Vera’s Fantasy Ch. 3

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For those that haven’t read my submission Good Neighbours in a Lucky Summer and Vera asks for help with her fetishes – Part I, The plan comes together and a reward is received – Part II

this is a continuation but I think like the others it’s a stand alone story anyway.


Vera’s Fantasy Part III- The plan works better than expected.

V day, that is the name I had given to my plan, had finally arrived, I was fairly nervous, if my plan went wrong it could well backfire and my sessions with this insatiable sexy woman that seemed to have the ability to make my cock rise almost instantaneously even after having already cum three times might come to a premature termination, something I most definitely did not want happening.

I entered the lobby of the small hotel, it was dimly lit and the décor had seen better days. The carpet was worn and in places you could see that it was almost thread bare, I made my way to reception and rang the bell. The receptionist came to the reception desk, she was a middle aged lady, in her forties, with dyed blond hair with the lingering of an old perm, her face was very round with a small mouth, her nose was thin and pointed and she looked at me vacantly with her dull grey eyes. I tried to sound matter of fact and forceful as I spoke to her, “I would like my room please, I made reservations last week in the name of Mr. P. Smith.”

She gazed straight into my eyes, “Is that a single room or a double room Sir?” she said this in an almost mocking tone.

“Double.” I replied instantly, she was not going to thwart my plans by making me panic now that I had come this far.

“Oh, yes here it is Mr. P. Smith, one double room on the third floor, will that be a credit card transaction Mr. Smith?”

“No, I’ll pay cash, how much is it?”

“That’s seventy five pounds for one night or we do a special rate for the week..”

I didn’t let her finish, “One night will be fine I said and pulled out the exact amount from my pocket, when making the reservation I had of course asked the price of a room and had to hawk several items to raise the cash, which I now handed over to the receptionist, “Can I have a receipt?” I said making it sound more official I thought.

“Yes, Mr. Smith, shall I also call the porter to help with your luggage?”

She knew very well I didn’t have any and was obviously aware of the reason I wanted a room, I could feel my face blush, “No, I can manage.” I told her and grabbed the key and receipt from her hand and walked off towards the lift.

The lift was old, the automatic doors opened and then you had to open the cage door manually, I entered and pressed the button for the third floor, the lift was in need of a re vamp as was the rest of the hotel, but it appeared very clean and the brass plate around the controls of the lift gleamed.

Once the lift stopped and the automatic doors opened, I opened the cage door and walked into the hall way, which like the reception was dimly lit, there were painting on the hall walls as I made my way to my room by following the signs.

I at last arrived at my destination and placed the key into the lock and turned it, the door gave way and I entered the room, it was dark, so I switched on the light. It was a fair sized room, about 12’ by 11’6”, as you walked in there was a door on your left, which I looked into, it was the bathroom and contained what you’d expect, a bath come shower, a wash basin with a large mirror above it, a toilet and a bidet and it was tiled with a creamy coloured tile from top to bottom and although some of the tiles were chipped they were gleaming and looked dirt-free. As you walked further into the room there were built in wardrobes on the left of the narrow passage, which led to the main room. Once past this the room opened up and there was a large bed against wall on the left, with small 3 drawer cabinets on either side, a telephone sat on the right hand drawer cabinet, past the bed and in the left corner there was a small two seat settee and an armchair with a coffee table in the middle, on the opposite wall there was a small desk, with a 20” television perched on the corner and a chair tucked neatly into the desk recess, on the wall above the desk and the small television was a large mirror.

Some alterations to the room needed to be made for my plan. I moved the desk and chair as far as possible towards the entrance to the room, then took the coffee table and put that on top of the desk and then the television on top of that. Then I moved the armchair away from the settee, so that now there was a large clear area in the corner between the bed, settee and armchair. That done I telephoned Danny and Jim and told them I was at the Park Hotel, in room 323 and to get there by latest one thirty and that I still didn’t know what my uncle had planned for me.

I had booked in at just after midday and it was now just gone one, I telephoned Vera, bakırköy üniversiteli escort “Everything is ready and I am waiting for Danny and Jim, they should be here by half past one, so you need to be here by two, otherwise I might not be able to keep them here any longer without telling them why.”

“Oh god, do you know how wet I am just thinking about it, I’ve had to change my knickers twice already, I’ve done my enema, soaked in the bath for ages and shaved my cunt completely, do you think they’ll like that? Oh Paul I am so excited and so so horny I need cock inside me like I’ve never needed it before.”

“Okay,okay your going to make me cum in my pants talking like that, just don’t be late.”

There was a knock on the door, I opened it and in walked Danny and Jim, Danny as always was the first to speak, “So Pavlo what’s happening?” then he spotted the TV perched on the coffee table which in turn was stood on the desk, “Oh, I see we going to watch some porn.” He didn’t sound to enthusiastic, “trouble with that is I get all horny and as there isn’t any women here I’ll want to have a toss and I’m definitely not doing it in front of you two.” He said this in a matter of fact fashion and sounded disappointed and ready to go.

“No, I don’t think that’s it, because my uncle said someone would be calling up from reception and to make sure I was here by two or I’d be sorry if I missed my surprise.”

“So what do you think your uncle has set up for you?” Jim asked.

“We’ll have to wait I suppose.” I said, “Anyway we have the TV lets see what’s on.”

We sat there watching some program about the hotel history and film clips of it when it was last decorated, it looked like a grand hotel we thought and wandered what went wrong and why the owner had let it deteriorate so much.

The telephone interrupted our banter, I walked over and picked it up,” Hello, yes this is Paul, yes, that sounds interesting, yes I think I’d like that very much, please come up.”

Who was it? What sounds interesting? What do you think you’d like? Was it your uncle? Who was it male or female? What were all the yes’s for?

They were both firing questions at me without stopping to hear any reply I might have given them, which I was grateful for, as I didn’t want to say anything that might spoil the surprise for them but more importantly spoil anything for Vera.

There was a knock at the door, I went down the short narrow passage and pulled the door ajar slightly, not wanting Danny or Jim to be able to see passed me and I spoke quietly so that they were unable to hear me.

The door being only slightly open did not enable me to see much of Vera, but her smell was intoxicating and her speech had a slight slur about it almost as if she had been drinking but I was sure it was her sexual excitement and anticipation that was causing it, I hoped she wouldn’t be disappointed.

“They are here, oh god I can’t wait to get my hands on their cocks, I’ve been dreaming about this ever since you said you would help me and now I just can’t wait, my cunt is so wet and my knickers are completely soaked, I can feel my juices trickling down my legs.”

My cock was rigid, hearing her talking like this and seeing the desire for sex in her eyes made me want to pull her in, fling her to the floor and dive down to her juices and lap at them with my tongue for the rest of time. “Okay now Vera, you want this to be anonymous so put your face mask on, now give me your tape deck and once the music begins you make your entrance.”

I walked back into the room, Danny and Jim looked blankly at me waiting for an explanation, I busied myself setting up the tape deck and quickly pressed play before they had a chance to question me, the music begun, she had chosen it and it started with a a bang enabling her to make her entrance.

Vera, walked in, in time to the beat, Danny and Jim just stared, their mouths open, I must admit I was also stunned even though I had seen her so many times before, her whole being never stopped amazing me.

Even with the mask which covered mainly her eyes, similar to the one Robin wears in the Batman comics, you could see that she was a beautiful woman, once she hurled her long black coat to the floor, even my mouth opened wide as she stood there wearing a dress that was so tight and short it was almost like a second skin, she was wearing white stockings, but they had to be the stay up sort as she definitely wasn’t wearing a suspender belt, the dress was so tight you would have seen it. At 5’9” with high heel shinny black stilettos her legs, which were exquisitely formed seemed to go on forever. The dress she wore was fairly low cut and did little to hide her gorgeously shaped breast and without a bra the nipples which were fully extended in their aroused state pushed the thin flimsy material away from the breasts, she had taken time with her make-up and especially her lipstick bakırköy bdsm escort a blood red colour that suited her own sun tanned complexion, her black eyes seemed to sparkle as she swayed to the music her jet black hair swung from side to side, and then she would suddenly toss back and forth with her movements to the music, covering her face completely and then suddenly it was all gone and hung behind her like a mane.

She moved to me and bent down and kissed me on the lips, Danny and Jim just stared at this vision of loveliness, she moved her hand onto my cock, ensuring that her slow movement was seen by the other two as she wrapped her fingers around, my now aching manhood, and squeezed gently, then she moved away licking her lips in such a way that her intentions could not be misunderstood.

She suddenly came forward again and dropped to her knees in front of me and fumbled with the zipper on my trousers, my cock was so rigid it was tenting the front of my trousers and making it difficult to undo the zipper, I lent her a hand and my cock sprung free from the confines of my jeans, her hand went through the entrance of my under pants and grabbed my cock pulling it out, she was almost salivating as she drew my cock to her mouth and devoured it, the other two were watching and standing one on each side of me, keeping my cock in her mouth and using her tongue to stroke the underside of my shaft, she moved her hands up and begun stroking there cocks, they were obviously turned on and hard, I don’t think many men would not have been.

She tried to undo their zippers but without much success, Danny quickly helped her and while she felt inside the gapping hole for his cock he begun undoing his belt and gesturing to Jim to get his trousers open, Vera let go of Danny and begun undoing my belt, I could smell her sex and wanted to eat her, I whispered to her to stop so we could all undress and she did albeit reluctantly she stood up enabling me to do likewise.

“Sorry but this is a bit uncomfortable for me and if this is going further I’d like to undress if that’s alright with you, what do we call you any way?” I said out loud.

“Well John told me to give you and your buddies the best time so I suppose we’ll be going all the way if you want honey and you can call me Jade boys.” Vera said, trying and succeeding in sounding dim.

Standing up I quickly shed my clothing in record time and Danny was not far behind, Jim however seemed unsure, Vera moved over to him and pulled his head down to her face planting a kiss on his lips and pushing her tongue deep into his mouth, we watched as she moved her hands between them and unbuckled his belt then the button and gently pushed them down, followed by his pants, his rod was fully erect, about 8” long and thick, she encircled as much of it as she could and begun wanking him with one hand while playing with his balls with the other, I knew he would not last long as this was his first time, I had told Vera this when I had shown her pictures of the two friends I had in mind for our session and wandered what she would do.

Vera bent down and took his pole she licked the head, and then pulled the skin back revealing the soft tissue area just below the head and under the skin, she ran her tongue along this sensitive area and then put the head and as much of the shaft as she could manage into her mouth and sucked him slowly and gently, Jim begun moaning and she knew from the way his balls were tightening that he was close, that’s when her tempo changed and she was sucking Jim’s cock as hard as she could while using her hand to wank him, he cried out “Ooooo yeaaa oooo doon’t stoop.” And shot his load, Vera was not about to stop, she had told me earlier when I had revealed my plan that she wanted to eat as much of our cream as we could supply her with, and she continued milking Jim until he was bone dry and told her to stop.

That was great honey, you have a lovely cock and you taste divine, maybe you can give me some more later, now I’ve got to do something for these gents, while you peck up again.”

Jim was obviously happy with her remarks and his cock seemed to twitch. “Thanks Miss Jade, that was awesome and I will do whatever you want me to do later.” I smiled and thought after Vera gives you a blowjob what man wouldn’t promise her anything she asked.

She now made her way to Danny and me, I needed to eat her cunt but she was still dressed, she came close to us and pushed us both onto the bed so that we were sat on the edge of the beds our cocks pointing straight up to the ceiling, she crouched down holding one erect, throbbing, living phallus in each hand and begun masturbating them, her hands moving as though in synchronisation with each other, I wanted her to do me first, and she must have sensed this as her head move to my balls and her tongue snaked lazily out of its hiding hole and begun long deliberate strokes to my scrotum, her hand moved bakırköy elit escort from my shaft and she pulled me slightly off the bed, I wandered what she was doing, when I suddenly felt her tongue like an electric shock probing my arse hole and pushing against the outer ring, then her hand was back to my cock, moving the foreskin up and down while her tongue was busy licking, stroking and probing.

My cock was pulsating, it was bloated with blood and the veins stood out like little ridges, how I wanted to fuck her then, fuck her hard so that my juices could flow out before I explode. She must have read my mind and knew my needs she pulled my penis down and lifting her head up, I watched it disappear into her hot, wet, wanton mouth, her head begun bobbing up and down, faster and faster, my cock was sleek with her saliva and her hand was a blur as it pumped up and down my rod, her actions were almost machine like, it started deep within me, like a river in full flood my juices raced headlong towards the only exit open to them, millions of little swimmers racing to be first out of the tiny escape hatch and like an explosion they burst out and carried on until they hit the back of her throat, like waves clashing on the cliffs, the build up had been long in coming and my hot spunk completely filled its new prison and trickled out of the sides of her mouth, the white contrasting brilliantly against the bright red lipstick. I bent forward and kissed her, my tongue exploring the inside of her mouth, tasting her saliva now mixed with my seed, she tasted wonderful but I now had a need not just a desire to taste her sexual secretions.

I left the bed, watching her now turn her attentions to Danny and Jim, who now took my place on the bed, his penis once again hard and erect. I went behind her, taking a cushion from the settee, I lay down on the floor shuffling forward so my head was under her squatting form, I pulled her dress the few inches needed to allow me full access to her lower regions and placed the pillow behind my head so that it lifted my head to within an inch of her hairless pussy. I inhaled deeply through my nose her womanly fragrance like a sweet smelling bouquet, the sent went to my brain which in turn passed a message to my cock which seemed to come to immediate attention, I slid her knickers to one side, she was right they were soaked as wet as if she had just washed them and hadn’t squeezed the excess water out, her cunt lips were puffed up and her cunt was open due to the position her body was in, my tongue went straight in and I marvelled at the wonderful taste of her juice, it was sweet and thick, the texture of cream with the taste of a sharp but sweet desert wine. My mouth covered her whole cunt like a vacuum cleaner, my tongue was busy probing, poking, licking, she now begun moving her cunt against my face, wetting me with her juices, I found her clit and sucked on it, catching it between my teeth I gently held it there while my tongue duelled with it.

One I had pulled her knickers to her ankles, deciding on leaving the stay ups, which I found a turn on where they were, I had move my hands to her breasts, she had anticipated this and had already unzipped the back of her dress so that with a slight tug from me it had come away from her tits and I was now busily pinching her nipples hard, knowing how much she liked that, the room was now full of the sounds of people enjoying sex, and Vera was making slurping noises in between moving her talented upper hole from one cock to the other. Jim, I could tell by the size of the hand, pushed my hand away from Vera’s and replaced it with his own then another hand pushed my hand off, obviously Danny’s, I was jealous that I was sharing Vera with them but at the same time happy for her, it was obvious that she was loving every minute of it.

My hands now free went back to her cunt and I plunged three fingers into her gaping hole, she had already had an orgasm and had filled my mouth with her fluids, I had almost shot my own load with the thrill of having so much of her gooey sap filling my mouth, she was wetter than I had ever known her so wet my fingers went in with ease, I replaced my tongue and mouth which had until now been busy on her clitoris with my other hand and shuffled forward so my head rested on the bed and I couldn’t go any further, I begun reaming her anus, licking her small anal entrance and pushing forward with my tongue, I vacated her cunt and put my hand lower onto her arse cheeks pulling them apart so the crease between her buttocks opened up and I liked and sucked until her pucker was opening up of its own accord and making my tongue as rigid as possible I pushed my tongue in just past the sphincter, she was shaking, I pushed two fingers deep into her rectum and then three back into her cunt and fucked both her holes mercilessly.
She was screaming now, “Plllleeeeaaassse fuuckkk meee pplleeeesssee Iii neeed cocks nowww.”

I pulled myself away and stood up, Vera was still squatting her eyes glazed over a look of lust etched on her face, I pulled her up her dress came down and she stood there, a perfect body, all in proper proportion, every curve defined, her body was perfection itself, it was as though it had been sculptured by a master, but it would have needed the sculptor of the Venus de Milo to have done her any justice.

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