Wanton in Wales Ch. 02

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Morning two of our Wales vacation began much like the first. Song birds singing in the garden, sheep bleating in the fields, sex on both of our minds. Only today we were about to be come breakfast.

Mandy, the owner of this 600 year old cottage, was an early riser. She sent her children off to school and returned to greet us in her own special way.

I heard the door open quietly and footsteps padding across the original flagstone floor. Kelly, lying beside me, smiled and winked.

Are you ready to serve breakfast? I must have had a quizzical look on my face because she then said that I was breakfast. The girls were going to have meat for breakfast and I was the supplier.

At this point Mandy entered the room and smiling lowered her jeans to the floor. Her legs looked smooth as silk and as she lifted her sweater over her shoulders her breasts hung like two ripe melons on her pale skin. Her nipples strained in their skin and rose from their dark nest like brown bullets. I heard Kelly whisper beneath her breath.

Wow. Those are wonderful.

And I must agree they were.

The covers were thrown to the floor and my cock jutted out like never before. Kelly took my cock in her hand and stroked it until the precum covered me from top to bottom. Then Mandy lowered her mouth and licked all around the base. I could not believe my life.

Two hot and horny woman were teasing me and playing with my cock like it was candy. I don’t know avcılar elit escort which mouth first slid over and down my shaft but it was so hot I began to hump in anticipation. A voice told me to stop or they would stop. So I remained still. The mouth moved up and down like a piston and a new mouth sucked in my left nut. The pleasure was intense. I could feel the cum boiling inside just waiting to explode out. I looked down and watched as Kelly and Mandy sucked and licked my cock, balls and ass then took each others tongues in their mouths. I came in a gush onto both of their faces. The licking continued and my cock spasmed over and over again. The girls licked each others mouths and sucked up all the cum I had deposited.

Mandy reached over and planted a long tongue as far as she could down my throat and I tasted the sweet salty seed on her lips. We kissed deep and hard. Kelly positioned herself over my thighs and began to play with her pussy as Mandy and I played tongue tag. Mandy leaned back and said in her UK accent.

How’s that for bangers and mash?

I laughed and almost bounced Kelly off the bed. She had gotten so heated that she came on my stomach in shots of sweet cunt juice. Mandy took this moment to straddle my face and lock lips with Kelly.

With the two girls on their knees over me. Lips and tongues exploring each other, I pulled apart Mandy’s cunt lips and found a hole just waiting to be avcılar escort penetrated. I drove my tongue into her and sucked her pussy lips. Her cunt was hot and pulsing as she pressed her mound down. This pressure made her cum and I heard her gasp as Kelly gripped her nipples hard as the orgasm shot itself through her.

Kelly lifted up and plunged her cunt down on my revived cock. Mandy reached down and rubbed Kelly’s clit as she rode my shaft. Kelly was a juicy cummer and again she soaked me with her love tunnel. All of us were soaked in sweat, cum and pussy juice. Mandy got up first and turned as she started the shower and said.

Jarrod is on his way over and he is a big eater.

Kelly looked over at me and said.

This is the best holiday I have ever been on yet.

I replied to her that it wasn’t over for 12 more days. To this she smiled and gave me a slurpy wet kiss.

Mandy came out of the shower, Kelly was next. I headed to the kitchen to put the coffee on.

The door to the cottage opened and in strode Jarrod. Once an office worker now he was doing hard labour and his body showed it. Broad shoulders, well developed arms and legs, my Kelly was in for a treat.

Mandy rushed over and kissed Jarrod and began telling him about her morning meal. He laughed and asked when his breakfast would be ready. Just then Kelly walked in and said .

I am freshly scrubbed and ready to be eaten.

She avcılar eve gelen escort perched herself on the table, well built for this type of spread, and Jarrod smacked his lips. He knelt down and began to lick Kelly from asshole to belly button. Mandy and I watched as Jarrod suck a clit into his mouth and heard Kelly squeal in delight. She really had a long love button and it swelled like a small cock when she came. Jarrod was good. Kelly came and soaked his chest with juice from her cunt. Mandy bent over and licked the pussy nectar from Jarrod’s chest and Kelly’s thighs.

From the kitchen I could tell from the look in Kelly’s eyes she wanted a cock in her. I told this to Jarrod and he dropped his pants and out sprung an english cock member. Hard and long he drove it deep into the depths of Kelly’s waiting pussy.

Mandy reached over and grabbed me and pulled me to the couch. Eat my snatch she ordered. I lifted her legs over my shoulders and sank my tongue into her folds. Sweet and slippery I lapped like a wave on the shore.

Mandy stroked her own clit and her pussy contracted around my injected tongue. I could not believe my day was starting out like this.

Kelly had come again, Jarrod was off loading a stream of man sauce into her cunt and Mandy squeezed her juicy cunt as she came on my face.

My own throbbing cock seemed a bit left out and when Jarrod saw this he moved over, laid down and took my cock in his mouth and suck me like a vacuum. This wasn’t a first for me but it had been a few decades. I could feel his strong jaw against my thighs and the feeling made my cock and balls let loose a flood of cum into Jarrod’s mouth and face.

I fell over exhausted and could hear the kettle whistling in the kitchen.

Anyone for coffee?

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