade. I throw my beer in his eyes and kick him in what is politely called the groin. Grabby boy comes around the chick with a pool cue in his hand. He raises the pool cue. Now, I am a kung fu guy, not a judo guy, but this situation screams for seionaga, the judo shoulder throw. I make the throw and leave grabby boy about five feet off the floor and stunned so bad he does not break his fall. No matter, the floor does that.

I bow to the chick and sort of escort her out the front door. I try to politely point out that she is an idiot for coming into a nasty, grungy place like the beer bar dressed and looking like she does.

The chick, obviously a slow learner, tells me that that might just have been why she came into the bar. Then she flashes her eyes at me and tells me to come with her. I mean, she thinks I am just going to automatically jump in her big convertible and drive off to wherever like some sort of slave boy. The nerve!

As we drive over to her place, she asks me how I handled the two boys back at the bar. I tell her I am kung fu trained and it was not really a problem.

We get to her really fancy apartment, dump the convertible in the garage and take the elevator up to her place. She lets us in without a word. She walks into another room and I hear the rustle of clothing. Maybe 10 seconds later she come back out of the room. She is wearing just a garter belt, tall black nylons and spike heels. She asks me if I ‘wanna fuck?’

Hell yes I wanna fuck! I walk toward her and she retreats into the bedroom. The bed covers are already folded down and it is looking like fuck city! I grab the chick and lay her on the bed. She kicks off the spike heels as I start to strip and starts on getting rid of the nylons. By the time I am naked, ataşehir escort she just has the one nylon bunched around her ankle and the garter belt. I finish the removal of the nylon and get on the bed, putting her legs over my shoulders. I kinda skip the foreplay thing and slide my raging hard on into the chick’s super wet pussy. I get my entire cock into her the first time! She is tight, but very wet and I start to stroke against the resistance of her internal muscles. She is not resisting, she is helping and it feels fantastic!

At first, the chick plays with her tit with one hand and the top of her pussy with the other hand. However the hand jive proves unnecessary and she lets my cock do the work. This babe not only dresses like a hooker, but she also fucks like a super hooker! Her pussy wants to capture my cock and she keeps failing. That doesn’t matter; there is always the next stroke. The little struggle goes on for a bit with both sides winning big. All too soon I can feel the chick start to climax. I want to keep going and going, but the chick’s climax is too intense and I am drawn right along with her. I shoot my cum inside her with a half dozen long, hard strokes and then I roll off her and lay alongside her.

The chick was too far gone to talk, but her long, satisfied moan told me that she had fun also. I told her that she was fantastic, the best I ever had. She cuddled to me and finally managed to say that it had been ‘so good!’

I could feel her tits against me and suspected that she had a weakness. I slid down and began to lick and suck her tits. She reacted as I hoped and began to sigh, moan and gently buck her hips. If she still wanted it after the industrial strength fuck I had laid on her, I had found me a raging slut! I worked on her until she lost all control and then I did a repeat of the first fuck. This time I got less help, but only because she was too exhausted from the first fuck to work that hard. She denied me nothing and worked as hard as she could. The chick climaxed early but it was a mini-climax after the shattering first one. I actually got her into multiple-orgasm and I could feel her begin to run to exhaustion. I let myself go and pumped a few good, hard strokes into the very center of her and shot my cum again.

We cuddled for a bit after the second fuck and I could feel that she had surrendered completely to me. She told me that she almost passed out. She then told me that she had climaxed and she never climaxed with a boy the first time. I told her that she had been wasting her time with boys, she really needed a man.

She said, that she wanted her friends to know about her new man. Before I could think of something to say, the chick continued, saying that they got together on Fridays for a little fun. I could have all the tits and pussy I wanted. I told her that I liked the idea, but starting with the very best spoiled me. She giggled and said that her girlfriends were all hot and that I would like them. This kind of puzzled me and I asked if she really wanted me to fuck her girlfriends instead of her. She then told me that there would be several girls and several men. That I could fuck any girl I wanted, but that it avcılar anal yapan escort would be in front of other people.

I told her that I had never done it, but I thought I could. I then asked why she wanted me to fuck her girlfriends. She told me that it was a rule. That any girl could fuck any guy who wanted her and any guy could fuck any girl who wanted him. She then told me that the girls were all nude and a guy could tell if a girl’s pussy was ready for him by just feeling.

The idea sounded good to me. However, I asked what about two guys who wanted the same girl? She told me that both guys got the girl. One guy just had to wait a little bit. She did say that another one of the girls would be glad to fill in while the first guy waited.

I asked if she meant the she had to fuck ‘just any guy?’ She giggled and said that she had to fuck any guy, every guy and as many times as they wanted, it was a rule.

Well, all I had to do was show up at the address she gave me at the appointed time on Friday and I could find out about her little group. I took the bus home and felt better in the morning on short sleep than I usually did on full sleep.

On Friday, I showed up at the place and time. There were four girls and I was the fourth guy. All of the girls wore the same garter belt, nylons and spike heels outfit that Allison had. (By the way, she told me, just as I left her place, that her name was Allison. First time I ever fucked a girl without a name.)

Allison greeted me and introduced Ron around. I was the biggest guy there and my kung fu developed body seemed to get a lot of favorable attention.

We were to wait for a fifth couple to show up. The waiting could have been a disaster; since I needed to talk to people I had never met before. However, Allison went over each of the other girls and boys and I had some idea of who and, more important, what they were.

The girls were all rich bitches. The boys were a college soccer player, a surfer dude and some sort of actor. It was clear that it was the girl’s show and the guys were just hired cocks.

Before I managed to stick my foot in my mouth, the fifth couple showed up. Bonnie came over with the surfer dude and latched on to me as surfer dude latched on to Allison. (I later found out that a new guy had to be shared before his ‘sponsor’ could have him again.)

I did not have to heat Bonnie up; she was already so hot she had lube running down her legs. I got her over to an inflatable mattress in one corner of the room and played the same game that I had played with Allison.

Bonnie was the same kind of dynamite fuck that Allison was. Bonnie wanted my cock and I gave it to her hard, deep and slow. I left no doubt as to who was in control and Bonnie liked it that way. She wanted to feel my cock from every slightly different angle she could work with her pelvis. Bonnie wanted it not only deep, but as hard as I could make it. As a kung fu player, all of my muscles are strong and I used that strength to dominate Bonnie until her major orgasm drew us both over the cliff as we finished together. As I rolled off Bonnie, I discovered that we had a little audience. I had avcılar bdsm escort got through my first public fuck without a hitch!

I next fucked Claudine who was a soft girl with the internal muscles of a tigress! The fuck was a major struggle with a girl who wanted to be dominated but was not going to let me dominate her without a fight. At first, Claudine was so tight that I had to work for several strokes before I fully penetrated her. Once I began to get my full length in, the softness that indicated a lack of conditioning took over and I was able to completely dominate a rapidly tiring Claudine. I could have lasted a little longer, but Claudine was really exhausted and I let her off easy.

After the Claudine fuck, I got a drink and talked with Allison for a bit. Allison also had fucked two times and was tired. She would tell me nothing, but I could see that the girls were all upper class girls and that the guys, including me, were basically hired cock.

Deanna joined Allison and I. Deanna claimed to have been left strung out by the last boy who fucked her. According to Deanna, the boy came in about 10 seconds and she needed another cock to top things off. Allison asked me if I were ready again. Deanna did not ask, but grabbed my cock. I was ready.

We walked over to an inflatable mattress and I laid Deanna down. I put her legs over my shoulders and mounted her. Deanna had obviously been fucked in the not too distant past. She was still loosened up inside and I got all the way in on the first stroke. Using my position to maximum advantage, I began to use my thumbs on Deanna’s nipples. Some girls have a sort of direct link between their tits and pussy and Deanna was one of those girls. Deanna began to writhe shortly after I started to work on her tits and then she climaxed. Then I could feel the little spasms that indicated Deanna was orgasming every time I stroked. For whatever reason, I could not get to orgasm myself so I faked it.

Deanna and I had attracted a crowd. I guessed that most of the ladies had been fucked as much as they wanted and that some of the boys were out of gas, so to speak. I rolled off Deanna and watched Erin working her own pussy with two fingers. They helped Deanna up and I motioned Erin over and told her that I hated to see a woman trying to do man’s work. Erin did not reply, but she knelt down, grabbed my cock and started to suck me up hard. When I responded with a strong erection, Erin sat on my cock and started to rock back and forth. I supported her with my hands under her rib cage and, once again, my thumbs on her nipples. Erin did not have Deanna’s tit to pussy linkage and she continued to rock. The motion was so persuasive that I could feel myself getting close to shooting my cum in Erin. It seemed that Erin could feel it as well and she started to rub herself just before I could wait no longer. As I shot, Erin climaxed and then sort of collapsed on me.

By the time they pulled Erin off me, two couples were gone. I got cleaned up and dressed and went back into the main room. By now, only Allison, Bonnie, surfer dude and I remained.

Both Allison and Bonnie were wearing coats over nude. Allison flashed the coat and suggested that she drive me home. I told her that I would drive, because I was likely to distract her with my fingers if she drove on the way home.

Allison gave Bonnie a sort of nasty little smile and said that Allison was probably going to have to fuck in the car after a long busy night. Then she brightened and said that she could always just ‘suck him off.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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