V.I.P. Room

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What started out as an invitation to a party turned into a wild night she would never forget. Sarah was an introverted girl who only had three sexual partners in her life. She yearned for something exciting and different, but had been stuck in the same rut for years. She was a 5’8″, dark brunette girl with a sporty figure–toned, but by no means a lingerie model, or anything. Women admired her body, but to her, she was nothing special. Men stared admiringly, but Playboy models overshadowed her lithe figure with their out of proportion breasts and airbrushed features. Little did she know what an impression she’d make at the club.

She had decided early on that tonight she would dress a little on the provocative side. Stiletto boots, tight jeans, and a black sleeveless low-cut blouse that accentuated her toned arms and full breasts. Her husband didn’t think anything of the outfit, in fact, he didn’t seem to notice her assets at all. What was desirable to one man was just par for the course for another. He had never known any different, so why should he make a big deal? They had an adequate sex life. Enough spice to keep it interesting, but no big fireworks to send it into the next hemisphere. The thought of other men desiring his wife had crossed his mind, but he never imagined the events to come.

They arrived at the club a little early—no one on the dance floor and some singles at the bar. Sarah suggested they get a drink and play some pool.

“Yeah, OK, but be careful, I may just have to teach you a lesson,” said Conner jokingly.

“You have no idea what a shark I was in college,” replied Sarah.

Sarah racked and Conner broke, sending one solid into the corner pocket. They ordered a round of drinks and settled into the bar scene. Smoke from other’s cigarettes clouded the air and what seemed like an empty bar soon became an active scene—men trying to impress women, asking them inane questions that would eventually lead no where, and women who checked each other out to see who was wearing what.

“Hey, Sarah! Glad you could make it,” yelled Sam, Sarah’s best friend’s husband, as he entered the bar and walked toward the pool table. He was over six feet tall, and liked to show off his well honed body, which he bragged about incessantly. “I’m up next,” he said as he plopped down three quarters.

“Hey Sam,” said Sarah. “Where’s Julia?”

“Oh, she stopped in the lady’s room on her way in. I’m shocked she was able to do so without another girl by her side.”

“Well, I’ll go see what’s keeping her,” replied Sarah.

Sam and Conner winked. “Women! Who knows what they do in there?” said Conner.

Sarah made her way through the now crowded club. The music was loud and the journey to the bathroom was long. As she rounded the corner, she caught a glimpse of the V.I.P. room, whose entrance was covered with a thick velvet curtain and a large bouncer who looked like he could take on anyone who looked at him the wrong way. She didn’t get a long look, but she saw a few people who looked like they were sprawled out on beds decorated to look like Moroccan lounges. Smoke curled up like lace.

“Julia, you in here?” asked Sarah.

“Sarah! What’s up? I’ll be out in a minute.”

Julia came out, a radiant beauty who never failed to notice she got attention wherever she went. On the petite side, she made up for her small stature with the most beautiful set of D cup breasts. Many a time on the beach Sarah had admired Claire’s breasts, wondering what they must feel like to touch or squeeze. She had never had any experience with the same sex, but that didn’t stop her from fantasizing about her best friend, none the less.

“Hey, did you bring anything?” asked Sarah. Known for her partying ways in college, she was never one to turn down a quick smoke of a joint or a little ecstasy to get the party started.

“Whoah, you sure you want to go there with Conner here?” asked Sarah. Conner was not enthused by the drug scene and did not hide his displeasure when Sarah decided to indulge.

“You know, I don’t give a shit. We’re here to say goodbye to a good friend, and I want to have a good time. Hand it over.”

“It’s your choice, but I think you should include Conner in this,” said Julia.

“Fine, let’s go see if he has the balls to participate this once.”

They made their way through the smoky bar back to the pool table where Conner and Brad were finishing up the game of pool. Sarah sidled up to Conner and asked cloyingly if he really wanted to have a good time tonight. His guard was up instantly.

“Come on,” she insisted. “We only do this once in a blue moon. What’s it going to hurt?”

“You know I don’t do that anymore,” said Conner sternly.

“Conner, you never let loose. What’s one time going to hurt?” asked Julia. She had somehow made her way across the five feet separating the two in less than a second and leaned over on him suggestively, but with enough humor to suggest it was all ataşehir escort in good fun.

“Yeah, Conner, come on. Just live a little,” said Brad, instinctively flexing his muscles.

It could have been the pure sex dripping from Julia or the machismo of Brad, but Conner somehow relented. They all popped the tiny pill.

Thirty minutes later and all four of the friends were laughing hysterically at the fact that no one else on the guest list had shown up yet. Not sure whether to call the host to find out what had happened or stay put and make the best of it, Julia and Sarah made their way to the bathroom again.

“Hey, check out that room,” said Sarah.

“Yeah, I’ve caught glimpses before, but I’ve never been allowed in. I wonder what they do in there. Probably have crazy wild insane sex with all kinds of different partners,” laughed Julia.

“Ha, ha,” replied Sarah sarcastically. The thought of people actually doing something like that was so foreign it had to be a joke. That was something that just happened in pornos, thought Sarah. No one actually participated in that sort of thing.

While waiting for the bathroom, a stocky body builder type said obnoxiously to Julia, “Hey, we need you’re type in the Hooka lounge. You and your friend.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Julia.

“Oh, forget it. You guys are obviously amateurs, never mind.”

“No, really, what do you mean?”

“Well look, just tell the guy at the door you’re Alice and he’ll let you in. If you’re up for little fun, you can stay. Otherwise, hit the road. Your choice.”

“We’re not really going to do this are we?” asked Sarah.

“Oh, come on. Let’s go check it out,” replied Julia.

They made their way to the thick curtain and said “Alice” to the bouncer. He moved to the side as if they had said “open sesame.”

On first glance it looked just looked like an overdecorated space inhabited by a lot of people getting high. As the girls’ eyes focused, however, they were overcome by the sights around them. Nothing prepared Sarah for what she saw. She couldn’t believe this was going on in the next room. It was like a train wreck—you wanted to look away, but you couldn’t help but look. Men and women were intertwined, women and women were in positions Sarah had only previous seen in the Kama Sutra, women were being pleasured by multiple men, and men were being pleasured by multiple women.

“What is this place?” asked Sarah.

“Heaven?” said Julia, laughingly. It was hard not to laugh, because it seemed so implausible and weird.

Just then a young man of barely twenty come up to Julia and grabbed her breast.

“Hey!” yelled Sarah. But Julia, high on the drug they were just beginning to feel the full effect of, let out a moan and dropped her head back. She panted and sighed like a teenager getting felt up for the first time.

“What are you doing Julia?” asked Sarah. “Sam is in the other room, and I’m not sure he would be down with this.”

“Screw Sam. I’m here now, and anyway, I know he’s fucking his secretary anyway. So, tit for tat, as they say,” she giggled and grabbed the boy’s crotch, which was growing by the second.

Not sure what to do, Sarah looked around panicked. What kind of place was this? What should she do? Give in to the most primitive fantasies she had ever had (and never told Conner) or grab Julia and get the hell out? Before she could make up her mind, two men she had seen at the bar were by her side.

“You’re beautiful,” said the one with thick blond hair.

“Uhh, thanks, I think my husband is looking for me……”

“I think your husband is over there,” said the other man with piercing green eyes. His eyes trailed away to the back of the room. Her next thought stuck in her throat as she saw what she had only previously imagined…her husband fucking the brains out of a complete stranger.

“Julia, oh my God, what is this?” She didn’t know whether to look away or go over there and join them. She was torn between what was expected and what her deepest desire was.

“So, why don’t you get naked?” said the green-eyed hunk who had pointed out her husband.

Feeling euphoric and ashamed, she shed her inhibitions and grabbed the stranger with a hunger she had never shown before.

“Stick your tongue down my throat and kiss me hard.”

Before she could look back at her husband taking a strange woman from behind, grunting and sweating like an animal, she wrapped her legs around the man and pressed her body against his. She couldn’t grasp what she was doing, as she had only previously experience this in her dreams. She felt his cock growing inside his jeans and wondered what another man’s member would feel like in her mouth and pussy.

She glanced over at Julia and was shocked to see she was almost fully naked. Her perfect lace thongs were being nearly ripped from her body, as the man she was with grabbed her ass with avcılar anal yapan escort one hand and her breast with the other. Sarah had never seen such hungry dripping lust. She again focused her attention on her green-eyed man. He was tall, much taller than she, with thighs like tree trunks and a chest that could rival that of a well-honed athlete ready for the Olympics. His dark hair was on the long side, curling around her fingers as she laced them through the thick mass. What was a man like this doing expressing interest in her?

Just then she felt a hand on her breast from behind. She was so engaged in green eyes, she didn’t stop to focus on the new sensation. Before she knew it, her pants were unbuttoned and dragged down to her ankles. She quickly kicked off her shoes, allowing her pants to slide off completely. Her tanned legs and flat stomach were exposed to the room, not to mention her dripping pussy. Not knowing what she was doing, allowing the drug and her ambivalence to take over, she succumbed to the groping hands on her body.

Soon, she felt something between her legs. She had already lost her top and all that was left of her clothing was her black push-up bra and thong.

“Oh God. I can’t believe this is happening,” cried Sarah as she glanced over at Julia performing head on her stranger.

She was locked in the most passionate kiss ever while someone hungrily ate her pussy. She couldn’t believe she could let herself go like this, without caring who was watching or what was going on around her. Had she looked around, she would have been shocked by the scene: Two women enjoying the sixty-nine position with each other while two men fucked their assholes simultaneously. A woman taking it in the ass and her dripping vagina at the same time while she fingered her clit to reach orgasm. A single woman taking it all in while lying down and shoving a huge dildo in her juicy cunt, all the while grunting and bucking like an animal in heat. It was a scene like no other, wreckless, wild and free. People fucking and bucking anywhere and everywhere. And she was a part of it. And so was her husband across the room, and so was her best friend. And so was her best friend’s husband between her legs.

“Sam?” she said in moment of lucidity. “What are you doing?”

“Shhhh, we’ve been trying to get you guys here forever. Now, just go with it. I’ve wanted to have your tasty clit for so long.” He went back to eating her out, ripping her thong off in the process.

She pushed away at both her green-eyed man and Sam. “What are you talking about?”

Sam grabbed her and shoved her to a nearby bed, jumping on top of her and pinning her arms and legs with his muscular body. “Oh, come on, Sarah. I’ve seen the way you’ve looked at me. I know you want my cock in your pussy.”

“Hey, she’s mine,” said the green-eyed man, who jealously pushed aside Sam and climbed atop Sarah.

Her mind was spinning. On one hand she was appalled. On the other, she had never been more turned on in her life. She wanted both these men, and she wanted her husband to watch it all.

“Fuck me, then, if you want to, I’ll take you both on.”

Green eyes smiled slightly as he pulled down his jeans to reveal the largest cock she had ever seen. She gasped with delight and trepidation as she wondered what this monstrosity would feel like in her tight pussy. Sam, not to be outdone, took down his pants. His cock jumped out and stood at attention, waiting for approval and recognition, much like Sam himself.

“Oh God, one of you put your cock in me before I explode,” said Sarah imploringly.

Green eyes obliged and rubbed the head of his penis around her hole while she arched her pussy to meet his member. Sam strattled her face and stuck his beautiful cock in her mouth, thrusting his hips as she tried to take him all in.

She couldn’t believe she was being fucked like this—Chinese handcuff style. Her dirty little mind, waiting for an excuse to show itself, took over. She grunted loundly while green eyes fucked her hard and she tried to take all of Sam in. She simultaneously twiddled her clit and thrusted her thighs to meet Green eyes thrusts. She was going to come like she had never come before.

“Oh, God, don’t stop,” she said while taking a break from Brad, who was whaking off in her face. “Don’t you fucking stop!”

She turned her head to the side and caught a glimpse of Conner getting a blow job and staring at her intently. She shut her eyes and let it all go. She had to most intense orgasm ever. It started small, spread all over her body and culminated with such a release of energy she didn’t know if it would ever stop. Her wet pussy begged for more, even while dripping the cum of the previous cock.

When she regained her senses, Green eyes was climbing off and Sam was getting ready to take her. “No, wait, I need a break,” said Sarah.

“Forget it, slut, you’ll take my avcılar bdsm escort cock now and like it,” replied Conner as her flipped her over and fingered her asshole.

“No, please, I’ve never done that before Sam,” pleaded Sarah. She was scared to death of what would happen if he stuck in cock in her ass. How could that be pleasurable, she had always wondered. She was about to find out.

As Sam prepared her asshole, her best friend, Sam’s wife, slid underneath her. She was slick and sweaty after her own escapades, but was ready to dive into some pussy. With a flick of her tongue she shut her friend up fast.

“Oh, Julia, yeah. You know what to do. You’re tongue knows just how to move,” moaned Sarah. “Stick your tongue in me, make me come again. Suck my clit and make me come.”

Julia’s tongue darted quickly up and down, and then poked in and out of her friend’s pussy. She knew just where to push her friend’s buttons, as women often know what it takes to pleasure another woman. Her husband Sam was just getting ready to push his cock into Sarah’s hole when Julia let out a loud sigh.

“Oh god, baby, yeah. Like me, lick that cum out of my hole.”

Sarah glanced behind her to see Conner lapping at her friend’s slick wet pussy, fresh from being fucked and sucked from previous V.I.P’s.

Sarah couldn’t believe it. Here she was, barely any sexual experience under her belt aside from the occasional fantasy never to be realized. She was about to be fucked in the ass by her best friend’s husband, while her best friend ate her pussy, and to top it off, her husband was returning to favor to her best friend. She tried not to think about it too much. It was just too weird.

“Oh! Oh……”

Sam’s large head pushed into her asshole slightly. “Yeah, baby. Oh, yeah!”

Conner watched intently while his wife got her assed fucked by his friend. He had decided to stop the licking action on Julia and try his hand at her asshole too. In this way, Sarah got plain view of Conner fucking Julia’s asshole while she herself got fucked in the ass by Sam. Julia continued to do her best with Sarah’s cunt. The slurping and sucking and fucking and moaning continued for a few minutes until Sarah, unable to contain herself any longer, and Sam, ready to burst, both came powerfully together. They moved away, allowing Conner to finish the job on Julia, who was moaning with pleasure and rubbing her clit vigorously.

Sarah watched, spent and exhausted, as her husband finished fucking the shit out of her best friend’s asshole. He let out a yell and pulled out while his cum spewed onto her friend’s stomach.

Not wanting to end the night without getting some action from her own husband, Sarah moved over to Conner. “I think we should end the night together, whether we started that way or not,” said Sarah. She still couldn’t believe she was o.k. with the fact that her husband had not only fucked some perfect strangers, but also had taken her best friend in front of her.

“Yeah, I think you’re right,” said Conner as he slid his fingers in and out of Sarah’s pussy. Wanting to give her more than she had had already, he left for a moment.

“Hey, where are you…”

“Just wait a minute…”

He returned with the biggest black dildo she had ever seen.

“What the hell are you …..”

“Hey, you’ve already been primed, so let’s just see if you can handle two cocks at once,” replied Conner.

“Oh, God,” thought Sarah. This was too much, there was no way she could handle her husband’s cock in her pussy and this foot long three inch diameter shlong in her ass. But that wasn’t really the plan.

“Julia, can you help us out?” asked Conner.

Julia came over in a heart beat and grabbed the dildo from Conner. “Just tell me what to do, Conner.”

Conner sat down and had Sarah sit on his now throbbing head. He thrusted all of himself into her spent asshole.

“Oh God, yeah, fuck it!” yelled Sarah.

“O.K. now get that black cock ready and stick it in her hole, Julia. Yeah, that’s it,” he said as Julia licked it up and down and then started to slide it into Sarah.

Sarah’s hand involuntarily went to her clit, which she started to finger wildly. “Oh, yeah, this is incredible! Don’t stop! Shove it in me, harder, harder, don’t stop!”

But Julia did stop. And she demanded, as she turned around and shoved her pussy in Sarah’s face, that Sarah satisfy her with her tongue.

“Oh God, why did you stop, you bitch. I’m going to teach you a lesson.”

Sarah took the glistening dildo and began to thrust it into Julia’s hole. “There you go, you whore, how do you like that? Is that what you want?”

“Put it in my ass, put it in my asshole now!”

Sarah took the huge dildo and started to slide it into Julia’s other hole. Julia’s husband Sam, long ago brought to attention by the action going on in front of his eyes, stuck his cock in Julia’s face. As Sarah pumped up and down on Conner’s erect head, she slid the dildo in and out of Julia’s cunt while Julia ate the shit out of her husband’s cock. It was one person pleasuring another, and no one was about to stop.

They found many other variations of the same theme. This was new to some, old hat to others, but they would never experience another V.I.P. room quite the same way.

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